At the outset of a new year and in the light of the apparent development in and the great role played by fertilizer industry, regionally and internationally, boosting sustainable development and enhancing food provision for millions of people, the Arab Fertilizers Association (AFA) is pleased to present 2011 member directory. The directory has become a vital reference for fertilizer industry and trade stakeholders and others; bearing in mind the increase in AFA members reaching 180 member companies, from around 37 Arab and foreign countries. We look forward for a prosperous fertilizer industry year. The directory is available on AFA internet site: Best Regards, Cairo: 1/1/2010

Dr. Shafik Ashkar
Secretary General

AFA pursues its business and activities through:

General Assembly


Board of Directors


General Secretariat

Specialized Committees
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Economic committee



Health, Safety & Environment Committee

General Assembly : afa Member Companies: Ordinary, Associate and Observer Members. Board of Directors : Members of the Board of Directors are representatives of the group of ordinary members in the Arab countries. General Secretariat : The Secretary General assisted by full time staff in accordance with the organizational structure approved by the Board of Directors of AFA. Technical Committee : The Committee is formulated from representatives of member companies on the level of technical, operation or research managers. The Committee Chairman is from AFA ordinary members. Economic Committee : The Committee is formulated from representatives of member companies on the level of marketing or assistant marketing managers. The Committee Chairman is from AFA ordinary Members. Health Safety & Environment Committee : The Committee is formulated from representatives of member companies on the level of HSE Managers.


FA is a non-profitable non-governmental Arab International Organization established in 1975. AFA is operating under the umbrella of Council of Arab Economic Unity and exercising the status of Observer at Economic & Social Council in Arab League, in the quest for the development of fertilizer industrial base and contributing in Global Food Security. AFA comprises Arab institutions and companies working in the fields of fertilizers manufacturing and trading. It further includes 180 member companies representing 37 countries. AFA aims to coordinate and develop technical and all relations in the field of fertilizer industry, raw materials, uses and applications, between member companies.
AFA Mission:

Best utilization of available natural resources, to accomplish highest achievement of added value together with effective contribution in economic development.
AFA Goals

- Using the available state-of-the-art technology and coping with the know-how development in this concern. - Building and providing technical and administrative capacities in a way suiting future requirements. - Avoiding environmental impacts and general risks affecting Man & environment permanently. - Promoting knowledge and information-related issues together with the latest developments in these fields and technical cooperation between member companies. - Encouraging scientific research on fertilizer industry and different fertilizer usages. - Enhancing the establishment of integrated common companies in fertilizer industry, marine shipping and transportation and marketing.

AFA Board of Directors General Secretariat

6 7

Section I: Producers: Fertilizer and Raw Materials:
- Ordinary member category 11

Section I I: Producers: Fertilizer and Raw Materials:
- Non Ordinary member 41 45 47 53

Section III: New capacities: Under construction Section IV: Chemicals & Catalysts Section V: Producers: Liquid fert., Micronutrients & NPK Section VI: Engineering, Licensors, Contractors &
Equipment Suppliers

61 73 93

Section VII: Traders Section VIII: Shipping, Bagging & Others Section IX: Investors, Consulting, Inspectors,
Reseach & Studies, Pubblishers



Ordinary Member (ord):
Arab companies and institutions working in manufacturing and producing mineral fertilizers and raw materials i.e. Nitrogenous, Phosphatic, Potassic and Sulphur.


Associate Member (ass):
- Arab companies, institutions working in the production of chemicals, equipment, manufacturing requirements and any by-products related to fertilizer industry, as well as commercial and industrial chambers. - Arab engineering companies working in the field of designing or implementing projects concerned with mineral fertilizers and its materials. - Arab industrial companies and institutions working in the economic and developmental fields besides the ones enhancing mineral fertilizers and its materials usages. - The in process Arab companies producing fertilizers and its materials.


Observer Member (obs):
- Non-Arab engineering companies working in the field of designing or implementing projects related to mineral fertilizers and its materials. - Non-Arab companies working in the economic, commercial and developmental fields related to mineral fertilizers and its materials industry. - Non-Arab companies producing fertilizers and its materials, equipment, chemicals and fertilizer industry requirements, which are in process until starting the commercial production.


Supporting Member (sup):
Research centers, concerned with mineral fertilizer industry, companies working in fertilizers trade and its agricultural requirements and producing plastic packages together with transportation and shipping companies concerned with fertilizers and its materials.


Correspondent Member:
Other people, of experiences and specializations in fields related to fertilizer industry, its materials and usages, than member companies, figures and officials.

Mohamed Abdallah IRAQ Mr. Mohamed El-Mouzi AFA Chairman Mr. Jamal Eddine Bensari Morocco Eng.Mr. Badrkhan Jordan Mr. Abdel Rahman Jawahery Bahrain Mr. Saleh Yunis Syria Mr. Mohamed R. Hajji Kuwait Mr. Al-Rashid Vice Chairman • • • Mr. Khalifa Al-Sowaidi Qatar • • • Mr. Mazouz Bendjeddou Algeria • • • Mr. Hedhili Kefi Tunisia Mr. Jihad N. Mohammed S. Khalifa Yahmood Libya Mr. Ahmed AL Awfi Oman • . Fahad Al-Sheaibi Saudi Arabia • • • • Mr.

Mohamed Mahmoud Ali Studies Manager Mr. Mushira Moharam Head. Shafik Ashkar Secretary General • • • Eng. Section • Mr. Mohamed Shabouri Finance & Administration Manager Mrs.Dr. Wael M. Mohamed Sharkawi Head. Administration Section • Mr. Khairy Head. Information Section Mr. Executive Secretary Section . Mazen Head. Yasser A. Marwa Mohsen Head. Publishing & Doc. Mazen Ghoneim Head. Economic Section • • Mr. Public Relations Section • • Mrs.

& Investment Section IV Haldor Topsøe The Egyptian Salts & Minerals Co. Industries Abu Dhabi Fert.A. Est. Northern Area The Arab Potash Company Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. (SABIC) Al-Jubail Fert. Evergrow Helwan Fertilizers Co. (SAFCO) National Chemical Fert. El Nasr Mining Company El-Nasr Co.SOMIPHOS Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (OMIFCO) Qatar Fertiliser Company (QAFCO) Saudi Basic Ind. for Dev. Egyptian Fertilizer Company El-Nasr Co. (MOPCO) Suez Co.Section I ASMIDAL Spa FERTIAL Ferphos Group . & Chem. Corp. Agric. Chemical & Mining Industries Co. (ARASCO) Al Tahhan Inst. & Ind. FAUJI Fertilizer Co. . . for Fertilizers Production Suez Int’l. of Fert. Misr Phosphate Co. Egyptian Nitrogen Products Co. Production Sohoul Chemical Industries Co. Co.Ind. for Fert. (IBN AL-BAYTAR) General Est. UAD AI-Qawafel Ind. & Chemicals Co. Jordan Abyad Fert. for Chemical Industries General Fertilizers Company General Co. For Agric. Co. Ltd. Gubre Fabrikalari T. (EBIC) Modern Agriculture Co-PICO Union for Agricultural Dev. Co. Export & Industry Saudi Arabian Mining Co. Sprea Misr Sud-Chemie AG Neelam Aqua & Speciality Chem. (KEMAPCO) Indo-Jordan Chemicals Co. The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Co. Factory . Nitrate Co.Easterna Egypt Basic Industries Corp. Sohar Int’l Urea & Chem. Ltd.CO. Industries Co. SINCO State Co. Jordan Blending & Packing Jordan Modern Advanced Chem. (CHEMANOL) Johnson Matthey Catalysts Section V Carbon Holdings El Sharkeia Co. Misr Fertilizers Production Co. Lebanon Chemicals Co. at Fayoum (EMISAL) Aqua Trust for Water Treatment†Co. For Fert. for Pesticides & Fert. Methanol Chemical Co. Libyan Norwegian Fertilizer Co. Mansoura For Resins & Chem.S. Co. Petrochemical Industries Co. MPCO Middle East Oil Refinery (MIDOR) Mishraq Sulphur State Co. for Intermediate Chem.MAADEN Al-Anjel Co. Ltd. (AL-BAYRONI) Saudi Arabian Fert. Ind. El Delta Co. Nippon Jordan Fertilizer Co. for Fert. Arab Fertilizers & Chem.(ADFERT) Section II 41 41 42 42 43 43 43 44 44 45 45 45 45 46 47 47 48 49 49 50 50 51 51 52 53 53 53 54 54 55 55 56 57 57 57 58 58 59 Section III El-Sewedy Chemical Industries El Watania For Mining & Quarries Haditha for Import. & Chem. South Region State Co. (GPIC) Abu Qir Fertilizers Company (AFC) Alexandria Fertilizers Company (ALEXFERT) Abu Zaabal Fertilizer & Chemical Co. For Phosphate & Mines Groupe Chimique Tunisien Compagnie des Phosphates de Gafsa GRANUPHOS Societe Tunisienne D’Engrais Chimique Ruwais Fertilizer Industries (FERTIL) 11 12 12 13 14 15 16 16 17 18 19 19 20 21 21 22 22 23 23 24 24 25 25 26 27 28 29 29 30 31 31 32 33 33 35 35 36 36 37 37 37 39 39 40 40 The Bahrain Petroleum Co. Arabian Agricultural Services Co. Emirates Fert. Egyptian Chemical Industries Egyptian Financial & Industrial Co. Industries (MANASEER) Modern Co.Ind. Dev. Ind. of Fert. Ind. OCP Group Oman-India Fertiliser Co.

& Dev. KADMAR Lasheen Plastic Industries Mitchell JR Son Shipping Agency Natrans Egypt for Transport & Logistics Swiss Egyptian Tanking Co. El Ahram For Trading & Ind. MIDGULF International Mitsubishi Corp. Ltd.i.. For Trade Al Menofia for Fert. Agron for Agricultural Devolopment Al-Alamia For Fert.Section VI ROTEX Solex Thermal Science Inc. (ARAMCO) Zagros Trading Enterprises Sharkia Trading Enterprise Tunisia-Saudia Trading Company Erksan Chemical Industries Co. LLC.Com Intertrade Resources CRU International Ltd. Worms Alexandria Cargo Services Global Alliance Ltd. (ASDCO) Saudi Arabian Oil Co. Amman Branch Toepfer Int’l.K. & Chem. Agencies Hagrpota For Trading & Distribution Hagrpota For Import & Export International Co. Agro Supplies & Dev. Arab Mining Company The Arab Authority for Agric. Trade Polyserve Fertilizers and Chemicals Queisna Company For Agric. Centre (EFDC) National Societe General Bank Banque Misr SGS Egypt Ltd. Egyptian Fert. Alexandria Eng.r.Asia Rawfert s. ASA ME Rep. LLC. & Agric. Private Limited Jabareen Engineering & TRading Co. Vardhman Shipping Pvt.(TOPIC) Trade Link For Int’l Trade Technogreen Tiba for Trading & Agencies & Agric. COMSPAIN XXI. (TASWEEQ) Yara Int’l. Jordan Global Shipping Agencies Orient Shipping Co. Jordan Modern Trade Dev.A. Co. for Agric. Samad Misr (Egyfert) Technical Projects & IntI Com. Al-Dallah Group for Investment & Finance First Ceena Co. Inv. Dev. Petroleum Co. Office Agricultural Machinery & Materials Co. & Trading Services Co. Dev. Ltd. &Chem. Abo-Ghaneima Fert. 61 61 62 62 63 63 64 64 65 66 66 67 67 68 69 69 70 70 70 71 73 73 73 74 74 74 75 76 76 76 77 77 77 77 78 79 79 79 80 80 80 81 81 81 81 82 82 82 83 83 Heliopotasse SA International Techno Chemical Est.l. Compressor Controls Corporation KBR Technology NAQ Global Companies Kimre. Fertilore SAS Helm Dungemittel GmbH ICEC Limited Compagnie Indo-Francaise de Commerce Tradex India Corporation Pvt. KAYAN for Int’l. Gavilon Fert. Russia CFI Holding Pte. Chemicals & Fert. Traders & Dist.a. For Fert.A. The Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Co. .c. for Fert. Jordan National Shipping Lines (JNSL) Jordan Group For Shipping Agencies Jordan International Chartering Co. Stamicarbon bv R & D Institute of Urea. Energya Steel Solutions ENPPI GALAXI Group ORASCOM Construction Industries Middle East Star Uhde GmbH Mitra S. SA Ammonia Casale S. Emirates Trading Agency Transfert FZCO Trimex International FZE CHS Inc. Ltd. Requirements Al-Fath Co. Ibramar Shipping Co. General Co.l.Rawmatimpex s. Section IX t. 83 84 84 85 85 85 86 86 87 87 87 88 88 88 89 89 90 90 90 91 93 93 93 93 94 95 95 95 96 96 96 97 97 97 98 98 99 100 100 101 101 102 102 103 103 104 104 104 Section VII Section VIII Incitec Pivot Limited Global Petrochemical Marketing Co.a. Qatar Int’l. (AAAID) SCB S. Inc. Sindbad Shipping & Transport Co. Co. Ind. FORSA Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd. and Chemicals CT Corporation Egyptian Assoc. UreaKnowHow. Dev.

. telephone number and company profile.By alphabatical order of countries. phosphatic. S e c t i o n.1 P r oducers : Fertilizers & Raw Materials Members Producers of fertilizer and its raw material : Nitrogenuous. potash. compound fertilizer. . the companies are listed together with location. phosphate rock and sulphur.

• 45 % of SOMIAS whose capital is of 70 000 000 DA after the acquisition of holdings by International WOOD GROOP HOLDINGS in May 2006. As a result of the economic reforms in Algeria. it became a stock company (SPA) with a capital 5941 000 000 DA entirely held by the State.Algeria Société Holding ASMIDAL Spa ( • 45 % of KIMIAL whose capital is of 490 000 000 DA after the acquisition of holdings by ALKIMIA in April 2006. It was created in 1984 after the reorganization of SONATRACH. This company is specialized in industrial maintenance. rue Rue AMARA KORBA Bouhram Annaba 23 000 Algeria Tel: +213 38 868 448 Fax: +213 38 868 357 868384 E-mail: info@asmidal. • 20% of the capital of the Guarding Company .SGS. ASMIDAL. is a Holding company. participations and other transferable securities. • 17% of the capital of the Higher Institute of Management of AnnabaISGA.000. with a capital of 51 million DA. ASMIDAL manages today: • A portfolio of participations of the three companies issued from the reorganization of its original activity. and the opening of its capital. The Company had two production complexes of phosphate and nitrogenous fertilizers and ammonia with the necessary packaging installations and utilities.041. • A subsidiary company at 100%: • ASFERTRADE SPA. Annaba. the National Company of Fertilizers. ASMIDAL’s new mission is the management of a set of portfolios of actions. This company is specialized in the production phosphate and nitrogenous fertilizers and Website: asmidal-dz. with main mission to promote and develop the sector of fertilizers by producing chemical fertilizers and ammonia. Miloude Louhichi Company Profile: Actually.) Au capital social de President & Director General: Mr. In December 1996. This company is specialized in the production of the STPP (input for the detergent producers).000DA RC: 99 B 036 2584 NIS: 0986 2305 0000546 23. This company is specialized in packaging and marketing fertilizers and other agricultural needs. the production and the marketing of: • 34 % of FERTIAL (after absorption of the subsidiary ALZOFERT) whose capital is 17697000 000 DA after the acquisition of holdings by the group VILLAR MIR in July 2005. ASMIDAL with three decades of experience has become an industrial group leader in the Algerian agriculture and an ines11 .

Nitric acid: 264 000 MT • The ammonia and the fertilizer complex of Arzew (west of Algeria) « Alzofert» with a production capacity of: . Drid Lahbib ( www. • Diversification of its business portfolio in order to make profitable placements and to minimize inherent riskmanagement. Box: Administrator Director General: Mr.12000 Tebessa . «Fertial».Nitric acid: 394 000 MT 1000T Ammonia A Nitrate Nitric Acid 990 825 658 240 550 240 Societe Algerienne des Fertilisants-FERTIAL SPA (ord. Jorge Requena Lavergne Commercial Manager: Mr. in chemical fertilizers.O. has nevertheless important capacities of know-how and financial resources that it is necessary to reinvest in crenels in synergy with its profession. 122 Zhun II .Ammonia: 330 000 MT . ASMIDAL.Nitrate : 330 000 MT . With its experience.Algeria Tel: +213 37 494579 .Ammonium Nitrate: 495 000 MT . • The ammonia and fertilizer complex located in Annaba (East of Algeria) 12 SSP NPK Uan FERPHOS Group SOMIPHOS P. Mazouz Bendjeddou Company profile: Producing. namely: • Investment in partnership in new projects of production of ammonia and by-products.ferphos. 23000 Annaba Algeria Tel: +213 38 539310 Fax: +213 38 539342 E-mail:mbendjeddou@fertial-dz. with a production capacity of: .SSP: 240 000 MT .NPK: 550 000 MT .com General Manager: Mr.drid@somiphos. no longer in control of its subsidiary companies.UAN: 240 000 MT . developing and trading www.492828 Fax: +213 37 494350 .ferphos.capable partner in the development of chemical fertilizers.) Route des Salines BP 3088.492550 Email: l.) . ammonia and its by-products.Ammonia: 2 x 330 000 MT .

and ISO 14001/2004. (GPIC) P. The Center of sutdies and Research Applied to the Development «C. the center of interest. to the South of the Chief place of the Wilaya of TEBESSA. Bahrain Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co.O». • Vision: Costumer. The Harbor Facilities of ANNABA. bill and market the natural phosphate: • Joint-stock: 1. exploitation.) Chairman: H.D.D. treatment and transformation of ores and under products of the different activities of the subsidiary.600. The joint venture is equally owned by the Government of the Kingdom of 13 (ord. center of logistics and services.000.» The Complex Mining of DJEBEL ONK. Anwar Saeed Ben Salamah President: Mr.A.E.R.Company Profile: Filial SOMIPHOS of FERPHOS Group is the unique Society Algerian who exploits. The Complex Mining of DJEBEL ONK «C.P.gpic. Abdulrahman Jawahery Number of Employees: 574 Company Profile: Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) was established in December 1979 as a joint venture between GCC member states for the manufacture of fertilizers and petrochemicals. situated in BIR EL ATER. main entity of the subsidiary. Facilities Harbor of ANNABA « Web Site: www.000 DZD. The Center of studies and Research Applied to the Development. Shaikh Isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa Managing Director: H. • SOMIPHOS employees 1764 agents with different level of qualifications. • Certified ISO 9001/2000. to 100 km. SOMIPHOS is organized in three operational centers: 1.E.E.» 3. is a scientific entity whose main mission is to develop the methods of research. • The storage of the phosphate • The consignment and the loading of the ships of phosphate intended to the export. the potential of production constituted globally of the careers of exploitation of phosphate and the factories of enrichment of the phosphate. SOMIPHOS is aware that Costumer’s satisfaction by the quality of produts and services is a fundamental value to ensure its durability.Box 26730. its main missions are: • Receipt and discharge of the phosphate trains from the complex Mining of DJEBEL ONK.O. Manama – Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: +973 17731777 Fax: +973 17731047 Email: gpic@gpic. 2.

the Prime Minister for Industrial and Oil Affairs. stores and laboratories.AFC is the biggest nitrogen fertilizers producer in Egypt (With about 70% local market shares). Mailing nbr. That’s why AFC launched during the past 3 year two new units within its 14 . 1. Advisor to H. Rasheed Road P.R.200 tonnes daily of Ammonia (400. .H. Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa.000 tonnes per annum).Egypt. offices.AFC was established in 1979. and Petrochemical Industries Company. . Kuwait. 21911 – Alexandria.O.200 tonnes of Methanol (400.Com Chairman & CEO: Marketing@abuqir .E.AFC is a main shareholder of two new Egyptian fertilizer producers namely:• Alexandria fertilizer Co. The company employs 574 people of whom 95% are Bahrainis. The Board of Directors is chaired by H.Box: private Alexandria. The company’s executive management is led by Mr. • Helwan fertilizers Co. . (ALEXFERT) 33 million American dollars. Saudi Basic Industries Corporation. maintenance workshops. The company has a Board of Directors comprising representatives of the three shareholding states. In addition to the production plants the GPIC Complex. Ahmed El Gayar.Bahrain. 25. Egypt Abu Qir Fertilizers Company (AFC) (ord. Abdulrahman Jawahery.AFC diversify its product mix to satisfy customer needs. which was built in Sitra on a reclaimed area of 60 hectares. GPIC uses natural gas which is readily available in Bahrain as a feedstock for the production of 1.) El –Tabya. Company profile: .000 tonnes per annum).com Website: www.000 tonnes per annum) and 1. It is an Egyptian joint stock company. Abuqir. comprises utilities plants. President. Tel: +20 3 5603030 (Chairman) 5603042 (Marketing) Fax: +20 3 5603032 (Chairman) 5603047 (Marketing) E-mail: chairman@abuqir.5 million American dollars.700 tonnes daily of Urea (600.

The first is for the production of bulk blended fertilizers (NPK) With a yearly capacity of 360 thousands MTS & it started production in Jan .Granular Urea treated with sulphur c.Blended NPK N base Granular Ammonium Nitrate a. As for the second unit it’s for the production of (UAN) Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution with a yearly capacity of 360 thousands MTS & it started production in oct.East of Alexandria. This addition to production of Urea supplemented with secondary & micro Website: www. (ALEXFERT) (ord. .alexfert.Prilled Urea b. 2006. Products: Daily capacity MTPD products New products: Bulk Blending Unit a-Blended NPK N base Granular Urea b.Prilled Urea treated with zinc sulphate 2400 a. Osama El-Ganainy General Manager: Eng. Ahmed Negm Company Profile: Alexandria Fertilizers Co.2006.premises in Abu Qir. 15 .Granular Urea treated with Magnesium Sulphate Abu Qir II Abu Qir III Chairman & Managing Director: Eng.Rashid Road.) P.Granular Urea b.O Box: Private: Mailing number 21911 Alexandria .Granular Ammonium 1750 a.AFC maintains product high quality (ISO 9001) as well as environment standards (ISO 14001) & we are preparing for the required procedures to maintain (ISO 18001 OHSAS) & (17025 TEC). Alexandria. in El–Tabia .Egypt Tel: + 20 3 5603231 – 5603233 Fax: + 20 3 5603230 E-mail: info@alexfert.Urea Ammonium Nitrate Abu Qir I 1550 a.(ALEXFERT) is an Egyptian joint stock Co. 1000 UAN Unit 1000 Alexandria Fertilizers Co. Abu Qir.

Box: 19 Imbaba Cairo . For Chemical Industries Chairman & Managing Director: www. The company complies with the Quality and Environmental Standard Iso requirements So Alexfert is “ISO 9001. Also is representative and registered (OR).com (ord. In addition to producing Sulfuric Acid. it was established in 1974 and nationalized in 1961 & was working under the umbrella of the Chemical Holding Company. Egypt Tel: +20 (50) 252 6260 252 4505 – 252 3421 Fax: +20 (50) 252 2279 . Sherif Mostafa El-Gabaly 16 .deltafertilizer.) Chairman & Managing Director: Eng. Abu Zaabal Fertilizers & Chemicals Company P.O. Vice Chairman: Mr.d anhydrous ammonia.252 5695 E-mail: efdc@delta-fertilizers.Alexfert is an export oriented company for full production quantity. EU According to “Reach” requirements. “First Ammonia 17th June 2006. Americas and West Africa from Abu Qir. 1000 T TSP SSP Phosphoric acid (P2O5) Sulphuric acid (H2SO) 180 550 60 350 El Delta Fertilizers & Chemical Industries Co. Dekhela ports.” Alexfert licensed and issued capital is 500 Million US Dollars. Abdel Salam El-Gabaly Company Profile: AZFC is one of the two manufacturers of SSP (Powder & Granulated) fertilizer and the sole manufacturer of TSP (Granulated) & Phosphoric Acid in Egypt. AZFC is one of the oldest Egyptian Industrial companies.O. first Urea 12th July 2006.t. The plant name plate capacity is 2000 m. In 2002 has been privatized.Egypt Tel: +20-2 33381572 Fax: +20-2 33381875 Email: sherif@elgabaly. Located in the south Mediterranean coast enjoying the advantage of export to Europe. ISO 14001) certified company.) P. Alexfert Mission To deliver quality product to the international market with maximum positive environmental impact and to maintain the maximum total customer satisfaction and Maximizing our shareholders (ord. Ali Maher Ghoneim Company Profile: Affiliation: Holding Co.Box: 35691 Talkha – Dakahlia.p.

000 MTPY Ammonium Nitrate: 300. Box: 81514 Aswan .) .Nitrogen gas High Purity (ord. The production started on 22.05.T / day of ammonia based on 17 Egyptian Chemical Industries “KIMA ASWAN” P.O.9 % O2 purity . Certified ISO 9001/2008 & ISO 14001/2004 Kima Products: 1 .8 % (Porous ) For Industrial Use 5 . The par value increased to 5 LE for the one share on 05.Ammonium Hydroxide 20 : 25 % NH4 OH 10.11.Egypt Tel: +20 97 2314500 / 2314501 / 2314502 / 25740966 / 25740774 / 25740645 Fax: +20 2 25771239 / +20 97 2314505 Email: info@kimaegypt.silica fume dry fine pozzolanic micro silica 92 – 95 % sio2 7 .000 MTPY NPK 50.Authorized Capital: 200MLE Issued Capital: 130MLE Local Market Share: 34% Exports: 15-20% of Production capacity Turn Over: 500 MLE Main products: Urea: 570. Yehia Mashaly Company Profile: Kima has been Established by an adoption of the cabinet at 22/3/1956 with a capital of 16 million LE distributed on eight million shares with par value of 2 LE . 8 .000 MTPY 1000 T Ammonium Urea Amonium Nitrate Nitric Acid Methanol NPK Liquid fertilizer UAN 32% 400 570 300 297 24 30 50 150 Chairman & Managing Director: Eng.1960 with a production capacity of 1593 ton / day 20.Hydro Chloric Acid High Purity 28 % HCL KIMA 2 New plant under evaluation and implementation phase : .5 % N .Ferrosilicon Alloy (60 : 75 % Si ) 6.Establishing kima 2 plant to produce 1200 M .Oxygen gas For Medical and Industrial Use 99.9% N2 9 .Pure Ammonium Nitrate 34.Liquid Fertilizer : Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer 30 : 33 % Nitrogen 3 . modified to be 975 ton / day 33.Pure Ammonium Nitrate 34.2002 (the capital thus became LE 40 million).com yehiamashaly@kimaegypt.Prilled Fertilizer : NITRO KIMA FORT 33.8 % (Dense ) For medical and Industrial Use 4 .kimaegypt.5 % Nitrogen with the micro nutrients 2 .5 %N started on 20/6/1988 .

P (P2O5) Sulphuric Acid : 900. 2.5 % N at kima 1 plant . Egyptian Financial & Industrial Co.C) P. .I.steam reforming of natural gas for the purpose of producing : 1.EFIC established SCFP in the Suez Gulf area. Company’s Products and Capacity EFIC: MT/Y S.000 MT/Y SCFP: Sulphuric acid : 425.88% in the capital of SCFP. 3.S.000 MT/Y Ammonium sulphate fertilizer: 300. Box: 31611 Kafr El Zayat – Egypt Tel: +20 40 254 2100 +20 2 2392 8651 Fax: +20 40 254 2773 +20 2 2393 8578 E-mail: sfie@sfie. t / y pure ammonium nitrate 34.8 % N at kima 1 p-lant .) Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Esmat Al-Sayad Company Profile EFIC and Its Subsidiary “ Suez Company for Fertilizer Production (SCFP)” 18 . Future target: In other strategic industries field production of pure silicon chips for electronic components and solar cells use for marketing in local and international markets are two of the leading companies for producing and marketing of phosphatic fertilizer and sulphuric acid.EFIC shared with 99.000 MT/Y Company’s Achievements: . ( (ord.160000 t / y nitrokima fertilizer 33.P (P2O5) : 300.I.530000 t / y urea fertilizer 46.F.F.5 % N at kima 2 plant . .C.000 MT/Y : 380.The plant is expecting to commence production by the first Web Site: www.O. is internationally considered one of the dominate global companies in fertilizer sector with a market share 70% of the domestic market .S.000 MT/Y Dicalcium phosphate : 20.

Box: 34 Rawdat Sheraton Tel: +20 2 22667324 Fax: + 20 2 22667325 Website: www. same capacities of phase I. Nassef Onsi Sawiris General Manager: Mr.O.Contract coming into force on E-mail: semadco@semadco. Box: 1179 Cairo . North West of Suez Gulf. Total capacities Ammonia Urea 1000T 800 1300 Email: hossam. Bldg. El-Nasr for Fertilizers & Chemical Industries Co.O. Str. . .khattab@orascomci.Production started on May 2006. 2003. 9 Heliopolis. 1998 under investment law No.) Cairo Office Sheraton 19 . The company has acquired ISO 9001 . indirect labour about 1000.) Phase I: * Yearly production capacities: 650.2008 & ISO 14001 – 2004 & OHSAS 18001-2007 Direct labour 670.semadco.As export oriented company. Sector 8. EFC distributes its urea product all over the www.efcsae. Box: 181 Suez Postal code: 43111 Suez Egypt Tel: +20-62 3710310 / 3710317 Fax: +20-62 3710312 Tel: +20-2 35733020 Fax: +20-2 35733015 (ord.Egyptian Fertilizer Company P.000 MT Granular Urea fertilizers 400. Cairo 11799 P. Ain Sukhna Area: 620 thousands meters Activities: Production and marketing of all sorts of chemical fertilizers and derivatives.O. Hossam Khattab Company Profile: Founded on Feb. 8. USA. Asia & Africa.Yearly turnover US$ 380-400 million Phase II: . (SEMADCO) (ord. Chairman & Managing Director: Mr.Egypt P.000 MT Liquid Ammonia Marketing: . 8/1997 Authorized share capital US$ 1 billion Issued share capital US$ 320 million Ownership structure: ORASCOM Construction Industries 100% Location: Economic zone. Canada.

Abdel Aal Company Profile: We are the biggest Company in Egypt work in the mining. 42.O.Aswan.5% N.) 3.Suez Tel: +20 62 3360041.2888320 Fax: +20 97 2889074 Cairo Office: Tel: +20 2 37625122 Fax: +20 2 37625119 /8 Email:elnasrmining@elnasrmining.Export 1.Ammonium Hydroxide NH4 OH (18-25%Conc.25 million .Factories Attaka . 43 Fax: +20 62 3360047 Alex office 23 El Tahrir Sq. Phosphate rock: products 2. Egypt Tel: +20 97 2889073 / 4 . Lmenite ore: 120000 tons . Ibrahem AbdelHay Company profile: The company activity: Producing and marketing nitrogenous fertilizers and intermediate chemicals.5% WT.5 %N 3-Ammonium Sulphate (NH4)2 SO4 20.) 20 1000 tons Ammonia Amm. Box: 81729 Edfo .Ammonia NH3 ( 99.Granulated Ammonium nitrate NH4NO3 33.6% N Liquid Fertilizers: 1. established in 1951 for the production of nitrogenous fertilizers.) Head Office El-Mahamid P. In the last year our products as following: 1.8% Conc. Tel: (03)482 6490 Fax: (03)483 5121 Chairman & Managing Director: Eng.) 4.Sulpho Ammonium Nitrate Total N (18%) Sulphur (2%) 2.Conc.) 2.Calcium Nitrate Total N (11%) By products & Intermediate Chemicals: 1. Sulphuric Acid H2SO4 ( Technical Managing Director : Eng.Headquarters .Export . 2. Talc: total products 50000 tons Export: 15000 tons Local market: 35000 tons.5 + 0. Products: Solid Fertilizer: I. 3 . Sulphate 132 200 193 90 100 El Nasr Mining Company (ord. Nageh F.Dilute Nitric Acid HNO3 (55-60% Web site: www. Mohamed AbdelHamid Nasser E-mail: m. 2-Granulated Calcium Nitrate Ca(NO3)2 15. Nitrate Nitric acid Sulphuric acid Amm.naser4@yahoo.25 million and local market million Chairman & Managing Director: Eng. El Taamin Bdg.

Gov Tel : 012/8699030 – 012/0001861/62 Fax : 012/8880573 Email : evergrow @evergrow. Industrial and Medical Gases and household insecticides. Phosphat Rock 2500 The company produces fertilizers of different types: • Granulated Single Super Phosphate Fertilizer (GSSP). it is a specialized company in manufacturing chemical & Fertilizer industries. Mohamed Mohamed EL-kheshen Contact Person : Mr.Abu Ghusun port for loading vessel up to:12000 MT (load rate 1200 MT per day).Gamal EL.Hamrawein port for loading vessel up to: 35000 MT (load rate 4500 MT per day).com Evergrow for Specialty Fertilizers Address : Abu Rawash – Industrial Zone – 6th October. This is in addition to: • Phosphoric Acid • Concentrated Sulfuric Acid ELNASR CO. Industrial Area . Chairman: Eng.dean M. 4. EL-kheshen Position : General Manager Company Profile: • Evergrow for Specialty Fertilizers Group of factories for producing and developing number of Compound soluble or liquid fertilizers with capacity of 120 thousand Mt per (ord. Giza Egypt Tel: +20 2 35391640 (10 lines) Fax: +20 2 35390678 E-mail: ncic@nasrchemicals. Ali Sabry Company Profile: NCIC founded in 1975.evergrowegypt. FOR INTERMEDIATE CHEMICALS (ord.) Cairo/Alex Desert Road Web Site: www. .Abou-Rawash. All fertilizers contain100% nutrient ele21 : Khsh _evergrow@yahoo.) Chairman: Dr. The company implements the most advanced technologies which led to the high quality of products while preserving the environment from all types of pollution.100000 tons. Quartz ore: Export 15000 tons. • Triple super phosphate fertilizer • Potassium Sulphate Fertilizer • Compound Fertilizer (NPK) with the latest production technology • DAP Fertilizer with the latest production technology. Our company have two ports on Red Sea: .

com Website: www. .(9/0/46). Company profile: Activities: • Production & Marketing of Urea fertilizers.000MT Liquid Ammonia Marketing: As export oriented company. • Production started since March 2007 Yearly production capacities: . The company assured from that through it uses very strict quality control System. b) Local sales: in bags 50kg HFC is certified ISO 9001 – 2008. The increase of demand for our product is due to the fact that we are producing a high quality urea product.mopco-eg. MAP(12/61/0) and MKP (0/52/34).650.ments with acidic effect to present the needs of all stages of different crops in all land. 3-Potassium nitrate fertilizer group such as: (12/3/43).com (ord. Egypt Fax: Head Office : +2 02 26713539 Plant: +2 057 2291315 Tel: Head Office : +2 02 26713543 Plant: +2 057 2292062 Website:www.2795 7642 Factory: Helwan – El Tebben Tel: +20 2 250 22308 – 25022313 Fax: +20 2 25026504 E-mail: hfc01@hfcegypt. (H.5%N. Egypt Plant: Public Free Zone. ISO 14001 – 2004 and OHSAS 18001/2007. HFC distributes its urea product all over the world (USA.Cairo. Area (6) – Nasr City – Cairo .F. Box: 165 Helwan Head Office: Garden City . and it is able to produce any soluble or liquid formula based on client needs.O.hfc-egypt.) Misr Fertilizers Production Company “MOPCO” Head Office: 18 Abd ElRahman Sedky St. 2-Phosphatic fertilizers group such as Magnum(17/44/0).) P.5/0/0+26%CaO). Canada. Australia and Africa).) Nbr. a) Exportation: is made either as bulk urea or bags of 500 kg or 1000 kg.C.000MT Granular Urea 46. All raw materials and final products are free from heavy metals and other harmful elements. Mohamed Adel El-Danaf 22 Chairman : Chem. The company manufactures number of liquid fertilizers. Egypt 1081. Asia. Of Employees: 450 Chairman: & Managing Director: Chem. Kornish El Nil Street Tel & Fax: +20 2 2795 6721 .27957684 .400.(6/6/4 3)and (19/19/19). Medhat Yousef (ord. Helwan Fertilizers Co. Europe. The Company is manufacturing the following fertilizers: 1-Calcium nitrate (15.

Medhat Youssef Vice President: Chem. Suez Company for Fertilizers Production (Ord) P. Suez Int’l.Egypt Tel: _20 62 3365202 Fax: +20 62 3365203 E-mail: sinco@sinco. and the subcontractor “Petrojet Company” are handling the construction of the lines for both ammonia and urea production designed to produce 2400 tons/day ammonia and 3900 tons/day urea. Nitrate Company SINCO (Ord) P. The project’s construction conclusion date is anticipated to occur in 2012 for the annual production capacity around 2 million tons. . Mohamed Ben Hamad Al Sogaih Company profile: A joint stock affiliated company governed by free zone area law 8/1997.Production of ammonium sulfate fertilizer (ammonium sulfate) with a production capacity of 300 thousand tons per year .O.Egypt Tel: _20 62 3710210 +20 62 3710211 Fax: +20 62 3710212 E-mail: scfp@sfie.Production of sulfuric acid with a production capacity 425 thousand tons per year. • Expansions: The EPC contractor.Production of compound fertilizers (according to the needs of the local market and Chairman & Managing Director: Mr. Box: 114 – Attaka Suez . . Yehya Kotb Company profile: The Production of Fertilizer and chemical industries: . Box: 2 – Suez . “Uhde”. The investment cost for this substantial establishment is estimated at U$ Chairman & Managing Director: Mr.7 billion.Production of superphosphate fertilizer (fine and granular) with a produc23 Saad Abou El Maaty Number of Employees: 606 Company profile: • MOPCO is specialized in the production of “urea”. Affiliation: Saudi Chemical Company Activty: Producing and exporting PPLDAAN 34.6% nitrogen and it’s derivatives.Managing Director: Chem. tion capacity of 300 thousand tons per year.

Basrah Governorate.Phosphate Acid: 400. iraqisscf.) Chairman & General Manager: Mr.000 T/Y . Azhar Ahmed Hussein Company profile: Production of nitrogenous fertilizers (UREA) State Company for Phosphate (ord.700.000 T/Y . The factory consists of two trains for production Ammonia and Urea.000 T/Y .O. Reyad Aziz Jasim Company profile: One of the companies of Ministry of Industry and Minerals.MAP: 280. Mahdi Salim Abdulhasan Company profile State Company of Fertilizers (SCF) was established in 1976.NP & NPK: 655. Box: 78 Baiji – Salah El-Dine – Iraq Tel: +964 770 1755826 +964 770 1714245 Email: asmeda_baiji@yahoo. Major customers: Ministry of agriculture / State Company for Agricultural supplies.northasmeda.Sulphuric Acid: Chairman Director General: Mr.000 T/Y ..) P.000 T/Y 24 . Box: 5954 Baghdad East Gate Baghdad – Iraq Mobile: +964 7903316860 +964 7903316904 Fax: +964 24 612901 www. Natural Gas supplier: Ministry of Oil.O.400.TSP: www. SCF use natural gas as a feed stock for the production 660000 tones per year Ammonia and 1000000 tones per year prilled Urea.500.O.Raw phosphate: 3. Box: 74 Basrah Tel: +964-40 761 (611-624) Mobile: 07803499158 E-mail : Scf @ iraqisscf.Calcined phosphate: ( southscf Website: www.scpqiraq. Iraq (ord.each train consist Ammonia unit with design capacity 1000 MT/day and Urea unit with design capacity 1600 MT /day. Designed production capacities: .Iraq State Company of Fertilizer Industry / Northern Area P.000 T/Y .com Scf_trad@iraqisscf.000 .) State Company of Fertilizers (SCF) South Region / Basrah Khor Al-Zubair. General Manager: Mr.

and a downstream fertilizer and chemicals plant at Aqaba in the south of Jordan producing phosphoric acid.5 million tons on product by the end of 2009. Potash production began in 1983 and projects are underway to expand the solar evaporation system and thus raise the capacity to 2. It is involved in the production of Website:www.Jordan APC also produces Industrial Grade product for the chemical industry.000 MT annually.) Chairman: Dr.0 million tons of various forms of The annual production is 2. APC produces 100. sulphuric acid and Aluminum fluoride. Nabih Salama General Manager: Mr. Spain and Italy. with a fourth mine at AI-Ruseifa having ceased production in 1985. Walid Kurdi Deputy CEO: Mr. 25 . Box: 30 Amman 11118 Jordan Tel: (+962-6) 5607141 Fax: (+962-6) 5682290 (ord. JPMC currently operates three mines in Jordan producing phosphate rock. Fine and Granular in markets around the globe.000 MT per year of granular (MOP) and its industrial Potash capacity is around 50. Chairman & CEO: H. It has a significant market share in Africa.000 and now operates under Law (ord. Its main markets are India.Keith Thornton Company Profile: A pan Arab joint venture with current annual sales of 850 million dollars. Box 1470 Amman 11118 – Jordan Tel: +962 6 5200 520 Fax: +962 6 5200 082 Email: Web Site: www. The Arab Potash Company (APC) has been successfully marketing its product of the three The Arab Potash Company P.E.O. Email: webmaster@jpmc. It was registered as a public shareholding company in 1953 with an initial share capital of JD 250. Standard.O. China.arabpotash.22 of 1997. Over the years. Mohamed Baderkhan Company Profile: JPMC was established as a private company on March 1949 to exploit phosphate deposits in Jordan. APC has become a key supplier in Asia and the Mediterranean region. diammonium phosphate («DAP»).jordanphosphate. and Indonesia.) Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. (JPMC) P.

operated a fertilizer and chemical manufacturing complex in Aqaba which taken over by JPMC. approximately 125 km to the north-east of Aqaba. Ltd. JPMC is also involved in a number of joint venture projects with foreign partners in the fertilizer and chemicals. In 1986.Due the government privatization scheme in the first quarter of 2006 Kamil Holding Limited which is owned by the Investment Agency of Sultanate of Brunei joined the company as a strategic partner through purchasing 37% of the total shares of the company. JPMC acquired the entire operations of Jordan Fertilizer Industry Company Limited in which it had a 25 per cent shareholding interest and the Government of Jordan had a 50 per cent interest at the time of the acquisition. approximately 135 km to the south of Amman and 200 km north of Aqaba and at AI-Abiad. JPMC is the sole entity currently operating under licence to mine and produce phosphate rock in Jordan. approximately 15 km north of Amman. It is estimated that more than 60 per cent of the area of Jordan has phosphate bearing deposits at varying depths. JPMC predecessor commenced its phosphate mining activities in 1935 in the Al-Ruseifa General Manager: Mr.O. Further mining operations were established in 1962 at AI-Hassa. in 1979. Annual Production Capacity (1000T) Phosphate rock Phosphoric acid ( P2O5) DAP Sulphhuric acid Aluminum Fluoride 7000 432 750 1485 20 Jordan Abyad Fertilizers & Chemicals Co. The company is currently gearing itself towards a growing demand for fertilizers in other Arab (sup) . The company is presently well positioned within the Jordanian market providing high quality products to meet the country’s needs. Jordan Fertilizer Industry 26 Company Limited. 2005. the second largest exporter of phosphate rock in the world and the largest exporter in terms of revenue in the Jordanian economy. Ltd. Ziad Manasrah Company Profile: Jordan Abyad Fertilizers & Chemicals Co. (JAFCCO) is one of Jordanians leading companies in the chemicals & fertilizers industrial field established in 1997. History And Background : Phosphate bearing deposits were first discovered in Jordan in 1908 in the AIRuseifa region during the construction of the AI-Hijazi railroad. (JAFCCO) P. Jordan was the sixth largest phosphate rock producer in the world. JPMC commenced excavation of a site at Eshidiya. JPMC is the largest mining and industrial employer in Jordan. In the year ended 31 Dec. which commenced production in 1982. 20 km north of the mine at Al-Hassa. in 1988 with production starting in 1989. Box 4455 Amman 11131 Jordan Tel: (+962-6) 5512095 Fax: (+962-6) 5512094 Email: jafcco@wanadoo.

This makes it suitable for use with most kinds of irrigation Web Site: www.000 tons/year of potassium nitrate (NOP) and 75. (KEMAPCO) as a 50:50 joint venture set up in Jordan in 1999 between Kemira GrowHow (Finland) and Arab Potash Company (Jordan). Box 2564 Aqaba 77110 Jordan Tel: +962-3 2017174 Fax: +962-3 2017181 General Manager: Eng.countries such as Palestine and Saudi Arabia. SOP production capacity will be boosted to (15000) MT 27 . K2SO4 has become an essential component of the most important fertilizers worldwide since it was first used over 130 years ago. HCL is essential for such industries as metal galvanization and the production of detergents used to clean wires and pipes. Potassium sulfate (K2SO4) is especially ideal in drip irrigation. The company was originally established under the name Kemira Arab Potash Company Ltd. Jafcco main products are Potassium Sulfate (K2SO4) and Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). Almost 70% of both products are sold to Arab neighboring countries and 30% Is exported to several European countries. World . Products: Potassium nitrate 150000T/Y Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP) 75000T/Y 1000T Potassium Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP) 150 75 ( Since Feb.) Email: kemapco@kemapco.kemapco. Arab Fertilizers & Chemicals Industries (KEMAPCO) P.O. Jafcco currently produces HCL at 30-32% but it is possible to prepare it at other concentrations as may be requested by the client.000 tons/ year of Docalcium phosphate (DCP). Its CL content is less than 0. 1st 2007 the company has been 100% owned by Arab Potash Company. (KEMPCO) has a plant production capacity of 150. Bassam Al Zoumot Company Profile: Arab Fertilizers & Chemicals Industries LTD. jafcco produces (5500) MT of K2SO4 annually while its production of HCL stands at (6800) MT annually.class K2SO4 (100%) soluble and essential for NPK production is already being produced at our present factory. Within the coming three years JAFCCO plans to expand its present infrastructures to establish a sulfuric acid factory which will supply the present SOP facility with raw materials.5% and its dissolution capacity is 100%. At the present time.

000 MT/Year Sulphuric Acid Plant and associated Utilities and off-site facilities adjacent to the Phosphate Mines of JPMC at Eshidiya and also Acid Storage facility at port 28 Having established a very high benchmark of excellence on the production front. The USD 170 Million project was successfully implemented well within the time and cost estimate. Box web: www. Ltd. a 660. This was applauded by the British Safety Council by awarding National Safety Award for Eight times in the last Ten years of which Six times it was awarded consecutively. P. Jordan.ijcltd. IJC won the appreciation Distinction Award in Safety & Professional Health of the years 2003 & 2008 from M/s. Safety and Quality oriented systems and procedures. The Project Complex consists of a 225. The Project was commissioned in 1997 and has been operating successfully since then. Amman 11195. Tel : +962 6 5537217 / 5537214 Fax : +962 6 5537219 e-mail : Aqaba. IJC has vigorously pursued high standards in other areas such as. IJC has consistently established Excellency in Best Practices in Work Place. . Jordan (JPMC) and exporting the entire production of Phosphoric Acid predominantly to across the Globe. The Company was incorporated in March 1992 for the purpose of setting up and operating a Phosphoric Acid and Sulphuric Acid Complex in Jordan by availing the Rock Phosphate from Jordan Phosphate Mines Company Ltd. Sunil Deshmukh Company Profile: Indo-Jordan Chemicals Company Limited (IJC) is pioneer in producing Phosphoric Acid and Sulphuric Acid at the state of art high-tech production facility located at Eshidya. Jordan.) Chairman : H. Walid Kurdi Managing Director : Phosphoric acid ( P2O5) Sulphuric Acid 225 660 (ord. 1. Health and Safety.000 T Indo Jordan Chemicals Co.00 MT/Year Phosphoric Acid Plant. Social Security Corporation – Jordan among all the Industrial sectors in the Kingdom in meeting world standards of workplace health & safety.E.O.

Sugao Yoshida Company profile: Nippon Jordan Fertilizer Company is the first joint venture company between Japan 60% and Jordan 40% to produce 300. DAP 300000 MT (ord.S. «The distinction award in Safety and Vocational Petrochemical Industries Company A Subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation P. using AZF process licensed by Grand Paroisse/ NPK. the main project constructed by a consortium of Chiyoda (Japan) and Krebs (France).com. Box 926861 Amman 11190 Jordan Tel: +962 6 5691717 Fax: +962 6 5684127 Email: njfcamm@nol. The production was started in 1997 with a commercial brand name of Aladdin. DAP) for export to Japan and others.C (PIC) was established in 1963 and is a subsidiary Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC).O. (W. The company implements the most advanced technologies in the production of Ammonia.Health» by the Social Society Corporation in 2003.L. NJFC has awarded the King Abdulla II Award for Excellence in 2007. and 2 ships with «Aladdin Dream» and «Aladdin Rainbow» were built especially to export the products to Japan.E. Box: 1084 Safat 13011 .O. Walid Kurdi Managing Director: Mr. After adoption the international quality system ISO 9001 – Website: www. Maha Mulla Hussein Deputy Managing Director for Fertilizers: Mr. Nitrogen Fertilizer and polypropylene using the Kuwaiti natural and associ29 . Jehad Nasser Alhajji Company Profile: Petrochemical Industries Company (ord. The company was established in 1992 with a capital of US$ 24 million and a total investment costs of US$ 85 million.000 MT of high quality of fertilizer products (NPK.) Chairman & Managing Director: Mrs.L) P.pic.Kuwait Tel: +965 232 11000 Fax: +965 232 11509 Email : danat@pic. Nippon Jordan Fertilizer Kuwait Chairman: H.

Significant volumes are also sold to countries further down in Africa and into the Americas. 2008/09 Kuwait Aromatics Co.000. Products : Liquid Ammonia Granular Urea Polypropylene 680. Box: 6796 Tripoli .000 MT/year Libya Investments: Company GPIC in Bahrain. in Kuwait. +218-91 3781865 E-mail: kyahamed@yahoo.5 % Chairman: Eng.5 % 50 % 50 % Libyan Norwegian Fertiliser Company (LIFECO) P. 2008/09 Kuwait Styrene Co. about 700 kilometers east of the Libyan capital Tripoli. two Ammonia and two Urea plants (prilling) in Marsa el Brega. ( KARO ) in Kuwait.) New Projects: Company Kuwait Olefins Co. since February 2009. Khalifa Y Khalifa Contact Name: Eng. 1997 MEGlobal. The majority of the finished product volumes is sold to countries around the Mediterranean Sea.5 % 40% 57. on the Mediterranean (ord. 2004 Equipolymers. employing approximately 1. Ibrahim Abubrida (Planning Dept. Manager) Company Profile: The Libyan Norwegian Fertiliser Company is located at Marsa el Brega. in Kuwait.200 persons.D.000 MT/year 120.33 % 42. PIC paid up capital is K. is operating.ated Gas.O.000 MT/year 1. Production units Lifeco. 2008/09 PIC Share 42. 600 Million and its head office is located in Kuwait. 1979 Equate in Kuwait. Production volumes 1000T Ammonia Urea 700 900 30 .Libya Tel: +218-64 7630283 Mob. 2004 PIC Share 33.

6%). Phosphoric acid (various qualities) and solid fertilizers (DAP. Mhamed IbnAbdelJalil Contact Names: Mr. Manufactured products are phosphate rock (several grades). Rue Al Abtal.5%). Our annual production capacity: Sulphuric Acid Phosphoric Acid GTSP GSSP Aluminium Sulphate 600. The plant is located at Selaata 60 km north of Beirut.000 MT 220. the company is privately Website: www. Casablancca . Antoine Doumet Company Profile: Established in 1956.2%) and phosphate under all forms (31. 31 .Lebanon Tel: +961-1 580420 Fax: +961-1 580423 E-mail: Chairman/General Manager: Mr. MAP. 000 MT (ord. Box 11-1113 Beirut .A.000 MT 200.L P. Phosphoric acid (49. Abdelaali Kossir AFA Technical Committee member Mr.Morocco Zip code: 20200 Tel: +212 522 924040 Fax: +212 522 998305 E-mail: ocp.O.Lebanon Morocco Lebanon Chemicals Company S. Jamal Eddine Bensari AFA Board Member Mr. Mostafa Terrab Executive Vice President Commercial: Group is the first world exporter of phosphate rock (45.ocpgroup.000 MT 30. TSP in addition to NPK for local Market).A. Elias Skaff Managing Director: Mr.000 MT 120. Mohammed Benzekri: AFA Economic Committee member Company Profile: OCP S.) OCP Group 2.Hay Erraha.dc@ocpgroup.) CEO: (ord.

O. Gedigiri Company Profile: The Oman India Fertiliser company S.C (411).V. Box 67 P. C. procurement and construction phase of the projet commenced on Chief Executive Officer: Mr. . appoximately 175 km south of (OMIFCO) is a joint venture company owned by Oman Oil Company (OOC).om Website: www. Venugopal Deputy CEO: Mr.25 million MT per year. Sur Sultanate of Oman Tel: +968 2553 2000 Fax: +968 2556 2849 Email: omifco@omantel.65 million MT per year.omifco. The engineering. • OMIFCO is the first world scale fertilizer production plant to be implemented in Oman. India Farmers Fertiliser Co-opreative Limited (IFFCO) and 32 Krishak Bharati Co-operative Limited (KRIBHCO). two Urea Melt Units licensed by Snamprogetti together with two granulation units licensed by HAT each with a production capacity of 2530 MTPD.A.O. S. 15th 2002 and commissioning and performance testing was completed on July 14th 2005.C. • The OMIFCO plant is located in the Sur Industrial Estate. A similar long term agreement has been entered into with IFFCO for the offtake of the entire surplus Ammonia production of approximately 0.G. Ahmed Al Awfi Director of Production: Mr. (OMIFCO) (ord.) P. • A long term agreement has been entered into with the Government of India for the offtake of the entire Urea production of approximately 1.OCP Production in 2007 Phosphate rock Phosphoric acid ( P2O5) TSP DAP MAP (1000T) 27638 3458 793 1063 550 Sultanate of Oman Oman-India Fertiliser Co. The plant comprises two Ammonia units licensed by Haldor Topsoe each with a production capacity of 1750 MTPD. The plant has all the necessary captive utility and offsite units including its own two berth marine terminal to be complete by self-sufficient.


Saudi Arabia

Qatar Fertiliser Company S.A.Q (QAFCO)
Largest Quality Urea Producer P.O. Box: 50001 Mesaieed Qatar Tel: +974 44228888 Fax: +974 44770347
Email: Web Site:


Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation P.O. Box 5101 Riyadh 11422 Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 (0) 1 2258000 Fax: +966 (0) 1 2259000
Email: Website:

Chairman: Mr. Abdulla H. Salatt Managing Director: Mr. Khalifa Al Sowaidi Company Profile: Since its inception in 1969 QAFCO has steered its way successfully and steadily developed over the years. Accordingly QAFCO has become one of the main producers and exporters of ammonia and urea in the world. With a sizable annual prodction capacity of 2 million MT of ammonia and 3 million MT of urea from 4 Ammonia and 4 Urea plants, QAFCO is now the world’s largest single-site producer of urea, and is poised to become the world’s largest producer of ammonia after the completion of QAFCO-5 Plant in 2011. Currently, QAFCO exports ammonia and urea to more than 35 nations across the globe. QAFCO boasts three ISO Certifications: ISO 9001 : 2000, ISO 14001 : 2004, and OHSAS 18001 standards.

Chairman of SABIC Board of Directors: Prince Saud bin Abdullah bin Thenayan Al-Saud Vice Chairman & CEO: Mr. Mohamed H Al-Mady Fertilizer Strategic Business Unit (SBU): Vice President Mr. Fahad Al-Sheaibi, T: +966 (0) 1 225 9099 F: +966 (0) 1 225 9080 E: SABIC profile: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) ranks among the world’s top six petrochemical companies. The company is among the world’s market leaders in the production of polyethylene, polypropylene and other advanced thermoplastics, glycols, methanol and fertilizers. SABIC’s businesses are grouped into

Chemicals, Polymers, Performance Chemicals, Fertilizers, Metals and Innovative Plastics. SABIC has significant research resources with six dedicated Technology & Innovation Centers in Saudi Arabia, Europe, the USA and India. The company operates in more than 40 countries across the world with 33,000 employees worldwide. SABIC manufactures on a global scale in Saudi Arabia, the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. SABIC’s overall production has increased from 35 million metric tons in 2001 to 59 million metric tons in 2009. Headquartered in Riyadh, SABIC was founded in 1976 when the Saudi Arabian Government decided to use the hydrocarbon gases associated with its oil production as the principal feedstock for production of chemicals, polymers and fertilizers. The Saudi Arabian Government owns 70 percent of SABIC shares with the remaining 30 percent held by private investors in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Vision and Mission: SABIC’s vision is to be the preferred world leader in chemicals. Its mission is to responsibly provide quality products and services through innovation, learning and operational excellence while sustaining maximum value for our stakeholders. Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE): At SABIC, employee health and safety is a top priority. The company insists on similar standards for everyone affected by its activities, from suppliers and customers to the communities in which it operates. In environmental matters SABIC maintains the highest

international standards. SABIC has made SHE systematic; integrating process safety, environmental protection, health, occupational safety, emergency preparedness, and response management systems under a single approach. The aim is to manage overall business risk effectively and consistently, while continually improving operational performance. This holistic system is rolled out to all offices and affiliates, as a tool to help ensure consistently excellent SHE programs and performance at all facilities. Customer Satisfaction: Customer loyalty has been key to SABIC’s success. While maintaining high standards and adopting contemporary marketing methods, SABIC has been constantly striving to further expand its bonds with its customers. Over the years, the company has been building lasting relationships and seizing every opportunity to reach out to them. The importance of taking SABIC products straight to the customers has always been stressed by the company. Every year, the company not only showcases its products around the globe, but also hosts seminars and conferences to spread the SABIC message of quality and reliability. SABIC Fertilizers: SABIC has three fertilizer affiliates: - Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Company (SAFCO), - Al-Jubail Fertilizer Company (AL-BAYRONI) and - National Chemical Fertilizer Company (IBN AL-BAYTAR). Its Fertilizers Strategic Business Unit (SBU) consists of six functional units, Urea BU, Ammonia & Phosphates BU,

Manufacturing, Business Strategy, Technology Management, and Supply Chain Management. SABIC is a major producer of ammonia and the world’s largest producer and exporter of granular urea. The company produced more than 6,000,000 metric tons of fertilizers in the year 2009.

Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Co. (SAFCO)
P.O. Box 11044 AI-Jubail lndustrial City 31961 Saudi Arabia Tel: +966-3 340 6600 Fax: +966-3 341 1257 Chairman: H.E. Mohamad H. AI-Mady President: Eng. Fahad Rashed Al-Otaibi Company profile: Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Company (SAFCO) was established with an initial capital of SR 100 million on September 7, 1965. The current paid-in capital is SR 2,500 million (US$ 666.67 million). SAFCO is a Saudi joint stock company. SAFCO is 43 percent owned by Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC). SAFCO’s first ammonia and urea plants, which were located in Dammam, started production in 1969. SAFCO is one of the pioneering petrochemical companies in Saudi Arabia and its Dammambased unit was the first fertilizer manufacturing plant to produce chemicals including ammonia, urea, sulfuric acid and melamine. SAFCO’s Dammam production facilities were permanently shut down in 2009. New expansion projects were constructed in the Jubail Industrial City and added new ammonia/urea plants in 1993, 2000, and 2006 (SF II, III & IV). SAFCO used UHDE, KBR (Kellogg Brown and Root), and HALDOR TOPSOE technologies for its ammonia plants and STAMICARBON/


Al-Jubail Fertilizer Co. (AL-BAYRONI)
P.O. Box 10046 Jubail Industrial City 31961-Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 3 341 6488 Fax: +966 3 341 7122



Chairman: H.E. Fahad S. Al-Sheaibi President: Eng. Ahmed Al-Jabr Company Profile: AL-BAYRONI is located in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia and produces ammonia, urea, 2-ethyl hexanol and DOP. The company went on-stream in 1983. Its feedstock are methane and propylene.
Production capacit Ammonia Urea 2-EH DOP “000” MT / Year 413 533 150 50

com Website: . Box: 5447 Damascus . urea. Saudi Arabia and produces ammonia. The company was established in 1985 and went on stream in 1987.Syria Tel: +963-11 2127654 Fax: +963-11 2128289 E-mail: info@gecisy. It arises the chemical industry in quantity and quality and setting subsequent development and extension project related to the chemical industrial in order to cover all needs of local market of the chemical products and export what it possible to abroad. Fahad Rashed Al-Otaibi Company profile: IBN AL-BAYTAR is located in Al-Jubail.E.O.) Chairman & General Manager: Mr. it deals with public sector companies field of the chemical industries.) (ord. Box 10283 AI-Jubail lndustrial City 31961 Saudi Arabia Tel: +966-3 340 6600 Fax: +966-3 341 1257 Chairman: H. compound fertilizer.300 30 Syria General Establishment for Chemical Industries P.000 10 (ord.HYDRO-AGRI technologies for its urea plants located in the Jubail Industrial City.chemical-syria.sabic. Saleh Younis Saleh Company Profile: General Establishment for Chemical Industries was established in 1975. Production capacity “000” MT / Year Ammonia Urea Phosphate /Compound Fertilizers Liquid Fertilizer 36 550 500 1. phosphate and liquid fertilizer. It uses methane and phosphoric acid as feedstock. (IBN AL-BAYTAR) P. SAFCO is an ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001: 2004 certified company. Production capacity Ammonia Urea Urea Formaldehyde “000” MT / Year 2. Saleh Eid AI-Hussaini President: Eng. Email: National Chemical Fertilizer Co.100 2.

tn Website: www. Jamal Dine El Abd Company Profile: General Fertilizers Company was established in 1972 and comprises three plants: 1-Ammonia Urea plant of capacity 315000 TPY Urea. Ammonia Urea (Calcium . marketing of all kinds of phosphate.Nitrate) TSP 1000MT 312 315 122 450 General Manager: Mr.) General Manager: Eng.Syria Tel: +963-31 2751122 Fax: +963-31 2751123 E-mail: contact@gecopham. Mohamed Fadhel Zerilli 37 ( (ord. 3.gct.Nitrogen Fertilizer plant (calcium-Nitrate): 122000 TPY As well as central mechanical workshop.O. Super Phosphate plant of capacity 450000 TPY fertilizer. Abdel Rahman El-Birini Company Profile: Production.i-p.O.General Fertilizers Company P.Syria Tel: +963-31 4407201 Fax: +963-31 4407200 / 4407205 Email: 2. Chairman: Mr.) General Company For Phosphate & Mines P. Tunisia Groupe Chimique Tunisien Web site: www. Investment and marketing all kinds of salt.) . Box: 280 Homs . Box: 288 Homs .com (ord.O. Box: 140 Tunis Tel: +216-71 784488 / 783495 Fax: +216-71 786790 / 783495 Email: gct@gct. Mohamed Fadhel Zerilli General Manager: Mr.

GCT and CPG finalized setting up the joint venture company (TIFERT) with their Indian partners CFL and GSFC to implement a phosphoric acid plant in Skhira / Tunisia site with an annual production capacity of 360. America. Europe.150. GCT has a long experience in building stable and profitable partnerships.5 million tons of phosphate rock is processed yearly in GCT different plants to produce: .1. TSP. France. GCT enjoys the best rating .DAP . DAP. GCT achieved acquiring 5% share capital of Godavari Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited “GFCL” and agreed a long-term P205 supply contract. In 2006. The main Markets are India.attributed by Fitch north Africa.62% market share.2nd Phosphoric acid exporter with 11.1. ranked according to IFA 2006 annual statistics.120 000 Tons Di-Calcium Phosphate . Italy. .) In 2006. Iran.5% . Pakistan. In 2003.30. the regional Affiliate or Fitch Ratings Group.3rd DAP exporter with 9.AA .AN . Porous AN. Spain. GCT established a JV company along with PlC Kuwait and CNCCC China to launch a DAP/NPK project in China and foundation of the «Sino-Arab 38 Chemical Fertilizers LTD-SACF» that is producing yearly around 720.0. In 1985.900 million Tons Triple Super Phosphate-TSP . to a non-financial institution in Tunisia.000 mt of P2O5 and which is expected to go on stream at the end of the year 2009. .000 tons of NPK fertilizers. GCT exports its different products to Far East. Strategy of GCT is repositioning in its traditional markets through acquisition of share in the capital of its main customers and industrial companies (Turkey etc.000 Tons porous Ammonium Nitrate. Turkey. GCT is implementing a considerable investment program aiming at environment protection in line with most advanced and updated international standards. . AN.1st TSP exporter with 25% market share.315 million Tons Di-Ammonium Phosphate .DCP .35% market share . 1000T Phosphoric acid ( P2O5) DAP TSP DCP Ammonium Nitrate 1500 1315 900 120 315 .325 million Tons P205 MG Phosphoric Acid.Company Profile Produce Phosphoric acid. More than 90 % of the production is exported giving GCT the Status of world major supplier of phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers. and Oceania.000 Tons Ammonium Nitrate 33. Middle East and Africa. More than 6. DCP. Brazil and Argentina.

PK and Website: www. PK 16-25 PK 22-13 PK 19-19 PK 20-20 PK 20-25 PK 25-25 Profile with different P2O5 solubility. Mohamed Fadhel Zerilli Company profile Compagnie des Phosphates de Gafsa was established in 1897. Total production capacity is 8 millions tons of phosphate rock.15000 T/year of a wide range of compound fertilizers NP. General Manager: Mr.tunis@planet.Compound Fertilizer NPK : NPK 6-11-20 – NPK 8-24-24 NPK 8-15-15 – NPK 8-24-8 NPK 6-12-24 NP 8-26 . Tunisia Tel: +216-71 797296 Fax: +216-71 794670 Email: cpg@cpg.45000 T/Year “G 27” .tn ( GRANUPHOS 7 Rue de Royaume d’Arabie Saoudite Tel: +216 71 784488 / 71 797623 Fax: +216 71 782988 Email: granuphos. Hedhili Kefi General Manager: Mr.) Chairman: Mr.Compagnie des Phosphates de Gafsa 9 Rue Royaume d’ Arabie Seoudite Tunis. President: Mr. Mohamed Kharrat Activity: Production and trading of fertilizer . 39 . Najib Doghri Asst.NP 10-36 Nominal Capacity : .Granular Phosphate G27: used for direct application in acid soils and for biological agriculture.) (ord. The Company is operating 7 open cast mines which produces one major Merchant grade Phosphate Rock (65/68) BPL.tunisieindustrie.nat. Mohamed Fadhel Zerilli General Manager: Mr. Website: www.

with a shareholding ratio of 2:1 respectively.) (ord.310 MTPD and urea 1.UAE Societe Tunisienne D’Engrais Chimique El Afrane 1009 . DAP. Chairman General Director: Mr. a one of ADNOC Group of Companies.. was established in October 1980 as a joint venture between Abu Dhabi National Oil (ord.Tunisia Tel: (+216-71) 399888 Fax: (+216.850 MTPD. Box: 589 1000 Tunis . The plants have fully integrated utility units with storage facilities. Construction of a processing plant began in 1980 and production started in December 1983. It comprises an Ammonia and Urea processing plant.O.fertil. TSP.) .. Yousef Omair Bin Yousef Director General: Website: www. SDP.) Chaiman: H. about 235 km from the city of Abu Dhabi.Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 2 6021111 Fax: +971 2 6026800 Email: info@fertil. Mohamed Rashid Al Rashid Company profile: Ruwais Fertilizer Industries (FERTIL). Box: 2288.El Ouerdia P. Imed Gharbi Company Profile: . The Plant is located in Ruwais Industrial zone.500 MTPD for urea. (ADNOC) and TOTAL.050 MTPD and 1. to manufacture fertilizers and to market them locally and internationally.71) 399794 Email: stec@planet. ammonia production stands at 1. .O.Production and sales of SSP . The installed capacity of the ammonia plant is 1. K2O.E.Manufacturing and sales of Pesticides 1000T SSP 40 Ruwais Fertilizer Industries FERTIL P. The company has been continuously improving its technology and productivity. Asab and Thammama-C. Nejib Doghri Deputy General Manager: Mr. 40 .Sales of fertilizers: (AN. The prime objective behind establishing the company was to utilize the lean gas supplied from the onshore fields of Bab.

.S e c t i o n. These companies are non-ordinary member.2 P r oducers: Non Ordinary Member This section includes Producers of fertilizer and its raw material. .


The Bahrain Petroleum Company
P.O. Box: 25555, Awali – Bahrain Tel: +973 17 7 53273 Fax: +973 17 7 53203 Email: Acting Chief Executive: Mr. Faisal Al Mahroos General Manager Marketing: Mr. Khalid Al Sabbagh Company profile: BAPCO, wholly owned by the Government of Bahrain, is engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil, its refining into high quality finished products and their sale to customers from all parts of the globe. About 95% of products are exported, the main products being diesel, jet fuel, gasoline, naphtha, fuel oil, asphalt and solid sulphur. In its Upstream business, BAPCO uses advanced techniques and methods to explore for new oil and gas reserves, and obtain more accurate data on existing reserves. Then, to maintain crude oil production at optimal levels, advanced drilling techniques are applied to new and existing wells. The BAPCO refinery is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the Middle East and the oldest in the GCC. It refines over 265,000 barrels of crude per day. The products from this facility are capable of meeting the very highest quality standards and most customers are based in the Middle East, India, the


Far East, South East Asia and Africa. As a consequence of its production of clean fuels, BAPCO produces 500 tonnes of sulphur per day. Its solid sulphur production facilities are amongst the most modern, producing sulphur pastilles of 2 to 4 mm diameter that are both very easy to handle and minimize generation of dust during handling.


The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company EGAS
P.O. Box: 8064 Nasr city - 11371 Cairo – Egypt Tel.: +20 2 24055845 Fax: +20 2 24055876 Website: Asst. Chairman For Studies: Dr. Hamed KorKor Company profile: In view of natural gas industry vital role to the country>s economy and according to the vision of the Ministry of Petroleum, it was decided to establish the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company, (EGAS) as an entity focusing on the natural gas chain of activities. EGAS was established in August 2001, adopting an effective action plan to organize and diligently handle the activities of the natural gas resources of Egypt and adding value to the Egyptian economy. The main objectives of EGAS are the following: • Prepare action plans for natural gas


industry and related projects. • Develop techno-economic studies for gas projects. • Manage sales gas transmission & distribution systems and coordinate all related activities. • Develop LNG projects individually or with national and international partners. • Participate in exploration, development and production from gas discoveries according to the prevailing laws and regulations. • Develop the natural gas industry database. • Study and define optimum locations for gas projects.

Misr Phosphate Company (MPCO)
P.O. Box: 754 Cairo Egypt Tel: +20 2 25905886 - 25896292 Fax: +20 2 25917782 Email: Website:newvalleyphosphateproject Chairman: Dr. Hussein Hammoda General Manager: Geo. Assem Abu Baker Hamdy


A wholly owned by Misr Fertilizers Production Company (MOPCO) 18 Abdel Rahman Sedky St. Off Makram Ebied St. Nasr city Cairo - Egypt Tel: +20 2 2671 3544 - 26713543 Email: Managing Director: Mr. Greg McGlone

Egyptian Nitrogen Products Company SAE (ENPC)


Company profile: The project one of biggest phosphate projects allover the whole world, it locates at Abu Tartur plateau, western desert, Egypt at a distance 650 km from both Cairo and Safaga port at Red Sea. Geological exporation had revealed the presence of about 715 million tons of assured fresh phosphate reserves under an overburden of 150 m average to be exploited underground using fully mechanized long wall technique, together with 20 million ton of weathered phosphate reserves to be exploited by open – Cast technique. The project is fully served by a network of utilities and services covering the present and future requirements including electricity, water, sewerage, housing besides multipurpose workshops, stores, garages, schools, clinic..etc. The current production is one million ton/year of weathered phosphate. Interested professional investors are invited to study the possibility of resuming underground exploitation besides establishing a phosphate fertilizer industry.


P.O. Box:2233 Heliopolis (11361) Cairo- Egypt tel:+20 2 24195501 – 24195502 Fax: +20 2 24145936 Chairman & Managing Director: Eng. Ali Fodda Deputy General Manager: MR. Hisham El Missiry Company profile: Midor is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 1994,with an investment of US$1.4Bln; in Amreya, Alexandria. MIDOR’s strategy is based on utilizing latest scientific technology to produce high quality refined products, and supplies the local market with some petroleum products. The refinery units are designed to process various kinds of Crude Oil with different blending rates, so as to provide flexibility during processing, as it contains eight licensed units from ConocoBechtel and UOP. MIDOR produces high quality Petroleum Products with international specifications such as: LPG, High Octane Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Low Sulfur Diesel, Coke and Pure Sulfur. Sulfur is distinguished with its high purity degree that reaches 99.9% with production capacity of about 65 thousand tons annually.


Mishraq Sulphur State Co.
Mobile: +964 7702092442 Email: General Manager: Mr. Noori Hattab Company profile: The main products of the enterprise are: - Pure Sulphur - Dark Sulphur - Alum. Sulphuric Acid - Sulphur Powder


FAUJI Fertilizer Company Ltd.
93 - Harley Street P.O. Box 253, Rawalpindi - Pakistan Tel: +92 51 927 2307 - 15 Fax: +92 51 927 2519 E-mail: Website:


Chief Executive & Managing Director: Lt Gen Malik Arif Hayat (Retired) Company Secretary: Brig. Khalid Kibriya (Retired) Company Profile: FFC owns three world scale Ammonia Urea Plants at its sites Goth Machhi, Punjab and Mirpur Mathelo, Sind in Pakistan with total production capac43

U A E Abu Dhabi Fertilizer Industries Co. Postal code 112. Shivdasani Company Profile: Manufacture of Granular Urea. Due to its complete range of products. SIUCI has constructed an Ammonia – Urea Fertilizer Complex comprising a 2000 MTPD Ammonia Plant. ADFERT is working in close collaboration with internationally recognized centers to develop efficient solutions to enhance soil fertility. 44 . Box 71871 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 2 5511700 Fax: +971 2 5511702 Email: adfert@emirates. Excellent experience combined with ongoing (sup) Chairman: Mr.05 million metric tons of prilled urea Ruwi Sultanate of Oman Tel: +968 245 62631 Fax: +968 245 62731 E-mail: intlurea@omantel. presentation and quality. Box 3352. latest technologies and production innovative formulas for all types of ADFERT considerably increased its volume of exports in new countries and consolidating its existing markets. FFC has more than 43. The Plant has commenced production in May 2009. high quality raw material. (ADFERT) P. Yousef Al-Tawil Company Profile: Abu Dhabi Fertilizer Industries (ADFERT) was established in 1997. Suresh Sultanate of Oman (sup) Sohar International Urea & Chemical Industries SAOC “SIUCI” P.ity of around 2.during few years it becomes a well-known manufacturer of chemical fertilizer in more than 40 countries all over the world.6% share in the local Web Site: www.O. Nassir Ahmed Al-Suwaidi Managing Director & General Manager: Mr. awarded ADFERT to be in a leader position in the market of chemical fertilizer. Managing Director: Mr.adfert.O. 3500 MTPD Granular Urea Plant (in 2 trains of 1750 MTPD each) and related utilities & offsite facilities at the Sohar Industrial Port Area in the Sultanate of Oman.

S e c t i o n. . These companies will start up production within near future.3 New Capacities Under Construction This section includes New Plants and under construction capacities and studies stages. .

ALSaif President & CEO: Dr. AlDabbagh 45 (ass) . Abdallah S. From El-Thawra General Manager: info@sayyad. Box: 68861 Riyadh 11537 Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 1 874 8000 Fax: +966 1 874 8300 Website: www. Di Calcium Phosphate and tri poly sodium phosphate. El-Sewedy Company Profile: Will produce phosphoric acid & phosphatic fertilizers. Nasr city – Cairo. from Lebanon Str. Abdallah www. research work and the exploitation and extraction of phosphate ore by participating with the Egyptian General Authority for Mineral Resources. (sup) Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Mining Co. Sadek A. Atef El-Sayed Company profile: Production of sulfuric acid. phosphoric acid. Cleopatra Str. Ma’aden Chairman: Mr. Mining and quarrying.O.maaden.Egypt Tel: +20 2 24145026 Fax: +20 2 24145023 Email: sadek@elsewedy. Abdel Salam M. Egypt Tel: +20 2 22703308 Fax: +20 2 22711157 Email: abi@elwataniao. Haditha for Import. Tony Fregy Phosphate Consultant: Mr.Egypt El-Sewedy Chemical Company P.O. (sup) (Assoc. Cairo . Mohandessin Giza – Egypt Tel: +20 2 33043839 .) El Watania for Mining & Quarries 57 Mostafa Nahas. Box: 388 Heliopolis 21. triple superphosphate fertilizer. single super phosphate Chairman: Mr. Calcium phosphate. Export & Industry 10 Managem & Mahager Str.33043837 Fax: +20 2 33447136 Vice Chairman: Mr. El Sayyad Company Profile: Extraction & beneficiation of phosphate

com General Manager: Mr. Al-Mudaifer Company profile “Ma’aden was formed in 1997 to facilitate the development of Saudi Arabia’s non-oil mineral resources. Ma’aden Phosphate Company (MPC) is a joint venture with SABIC with an annual capacity of 1. Khalid S. Abdel Aziz Fahd Al-Ghazi Company Profile: The company is under construction. Box: 68140 Riyadh 11527 Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 1 249 7795 Fax: +966 1 218 1170 Email: nimeralnim@yahoo.Anjel Co.O. 1. Its current portfolio comprises gold. phosphate. Production of different kinds of fertilizers.1 MMT of ammonia and with four granulation units to produce 2. 46 .92 MMT of DAP” Al. aluminum and industrial minerals businesses as well as extensive exploration activities. for Development & Investment (sup) P.5 MMT P2O5.Vice-President Phosphate SBU & New Business Dev.: Eng.

S e c t i o n. .4 Chemicals & Catalysts This section includes Arab and international companies producing chemicals and catalyst necessaries for fertilizer industry. .

glass and paper pulp industries. other chemicals and petrochemicals.Denmark Tel: +45 4527 2000 Fax: +45 4527 2999 Email: info@topsoe.emisalsalts. Box 213 DK-2800 Lyngby . Egypt The Egyptian Salts and Minerals Co. 43 for the year 1974 to extract economic salts from lake Quarun to improve its environment and save its fish biota through extracting the dissolved valuable economic salts. shift conversion. This purpose is achieved through extracting the following salts: I. The main activities are in chemical industries. Anhydrous Sodium Sulphate (Na2S04) Production of sodium sulphate started by 1993 with capacity 120.Denmark Haldor Topsøe Nymollevej 55 P. Haldor Topsøe Managing Director: Mr.Giza. and more specifically in the production of fertilizers. at Fayoum (EMISAL) 10 EI. gas conversion and related technologies.Mesaha Square Dokki. Fathy Rafla Meshreky Company profile: EMISAL was established in 1984 under the Egyptian Investment law No. Website: www. In47 (Sup) . methanation. and synthesis gas). hydroprocessing of residual and heavy oil fractions. sulphuric acid and formaldehyde. carbon monoxide. Giorgio Girola Company Profile: Founded in 1940 by Dr. Haldor Topsøe A/S has a prominent international record in heterogeneous catalysis and catalytic processes.000T/Y. The Topsøe range of activities include supply of process know-how.Egypt Tel: +20 2 3338 7663 /3749 3936 /0106089106 Fax: +20 2 37610081 / 37615260 E-mail: sales@emisalsalts. Haldor Topsøe (obs) A/S has also developed technologies for catalytic combustion of solvents and other combustibles in off-gases as well as methods for desulphurization and denitrification of flue gases . Atef Abdel-Hamid Managing Director: Chairman: Dr. desulphurization of hydrocarbons. Sodium Sulphate is used mainly as filler in powder detergents. Haldor Topsøe as a research-based organization for development of chemical processes and catalysts. Esam Ayoub Bisharah Mr. oil refining.topsoe. Web site: Chairman: Mr.O. engineering services and catalysts for ammonia synthesis. tubular steam reforming (hydrogen. methanol synthesis. energy and environment.

as well as holding seminars at customers. . Magnesium Sulphate (Magasal) MgSO4. Total production during the period from 1993 to 30/6/2006 is 1. Magnesium sulphate is to recovered from the bittern left after the extraction of sodium sulphate and sodium chloride.Aqua Trust participates and co-ordinates the Aqua Tec and Egyptian society of corrosion of metals annual conferences. . Chairman: Eng. through the mutual protocol of cooperation between SCDREH and Aqua Trust.000 T/y. .. Total production during 2008 until 30/6/2009 is 19 thousand Factory:Alexandria-Cairo desert road at 59 Km. Cairo Egypt Tel: +20-2 22757399 Fax: +20-2 24184910 Email: aqua@aquatrust. II. The magnesium sulphate product will be consumes as plant nutrition and as soil conditioner especially in vegetables and fruits water treatment programs with unlimited possibilities by using a completely new reliable types of chemicals to prevent corrosion/ scaling/ fouling. the other half fortified by iodine for edible purposes. Magid Yassin Vice Chairman & General Manager: Eng. from the entire systems without the need of shutdown and off-stream boiler cleaning.Follow-up of the treatment program at the customer . mainly for chloro-alkali processing. .Training and seminars.444 million tons.Solutions of all the problems related to the water industries.7H2O: Production started February 2008 with capacity 27.Advanced analysis and measurements carried out in Aqua Trust R and D labs and Science Center for Detection & Remidation of Environmental Hazards (SCDREH) Azhar University. behind Al Assad Village Tel: (+20-10) 5110825 48 (sup) . Sodium Chloride (NaCI) Production started since 2002 with capacity of for water treatment technologies.Aqua Trust applies a uniquely adaptable on stream cooling water systems cleaning to remove deposit and scales within 48 hours. Total production during the period 2002 to 30/6/2006 is 697 thousand tons.000 T/y. Head Office: 57 Hisham Labib Str./ Faiza Abou Zeid Company Profile: The company activities: .aquatrust. Half of this quantity produced as industrial salt.netfirms. III. Aqua Trust for Water Treatment†Co. .Off Makram Obeid Nasr City.ternational detergent factories recommended the use of EMISAL product for their affiliates in Egypt and abroad. .Design and tailor .net Web site:www.

V. Calcium Stearate. Other products: [Dry Resin. Phenol (cold-set 9666). Phenol Formaldehyde (alcoholic. is producing several kinds of products which use in the Egyptian industries which are: Formaline 37% “IS09001” Form Urea. our products are being 49 (Sup) . Medhat Ebrahim Company Profile: SPREA MISR is a leading Egyptian company in manufacturing and export Chemicals and Plastics. Box: 480 (El-Asher) (10th of Ramadan City) . of Furniture.Yemen.) Urea Formaldehyde 60%. K. Fans). Box: 2097 Cairo .Egypt Tel: +20 15 410100 Fax: +20 15 410098 E. P. During the last 16 years (Sprea Misr) has striven to gain a strong foothold in both the Egyptian and the international market.Egypt P.Mansoura For Resins & Chemical Industries Co. Coating Sand. All products are available now on the Arabian markets: Saudi Arabia . Floors & Surfaces) Furan Resin. Hisham Mostafa Fahmy Executive Manager: Mr. Zinc Stearate. It was established in 1989 and was focusing from the first day on producing a high quality product according to strict quality control procedures. Today our yearly capacity is increasable.A. Adhesives (manuf. New Product: Fortified Rosin «CALPHOSIS I 00».Egypt Tel: +20 50 2260859 . Anti Acids & chemicals (used as a coating for Building. To resist penetration of aqueous liquids.mail :illenac@spreamisr. inks. which are being undertaken in our industrial complex located in the biggest industrial city in Egypt (10th of Ramadan City) about 63 km East North of Cairo.Palestine Syria. Agrawal Company profile: Mansoura for Resins & Chemical Industries Managing Director: Website: www. Safe Bond. This is used tor sizing of paper / paperboards in acidic medium (pH4 to 5.2260872 Tel: +20 2 37622025 Fax: +20 50 2244744 Fax: +20 2 37609174 Email: adm@mriegypt. special kinds of Fertilizers. Paper & Carton etc.mriegypt. In addition to other products such as Water Treatment Chemicals for Boil- (Sup) ers & Cooling Towers..Kuwait .O. Phenol Resin Moulding Chemicals (manuf. Sodium Stearate.Jordan . Liquid Resin] which use in manufacturing of grinding wheels and friction materials (Preak lining). Box: 79 Mansoura . aquous).N.O.O. Urea Moulding Powder Foundry Resins (for Foundary companies) Furan. P. SPREA MISR P.5). milk into paper. Phenole Granular Powder [Bakelite]. Chairman: Mr. Shalco.Libya . of Electric parts.

I. high technology and the modernized machinery operating in our factories. It was the first company in Asia to manufacture Organophosphonates for Cooling water treatment. India Neelam Aqua & Speciality Chem Bahrain branch: Euro Tower 6th floor (bldg.K. Owing to the long experience of Mr.kalt@sud-chemie. Middle Web site: www. It manufactures a wide variety of speciality chemicals for Fertilizer Quality Improvement. USA and Latin America.Germany Tel: +49-89 5110-552-323 Fax: +49-89 5110-516-444 Email: fredi.Phenolic Moulding compounds .337 (d) . The SUD-CHEMIE Group companies hold a leading position in markets around the world offering a wide range of catalysts for the chemical. We have a sister company for Plastics (Plastichem) SPREA MISR Is ISO (9002) since 2000.Melamin Moulding compounds . Giorgio C. Youssef Bounouhi Company Profile: With more than 60 manufacturing and marketing companies the SUD-CHEMIE Group is represented in almost every region of the globe. we have succeeded to penetrate varieties of markets all over the world. 1010 Sanabis 410.17.Formurea .Urea Moulding compounds .sued-chemie. V. Bahrain Tel: +973 17 556307 Fax: +973 17 556309 Vice President Sales & Marketing: Mr.Formaldehyde . Kalt 50 .Melamine Formaldehyde Resins (Liquid and Solid). Director ME Affairs (Bahrain Branch): Mr.exported to more than 20 countries all around the world in Africa. Street No.Area.neelamaqua. Box 101165 Munich .Urea formaldehyde Glues . Europe. petrochemical and fertilizer industries. Web Site: www. The specialized products for Fertilizer (Sup) Germany Sud-Chemie AG (obs) P. Fredi P. Cànelli (Ex-Chairman of Board) Managing Director: Dr Suresh Singh Director Operations: Mithlesh Kumar Mathur Company Profile: Neelam Aqua & Speciality Chem started its manufacturing facilities in 1980 . for refineries. Our facilities include 5 major factories to produce the following productions: . 485) Road No. the food industry and for environmental technology. as well as the top quality materials. India Tel: +91-98290 60545 +91-98290 60545 Fax: +91-141-2460081 Email:mkmathur@neelamaqua.

P.O. Box: 3139 Dammam 31471 Saudi Arabia Tel: Dammam +966 3 832 5555 Jubail +966 3 358 1111 Fax: Dammam +966 3 834 2283 Jubail +966 3 358 3592 Email: marketing@chemanol.cmi@gmail. The company owns a civil explosives production plant with a capacity of 15000 tpy of different types.O. The Company has large scale manufacturing facilities in India .jo Chairman: cmi@nets. and chemanol. 1Æ5 million US Dollars as a paid capital. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. manufacturing premium 51 (assoc) Jordan Chemical & Mining Industries Co.Jordan Tel: +962-6 5336111 Fax: +962-6 5336110 E-mail: manager.DAP . second generation petroleum complex located in the secondary Industries Park at Madinat Al Jubail Al Sinaiyah (Jubail Industrial City).industry are: (1)Anticaking for –Urea.R. Khalid Al-Rabiah CHEMANOL OVERVIEW: • About CHEMANOL (former Saudi Formaldehyde Chemical Company Limited) CHEMANOL is a grass root. boilers & ETP. Eng. Jordan Cement Factories Web site: www. and agricultural dry mix fertilizers plants as well as chemicals trading and drilling blasting tools and accessories. Abdullah M. Jordan Phosphate Mines Co.. (4) Defoamer for Phosphoric acid and (5)Colouring agents. Box 5255 Amman 11183 . NPK . Mazrui Managing Director: Eng. (8) Antiscalents The Company’s latest product for slow of Nitrogen from Urea is the most unique achievement in the field .E. Saudi Arabia CHEMANOL. P.Methanol Chemicals Company P. in addition to engine coolant liquids. Allahiq President: Mr. granular fertilzers . (2) Hardness improver for Urea and other fertilizers (3)Dust Suppressor for Sulphur. in partnership with Jordan Industrial Development Bank. Landge CEO: Mr. Eng. with (Sup) . Mazen K.CAN . Shafiq Zawaida General Manager: Dr. Bassam Fakhouri Company Profile: The company was established in 1993 with a registration number Chairman: Mr. (6) Micronutrient binder (7) Water treatment chemicals for Cooling towers.

Formaldehyde derivatives. plastics. iontermediates.matthey.300 tpd of ammonia.A. paper and the production of various types of concrete admixtures. which have a diverse applications including agricultural fertilizers.O. (obs) 52 . CHEMANOL production capacities are as follows: UK Johnson Matthey Catalysts P. Box 1 Belasis Avenue Billingham TS23 1LB UK Tel: +44 1642 553601 Fax: +44 1642 522542 Website. This plant is based on the Uhde Dual Pressure Process and KATALCOJM catalysts to produce 3. It offers products for a diverse range of industries: from fuel cells and environmental catalysts to petrochemicals. This includes the largest ammonia plant in the world. edible oils and specialist oil and gas Key contacts: Ammonia Marketing Manager Mr. super plasticizers and various Amino resins. such as Aqueous & Urea Formaldhydes. Many new plants under construction in the region are using KATALCOJM catalysts. The Middle East is an extremely important market for Johnson Matthey. It is a leading supplier of catalysts and services in all of these industry areas. John Brightling Market Communication Officer: Mrs. P. solvents. SAFCO IV in Saudi Arabia. Johnson Matthey is able to offer the full range of catalyst products. from precious metal gauzes for nitric acid production and the AMOXIS through to the full range of KATALCOJM catalysts for ammonia plants to hydrogen removal catalysts for urea manufacture. www. laminates / wood industry. pharmaceuticals. For the fertilizer industry. Mureay Company Profile: Johnson Matthey Catalysts is a supplier of both precious and base metal catalysts.grade Methanol Derivatives.

micronutrients and NPK.5 L i quid Fertilizers Micronutrients and NPK Producers This section includes a listing of companies producing liquid fertilizers. .S e c t i o n. .

net Company profile: Production of Ammonium Nitrate for mining.K ) for Macro and Micro elments Chelaeted micro elements on amino acides and organic acid base ( for roots and foliar applications) (sup) Biological Fertilizer 100 % Natural raw materials ( Biofert ) Growth promoters contains Vitamins. Pesticides. Bassel El-Guindy belguindy@carbonholdings. Mohamed H. Egypt Tel: + 20 2 33444774 Fax: +20 2 33444776 e-mail: info@carbonholdings. 2005A Corniche El Nile – 3 rd floor Cairo 11221.Egypt Tel: +20 55 9580399 Fax: +20 55 9580535 Email: Website: www. (Assoc.P. Fungicides. Hany Kamal Email: hany. Easterna recently registered liquid fertilizer contain the whole macro and micro elements in different 5 formulas.) . (liquid form) Egypt Basic Industries Corporation (EBIC) Nile city south Tower. Carbohydrates and Organic Acids.kamal@ebic. Mineral Oils and micronize sulpher. Sphinx Square – Mohandessin Giza. heat Commercial Manager: Mr. kidney and liver familiar. Commercial Director: Mr. for Agricultural & Industrial Development (Easterna) Belbiss Km 12 Cairo – Desert Road – Belbiss . Vitamins(Ad3E-B+K+choineK3+E+SELENIUM) ( for vitamins and minerals) Products for treatments. Inseticides represented in Copper Chairman : Company profile: EBIC is an export-focused state-of-theart 2.) El-Sharkeia Co. Egypt Tel: +20 2 2461 2040 Fax: +20 2 2461 2010 Email: hany. Veterinary products Antitoxin products in powder form as feed additive and in liquid form as drink water additive.Egypt Carbon Holdings 1. Aminoacids.000 MTPD greenfield ammonia 53 (ass. Feeds additives (Vitamins and minerals) Products for treatment mineral deficiency as minerals phosphate. Mostafa Desouki Company profile: Activity :Fertilizers Compound ( N.

com www. With signs of strong productivity and EBIC’s ability to command the best market price position. Cairo .uad-eg.(chelated by Amino Acids ) 3) Specialized growth regulators for fruit setting and improving fruit. Ahmed Abou ElYazied Company profile: Manufacturer and agent of high quality Mineral .Union for Agricultural Development (UAD) (Sup) Villa 78 Misr & Sudan Hadayek El-Kobba .248 74 352 Fax: +20 2 26827163 Mob. tubers and roots quality. Ibrahim Managing Director: Mr.Cairo -Egypt P. 4) Amino acids either in instant dissolving powder or liquid forms 5) Vitamins and Algae or seaweed Extracts. We provide our client with many products as:1) Highly pure compound fertilizers (NP-K) in solid and liquid forms available for using through fertigation systems [our fertilizers are highly soluable in a low pH and salinity index] 2) We provide highly pure and dissolving Chelated micro-nutrients as Fe. Box (11331) . EBIC is studying the availability of strategically acquiring storage tanks in chronic deficit markets. 11211 Zamalek.12 240 2991 Email: info@uad-eg. Zn. (PICO) (sup) 3 Shagaret Eldor St. Modern Agriculture Co.o.10 52 72 571 . facilitating speedy delivery and increasing the plant’s profit margin. +20 12 100 83 17 . also provide Ca & Mg. Mahmoud Abou ElYazied Vice Chairman: Dr.Cairo – Egypt Tel: +20 2 268 27 163 .com Plant Manager: Abdel Naser Himaya M. Commissioning was completed and production started in May 2009. Producint liquid fertilizers – analusis of soil and plant 54 . .Diab Company profile: Producing and exporting hosticultural Chairman: Mr. Mg. Mohamed A. it’s now the largest merchant plant of its kind in Egypt. Mn. it’s management intention to reach customs in all 6 Continents.maco-picoc. Biological fertilizers and Agricultural Chemicals .Egypt Tel: +20 2 27354091 – 27371000 Fax: +20 2 27362409 Email: www.

6) Highly pure Humic acid and Fulvic acid (Solid and liquid forms). 7) Special formula for various soil problems as soil salinity. Box 86 Maaddi Middle Al-Ghor (18261) Jordan Tel: +962 5 3584796 Fax: +962 5 3584896 Sales direct: +962 5 3584130 Mobile: +962 795995598 E-mail: atweiqat@yahoo. It was established in 1989 and has qualified for ISO 9001/2000. and nematodes.Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. Box: 940455 Amman 11194 Jordan Tel: +962 5 3826731 Fax: +962 5 3826732 E-mail: qawatel@nets. Our products include: Soluble NPK fertilizers in powder. . alkalinity. .com Chairman: Eng. Calcium magnesium and calcium boron fertilizers. The company has been awarded the excellence shield with an appreciation issue from the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture 2009 and 2010 .Jordan Valley Farmers Association.O. 8) Our company provides special products based on natural resources for Bio and organic cultivation and Conforming with Biodynamics and organic culture Requirements (ELMOWAFFER BIO). Establishment P. Other speciality products to convoy with the latest evolutions in fertilizers world.Agricultural credit crop.algawafel. EDTA and EDDHA chelated trace elements.OHSAS 18001 Swiss Certification No : 4028 a distinguished presence in the local Jordanian market and Arabic as well as international General Manager: Mr. Salah Eddin S. by four shareholders: . P. soil pests. fungi. Agric. 55 Jordan (sup) AI-Qawafel Ind. Jordan Blending & Packing of Fertilizer Double effect products usable for plant nutrition and protection at the same time. Qandeel Company profile: AI-Qawafel is one of the leading companies in the field of fertilizer production.ISO 14001 TÜV Rheinland No : 01 104 087224 .io Website: www. Tawfeeg Habashnah General Manager: Eng. liquid and suspension forms. Anwar Tweiqat Company Profile: JBPF was established in 1986 as private ltd.ISO 9001 TÜV Rheinland No : 01 100 083008 . It has (sup) . Slow release NPK fertilizers in Granular form.

Jordan Modern Advanced Chemical Industries (MANASEER) 31 Prime Ministry Street – Amman PO Box 925988 Amman 11110 Jordan Tel: 00962 6 5650902 Fax: 00962 6 5692003 Email: a. Yasser Manaseer General Manager : Mr. Our Products • Water Soluble Fertilizers (WSP) – Tailor made • Liquid and Suspension Fertilizers (NPK) • Urea Phosphate (UP) 17-44-0 • Granular Dry Blend Fertilizers (NPK) • Raw Materials (powder.Producing granular fertilizers NPK + Mgo . . .Producing water soluble powder fertilizers NPK +TE . Fuad A. The company was established with an initial investment of 2 million US dollars.abbadi@mgc-chemicals.Producing liquid fertilizer NPK.manaseergroup. .. Using creative ideas and solutions. The customer base covers 27 countries on 4 continents.Industrial Development Bank. the company has become one of the most reputable specialized companies in the production and export of fertilizers and chemicals in the world. granular and liquid) Markets The company’s international marketing team exerts every effort to explore all world markets. The goal is to expand the current market share and open further new Website: www.Producing Suspension Fertilizers. Benefits • High quality products according to international standards • Tailored made fertilizer formulas meeting customer specifications • Packaging made according to customer’s requirements • Producers (under license) for many multinational companies worldwide. A Urea Phosphate plant was then created using Swiss Managing Director: Eng. Sheikh Company profile: Manaseer Group realized the growing need for high quality fertilizers and chemicals in the agricultural market which prompted it to start the Jordan Modern Advanced Chemical Industries Company in the year 2002. Our Factories A French designed NPK Water Soluble 56 (sup) Fertilizer factory that uses a special fully automatic mixing technology was constructed. Production capacity of both facilities is 60 thousand tons annually.

Libya Tel: +218 61 22 36863 Mobile: +218 91 3827343 Fax: +218 61 22 36836 E-mail: sohoul2006@yahoo.Suspension: Alrabei Marketing Manager: Mr.z@agrimatco-me.Modern Company For Fertilizer Production P. Abdulsalam Al. Box: 53845 Riyadh 11593 Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 1 4191933 +966 3 8123456 Fax:+966 1 4191520 +966 3 8123133 Email: amalik@arasco.modfert. Mostafa Migdadi General Manager: Chairman: Eng.Water Soluble Powder: Amcolon 2. (ARASCO) P.O. Company profile: .Jordan Sahab Industrial city. The main aim is to produce different formulas for high Alkalinty and Salanity soil and for different climatic conditions. Ismail Zahran Ismail. Libya (sup) Sohoul Chemical Industries Co. AbdelMalik Al-Husseini ARCHEM Plant Manager: Mr. Box: 5115 Benghazi.Trace elements: Mixed or Single 6.Liquid : Alrabei 5. Box: 174 Amman 11512 Jordan Tel: +0096 2 6 4023691 .Production of NPK fertilizers (Powder & liquid) Saudi Arabia Arabian Agricultural Services Co.h@agrimatco-me.Flowable Sulfur 8. We export mostly for Arab countries and other Middle East countries. Our products: asalam@arasco. AbdelHadi Mohamed Ali ARCHEM@arasco.O.4029213 Fax: +00962 6 4023607 Email : mcfp@ Website: www. (Sup) General Manager: Mr.Calcium: Mofcal and others.Potassium Thio Sulphate 7.Abdulsalam Company Profile: ARASCO is a team of 1800 employees 57 (sup) .Paste: Amcopaste 3. Abdullah Al-Rubaian Executive President: Chairman: Website: www. Husam Hamoudeh Company profile: Established in 1991 Amman .

Powder pesticides & Fertilizers ( Raw Materials .) . Mixers section . ARCHEM is currently exploring possibilities for future expansion and diversification program in the field of other value added phosphates targeting food and industrial segments. Mehmet Koca Deputy General Manager: Mr. ARCHEM is the pioneer producer of high quality Di-Calcium Phosphate (DCP) in the region. directed by the agronomist Mr. ARASCO established its chemical division in 1999 under the name “ARASCO Chemicals (ARCHEM)”. Manal Tahhan Tech Manager: Eng. Insecticides. Abdul Razak General Manager: Mr. Filling machines ) • We are producing: «Agricultural Pesticides. Rodenticides.operating in several industrial and agricultural services facilities in KSA.S. Kursat Akin Company Profile: Gubre Fabrikaları T.A. Public Health.Syria Tel: +963-21 265 6541 Fax: +963-21 265 6043 Email: artahhan@net.O. Ferat Gumusbas Purchasing Manager: Mr./ Mohamed Modabas Commercial Manager: Dr. Ectoparasiticides.Liquid pesticides & Fertilizers ( Liquid pesticides formulation machine Web site: www. was founded in 1953 to provide fertilizers to Turkish (Sup. Box 5703 Aleppo . The General Manager • Acquired ISO 9001 / 2000 By AFAQ AFNOR international for controlling both the raw materials &finished products by quality laboratory • Our production lines are: 1. Packing & Wrapping section ) 2. Kasap Sok. depends on the continuous development of the latest research and fertilizers field. In order to diversify and expand in phosphate business and as part of backward integration of main Feed business to produce high quality feed phosphates. and Household Insecticides» (sup) Turkey Gubre Fabrikalari T. AbdulRazak Tahhan Deputy General Manager: Chairman & General Manager: Eng.A.S. Syria AL TAHHAN Institution for Pesticides & Fertilizers P.established in 1972.No:22 34394 Esentepe Sisli Istanbul – TURKEY Tel: +90-212-376 50 50 Fax: +90-212-211 37 20 Email:foreigntrade@gubretas. Omar Tahhan Company Profile: Al Tahhan Institution for Pesticides & Fertilizers • A leading company which is located in 58 Syria – Aleppo .

Other initiatives include Negmar. Mohamed A. a sea forwarding company.) Our special environmental product named Emirates Magic is a special Slow release fertilizer based on Organo-Chemical ingredients. Box: 17786 Tel: +971 3 7838600 Fax: +971 3 7838500 Email: Website: www. 19-19-19. Amino acid. We pay great attention to produce plant extract products (e.ebff. Fulvic acid. Gubretas has NPK and TSP producing facilities According to the statistics of 2007 our market share is about 27%. Gübreta has recently acquired Razi Petrochemical Company in Iran. liquid chemical fertilizer and suspension fertilizers.O. and a plant for production of pesticides. 30-15-30. chemical fertilizers (e. 20-20-20+TE. Yahia Al Kodmani General Manager: Dr.g. etc.Agricultural Sector. Badawi Number of Employees: 120 Company profile: Emirates Chemical Fertilizer Factory is an ISO certified company was established in 2003 and started the commercial production 2005 as a National company tending to produce compound 59 . After establishing the first chemical fertilizer plant.Nael Rashed Saif Al Shamsi Managing Director: Eng. Also. Gübre Fabrikaları reaches the consumers through 2800 distribution points in Turkey.g. Gubretas produced the first compound and the first phosphorus based (Sup) Chairman: Mr. Humic acid . Fish Emulsion and Sea Weed) U A E Emirates Chemical Fertilizer Factory P.

Licensors .Engineering . .Equipment Suppliers .S e c t i o n.6 .Contractors .

Neil Smith Market Development Manager: Mr. and Megatex XD offer an optimum solution for a good screening with high precision and efficiency. Runcorn. UK Tel: +44 1928 706100 Fax: +44 1928706119 Email: sales@rotexeurope. ROTEX has hundreds of equipment in operation in the Middle East by all the major fertilizer producers. .com Web site: www. Rotex®. Belgium Tel: +32 (0) 10 416171 Email: othouvard@rotex. Whitehouse Vale. Paulsen Managing Director: Mr. OH 45223 Tel: +1 513 541-1236 Fax: +1 513 541-4888 info@rotex. electrical cabinet. Joelle Brausen Company profile: Solex Thermal Science Inc.Graeme Hill Application Engineering Director: Mr. 1300...Belgium ROTEX GLOBAL UK Office Aston Lane Website: www. WA7 3FA. 100. Wavre. and offer high level of service for spare parts. ROTEX range of Apex™. ROTEX is specialized and has a worldwide experience in Mineral.rotex. Calgary. Neville Jordison Marketing Manager: USA Headquarters 1230 Knowlton Street Cincinnati. Frank Spanknebel Company profile: ROTEX design. Cheshire. Vice President – Europe: Mr. structure. chemical applications. commissioning with its network of local agent. Belgium Office Avenue President: Mr. manufacture and supply a complete range of vibratory and (Sup) gyratory screener/ feeder for all kind of application for dry. Alberta Canada T2Z 3X2 Tel: +1 403 254 3500 Fax: +1 403 254 3501 E-mail: info@solex. potash. ROTEX can also supply complete system including feeder. Richard B. focuses on the design and supply of the unique 61 (Sup) . fertilizer.Olivier Thouvard Tel: +32 (0) 10 41 61 71 Fax: +32 (0) 10 41 41 28 UK Sales Manager: Mr. for a complete screening solution.Allan Thompson Sales Engineer for the Middle East: Mr. 3595 114th Ave SE.solex. bulk product. Canada Solex Thermal Science Inc.

pressure vessels. energya STEEL SOLUTIONS has the capacity to provide multiple engineering services. Gamal Kassim Company profile: energya STEEL SOLUTIONS is established to serve the requirements of a wide range of industrial projects. General Manager: Mr. We specialize in the supply of stainless steel alloys for highly corrosive environments.plate heat exchanger for cooling all kind of fertilizer. site delivery and erection of structural steel. Hot and Cold Taping. this advanced energy saving technology offers many advantages to users with the need of cooling fertilizer to improve product quality for better handling and Website: www. and Nickel alloys especially Alloys for Urea and Nitric grades. Continuous research and development and our customer service guarantee state of the art equipment and high reliability. tools and special tools for maintenance activities. heat resisting. tanks. and to furnish specialized support to heavy process plants in Egypt. Middle east. GCC countries and Africa. With more than 20 years experience and over 80 installations in the fetilizer industry. Nabil Ahmed Kashkoush Company profile: AETS is specialized in industrial services in oil. stacks. Nasr city – Cairo. 62 (Sup) . General Manager: Mr. supply. Installations in India for Urea prills with a capacity of over 2500 mtpd show a reliable performance and have proven the suitability of Bulkflow Coolers in tropical counties. Egypt Tel: +20 2 22706 306 Fax: +20 2 22752701 E-Mail: info@energyasteel. In-Site Machining. lighting (assoc) Egypt Alexandria Engineering & Trading Services Co. Mohammed Fouad (CEO) Sales Manager: Mr. equipments. Factory: Industrial Zone. over head transmission & telecommunication towers. starting from design. painting. galvanization. Energya Steel Solutions Co.energyasteel. On stream Leak Repairs. In addition. meet the increased global demand. AETS supplies all workshop machinery. Bolt Tensioning. petrochemical and fertilizers companies in the following activities: Catalyst Handling. process steel equipments (plate works). Egypt Tel: +20 15 412 239 .412 249 Fax: + 20 15 412 236 Office: 98 a Hassan Mamoun St. 37 Victor Emanuel Square F302 Smouha Alexandria – Egypt Tel: +20 3 4282306 Fax: +20 3 4255296 Email: info@alex-ets. A6 East 10th of Ramadan.

Galaxy Group 92 Tahrir Str.: 20 2 22762100 (50 lines) 202-22748115 Fax: 20 2 22744382 / 22744981 E-mail: gmail@enppi. Enppi structure and access to local resources adds a competitive advantage. ENPPI is recognized as a major engineering and EPC main contractor with a proven track record of onshore and offshore projects.Business Development & Projects Affairs: Eng. They all serve and procide integrated solutions for the fertilizer industry.O. Hani Dahi Chairman Assistant. Nasr City – Cairo-Egypt P. 8th District. ENPPI Engineering for the Petroleum & Process Industries Address: 1(A) Ahmed El Zomor St. refining. The company organization is structured to provide the expertise required for the coordination of all phases of work starting from project development studies (sup) to completed turnkey facilities. Heliopolis 11361 Cairo Tel. more than 700 projects with over 20 million man-hours of professional services have been completed for oil and gas. Enppi strategy is to provide diversified services to clients in the global marketplace at a competitive price. distribution poles. pre-engineering and galvanized steel wires. grating. – Saredar Building Dokki. petrochemical and general industry projects. processes and technology for fertilizer industry. Hany Darwish Company profile: Galaxy Group is one of the Egyptian leading companies with an experience more than 30 years in providing industrial equipments. We represent several leading European manufacturers. 63 (Sup) .. To date.galaxy-group.Box 2521 El-Horreya. www. Website: www. fertilizer. we are able to maintain international standard of quality and cost effectiveness and offer the highest level of services available.enppi. EGPC. Through cooperation with multinational companies. Sami Talaat Company profile: Engineering for the Petroleum and Process Industries (Enppi) was established in 1978 and is now working under the Egyptian Investment Law 8 for 1997. The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation. is the principal shareholder owning 97% of the total shares of Enppi. Giza Egypt Tel: +20 2 37627219 Fax: +20 2 37627239 E-mail: sales Chairman & CEO: Eng. Mahfouz Darwish Business Development Manager: Chairman: Mr.

gas. Middle East Star partners with worldwide market leaders working hand in hand with customers to optimize process in the above . the Middle East and North Africa. Our Construction Group ranks among the world’s top global contractors and operates under three distinct and separate business units. Orascom Construction targets large industrial and infrastructure projects principally in North Africa and the Middle East. We are a leading investor.based fertilizer Soha-rashed@mideaststar. Middle East Star MES has rendered value integrated services to the the Middle East and northern and Central Africa. Today. We are therefore able to leverage our construc64 (obs) tion capabilities with Greenfield fertilizer projects. Soha Rashed Company profile: Since 1981. We are one of the most experienced industrial contractors in our region with a proven track record in the construction of fertilizer plants in partnership with global technology leaders. The BESIX Group undertakes major commercial. We are one of the region’s largest corporations with projects and investments across General Manager: Mr. Middle East Star (Sup) 5 Ismail Mazni Street from Ammar Ben Yasser . South Hisham Diab Sales Manager: Ms. Nile City Managing Director: Osama Bishai Director: Sameh Shenouda Company Profile: Orascom Construction Industries is a leading international construction contractor and fertilizer producer based in to Harbeya College – Heliopolis Cairo – Egypt Tel: +20 2 26233110 .ORASCOM Construction Industries 2005 A Cornish El Nile. We are actively looking for new investment opportunities to grow this business into a global leader. Egypt. Contrack pursues institutional projects in the Middle East and Central Asia. Cairo. and fertilizers industry in Egypt. Egypt 11221 Tel: +20 2 2461 1111/ 1124/ 1125 Fax: +20 2 2461 9400 Website: www. industrial and infrastructure projects throughout Europe. These operations alone will rank us among the region’s largest fertilizer producers. with one fertilizer plant under construction in Algeria.26233112 Fax: +20 2 26233272 Email: mes_administration@mideaststar. We have investments in facilities in Egypt and Nigeria.orascomci. operator and distributor in the global nitrogen. reducing the time and cost of development and maintenance. Our Fertilizer Group produces nitrogen-based fertilizers.

Chairman Ralph Labonte Hans-Peter Breker Dr. Uhde has local organizations in all four corners of the E-Mail: ammonia. MANOIR.: +49 (231) 5 47-0 Fax: +49 (231) 5 47-30 32 Website: www.000 plants to its credit. our partners list include TRAGENCY. Uhde is a leading supplier of fertiliser production technologies and complete fertiliser plants and has outstanding experiences in the Middle East and North nitrates. electrolysis. 15. 44141 Dortmund Germany urea. PALL.uhde@thyssenkrupp. refining (obs) Head of Sales Department Ammonia & Urea Division: Dr. Joachim Felix Panek Walter Steinkemper Klaus Paul Executive Board: Dr. Michael Thiemann. ROTORK. TRANTER and SEALWELD. MP. Uhde is one of the world‫؛‬s leading engineering companies in the design and construction of chemical. refining and other industrial plants. We offer our customers not only cost-effective high-tech solutions in industrial plant construction and the entire range of services associated with an EPC contractor but also comprehensive service packages for the entire life cycle of their plants. organic intermediates. Richard Saure Head of Sales Department Hydrogen & Nitrates Division: Mr Christopher Frank Supervisory Board: Dr. oil. coal and residue gasification. Niclas Müller. This intelligent worldwide network with over 4. With more than 2.uhde.» 65 .500 employees is active in a number of different fields: fertilisers. VILLA SCAMBIATORI. gas technologies. THERMAL CERAMICS.uhde@thyssenkrupp.uhde@thyssenkrupp. Chairman Alfred Hoffmann Lothar Jungemann Helmut Knauthe Klaus Schneiders Jörg Schönewolf Company profile: Uhde is a company in the Plant Technology business area of the ThyssenKrupp Group. Germany Uhde GmbH Friedrich-Uhde. In fertilizers sectors. polymers and synthetic fibres as well as coke plant and high-pressure technologies.

Iran. and chemicals for Jordanian industries.: Mr. 5th Floor 74B A. Private Limited Shrachi Centre. Jordan. General Manager: Mr. Box 2049 Amman 11821 Jordan Tel: +962-6 552 2820 Fax: +962-6 552 2412 Mobile: +962 79 5647111 E-mail: ajetco@batelco.K. Khalil Jabbarin Company profile: JETCO offers a worldwide importing and marketing service in the supply of: Spare parts. Partha Pratim Deb Company profile: We are internationally reputed inspection & testing house having their office in India. (JETCO) Al-Haramin Circle.Import and market engineering services for international companies. JETCO has the following activities: . . MOP. Building 107 .D.mitrask. P. For more details you can visit to our website www. Consultancy and Engineering service for phosphate mining. fertilizers and chemical industries.O. spare parts. . China. DAP & Sulphur. Chemicals.2nd floor. Arup Ratan Bhattacharrya Jabareen Engineering and Trading Co.mitrask.J. Middle East: Mr. (sup) 66 .com M.Provide Fertilizer and Chemicals companies with after sale services. . Japan.Supplying equipments. consultation services. Equipments. C Bose Road. South Africa. Phosphoric acid and Potash. Urea. Hong Kong & UK. UAE. Sajal Kumar Mitra www.Exporting Jordanian product such as DAP. specialized maintenance and trouble shooting and commissioning teams. Kolkata 700 016 India Tel: +91 33 2217 2249 / 2217 7484 Fax: +91 33 2265 0008 Email:arbhattacharyya@mitrask.India Jordan (sup) Mitra S. We do the inspection and testing of different raw materials & finished products of fertilizer like Rock Phosphate.

15 Grass root Synthesis plants: 1 in Abu Dhabi.The Netherlands Stamicarbon bv Mercator 2. Ekaterina Kosheleva (kev@niik. 1 in Egypt. (+31)46 4237072 Company Profile Stamicarbon is the global market leader in the development and licensing of urea technology and services. 1 in Canada. General Director: www. Box 53. Natalia Kargaeva (kargaeva@niik. . 3 in Iran. Tecnimont. Stephen Zwart. 1 in The Netherlands. 6160 AB GELEEN The Netherlands Tel. Russia Griboedov Street. 1 in Pakistan. or are currently using. 1 in Algeria. requirements and operating practices.stamicarbon. 3 in Iran. suppliers and licensees’ processes. Around the world. Russia R&D Institute of Urea. Since then 44 urea plants followed in this area. 1 in Egypt and 1 in Pakistan. Kawasaki Plant (obs) Manager Licensing: Ms. Stamicarbon licenses its technology through licensed contractors: Uhde. Furthermore it has completed over 90 revamp projects in Stamicarbon and non-Stamicarbon plants.10 Grass root Granulation plants: 1 in Belarus. . 31 Dzerzhinsk. 2 in Russia and 3 in Venezuela.4 Revamping projects: 1 in Belarus. Nizhny Novgorod region Russia. 1 in Egypt. This has lead to developing breakthrough innovations: • AVANCORE® urea process (introduced in 2008) • Safurex® stainless-steel material (together with Sandvik) • Urea Granulation Technology (fluidized bed type) • The Mega Plant concept • Urea 2000plus™ Technology Current projects . 1 in Russia and 3 in Venezuela. 606008 Email: niik@niik. over 240 urea plants have used. their technology. Innovations The leading position is the result of its continuous high-quality innovations in close cooperation with research 67 (obs) . 6135 KW Sittard Stamicarbon has been active in the Middle East and the North African area since 1964.O. Oleg Kostin Regional business development managers: Ms. 3 in China. Stamicarbon has over 60 years> experience in licensing its urea technology. Chiyoda. Chemoprojekt and Chengda Engineering. Kellogg Brown & Root.: +31 46 4237000 Fax: +31 46 4237001 E-mail info@stamicarbon.

feasibility studies. audits. Our solutions are successfully implemented in more than 30 urea units in Russia. (CFIh) (obs) 207A Thomson Road. Ltd. R&D Institute of Urea is a member of international organizations such as IFA. We have offices in France. nitric acid & nitrogenous compounds • nitrophosphates • straight and NP/NK/PK/NPK fertilizers • SSP. explosives. mostly for urea production units: • Business planning. 68 . investment estimation • Basic and detailed design of urea production units • Development and packaged delivery of equipment • Development and implementation of comprehensive revamp concepts for urea production facilities aimed at capacity Web site: www. chemicals and crystallization/ evaporation processes. We are building our pilot plant in Tunisia for product and technology development. TSP • MAP/DAP. Singapore 307640 Singapore Tel: (France): +33 299 540 773 Fax: (France): +33 299 540 773 Email: info@cfiholding. technical studies. reduction of energy consumption.cfiholding. CIS and beyond. design or revamping of plants. Goldhill Shopping Centre.Company Profile R&D Institute of Urea is a leading engineering company with about 60 years of experience in Engineering and Design of Urea plants. Nowadays R&D Institute of Urea provides a complete range of engineering services for chemical industry. EPCM Managing Director: Mr Julien Crispyn Number of Employees: 90 Company profile: CFIh is an independent engineering company specializing in fertilizers. environmental protection • Development of computer process simulators • Proprietary technologies for ureabased compound fertilizers production in a high-speed drum granulator • Technological inspections and equipment assessment with recommendations issue • Corrosion inspections of HP piping and vessels Singapore CFI holding Pte. procurement services. Tunisia and Brazil. AFA and FAI. product quality enhancement. onsite activities. MCP/DCP • liquid fertilizers • H2SO4 / H3PO4 and derivatives We provide: basic and detailed engineering. emissions reduction. India. We are experts in: • nitrates.

ch www. Environmental (composts and sludges) and food (drying and cooling) industries. Umberto Zardi General Manager: Dr. beginning in 1921 when Dr. Spain and our manufacturing facilities in Bilbao. we are supplying turn-key project. P. in the fields of Chairman : Mrs. Urea Casale. Web site: www. We have our headquarters in Madrid. With more than 30 years of experience worldwide. Over the years the company has diversified and presently the Casale Group. Valeria Galli Managing Director : Dr.casale.A.A. washing. AMMONIA CASALE S.O. complemented by its know-how and services. Mining ( Chairman: Salvador Rivas Managing Director: Salvador Rivas General Manager : Salvador Rivas Company profile: COMSPAIN XXI. drying. and we have experience to do local manufacturing if needed. Spain. is a Spanish Engineering Manufacturing Company of all industrial equipments for transformation of solid products in the Chemical (Fertilizers). equipments and spare parts. Box: BRAVO MURILLO 23. PT Rekayasa Industri. S.). Giuseppe Guarino Number of Employees: 140 Company profile: The Casale Group has been active in the field of technology development and engineering for almost 90 years. S. methanol and derivatives production for the revamping of existing plants and the construction of new ones. 69 . SPAIN Tel: +34 91 448 9955 Fax: +34 91 4473139 Email: comspain@comspain. with more than 1000 employees.Spain Switzerland (obs) COMSPAIN XXI. feeding. always adapting to the customer needs. formed of four independent companies: Ammonia Casale. We are member of the Indonesian EPC Group. Luigi Casale developed one of the first processes for the synthetic production of ammonia and founded Ammonia Casale.A. milling. Mehtanol Casale and Casale Chemicals. 28015 MADRID. offers advanced technologies. CH-6900 Lugano – Switzerland Tel : +41 91 641 9200 Fax : +41 91 641 9271 E-mail : ammonia@casale. (obs) Via G Pocobelli 6. urea. handling. screening.comspain.

KBR had revenues of USD 12. To date.kbr.000 employees worldwide. (Assoc) In 2009.Design and installation of automatic control systems for rotary machines. UAE Tel: +971-4-313-7743 Fax: +971-4-332-7310 Email: aman. Ahmad Company profile: KBR is one of the world’s largest engineering and construction companies with extensive experience in the design.1 billion and over Box: 109174 Abu Dhabi. P. technologists & product sup KBR Technology Sheikh Zayed Road. NAQ GLOBAL COMPANIES Director Technology Sales Middle East & Africa: info@naqglobal.ahmad@kbr.Design and installation of sophisticated systems to monitor the performance of rotating machines.O. EPC. 70 (obs) Website: www.Design and installation of sophisticated equipment to prevent the reverse biz. Avdhesh Mathur General Manager: Mr. Box: 120 727. UAE Tel: +971 2 446 9671 Fax: +971 2 4469672 Email:oaboushabab@cccglobal. construction. and technology licensing of ammonia plants. Aman A. KBR has been involved in the Website: President & CEO: Mr.U A E Compressor Controls Corporation P. Ras Al Khaimah. . Dubai. One of KBR’s most recent grassroots ammonia plant was the Egypt Basic Industries Corporation (EBIC) plant. India & UAE Mobil: +971-50-2034676 (UAE) +55-51-9257 4959 (Brazil) +91 99830 40008 (India) Fax: +971 7266 0309 (UAE) +55-51-32460891(Brazil) +91-141-4015450 (India) Email: President@naqglobal. or technology licensing of over 200 ammonia plants worldwide. KBR’s various process technologies for ammonia plants are used by many of the world’s largest companies worldwide. UAE Manufacturing Units: Brazil. commissioning. including project financing.O. KBR was involved in this project from concept to commissioning. Osama Abou Shabab Company profile: . Prakash Mathur Company Profile: NAQ Companies work as advisors. Al Moosa Tower – 1. consultants. commissioned in 2009. . Box: Regional Manager: Mr.

P. Kimre Systems: Chief Executive Officer: Mr. & Asia. Expert technical services & dosing equipments are provided as package for all types of fertilizers & phos acid plants. 71 . NAQ works with ‘Green Technology’ products for defoamimg. nitrophosphates. Middle East.O. FL 33257-1240 `www. Bulk manufacturing plants are located in South America. phosphates. Examples: Fluorine scrubber from phosphoric acid plant at Jorflasfar for PMP. Joseph V. Kimre Inc. We are supplying the 3 Phos Acid Plant Scrubbers based on Kimre™ Technology for Ma’aden. Tailor-making of the formulations is done to give the desired results for every type of fertilizer. Kimre Systems. nitrates. P. Pedersen. Largest variety of products & technologies have been developed for urea. Kimre has started a division. (obs) 16201 SW 95 Avenue – Suite 303 Miami. George C. INC. Also provides fertilizer testing facilities & on-site deputation of experts for solving acid plants & fertilizer plants process & quality problems. dust control. and Kimre is also supplying the B-GON® Mist Eliminators for the DAP plants. Galluzzo. and liquid/liquid separators. Company Profile: We supply air pollution control and chemical process technology for gas cleaning. & for phos acid plants. We are also seeking a part of nearly every fertilizer project in the MENA area.kimre. air pollution control for project QAFCO-5.E President. anti-caking. FL 33157 Mailing address: P.suppliers for Fertilizer Quality Improvement. granulating E-mail: sales@kimre.E. coloring agent & froth floatation agents. to supply the actual equipment based on Kimre™ Technology. USA KIMRE. Box 571240 Miami.

S e c t i o n. .7 T r aders A listing of Arab and international suppliers of all kinds of fertilizer and its raw materials. .

whiteside@incitecpivot. Mohamed Al Terkait Company profile: Working in the field of: 1. Box: 1322 Melbourne.Logistic services.Australia Incitec Pivot Limited P. Hussein Mahmoud Ibrahim Company activity: Abo Ghaneima Company established on 1995 as an Egyptian Company specialized in producing Chairman & Managing Director: Mr. (sup) Bahrain Global Petrochemical Marketing Co. P. Supply & Trading: Mr. Vic Australia 3001 Tel: +613 8695 4400 Fax: +613 8695 4419 email: james. James Whiteside Company profile: Manufacturer. Soliman Ahmed Abo-Ghaneima General Manager : Mr.Chemical fertilizers .au General Manager.Consultancy .Mohandeseen Giza . importer and distributor of fertilisers and explosives (Dyno Nobel) in Australia. sodium and deleterious substances for human. Box: 75007 Manama Bahrain Tel: +973 1 7744 882 Fax: +973 1 7744 883 Email: info@g-p-m-c. Producing fertilizers free of : chlorine.O.Polymers . 2. . Chemicals & petrochemicals: (Sup) 73 . The company policies depend on attainment the following objects: -Using high technological methods for Chairman & Managing Director: Dr. -Producing fertilizers to be convenient for type of soil and plant life period.Marketing. 3. It erected its plants at Abu Qir. Alexandria. 3 Ahmed Abdelaziz St.Egypt Tel: +20-2 33459897 / 33028469 +20-3 5611272/ 5611271 Fax: +20-2 3034361 / 5611271 Email: -Producing high quality fertilizers via using high quality and pure materials.Logistics solutions (sup) Egypt Abo-Ghaneima Fertilizers and Chemicals Industries Co. animal and water. South east Asia and North America .

Commercial Agents & Distribution Management & Stores: El-Shin Road beside El Rahman Chairman: Husam Awad General Manager: Farid Bahri Company profile: Agron is a company dedicated for increasing quality and yield through specialised agrochemicals supplied by major internationally recognised companies.KELP PRODUCTS PTY: A patented Natural Seaweed Stimulant traded under the name KELPAK®.com Website: www. fungicides. 6-10 Apt. Alexandria . Saber Salah Abo Donkol Company profile: Trading and distributing of fertilizers and agriculture requirements. Cairo Tel: +2 2290 3030 Fax: +2 2290 4040 Email: info@agronegypt. Egypt Tel: +20 40 2760102 Fax: +20 40 276 8211 Alexandria Sheraton El Montaza Towers No.Abu Zaabal Co. (Agent of Abu Qir Fertilizer Co. Abo Donkol Deputy Chairman: Mr. Al Fath Co.). Requirements 16 Al Eqbal Str. .OROAGRI: Producer of PREVAM® biofungicide and bioinsecticide from USA. Ahmed Salah Abo Donkol General Manager: Mr. fungicides and the Water Conditioner BB5.Kima Asswan . Qutor . 2 Tel: +20 3 554 9781 General Manager: Mr.El-Kbair Tower Lorane. . Agron is the sole agent & distributor for a variety of insecticides. For Trade. 74 Al-Alamia For Fertilizers & Agric. Tel: +20 3 358 5562 . . Heliopolis. Nbr. .Egypt.SFIE . . Our sole agencies include: . plant growth regulators as well as micro and macro fertilizers.Agent of Egyptian Fertilizers Companies . including the popular MAX RANGE® micronutrient products.AGRON For Agriculture Development (sup) Address: 8 Aphlaton Street. Salah Ahmed M.agronegypt. (sup) Chairman: Mr.358 1305 Fax: + 20 3 358 4919 Email: untrade@mist-net.Gharbia.Mycsa Ag: One of the leading producers of Humic Acid (Mycsa Humate) and Fulvic Acid (Mycsa Fulvic Acid) from USA. Mousa Mohamed Qasem (sup) Company Profile: -Trading in agriculture requirements .PLAASKEM PTY: One of the largest producers of specilised agrochemical in South Africa.

Potassium nitrate fertilizers group such as : (12/3/43). nurseries.almenofia@yahoo. 75 . b) Agro . Citrus. Evergrow company produces the following fertilizers: solid and liquid Calcium nitrate.Coda Company: A Spanish company specialized in producing soil amendment products. Shebin Elkom Tel : (048)2233360 – 012/3988577 Fax : (048)2233600 E-mail: almenofia@yahoo.Pianta company: It specialized in producing Chairman : Eng.Evergrow for Specialty Fertilizers The first company in Egypt specialized in producing a wide range of compound soluble or liquid fertilizers from the best quality of local and imported raw materials and by using the best foreign and local technologies. in addition to number of Liquid formulas. 2 . with plant residues.Pianta It specialized in producing nurseries free from pests. plant growth Main Office : 148 Gamal Abd EL. Ahmed Mohamed EL-kheshen Al Menofia Company for Fertilizers and Chemicals Established in year 1991 to play a pioneer role in supporting the agricultural production system in Egypt.almenofia@yahoo. bulbs. It produces nurseries of Banana. ornamentals and cutting flowers plants:a) Bio Pianta It specialized company in producing the best quality of compost from 100% animal residues or mixing. cutting flowers and seeds for local market and for exportation as well. Mohamed Mohamed EL-kheshen Contact Person: General Manager : Mr. c) Flora Pianta It specialized in producing foliage plants. improving pollination and fruit setting products. MAP (12/61/0) and MKP (0/52/34). (6/6/43) and (19/19/19). The company applies a very strict quality control system. Mango and Peaches.Naser WebSite:www.. (9/0/46). The company is an agent for several local and foreign companies such as:1. nematodes and WebSite:www. It contributes in making available all agriculture inputs with the best quality.ALmenofia For Fertlizers & Chemicals (sup) Management: 15 Lebnan St‚ ELmohandseen Tel : 02-33471440 & 012-3962495 Fax : 02-33471445 E-mail : almenofia@yahoo. 3. foliar fertilizers (Macro+Micro-elements). phosphatic fertilizers groups such as: Magnum (17/44/0).

Sherif El-Gabaly Company profile: . (sup) .Act as a conflict resolution center for members in the field of fertilizer trading and distribution. Egyptian Association for Fert.Study regulations for fertilizer trade and inform members as well as liaising with the different government organizations regarding problems facing fertilizer trade and carrying out useful market studies. Zaghloul El-Feky Vice Chairman: Eng. Agent & distributor for all Egyptian Fertilizers CEO: Mr. Mohandeseen . . .quartz . Ahmed Zaghloul El-Feky Company Profile: 1. For Agricultural Agencies 21 Mostafa Kamel. . .Egypt Tel: +20 2 33359096 Fax: +20 2 33380095 Chairman & Managing Director: Chairman: Dr. . Amr El-Feky Board Member: Mr.coke). Sole Agent for AGROPLANT Holland (potatoes seeds).Provide technical support for members in the association’s field of Website: www.Egypt Tel: +20 3 424 2424 (6 lines) Fax: +20 3 424 1218 Email: geco@generalagri. (sup) . The company imports Fertilizers & Animal feeding. Sherif Abdel Moneim Awad Company profile: Exporting raw materials (Phosphate rock . 76 (sup) General Co.Organize seminars and meetings between members to discuss various subjects and issues related to fertilizers.Work on improving the administrative efficiency of members through training and sharing knowledge and expertise of the association.Issue regular fertilizer bulletins informing of various issues and problems facing the fertilizer market after obtaining proper approvals. 2.CT Corporation Osman Towers – Tower (2) Corniche Maadi Cairo – Egypt Tel: +20 2 25283830 Fax: +20 2 25280927 Email: cairoTrade@cairo-group. .generalagri. 3.talc .Distribute informative bulletins to farmers and agriculturalists regarding which types of fertilizers to use vis-àvis the environment. Somoha Alexandria .Giza . Traders & Distributors 48 Michel Bakhoum Str.Conduct market studies of price trends in face of a regular supply & demand system and advice members.

Giza. Champollion Street. Sulphur .hagrpota. Rock Phosphate . Aga Dakahlia .Egypt Tel:+ 20 2 22911350 Fax: + 20 2 224196649 E-mail: Hagrass@Hagrpota. Abdelsalam Elgabaly General Manager: Mr. Mansoura .com.Tanta . Fouad Hagrass General Manager: Mr.Loading. Salt for human Consumption and industrial use.Agents of Egyptian Fertilizers companies. Salah Salem.35711835 Branches: Mansoura .Souhag Chairman: Mr. Suite hatem@kayan. Tel: +20 50 645 5822 – 645 7669 Fax: +20 50 6456669 Giza Office: 15 Garb El-Mahata St. Cairo . .com ( Chairman: Mr.Distributors of Egyptian Fertilizers. . Tel: +20 2 35710837 .Egypt Tel: +20 2 2261 6663 Fax: +20 2 2261 6664 E-mail: kayan@kayan. Potassium Sulphate Soluble .Egypt. Granular Triple Super Phosphate .high way. Single Super Phosphate. Ibn Sina Str. Company activities: Marketing local & foreign fertilizers. . For Fertilizers & Chemicals Aga.Giza . .hagrpota. Urea (prilled and granular/). Nasr city Cairo . discharging & storage services. .Egypt Tel:+ 20 2 2577 7960 + 20 2 2578 0053 Fax: + 20 2 2574 5634 E-mail: Hagrass@Hagrpota.) (sup) 77 .com.Commercial agents for several foreign www. Wagdy Alsabahy Company profile: The company was established in Website: www.HAGRPOTA For Trading & Distribution 8. (sup) Kayan for International Trade 1. Ammonium Sulphate\. El-Obour Bldgs Salah Salem Road 10th Floor. Heliopolis Cairo . El-Omranya El-Sharkeya .eg HAGRPOTA For Import & Export 17. Ahmed Fouad Hagrass Company Profile: Exporters of Chemical Fertilizers .com Hagrpota@gmail. Ahmed Fouad Hagrass Company Profile: Exporters of Chemical Fertilizers (sup) International Co. . Ammonium Nitrate. . General Manager: Mr.

and we can offer the following products: • Granular/ prilled urea 46% Nitrogen. Managing Director: Eng. to handle business of trading. Sherif Chairman: Dr.Liquid Fertilizers.Phosphate Rock . exporting and importing of fertilizers. Polyserve becomes the sole Egyptian producer of the following products: Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) . • Ammonium sulphate. Our range of exported and imported products include the following fertilizers: . through our recently purchased plant.Ammonium Sulphate .Gypsum . Box: 19 Embaba 22 Syria Street . • Phosphate rock.Granular Single Super Phosphate (GSSP) .Ammonium Nitrate . we also produce Single Super Phosphate (SSP) (Granular .Potassium Sulphate As producers.Granular Triple Super Phosphate (GTSP) .polyservegroup. producers in Egypt and other countries.O.Urea (prilled . continuously expanding its activities to target new markets for Web Site: www. We have direct access to manufacturer. Abdel Salam El Gabaly Company Activity : Polyserve is a major Egyptian company founded in 1990.Sulphur . El-Gabaly 78 . Hatem El-Gamal Company profile: KAYAN is active in the fertilizers and chemicals export & import business in Egypt.Mohandeseen Giza .Powder). Polyserve is the sole producer of Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) and Phosphoric Acid in Egypt. • Ammonium nitrate. formerly known as Abu Zaabal Fertilizer & Chemical Co.granular) . Polyserve’s Line of Production: Starting from the year 2002. Polyserve is also producing 320000MT/Year Super single phosphate(SSP) split between the local market and the export demands.CEO & Chairman: Mr.Egypt Tel: +20 2 33360710 /20 Fax: +20 2 33380867 / 33381875 Email: polyserve@elgabaly.Phosphoric Acid-Di Calcium Phosphate. Polyserve Fertilizers and Chemicals (sup) P. • Sulphur • GSSP • PSSP • TSP • MAP • Phosphoric acid • DAP • NPK • MKP • Potassium sulphate • Magnesium sulphate.

.2572729 2571635 Fax: +2 048 2578195 Mobiphone: (+2 012) 0 50 60 50 E-mail Address: queisna@link.Egypt Tel: +2 048 2576899 .com www.Egypt Tel: +20 48 2576899 Fax: +20 48 257 8195 Email: queisna@link. potassium & NPK.Ammonium Sulphate (21%N) .Queisna For Agricultural Development Company (1) Queisna Office Address: 4th Floor .33 Fax. . . El-Falah Tower. b) The company exports: .eg 79 (sup) . Importing & Exporting: a) The company imports: .Queisna Menofia . Giza – 12311 Egypt Tel: +20 2 3749 1360 .EGYPT.Queisna Almenofia .Almohandssin . Hassan Elsaied Mohamed Elshenawy Company Profile: .com. phosphatic.Potassium Sulphate (50%K2O) . Sherief Mamdouh AbdelBaki Company Profile: El-Guish St. Telephone: +2 33 444 031 .Manial 11451.Urea (Granular & prilled) 46% N to different countries in the world.Sulphur for agriculture uses .Sulphur for industrial uses.Fertilizer trading .: +2 33 444 0 30 E-mail Address : queisna@link.Egypt Tel: +20 2 2365 3211 Fax: +20 2 2364 2286 E-mail: topic@topic. Trading in Egypt : The company is specialized in the trading of all kinds of chemical fertilizers: nitrogenous.egyfert. Commerce (TOPIC) 84 Mathaf El-Manial Str. 2.32 . 4th Floor . Technical Projects & (sup) (sup) Chairman & Managing Director: Mr.Trading in agriculture requirements Samad Misr (Egyfert) 32 El Nour Street Dokki.Alfallah Building Algaish Chairman: Mr.Dokki Cairo .3749 1361 Fax: +20 2 3749 1362 Email: egyfert@egyfert.Single super phosphate (SSP) 20% P2O5 to different markets in the (2) Cairo Office Address: 58 Gazirat Alarab Street . Cairo .

o.) Tiba for Trading and Agencies and Agriculture Development (Sup) Raouf Bakry Company profile: Export. Heliopolis Cairo . Technogreen is a leading national grower. Technical Manager: Chairman: Mr. Magdy Mansour 80 (Sup. (sup) Technogreen For Industrial Production 47 Osman Ibn Affan. Hatem kamal Company profile: Founded 1988. Egypt Tel: +20 2 226 16663 Fax: +20 2 226 16664 Email: Tradelink@tradelink. raw . 1 Talaat Harb Str. producer and exporter of fresh agro-products in Egypt.Egypt Tel: +202 241 786 46 – 241 551 33 Fax: +202 241 831 47 Email: info@technogreen. Tarek R. Over a solid track of almost 20 years in local and international markets. The production of compound fertilizers is considered to be one of Technogreen’s fundamental lines of business through which it aims to meet the requirements of local and neighbor markets supported by a concrete understanding of domestic agriculture conditions. Trade Link For Int’l Trade P.technogreen. import and trade of fertilizers. Fekria Kassem Managing Director: Eng. 4th Floor Mansoora – Egypt Tel: +20 50 2309650 Fax: +20 50 2309651 www. Ismailia Chairman: Mr.Salah Salem’ Road 10th Floor Nasr city 11371 7195 1 El Obour Buildings . Yasser Abdel Hakeem marketing Manager: Mr. phosphate rock and minerals. all of which are fledged and developed in a purely clean environment. where farmers’ prosperity is its basic driving force. Technogreen thrived to build an outstanding reputation in providing the international markets with healthy and nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables. sulphur. Moreover. industrial chemicals.Chairman: Mrs. Faisal Islamic Bank Bdg. Technogreen Group is a leading Egyptian group of companies working in the field of Agribusiness. El-Shinawi Company profile: Fertilizer trading.

Administration Manager: Mr. 16 Barakhamba Road. Dick van Meurs Company profile: ICEC is one of the world’s largest trading groups for fertilizers and fertilizer raw materials. 28 D-20097 Hamburg .com Managing Director: Mr. CIFC and other major companies are prospering for the last 55 81 (sup) .gi President & CEO: Mr. New Delhi 110001 India Tel: +91 11 23708110 Fax: +91 11 23708120 E-mail: coastel@vsnl.helmag. Arij Bin Hairat Company profile: Under the flagship of RAHIMTULA General Manager: Mr. ICEC Limited (sup) International House.Germany Tel: +49 40 2375 1600 Fax: +49 40 2375 1845 E-mail: info@helmag. Transportation & Shi[pment of fertilizers & its raw materials. Flexible logistics and an effective infrastructure are important prerequisites for dependable fertilizer marketing and distribution in Europe.E. Bouchaib SAAB (sup) India Germany Helm Dungemittel GmbH Nordkanalstr. izer companies. Ahmed El-Hosary Company profile: Trade and distribution of Managing Director: Mr. Import & export of fertilizers. and agricultural seeds. Gibraltar Tel: +350 200 43228 Fax: +350 200 51988 E-mail: Fert@icec. Gibraltar France FERTILORE sas 40 Ter Avenue de Suffren 75015 Paris France Tel:+33 1 45676665 Fax:+ 33 147834525 E-mail: fertilore@fertilore. Mehl Company profile: The Group’s head office in Hamburg coordinates our international activities and closely follows the development of the activities of our European fertil- Compagnie Indo-Francaise de Commerce (CIFC) (Sup) 3E. agricultural pesticides. Bell Lane. Oliver A. DCM Building. 3rd www.

Turner Road. Tradex India Corporation Director: Mr. Besides CIFC is also involved in the trading of fertilizers and fertilizer raw material such as sulphur. ammonia.India Tel: +91 22 66993794 Fax: +91 22 66993795 Email: ops@vardhmanshipping.dallah-group.. Arab Potash Co. Bandra (w). Box: 4658 Amman 11953 Jordan Te: +962 6 5515451 Fax: +962 6 5515459 E-mail: info@dallah-group. Amman. Suhaib Mohamed Abdullah Company Profile: Al-Dallah Group which consist of many companies in Iraq. Ltd. Iran. Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. Jayveer Shah Company Profile: We are a company based in India. Vardhman Shipping Pvt. Urea from Algeria. Jordan and Syria act as a leading supplier for Iraqi market. China. Tunis. (Sup. phosphate rock. Malaysia and handles around 2 – 2. Egypt.years.o. Navsonarbala Bldg. Ajay K. Gupta Company profile : Marketing of phosphate rock.5 million tons product every Website: www. We have our expertise in shipping dry cargo as well as liquid products. FERTIL – Abu Dhabi.) 16. distributors and industrial plants. Qutab Institutional Area New Delhi – 110016 India Tel: +91 11 268 62849 / 50 Fax: +91 11 268 62953 Email: tradex@ tradexgroup. phosphoric acid. Jordan to Indian fertilizer Chairman: Mr. Ltd. DAP. specially Iraqi Ministries of Trade and Agriculture and it is also regarded as . 82 Jordan Al-Dallah Group For Investment & Finance (sup) P. RAHIMTULA is the founder Chairman of Fertilizer Association of India and the pioneer in marketing of Fertilizer and fertilizer raw materials in India on behalf of our principals such as PIC-Kuwait. Ratanial Managing Director: Mr. We have our sub offices all over in India and as such have our network spread. (sup) C-15. Ltd. DAP produced by M/ Chairman: Mr. Ltd. EFCEgypt. We are into trading of fertilizer products like Rock Phosphate and also into shipping. Middle East.Amman and marketing of muriate of potash of fertilizer and industrial grade produced by M/s. Mumbai – 400050 .

Jacq ( General Manager: Mr. It is specialized in importing. Jordan Modern Trade Development Managing Director: France Office: 25. Chemicals & Fertilizers P. to select industries through achieving excellence in supply.A. First Ceena’s ambition is to be a leading distributor in its field pursuing a regional strategy that encompasses all surrounding Website: www.O. France Tel: +33 3 893 63950 Fax: +33 3 89460122 Chairman & Managing Director: Mr. marketing bulk chemicals and agricultural products throughout the Middle. Box: 930339. Ra’ed Soub Company profile: JMTD is a trading house working in the Mena Area for both fertilizers and chemicals. sulphur. established in 1999 located in Jordan.kayed@yahoo. (sup) First Ceena Co. security services and more. J. Essam El-Khatib Company profile: First Ceena For Chemicals & Fertilizers works as a full service international company. cleaning of the biggest international companies. quality and satisfaction. fertilizers. Ayman Al-Kayed Heliopotasse is the representative of Arab Potash Companv (APC) in Europe. Box 212463 Amman 11121 Jordan Tel: +962 6 5534302 Fax: +962 6 5534305 Email: info@firstceena. seeds. Our trading and manufacturing market involves many countries and includes lots of goods and stuff such as: foodstuffs. +962 79 6444114 Fax: +962 6 5607776 Email: a. P. Shmeisani 11193 Amman Jordan Tel: +962 6 5607775 Managing Director: Mr. services and support.R.o. construction.O. A strategy that offers abroad range of quality materials. exporting. Box: 5401 Amman 11953 Jordan Tel: +962 6 5544155 Fax: +962 6 5533633 E-mail: info@jmpd. Place de la Reunion 68100 Mulhouse. LLC. P. Our standards are: professionality. Heliopotasse is marketing 83 (sup) . (sup) Heliopotasse S.

(sup) P.fertilizers worldwide. Ashraf Al-Qadi Deputy General Manager: Mr. France and Italy in addition we also have representative offices in Egypt. we have also expanded our shipping and logistics activities to cover warehousing and distribution in several markets.O.midgulfgroup. 84 . Box 940908 Amman 11194 Jordan Tel: +962-6 5674015 Fax: +962-6 5674015 Email: qac@nol. it serves a network of exclusive agents and customers worldwide with water soluble fertilizers for fertigation and foliar application. Furthermore. (Limassol – Cyprus) Jordan Regional Office P. Box 5402 Amman 11183 Jordan Tel: +962-6 560 4282 Fax: +962-6 569 8219 Email:fertilizers@midgulfgroup. Mohamed Z. Europe and North Africa. Dajani Managing Director: Dr Huraira M. marketing and distribution of fertilizers & fertilizers raw materials. mainly urea. Kenya. (sup) International Techno Chemical Est. Midgulf International United Kingdom. our portfolio has expanded to cover grains and food commodities. Bassem Al Shareef Company Profile: The company specialized in exporting and importing all agriculture and chemicals materials. Dajani Company Profile: MIDGULF was established in 1976 as a trading house specializing in General Manager: Mr. from the Middle East. The company is active in Europe with Potash fertilizers ex APC and with Nitrogen fertilizers. We have our subsidiary in Egypt and recently opened a regional representative office in Jordan to facilitate our business in the Middle East. Our company ‘s main offices are located in Chairman: Dr. Over the years. The company exports to all Gulf countries. Srilanka and South Africa. website: www. In addition to the diversified traded products.O.

MAP. DAP.l. The company is specialized in two main lines: Raw materials and Fertilizers.a.R. SSP. is a brach of Mitsubishi Corporation Tokyo Head Office working as an international trading house fertilizer is one of our fields which we are working in. Main markets for exports are African countries. Managing Director: Mr. providing select fertilizer producers with the raw mateials that are required for their production of fertilizers and obtain in couterpart the finished end product./ MOP/ NPK/ DAP and others. Hamra Street .com reina@rawmatimpex. The company operates in tollwing and buy back mode. Karim Farsoun Company Profile: Parent company to Rawmatimpex est. First Floor – Ras Beirut Area P. Chemicals Dept. TSP. 1968. NPK in different grades etc. Lebanon (sup) Rawfert General Manager: Mr.Strand Building. Beirut Lebanon Tel: +961 1 355 990/1 /2 Fax: +961 1 355 993 Email: karim@rawmatimpex.O. we export fertilizer products to Japan and to overseas such as P. 6th floor. Rawfert is member of IFA.O.Hussam Deranieh Company profile: Fertilizers and grain trading. 612 P.` (sup) Toepfer International Asia Website: www. Europe. Sulfur.O. Turkey. The products that we trade in are: Rock AFA and the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce. Box 5483 Zahran 11183 Amman Jordan Tel: +962-6 461 2760 / 1 Fax: +962-6 461 2762 Email: tia@go. Box 3120 Amman 11181 Jordan Tel: +962-6 5666191 Fax: +962-6 5667524 Email: yazan. As of Jordan Middle East Regional Manager: Mr. UREA. (sup) 85 .: Mr.acti. office No. Yazan Sinukrot Company Profile: Mitsubishi Corporation Amman. Satoru Tsukahara Assistant Manager. Box: 113 /5035.Mitsubishi Corporation Amman Branch The housing bank center.

C. This system is used to ensure that all vessels lifting and transporting Qatar’s Regulated Products meet internationally recognized minimum technical and operational standards. 2008. Nahawi Email: Salah.4976293 Email: info@taswwq. Tasweeq. cost effective and equitable manner for stakeholders.Nahawi@yara.J. Marketing and Business Development Manager : Mr. operates independently from other oil & gas companies and is responsible for the export marketing of Regulated Products comprising liquid petroleum gas (LPG). Tasweeq’s primary responsibility is to ensure reliable and efficient off-take of Regulated Products.O. Tel: +974-44670206 Fax: +974-44670703 (Sup) Managing Director : Mr. started commercial operations on the 1st of January. Saad Abdallah Kawari Sulphur Marketing Manager: Mr. (Tasweeq) Q. 15 of 2007. Serdal. condensates and sulphur. Tasweeq is wholly owned by the Government of the State of headquartered in Doha. which we expect to increase to over 100 cargoes per month in the next few years. (TASWEEQ) . with a representative office in Singapore. Ltd. Zafer S. Tasweeq has also developed and implemented a quality assurance ship screening service. refined products. taking responsibility for the reliable export of over 40 cargoes per month. Box 22083 Doha. Petroleum Co. was incorporated in July 2007 by Emiri Decree Law No. which include the State of Qatar as well as international investors and venture partners involved in the production and export of oil & gas products.Nahawi@yara. Box: 24183 Doha Qatar Tel: +974 4976111 Fax: +974 4976276 . Qatar.S.Qatar Qatar Int’ Assoc. This service is also available to all ports in Qatar operated by Qatar Petroleum giving the State of Qatar a clear international lead in this field. Alaadine Mohamed Company profile: Qatar International Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd. Nahawi Email: Zafer. Qatar. Salah Z. Yara International ASA Middle East Representative Office P. which is based on the most advanced vetting 86 system available in the world and was officially launched at the 7th Doha Natural Gas Conference & Exhibition in March 2009. while maximising value in a transparent.S. Deputy Chief Executive for Operations: Mr. Web site: www. Regional Manager: Mr. 2.Distribute Agro & Public Health chemicals for Syngenta.asdco.K+S Kali (Potassium & Magnesium Fertilizers).) (sup) Chairman & CEO: Mr. Agri equipments.ASDCO P. Director: Dr.Jeddah 21453 Saudi Arabia Tel: 00966 2 6800020 Fax: 00966 2 6886260 Email: ammc@ammc. Ali H. Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi ARAMCO) P. Al-Falih Director of Marketing & Sales Dept. Al-Hamlawi Company Profile: 1. Box: 11318. P.Marketing & saling Pelletize Sulfur 87 . Ibrahim AI-Sayed General Manager: Mr. (sup) .Owns and runs fertilizrs factory (Ascofert) for producing solubles. Box 20494 Riyadh 11455 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel: +966-1 4055678 / 4056719 Fax: +966-1 4042429 Tlx: 404167 OSAMA SJ Email: main@asdco. Wisam Fatayerji Company profile: Agricultural Machinery & Materials Company is a leading agricultural company dealing with Box: 5000 Dhahran 31311 Saudi Arabia Tel: +966-3-872-0115 Fax: +966-3-873-8190 Email: webmaster@aramco.BASF Fertilizers (marketing by Fertiva & Copmo). Ltd. Khalid A. . pesticides.O.Owns and runs Fertilizers Bagging Station in Yanbu (about 80.w-fatayerji. etc. . BASF. Soliman Al Babtin Company profile . farming and nursery products. . Com AgroSupplies & Development Arabia Agricultural Machinery & Materials Co.O. liquid & suspension fertilizers and potting soil. : Mr.Ekzo Nobel (Micronutrients).com.000 Mt/ Year). 3. 4. . Mohamed Al-Shurafa Executive Manager: Eng.Agent and distributor for: (assoc.Other activities: seeds.SQM Fertilizers (Straight & NPK solubles).. Zapi and Website: www .

Syria Sharkia Trading Enterprise (sup) P. importer and agent for many Arab and international companies. Hichem Souissi Managing Director & General Manager: Alisbitalia Str. TST main objectives is promotion and development of trade exchange mainly between Tunisian and Saudi Arabia within the framework of the Tunisian Saudi Trade Agreement of March 9th 1988 which grant custom exemption for an important list of products orginating from both General Manager: Mr. Hussam Suhail Sharkia Company profile: - Trading fertilize since the year 2000 in the Syrian market. Jad Gharib Building – Khartoum Sudan Tel: +249 1 55132192 Fax: +249 1 83773381 E-mail: eljack. 88 . Box: 7478 Aleppo Syria Tel: +963 212254504 Fax: + 963 212249245 E-mail: hussam@sharfert.IFA member since 2009. Mohamed Eljack Company profile: Marketing and distribution of agricultural inputs in Sudan.mohamed@gmail.Sudan Tunisia (sup) Zagros Trading Enterprises Alssog Alaraby. Mohamed Belaid Company profile: Tunisia Saudi Trading Company (TST) is a resident company for international trading promoted by the Tunisian Saudi Investment and Development Company under law 96/59 of 6 July 96 of further to a recommendation of the Tunisian Saudi Joint Commission.Turnover around 20000000$ . TST has been incorporated on May 15th 1989 with an intital paid up capital of General Manager: Mr. Tunisia-Saudi Trading Company (sup) 2 Rue Ibn Basam 1004 Tunis.000 Tunisian Dinars. .O. Tunisia Tel: +216 71 766 420 Fax: +216 71 767 101 Email: Chairman: Mr.

Abdul Razick Company Profile: Emirates Trading Agency (ETA). 89 U A E Emirates Trading Agency P..O. Iran.Phosphoric Acid . Sancak Mah. Electromechanical Division. and affreightment of various bulk cargoes like Sulphur.Aluminium Sulphate .Turkey. etc. Modern Building Maintenance.A. Turan Gunes Web Site: www.Turkey Erksan Chemical Industries Co. Bangladesh. a part of Al Ghurair Group of companies. Kuwait. Di-Ammonium Phosphate.sahin@erksancevre. which together exceeds 10 million tons on their own/time & voyage chartered vessels.eta-ascon.000 MT of Sulphur. Syed M.Sulphuric Acid . No. Selma Sahin Company profile: Erksan Chemical Co. U. etc. Cement. Raw Materials for Cement Industries/Factories like Bauxite.000 employees. Associated Construction (ASCON). main activity of the company is improting and exporting: . Saudi Arabia. ETA-Melco Elevator Co. Mechanical & Electrical Division. Cars. L.. last four years the company has traded in excess of 1†Million MT of fertilizers including 500. Sri Lanka.000 MT of Chairman: Mr. headquartered in Dubai having branches spread over the world including U. Thailand. ETA group consists of various divisions viz. ETA Mitsubishi Corp.S.Aluminium Hydroxide . Pulses. Rock Phosphate.erksancevre. Iron Ore. Abdulla Ahmed Al-Ghurair (sup) . Giordano Fashions.Ankara Turkey Tel: +90 312 491 62 06 Fax: +90 312 491 62 05 e-mail: s. Has been opreating under Erkanli Group of Companies in Turkey. Clinker etc. Building Materials. Oman.Zinc www. Noorul Haque General Manager: Mr. Power Projects. Coal. Gypsum. ETA’s Trading & Shipping Division (TNS) is involved in bulk trading. ETA Group’s turnover in the year 20002001 was over US$ One Billion and has a highly motivated workforce of more than 13. 200. Salahuddin Executive Director: Mr.Hydrochloric Acid . In the field of fertilizers.K..L.. procurement.000 MT of Rock Phosphate.. (sup) Managing Director: Mr. 55/8 Cankaya . Box 5239 Dubai United Arab Emirates Tel:+971-4 7073315 /14 Fax: +971-4 2682574 Email: razick@eta-ascon. Wheat. India. 300. Vice President: Ms.

com www. Paul. and various shipments of MOP & SSP. to extend the business activity of the RAHIMTULA Group in the Middle East and Persian Gulf and was major suppliers of Togo and Senegalese Rock to Iran. Box: Vice President Crop Nutrients: Mrs. Industrial Mineral processing & marketing. USA. Australia. MN 55077 USA Tel: +1 651 355 4376 Fax: +1 651 355 5302 Email: Lisa.O. Trimex International FZE P. China. etc. P.100. 450. The main market focus of the company is on India. Gopalan Swaminathan Company profile: Trading of fertilizer from Jordan to India.trimexgroup. Ukraine and Russia. (sup) Transfert FZCO (sup) P. Dubai United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 88 35 544 Fax: +971 4 88 36 410 Email: swami@trimexgroup. MS-326 St.000mt. Box 17056 Jebel General Manager: Managing Director: Mr. Siraj Rahimtula Compagnie profile: TRANSFERT FZCO was established in 1982 in Dubai. Vietnam.O. Iran. Tim Chrislip (sup) 90 .com Web Site: www. Box: 64089.O. Egypt. MS 326 Inver Grove Heights. USA CHS Inc.Chrislip@chsinc.000 MT of Urea. UAE. MN 55164-0089 USA Tel: +1 651 355 4318 Fax: +1 651 355 5302 Email: timothy. besides Myanmar and Bangladesh and Sri Lanka & Pakistan.Kuwait in India. Ammonia. DAP and Shipping Address: 5500 Cenex Drive. Cherly Schmura Director of Product Management and Business Development Mr. Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai – UAE Tel: +971 4 8815913 Fax: +971 4 8816717 E-mail: tfert@emirates.chsinc. Transfert FZCO has been very active in trading of all kind of fertilizer and fertilizer raw materials in Pakistan. Transfert also PIC. 1 million ton of urea per annum for the last several years and also trade rock phosphate rock. Transfert has been handling 1 million tons of sulphur.

Nebraska.Company Profile: CHS Inc. (www. and UAN/APP solutions. CHS supplies energy. Our primary products are dry blending grades. Georgia 31411 – 2905. along with business solutions. Gavilon Fertilizer. (sup) 91 . LLC. Jim Anderson President: Mr. grain. CHS is owned by farmers. Harlander Company Profile: Gavilon Fertilizer. including urea. CHS is listed on the NASDAQ at CHSCP. ranchers and cooperatives. USA Tel: +1 912 598 8392 Fax: +1 912 598 8692 Email: inquiries@gavilon. grains and foods company committed to providing the essential resources that enrich lives around the world. a subsidiary of The Gavilon Group. livestock feed. LLC. A Fortune 200 Website: www. Gavilon employs approximately 1. The company operates petroleum refineries/pipelines and manufactures. including insurance. connecting producers and consumers of agriculture. crop nutrients. Headquartered in Omaha. LLC Suite 201 5 Skidaway Village Walk Savannah. is dedicated to wholesale trade and distribution of fertilizers throughout the Chief Operating Officer: Mr.100 is a diversified energy. LLC is a leading commodity management firm. from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest and from the Canadian border to Texas. food and food ingredients. ammoniated phosphates and potash. financial and risk management services. along with thousands of preferred stockholders. markets and distributes Cenex brand refined fuels. at over 250 facilities and offices worldwide. fertilizer and energy resources through its global supply chain network. propane and renewable energy products. lubricants.chsinc. Brian D. The Gavilon Group.

logistics etc. . Logistics & Oth e r s This section includes a listing of Arab and international companies providing services related to fertilizer industry and its raw materials in the field of shipping. . storage. handling. bagging.S e c t i o n.8 S ervices: S hipping.

tation . Raouf Makram Shammas General Manager: Mr.Egypt Tel: +20 2 26901840 Fax: +20 2 26900871 Email: cairo@ibramar.Kraftmar container line agents . Box: 12573/137 ..Egypt. Gizah . Nasr city Cairo .Yacht services . raw materials trading .com. Afterwards the Group widened its services by adding logistics and travel agency services with 17 offices and 165 staff members covers all Egyptian and Syrian sea ports.Egypt El-Ahram For Trading & Industry P. Tartous) Chairman: Admiral Mahmoud Hatem El-Kady Vice-Chairman: Eng. Saad Zaghloul Str.PP & PET etc.Chartering . Medhat Hatem El-Kady Company Profile: The company was established in 1983 as a shipping agency.Land transpor- (sup) .O. 15 Ramo Building . Nagy R. Tel: +20-010 2594134 Fax: +20-010 2590022 Email: orhid001@yahoo. 14001/2004 since 2007.Plastic sacks and woven bags also woven rolls Solutions chemical materials.Dry cargo etc.Airfreight Seafreight . Kadmar has adopted quality policy for all affiliated companies. Kadmar has obtained the ISO 9001/2000 standard since 2001.Customs clearance . (sup) KADMAR Group Head Office 32. Dimitri Company profile: . Egypt Tel: +20 3 4840680 (5 lines) Fax: +20 3 4848326 / 4848327 Email: general@kadmar.Crew change .com Chairman: Eng. Ibrahim Moomen Company Profile: Ship Agents .Shipping . Chairman & Managing Director: Mr. and ISO 18001/2007.Spareparts clearance Bunker & luboil supply .Stevedoring .(6) October.. Our services include: Liner Agent – Tramp Agent – Suez Canal Services – Marine Surveyor – Ship Broker – Ship Operation – Ship Man93 (sup) Ibramar Shipping Website: www.Storage and warehousing services .com Branches: Cairo – Port Said – Damietta – Suez – El-Arish – Abou Znima – Safaga Syria: (Latakia.kadmar.Nasr Road.

O. as shipping agent & till now continuously we are the successors of our grand father China Mitchell Group. Port Saed . Mahmoud. U.E & Turkish ports. Recent developments: a new production line for Flexo printing of up to 8 colours has been installed for the follwoing products: Polypropylene. Yemen.Customers Clearance. Box:271062 Flower Mound TX 75027 Chairman: Mr. polyethylene.El-Mahrousa Towers.Egypt 5 Mohamed Mahmoud & Mahmoud Sidki Str.2 . Our branches cover all Egyptian ports.3 Fax: +20 66 3338594 / 3235508 Email: operation@mitchelljr.agement – Chartering – Freight Forwarder – Ship Chandler – Logistics Contract in all Egyptian and Syrian ports – Ware Housing – Logistics Distribution – Transportation – Consolidation and . Bank Misr Tower Semouha – Alexandria Egypt Tel: +20 3 420 7470 Fax: + 20 3 424 1433 E-mail: moukhtar@mgs-egypt. We facilitate shipping matters. Kemira www. Mitchell JR Shipping Company P. Box: 1217 Port Said . aluminium foil. Jordan Phosphates Mines and Abu Qir USA Brach: P. Board Member: Mr. PVC. Ahmed Lasheen Company Profile: Established : 1975 Product range: Polypropylene Woven bags and plain heavy-duty polyethylene bags. Adel Abdou Lamei Managing Director: El Desouki Abu Ismaeil Company Profile: Our company established & dealing in the shipping industry since 1940.Egypt Tel: +20 66 3338591 . as (covering your vessels passing Suez Canal & all Egyptian ports. paper and financial@mitchelljr. Sudan. 94 (sup) Moukhtar Group of Shipping – Production capacity: 150 million laminated or lined polypropylene woven sacks. Customers include: Yara International.lasheen.O. Lasheen General Manager: Mr. clearing & forwarding parcels to/for vessels) .com. Full assistance to masters during stay in Web Site: www. booking cargo and NVOCC. Egypt (sup) 37 El-Fardous St. Libyan. FIBCs (the company is a PORTABULK licensee and a Gambo licensee) and sling bags.Cairo-Egypt Tel: +20 2 22587451 Fax: +20 2 22582986 +20 2 22585580 Email: export@lasheen. chartering vessels. Box: 251 Heliopolis . 100 million plain heavy-duty polyethylene sacks and over 7 million FIBCs and sling bags. (sup) Lasheen Plastic Industries P.

(sup) Natrans Egypt For Transport & Logistics Villa Nbr.Import and export Swiss Egyptian Tanking Co. 34 Ahmed Yehya Managing Director: Mr.Full shipping agent for regular.Cargo surveying and average adjuster agent .General Manager : Mr.Egypt 47.wormsalx. .Loading and unloading . El-Sultan Hussein St. Egypt Tel: +20 3 486 5572 Fax: +20 3 4876361 E. Saiid Hammouda Company profile: . Imad AbdelAziz El-Gindy Company profile: Storing. Shipping Fertilizers & Chemicals: liquid & solid. 95 Sea Service for Stevedoring & Shipping Agents 59 Emanuel Str. Ltd.Zizinya Alexandria . – Smoha – Alexandria Egypt Tel: +20 3 4248228 Fax: +20 3 5611045 E-mail: info@seaserviceco.Fertilizer factory (sup) Worms Alexandria Cargo Services (sup) Website: www. Costa corciere.Grinding & bagging factory . Ibrahim Mahmoud Touhami Company profile: .Consulting shipping . Stalt.Customs clearance to international transport.Shipping Agencies .Exporter phosphate rock (P2O5) .com General Manager: Mr.Booking spaces on ships .Shipping Agencies .org Chairman & Managing Director: Dr. nonregular and cruise line. Nader M.Tenants ships . (1) – Building 8/17. Sea consortium. Zone 8 Section I. Box: 2234 Alexandria .Loading and unloading (sup) .K Lines. Metwally Company profile: . El-Khartoum Square Alexandria.Egypt Tel: +20-3 5840850 / 5839027 Fax: +20-3 5839027 E-mail: Chairman: Mr. Ahmed Farouk Moukhtar Company profile: . 4th Floor Appt.Ship lines: N. Ahmed Saad Ragab General Manager: Capt. 410 . .mail :wacs@wormsalx.Y. 6 October City 12451 Egypt Tel: +20 2 38359944 Fax: +20 2 38359919 Email: info@natrans.

within JNSL. Box 940816 Amman (11194) Jordan Tel: +962 6 5510935 . Transshipments.O.Maritime Cargo .eg Chairman: Mr. Over the years have made it our mission to provide distinguished.Port Agency. Ship Broking and Chartering.Jordan Global Alliance Ltd.jgsa. (JNSL).5515053 Fax: + 962 6 5534839 Email: Chairman & Managing Director: Mr. .com. Jabri Company profile: JGSA was established in the year 1976 as an Agency Dept.Liner Agency Representation. Ahmad Armoush Company profile: Established and operated in 1976. and personalized shipping services to our clients yet maintain their satisfaction irrespective of our expansion to the regional and global markets Our areas of expertise: 96 (sup) .jo website: www. In 1995 became a fully independent company headquartered in Amman with offices in Aqaba.W.Ship agencies . surveying. Ahmad Helmi Armoush Chairman: Mr. Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC) and Arab Potash Company (APC). Amjad M.jnslgroup.Trading fertilizers & raw materials (sup) • Ship owners • Ship Operators • Commercial Management • Technical Management • Freight contracting & Projects • Ship Brokers • Ship agents • Maritime Academy Jordan Group For Shipping Agencies (sup) Wadi Saqra .Bunkering. diverse.O. Services: . ShipChandler. Its main shareholders include Jordan National Shipping Lines Co. Omar Khalifeh Company Profile: .com. .jo General Manager: Mr. Box 840582 Amman (11184) Jordan Tel: +962 6 5822083 Fax: +962 6 5822084 Email: Jordan National Shipping Lines (JNSL) Tel: +962 6 5511500 Fax: +962 6 5511501 e-mail: www.Naser Bin Jameel Street Jordan National Shipping Lines Building P. P. JNSL positioned itself as a grade “A” provider of shipping services in the local and international markets. Ship-husbandry.

464 4726 Fax: +962 6 465 1567 Email: orship@orientshipping. shipping & logistics company covering cargo services etc. Box 910527 Amman (11191) Jordan Tel: +962 6 5693407/8 Fax: +962 6 5606493 Email: jicc@go.O. Jordan Phosphate Mines Co.manaseer@jgsaco. the group is involved in all aspects of economic growth. agriculture. Walid Abu-Hassan Company Profile: Orient Shipping company ltd. international trade and service. (APC) with 20% ownership and Jordan NationalShipping Lines Co. The Abu-Hassan group. with its efficient management. Abdel Karim Youssef (sup) . Abdel Rahman Abu-Hassan. Jordan Insurance Chairman: Mr. (sup) Company Profile: Transport. is available to assist in any kind of business and investment opportunity including commodities trading of all kinds-and promoting project transactions.k. not only in Jordan. (KPMC) with 30% ownership. third floor P.Jordan International Chartering Co. The purpose of its inception is to provide chartering ship broking serices for its direct owners Messrs. Ship chartering / Brokers.. Is part of the Abu-Hassan group of companies. Khaled Abu-Hassan Managing Director: Mr.orientshipping. when the late founder. Africa. Box 207 Amman (11118) Jordan Tel: +962 6 464 1695 . Mr. Arab Potash 97 (sup) Jordan Global Shipping Agencies Al-Rawdah commercial complex Amman Jordan Tel: +962-6 5516474 Fax: +962-6 5532821 Email: a. Ltd. building A. which has been active since 1935. In participation with major local industries. Murad Ahmed Dakhqan Company Profile: Jordan International Chartering Company was established in the year 1992 based in Amman/Jordan. Orient Shipping General Manager: Mr. but also in most Middles East. P. Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. Exclussive ship borkers for Arab Potash Company. They have established an effective role in the economic development of the country. such as real estate. and Jordan National Shipping Lines General Manager: Mr. (JNSL) with 50% ownership. established one of the main trading houses for the import of commodities in Website: www.

forsaship. heavy lift. Sindbad Family is living in a six Managing Director: Mr. (sup) . Sindbad Shipping has been efficient on the local scale in providing cargo facilities such as heavy lifting vehiculs.Inland transportation of general/containerised cargoes.Project cargo. The company has succeceded to receive and represent a large quantities of vessels called Aqaba for discharging and loading general cargo and fertilizers. Fahrettin Kerim Gokay Cad. 188 B Blok K.Turkey Tel: +90 216 566 5414 Fax: +90 216 565 1306 Email: forsaship@forsaship. Kulaksizoglu Apt.2 D.Shipping Agency Business -liner/ Tramp/Charter . Abdulhamid Amin (General Manager) came into the company with 20 years of experience in the shipping field. Box: 1649 Aqaba (77110). No. which is reflected by firm high-quality services.Cargo Handling and Terminal Operations. Abdulhamid Amin Tobassi General Manager: Mr. cranes and Website: www. Turkey FORSA Shipping & Trading Co.Fertilizer distribution. in Jordan.Shipping & transportation . Jordan Tel: +962 3 2019295/6 Fax: +962 3 2019297 E-mail: sindbad@nol. Murat Hilkin Company Profile: . Mr. 98 (sup) .Fertilizer trading . Sindbad Shipping & Transport Co. Machinery through out the country with very special crane by skilled personnel up to job site. .Acid) in Turkey .Brokers/worldwide chartering . good size apartment furnished with up-to date equipment and mainly consisting of the chartering/trading and the shipping departments.5 Goztepe/ Kadikoy/ Istanbul . .Representative company (S.Sindbad Shipping & Transport Company Chairman & Managing Director: mhilkin@forsaship. Abdulhamid Amin Tobassi Company profile: Sindbad Shipping & Transport Company was founded in 1993 as a Ship agency /shipbrokers and chartering at Aqaba Port. is located in new Business centre building in middle of Aqaba.

9 Inv e s t o r s . A listing of Arab and international companies specialized in various aspects related to fertilizer industry & raw materials: financing. . Ins p e c t o r s . C o n s u l t i n g S e r v i c es. Pub l i s h e r s e t c . technical & economic studies. fertilizer use etc. . publishing. consultancy.S e c t i o n. R e s e a r c h & S t u d ies.

Bulgaria.i. Mariupol / Ukraine.Branswijck. Managing Director: Mr. Moldova. Albania. Professional and reliable pre-shipment. Emirates. 54 .. P.Petersburg / Russia. Antwerp / Belgium. Russia. Hungary. Iberia .i.c.c.: +32475394603 Mr. Full Outturn Guarantee Insurance 2* Testing Sampling and testing in Specialized Laboratories in Paranaguá / Brazil.operational since 2007 t. Tunisia. S. Jacqueline Kukaj Mob.c. Lithuania. Georgia. Libya. t. Egypt – operational since 2009 t. Arabia . agri-products.i.74 General e-mail: info@tcibrussels..03. Greece.c. Croatia.tcibelgium. independent cargo -superintendence Afghanistan. Storage. Spain.c. handling and contradictory damage surveys. Australia. Nadine Attar Mob: +20 176033422 (Sup) Company profile 1* Control & Superintendence: Fully independent private Belgian company since 1987. France. Specialized in the quantity and quality inspection from producer to consumer of dry and liquid fertilizers & related products as well as other related commodities. China. China .c. United Kingdom… Head Office Av. India . Poland.Brazil – operational since 2008 t. Norway.Jeddah / GCC – Operational since 2009.operational since 2007 t. North America. Egypt – Cairo Contact: Mrs. 4*t.i. Finland. Egypt. Experienced and dedicated Surveyors in major production. (www.1410 Waterloo (Belgium) Tel: 32 2 353. Pakistan.i. transit.. Turkey. Group Associates : ISO Certifications : Branswijck Group Ltd. Ireland. Belgium.Surveys. 3*New developments: t.09.c. Romania.59 Fax: 32 2 354.i. www. Germany. Bunker-. sprl transportation consultancies international sprl.R. storage. handling. Ukraine. Netherlands. On/ Off-Hire-.Belgium Managing Director Mr. des Alliés. Italy. Draft-. Iran.and Packing. Patrick Jorens Mob: + 32477586948 t. Hold Inspection. storage and shipping centers worldwide. India. incl.i. South America. Algeria. Köln / Germany. Central America.c. Morocco.: +32475428644 General Manager Mrs. Estonia. Latvia.i. – Operational since 2009. Canada.i.Kurz . Jorens Robert Mob.c. Mesud Branswijck 99 . Denmark.

Box 35691 Talkha – Dakahlia Egypt Tel: (+20-50) 252 1950 – 252 6810 Fax: (+20-50) 252 5695 Email: delta_efdc@yahoo.) 100 .G. Ali Maher Ghoneim Director : Mr. Muneir El-Ghareib Centre Profile: The centre activities: Researches .com Chairman & Managing Director: Eng. town center .O.ICT .A) t.Standard Software (QMS. o I. storage and communication.Cairo. o D.Engineering . Egypt Egyptian Fertilizer Development Centre (EFDC) P. 0. beverages and Head of Credit Sector: Mr. Bahaa Shafie Company Profile: Financing the projects of fertilizers.Custom Development .Information Security Management systems B) Quality IT Systems . 0.. SCM. chemical products and manmade fibers.ISO 27000 .A.00 Manufacture of food products.00 Transport.00 Manufacture of chemicals. CRM.Feasibility Studies Technical consultancy Production of different NPK fertilizers Total Production: 35000 Ton/Year NPK (sup) National Societe Generale Bank 5. 0. Egypt Tel: +20-2 27707370 Fax: +20-2 27707799 Email: bahaa. Mohamed Ismail Manager Credit Sector: Mr. .Managed Services C) Recruitment . Formerly BS15000 .com) .i. Workflow) . Certifications (www.Project Management Competitive prices for high quality.Business Application (ERP.tcicert.ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management (in the following sectors) o D.the IT Service Management Standard.el-shafie@socgen. HRM) . Champolion St.ISO 20000 . (Assoc.c.Infrastructure & Networking . simplified procedures and management satisfaction.

Banque Misr currently owns equity in 180 projects including Vice Chairman for Technical Affairs: Mr. 1 Osman Road . BANQUE MISR is a pioneer bank in utilizing state-of-the-art technology for banking systems and services in Egypt. Mohamed Talaat Harb Pasha. Mohamed Abbas Fayed Banque Misr Profile Core Purpose To serve the financial needs of our customers.37624860 Fax: +20-2 37485462 (Assoc. and play a leading role in the prosperity and development of Egypt and the countries in which we Mineral Services Manager: Company Profile: Inspection company 101 (sup) . in addition to its worldwide network of correspondents. BANQUE MISR will reach 700 (ATMs) covering all areas of the country. Albert Stockell Email: Albert.Stockell@sgs. SGS Egypt Ltd. Banque Misr was concerned about the establishment of companies in various fields.Egypt Tel: +20-2 3384 2811 Fax: +20-2 33823537 Email: sgs_egypt@sgs. Since 1920.sgs. tourism. housing. by the end of 2009. Mariouteya Road – El-Harraneya – Haram.Banque Misr 56 (A) Gameat El Dowal El Arabia Street. and has recently been granted an award by the Global Finance Treasury & Cash Management awards. general service. Agri and food. together with an international presence in France. industrial. The bank has formed large clientele base that mounted to 5. transportation. as the ‘Best provider of Money Market Funds for two successive years in Africa and the Middle East for the year 2009 and in the Middle East for the year 2008’.eg. Egypt Tel: +20-2 37485387 .7 million clients throughout its local 470 branches. aviation and cinema.Osman Bridge Ext. Yousef Hindi Email: Youssef. Banque Misr was established 90 years ago by the pioneer economist. Giza .) General Manager Head of Central Corporate & Syndicated Loans: Managing Director: Mr. in addi- tion to projects in the field of communication and information. Germany. The role played by Banque Misr is evident in all economic fields due to its geographic spread. Abdel Salam Kassem Email: Abdel. Lebanon. as the first bank fully owned by Egyptians.Hindy@sgs.kassem@sgs. and the United Arab Website: www. Its computing center operates via a unified network. and has continued to support all its activities at a steady rate. In addition. including spinning and weaving.Salam. Mohandeseen Gizah. BANQUE MISR has also established major investment funds in Egypt as part of diversified portfolios. insurance.

Egypt Tel: +20 2 27598300 Fax: +20 2 27598303 e-mail: info@echem-eg.470. Participate in the establishment and have their own projects and do everything for this purpose and all which will help to complete it. The shareholders in the company are the Arab Governments. (Assoc) 102 . 27 Al-Salam Str.E. Marketing of petrochemical products. and any companies or establishments nominated by these governments. Implementation and effectiveness of the national plan for the petrochemical industry in Egypt. Kuwait.Jordan Tel: +962 6 566 4175. • The capital of the company is KWD (54. United Arab Emirates and Iraq.000). The company currently invests in the eight projects in five Arab Chairman: H.O.000.000). Osama Kamal GM Secretariat General: Soha Kamal Ali Company profile The company undertakes all the activities of the petrochemical. Jordan (Assoc.armico. – Lotus district – New Cairo Cairo.000) (US$ 200.) Arab Mining Company P.The Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Co. Talal Al-Saadi Company profile: • In 1974 the resolution to establish the Arab Mining Company was taken by the Arab Economic Unity Council. The investments of the company in long term projects valued at 229 million KWD (US$ Website: www. The company aims at consolidating the Arab economic relations on basis of fruitful and constructive cooperation in order to utilize the mineral resources in economically diversified investment in productive and developmental projects.000. 566 3146 /8 /9 Fax: +962 6 5684114 Email: armico@armico. implements and follow-up the national plan for the development of this industry and the promotion of investment in the country and abroad. Haifaa Abdel-Hamid General Manager: Chairman: Eng.Box: 20198 Amman 11118 . The major shareholders are Saudi Arabia. Faraj Fahd Al-Mutairy Vice-Chairman: Mrs.

1. Algeria. General Manager: H. (AAAID) Chairman: H. Website: www. namely. the model presents an opportunity for fighting hunger. as at 1. was $555 million. It designed a program for dissemination of this system to small farmers. Bahrain. Egypt. United Arab Emirates.Switzerland Tel: +41 919 947 963 Mobile: +41 798 450 116 Email: lfranza@scbinv. The total amount of this investment activity. This can be achieved by cooperation with financial institutions and organizations concerned with food security and poverty alleviation. Technology Transfer: AAAID has succeeded in applying modern production technology packages and equipment.Sudan P. Syria. Jordan. Iraq. Sudan Telephone: 187096100-249+ Fax: +249-187096295 Email:info@aaaid. Mauritania.2009. was KD 100 million (about $364 million). Luca Franza Company Profile: SCB S. Fontana 14 6900 Lugano . Member countries: 20 shareholder countries. Qatar. 103 (sup) . as well as loans to support and develop some of the companies in which it has shareholdings.E. Chief Investment Officer: Mr.aaaid. Switzerland SCB S. Tunisia. Thus. Regional Office: P.E. including chemicals with a particular focus on the fertilizer industry.O. The most outstanding of these is the zero-tillage farming system which increased crop yield by 300%.Dubai United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 227 1616 Fax: +971 4 227 1588 Email: aaarabi@emirates. Lebanon. We research several industrial Morocco. SCB S. The paid-up capital. Mr. Agricultural Investment Activity: The agricultural investment activity of AAAID is composed of shareholdings in companies. establishing pilot projects to be followed by other investors.O. Somalia. Ali Bin Saeed Ali Al-Sharhan Company profile Capital: The authorized capital is KD 150 million. Kuwait.A. Number of companies: 25 existing companies. Ali Bin Saeed Ali Al-Sharhan. Palestine. and high net worth individuals on their equity investments. Saudi Arabia. It started implementing it and achieved impressively successful results. and 5 companies under implementation. as at the end of 2008. and Comoros. boosting rural development.A.A. advises The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Dev. Via D. Box 2102 Khartoum. Box: 51250 . Yemen.

com General Manager: Mr.ureaknowhow. Dubai UAE Tel: +971504278568 Fax: +97184481960 Email: irl@eim. 31 Mount Pleasant London WC1X 0AD England .com is the largest network in the urea industry. minerals. maintaining and operating urea (obs) Contacts: Group Company Profile: CRU has many year’s experience in the fertilizer sector gained through its fertil- . Sanjeev Rai Gupta Company profile: Marketing consultants for phosphates. Analysis ProductsFertilizers Mr Andrew Prince Tel: +44 20 7903 2120 Andrew. 6213BA (sup) Address: Cannerweg offers: • World’s largest urea E-Library • Round Table discussions • Biweekly a Technical Paper • A Gallery • A complete urea plant worldwide survey • A Job Portal • An Incident Database • Partnership with Chinese website Ureanet. UreaKnowHow. facilitate and promote the exchange of technical information in the urea industry with the target to improve its performance and safety. The Netherlands Tel: +31 6 295 76 845 Fax: +31 43 3 256 288 E-mail: • Partnership with Nitrogen & Syngas • Partnership with Stainless Steel • And much more 104 Intertrade Resources Limited Managing Director: Mr. UreaKnowHow.prince@crugroup. fertilizers and project promotion.O.UK Tel: +44 20 7903 2132 Fax: +44 20 7833 4973 Web site:www. Box:’s mission is to support. Mark Brouwer Company profile: Website: is an independent group of urea specialists with a long term experience in designing.The Netherlands U A E UreaKnowHow. Sup U K CRU International Ltd.crugroup. UreaKnowHow.

NPK fertilizers. * Conducting technical. * Convening internatioal and regional conferences. CRU is the world’s leading independent consultancy. Sydney and key centres in the United States and employs over 200 experts. * Having close relationships between AFA members and decision-makers concerned with fertilizer industry investment field. formerly known as British Sulphur Consultants. to suggest new topics and assist in drafting the common positions adopted by the Association. As well as covering fertilizers. industrial and environmental studies for the members benefit. 105 . Potash. Phosphates. * Providing periodical reports and print-outs concerned with fertilizers industry * AFA ordinary & Associate members have the opportunity to be represented on AFA General Assembly and participate in AFA committees. * Holding training courses and carrying out specialized case studies. * Benefiting from AFA members experience in the field of fertilizer industry through exchanging visits. AFA Membership Benefits AFA offers a large number of services to its members. including: * Providing supply and demand policies information on both regional and international levels. Beijing. Santiago. business analysis and conference provider. Sao Paulo. Mumbai. CRU’s fertilizer team covers the following areas: Nitrogen.izer division. * Providing information on new legislations and decisions related to fertilizer industry and environmental criteria. Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid. It is located in London.

62 ENPPI 63 ElSewedy Chemical Industries 45 El Watania for Mining & Quarries 45 Erksan Chemical Industries Co. CFI holding Pte. Centre (EFDC) Egyptian Assoc. -EBIC Egyptian Chemical Industries . 28 International Co. El Nasr Mining Company 14 16 73 44 87 87 74 82 35 15 62 55 46 74 75 74 58 69 48 102 57 11 41 101 53 90 51 68 39 81 70 69 104 76 42 53 17 18 19 100 76 93 16 19 20 El Nasr Co.Master A-Z Company Index An alphabetic listing of all companies Abu Qir Fertilizers Company (AFC) Abu Zaabal Fertilizer & Chemical Co. 84 Intertrade Resources Ltd. Ammonia Casale S. Ltd. Ltd. ASDCOAGRO AGRON For Agricultural Development Al-Dallah Group for Investment & Finance Al-Jubail Fert. 21 El-Sharkeia Co. & Ind.Ind. 73 Groupe Chimique Tunisien 37 GRANUPHOS 39 Gubre Fabrikalari T. 104 Jabareen Engineering & TRading Co.Ind. Egyptian Fertilizer Company Egyptian Fert.-ENPC Egypt Basic Industries Corp. Al-Anjel Co. (ARASCO) ASMIDAL spa BAPCO . for Pesticides & Fert. & Chem. Industries Abu Dhabi Fert. Co. CRU Int’l. Requirements Al Menofia for Fert. 98 Galaxy Group 63 Gavilon Fertilizer. For Phosphate & Mines 37 General Co. S.A.A. Agencies 76 Global Alliance Ltd. Export & Industry 45 Haldor Topsøe 47 Hagrpota For Trading & Distribution 77 Hagrpota For Import & Export 77 Helm Dungemittel GmbH 81 Heliopotasse 83 Helwan Fertilizers Co. for Chemical Industries 36 General Fertilizers Company 37 General Co. & Agric. (Easterna) 53 Emirates Trading Agency 89 Emirates Chemical Fertilizers Factory 59 Energya Steel Fabrication Co. for Agric. Dev. El-Nasr for Fert. For Fert. 89 Evergrow For Specialty Fertilizers 21 FAUJI Fertilizer Co. 93 ICEC Limited 81 Incitec Pivot Limited 73 Indo-Jordan Chemicals Co. Ltd.The Bahrain Petroleum Co. & Fertilizers 83 FORSA Shipping & Trading Co. 96 Global Petrochemical Marketing Co. Dev. Chemical & Mining Industries Co.A. 58 Haditha for Import. LLC 91 Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. Traders & Dist. &Chem. & Investment Al-Alamia for Fert. 22 Ibramar Shipping Co. for Fert. for Agric. Co. Co. Agro Supplies & Dev.KIMA Egyptian Financial & Industrial Co. 77 International Techno Chemical Est. (CFIh) Compagnie des Phosphates de Gafsa Compagnie Indo-Francaise de Commerce (CIFC) Compressor Controls Corporation Comspain XXI.LLC Chem. 66 Jordan Abyad Fert. and Chemicals Al-Fath Co.Services Co. 13 General Est. Est. 43 Ferphos Group .S. Abo-Ghaneima Fert. JAFCCO 26 Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. CT Corporation Egyptian Nitrogen Products Co.SOMIPHOS 12 FERTIAL 12 FERTILORE sas 81 First Ceena Co. Ltd. (AL-BAYRONI) Alexandria Fertilizers Co. For Trade Al Tahhan Inst. Ind. Agric. & Chem. Banque Misr Carbon Holdings CHS Inc. & Chem. 25 .CO. (ADFERT) Agricultural Machinery & Materials Co. & Chem. for Dev. Arab Mining Company Arabian Agric. Aqua Trust for Water Treatment Co. For Intermediate Chem. (ALEXFERT) Alexandria Engineering & Trading Services AI-Qawafel Ind. El-Ahram For Trading & Industry El Delta for Fert.

of Fert.L (CC) Libyan Norwegian Fertiliser Co.PICO Moukhtar Group of Shipping – M. (UAD) UreaKnowHow. Jordan Blending & Packing of Fert. S.MIDOR Misr Fertilizers Production Co.S. 64 ORASCOM Construction Industries 29 Petrochemical Industries Co. Oman-India Fertiliser Co. For Fert.A. (Saudi ARAMCO) SCB SA Sea Service for Stevedoring & Shipping Agents SGS Egypt Ltd. The Egyptian Salts & Minerals Co.. Co. Ind. Nitrate Co.I. Industries 27 71 Kimre. . 55 Jordan Modern Advanced Chemical 56 Industries (MANASEER) 83 Jordan Modern Trade Dev 93 KADMAR Group 77 Kayan For International Trade 70 KBR Technology KEMAPCO-Arab Fertilizers & Chem.SINCO Swiss Egyptian Tanking Co.Rawmatimpex s. T. 94 Mitchell JR Son Shipping Agency 66 Mitra SK Private Limited 84 MIDGULF International 85 Mitsubishi Corp. Corp. 94 Lasheen Plastic Industries 31 Lebanon Chemicals Co. of Fertilizer Industry/Northern Area State Company for Phosphate Sud-Chemie AG Suez Co. . Worms Alexandria Cargo Services Yara Int’l. for Fertilizers Production Suez Int’l. Co.l. Industries Sohoul Chemical Industries Co.G. 67 R&D Institute of Urea. Dev. Solex Thermal Sciemce Inc. Co. at Fayoum (EMISAL) Tiba for Trading and Agencies and Agriculture Development Toepfer Int’l. (TASWEEQ) 86 79 Queisna for Agric. Industry/ Southern Area State Co. 49 Methanol Chemical Co. Petroleum Co. Transfert FZCO Trimex International FZE Tunisia-Saudia Trading Company Uhde GmbH Union for Agricultural Dev.r. 85 Rawfert s. 94 70 NAQ Global Companies National Chemical Fert. Office Zagros Trading Enterprises 79 45 33 35 87 103 95 101 88 98 40 44 57 61 49 67 24 24 24 50 23 23 95 99 79 80 103 25 41 102 47 80 85 80 82 90 90 88 65 54 104 82 95 86 88 . 36 (IBN AL-BAYTAR) 100 National Societe Generale Bank Natrans Egypt For Transport & Logistics 95 Neelam Aqua & Speciality Chem Ltd.Johnson Matthey Catalysts 52 Jordan National Shipping Lines (JNSL) 96 Jordan Group For Shipping Agencies 96 97 Jordan Global Shipping Agencies 97 Jordan International Chartering Co. Russia Ruwais Fertilizer Industries (FERTIL) 40 61 ROTEX Global Samad Misr (Egyfert) Saudi Arabian Mining Co. 31 OCP S.QAFCO Qatar Int’l.A. Inc. Inv.a.a. 50 29 Nippon Jordan Fertilizer Co.C. ASA ME Rep.l. (SABIC) Saudi Arabian Fert. Ltd. The Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Co. (AAAID) The Arab Potash Company The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Vardhman Shipping Pvt. (SAFCO) Saudi Arabian Oil Co. Ltd. Technical Projects & IntI Co. Production 54 Modern Agriculture Co. Sprea Misr Stamicarbon bv State Co. Sharkia Trading Enterprise Sindbad Shipping & Transport Co. Societe Tunisienne D’Engrais Chimique Sohar Int’l Urea & Chem. (OMIFCO) 32 97 Orient Shipping Co. Co. MOPCO 22 42 Misr Phosphate Company MPCo 43 Mishraq Sulphur State Co.(LIFECO) 30 Mansoura For Resins & Chem. – Maaden Saudi Basic Ind. Amman Branch 57 Modern Co. & Dev.(TOPIC) Tecnogreen for Industrial Production The Arab Authority for Agric. Ltd. (CHEMANOL) 51 64 Middle East Star 43 Middle East Refinery . 78 Polyserve Fertilizers and Chemicals 33 Qatar Fertiliser Company . Asia Trade Link For Int’l Trade Tradex India Corporation Pvt.

‬‬‫ بناء القدرات ال�إدارية والفنية وتوفيرها بما يتنا�سب ومتطلبات الم�ستقبل‪.‬‬ ‫= لجنة ال�صحة وال�سلامة والبيئة لل�إتحاد‪:‬‬ ‫تت�ألف اللجنة من ال�سادة مدراء ال�صحة المهنية وال�سلامة فى ال�شركات العاملة �أع�ضاء الاتحاد‪.‬‬‫ ت�شجيع ودعم البحث العلمي ل�صناعة ال�أ�سمدة وا�ستخدامات ال�أ�سمدة ب�أنواعها‪.‬‬ ‫يهدف الاتحاد بوجه عام �إلى تن�سيق وتنمية وتطوير العلاقات الفنية والتجارية وال�إدارية فى مجال �صناعة ال�أ�سمدة‬ ‫وا�ستخداماتها بين ال�شركات ال�أع�ضاء ‪.‬‬ ‫ر�سالة الاتحاد‬ ‫الا�ستغلال ال�أمثل للموارد الطبيعية المتاحة وتحقيق �أعلى قيمة م�ضافة والم�ساهمة الفاعلة في التنمية ال�إقت�صادية‪.‬‬‫ الارتقاء بق�ضايا المعرفة والمعلوماتية و�آخر الم�ستجدات في هذا الاطار والتعاون الفني بين ال�شركات ال�أع�ضاء‪.‬‬ ‫يجمع الاتحاد بين الم�ؤ�س�سات وال�شركات العربية العاملة فى مجال �صناعة وتجارة ال�أ�سمدة والمجالات ذات العلاقة‪،‬‬ ‫وي�ضم فى ع�ضويته �أكثر من ‪� 178‬شركة ع�ضو يمثلون ‪ 35‬دولة‪.‬وير�أ�س اللجنة رئي�س من ال�أع�ضاء العاملون‪.‬‬ ‫= ال�أمانة العامة‬ ‫ويبا�شر ال�إتحاد ن�شاطاته و�أعماله بوا�سطة ‪-:‬‬ .‫الاتحاد العربى لل�أ�سمدة (هيئة عربية دولية) �أ�س�س عام ‪ 1975‬تحت مظلة مجل�س الوحدة ال�إقت�صادية العربية‪ ،‬ويعمل‬ ‫ب�صفة مراقب فى اجتماعات المجل�س ال�إقت�صادى والاجتماعي لجامعة الدول العربية‪.‬‬ ‫= �أهداف الاتحاد‬ ‫ ا�ستخدام �أف�ضل التكنولوجيا المتاحة لل�إنتاج ومواكبة التطور المعرفي في هذا المجال‪.‬‬ ‫= اللجنة ال�إقت�صادية لل�إتحاد ‪:‬‬ ‫ت�ضم اللجنة ممثلين من ال�شركات ال�أع�ضاء على م�ستوى المدير التجارى �أو م�ساعد المدير التجارى‪ .‬‬‫= مجل�س ال�إدارة‬ ‫= الجمعية العمومية‬ ‫= الجمعية العمومية ‪:‬‬ ‫ال�شركات والم�ؤ�س�سات �أع�ضاء ال�إتحاد‪:‬‬ ‫ال�أع�ضاء العاملون ‪ +‬ال�أع�ضاء المنت�سبون ‪ +‬ال�أع�ضاء المراقبون‬ ‫= ال�أمانة العامة ‪:‬‬ ‫ال�أمين العام يعاونه جهاز متفرغ من الموظفين طبق ًا للهيكل التنظيمى المعتمد من مجل�س �إدارة ال�إتحاد‪.‬‬ ‫= اللجنة الفنية لل�إتحاد ‪:‬‬ ‫ت�ضم اللجنة مممثلين من ال�شركات ال�أع�ضاء على م�ستوى المدير الفنى �أو العمليات �أو مدير الم�صانع �أو مدير ال�صيانة‬ ‫�أو البحوث والدرا�سات‪ .‬‬‫ ت�شجيع �إقامة ال�شركات الم�شتركة التكاملية في مجال �صناعة ال�أ�سمدة وفي مجال خدمات النقل وال�شحن والت�سويق‪.‬‬‫ تجنب ال�آثار البيئية والمخاطر العامة على ال�إن�سان والبيئة ب�شكل دائم‪.‬وير�أ�س اللجنة‬ ‫رئي�س من ال�أع�ضاء العاملين‪.

Ammonia Casale 4. Helwan Fertilizers Co.Company Country Page 1. UHDE 7. t. R & D Institute of Urea 6.i. GPIC Bahrain Egypt Switzerland Belgium Russia Germany Egypt 2.c. 5. 3. Union for Agric. Dev .

‫�شارع عمربن الخطاب‬ ‫مدينة ن�صر‬ 8109 : .O.‫ حدائق رامو‬9 ‫ طريق الن�صر‬. : (+20 2) 24172347 Fax : (+20 2) 24173721 (+20 2) 24172350 E-mail: info@afa.afa. Box : 8109 NasrCity (11371) Cairo .Egypt Tel.‫القاهرة‬ )+20 2( 24172347 : ‫تليفون‬ )+20 2( 24172350 )+20 2( 24173721 : ‫فاك�س‬ General Secretariat Arab Fertilizers Association 9 Ramo Buildings .‫ب‬.eg web site: Floor Omar Ben Khattab .Al Nasr Road Nasr City P.‫ال�أمانة العامة‬ ‫لل�إتحاد العربى لل�أ�سمدة‬ ‫ الدور الثانى‬.‫�ص‬ )11371( ‫مدينة ن�صر‬ ‫ جمهورية م�صر العربية‬.

‫ال�سيد الدكتور حممد عبد الرحمن الرتكيت‬ ‫ ‬ ‫ال�سيد املهند�س‪� /‬أحمد الهادي عون‬ ‫ال�سيد املهند�س علي �صالح ال�صغري‬ ‫ ‬ ‫ال�سيد الدكتور�سيد طه �أبو زيد‬ ‫ال�سيد الدكتور حممد عبد ال�سالم اجلبلي‬ ‫ال�سيد املهند�س حلمي عمر‬ ‫ال�سيد املهند�س عبد املنعم عقيل‬ ‫ال�سيد املهند�س �أحمد مو�سى �أبوزيد‬ ‫ال�سيدة الكيميائية �صفاء عزيز عبد املالك‬ ‫ال�سيد الدكتور حممد الوكيل‬ ‫الكويت‬ ‫ليبيا‬ ‫ال�سيد املهند�س فكرت حممد احلايك‬ ‫الدكتور غ�سان حمداهلل‬ ‫ال�سيد املهند�س �سامح مدين‬ ‫الأ�ستاذ الدكتور منري جميل الرو�سان‬ ‫اململكة االردنية الها�شمية‬ ‫جمهورية م�صر العربية‬ ‫ال�سيد املهند�س �سيف �أحمد الغفلي‬ ‫الإمارات العربية املتحدة‬ ‫مملكة البحرين‬ ‫ال�سيد الدكتور م�صطفى ال�سيد‬ ‫ال�سيد املهند�س على حمدي‬ ‫اجلمهورية التون�سية‬ ‫اجلزائر‬ ‫ال�سيد يو�سف زهيدى‬ ‫‪Mr. Muhammad Ateeq URahman Malik‬‬ ‫‪Mr. Taher Saleem‬‬ ‫املغرب‬ ‫باك�ستان‬ ‫ال�سيد املهند�س حممد الهادي بريم‬ ‫ال�سيد الدكتور علي امل�صمودي‬ ‫اال�ستاذ الدكتور عبد الرحمن بن �إبراهيم احلميد‬ ‫ال�سيد الدكتور عبد العزيز حامد عبد القادر‬ ‫اململكة العربية ال�سعودية‬ .

‬‬‫ع�ضو مراقب (غير عربي)‪:‬‬ ‫ ال�شركات الهند�سية غير العربية التي تعمل في مجال ت�صميم �أو تنفيذ م�شاريع ال�أ�سمدة المعدنية وخاماتها‪.‬‬‫ ال�ش��ركات غير العربي��ة التي تعمل في المجال��ات ال�إقت�صادية والتنموية ذات ال�صلة ب�صناع��ة ال�أ�سمدة المعدنية‬‫وخاماتها‪.‫فئات الع�ضوية فى الاتحاد‬ ‫ع�ضو عامل (عربي) ‪:‬‬ ‫ال�شركات والم�ؤ�س�سات العربية العاملة في �صناعة و�إنتاج ال�أ�سمدة المعدنية وخاماتها النيتروجينية‪ ،‬الفو�سفاتية‪،‬البوتا�سية‬ ‫والكبريت‪.‬‬ ‫ ال�شركات غير العربية التي تعمل في �إنتاج ال�أ�سمدة المعدنية وخاماتها و�إنتاج المعدات والكيماويات وم�ستلزمات‬‫�صناعة ال�أ�سمدة والتي تحت ال�إن�شاء لحين ال�إنتاج التجاري‪.‬‬ ‫ال�شركات العربية المنتجة لل�أ�سمدة‪ .‬‬ ‫ع�ضو موازر‪:‬‬ ‫مراكز البحوث في �صناعة الا�سمدة المعدنية وال�شركات العاملة في تجارة ال�أ�سمدة وم�ستلزماتها الزراعية وانتاج عبوات‬ ‫البلا�ستيك و�شركات النقل و�شحن ال�أ�سمدة وخاماتها‪.‬‬ .‬‬ ‫ال�شركات الهند�سية العربية التي تعمل في مجال ت�صميم �أو تنفيذ م�شاريع ال�أ�سمدة المعدنية وخاماتها‪.‬‬ ‫ع�ضو اخت�صا�ص‪:‬‬ ‫ال�أفراد�أ�صح��اب الخب��رة والاخت�صا���ص في المجال��ات ذات العلاقة ب�صناعة ال�أ�سم��دة وخاماته��ا وا�ستخداماتها من غير‬ ‫ال�شركات ال�أع�ضاء وال�شخ�صيات والم�سئولين‪.‬‬‫ال�ش��ركات والم�ؤ�س�سات ال�صناعية العربية التي تعمل في المجال��ات ال�إقت�صادية والتنموية وتطوير ا�ستخدامات‬‫ال�أ�سمدة المعدنية وخاماتها‪.‬‬ ‫ع�ضو منت�سب‪( :‬عربي)‬ ‫ال�شركات والم�ؤ�س�سات العربي��ة والغرف التجارية وال�صناعية التي تعمل في مجال �إنتاج الكيماويات والمعدات‬‫وم�ستلزمات الت�صنيع و�أية منتجات و�سيطة ل�صناعة ال�أ�سمدة وخاماتها‪.‬وخاماتها في طور الت�أ�سي�س وال�إن�شاء‪.‬‬ ‫والله الموفق‬ ‫الدكتور �شفيق ال�أ�شقر‬ ‫ال�أمي ــن العـ ــام‬ ‫والله الموفق‪،،‬‬ ‫‪2011/1/1‬‬ ‫القاهرة‪:‬‬ .‬‬ ‫الدليل من�شور على موقع الاتحاد بال�شبكة الدولية للمعلومات (ال�إنترنت)‬ ‫‪www.‬‬ ‫وعليه‪ ،‬نتمنى ل�صناعة ال�أ�سمدة قفزة �إ�ضافية في نمو وازدهار هذه ال�صناعة وتجارتها‪.‫م��ع اش��راقـة العـ��ام الجـديـــد وفــ��ي ضــوء التطـــور‬ ‫الواضـــ��ح والـــ��دور الكبي��ر ال��ذي تلعب��ه صناعة الأس��مدة على‬ ‫المس��تويين الاقليمي والدولي ف��ي دفع عجلة التنمية المس��تدامة‬ ‫والمس��اعدة في توفير الغذاء لملايين الب�ش�ر‪ ،‬ي�سعد ال�أمانة العام�ة �أن ت�ضع بين‬ ‫�أيديك�م دلي�ل ال�أع�ضاء لعام ‪ 2011‬ال�ذي �أ�صبح مرجعا هام ًا للعاملي�ن في حقل �صناعة‬ ‫وتج�ارة ال�أ�سم�دة والقطاع�ات ال�أخ�رى ذات العلاقة مع ما ي�شه�ده الاتحاد م�ن زيادة في‬ ‫�أع�ضائه حيث تجاوز عدد �أع�ضائه ‪� 180‬شركة يمثلون ‪ 37‬دولة عربية و�أجنبية‪.afa.

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