WorldView 3

Unit 10 On the other hand
1 Pairs. Practice the conversation. Then switch roles. A: Oh! (1) Are you left-handed? B: Yes . . . (2) What about you?

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A: Well, (3) I'm ambidextrous. I write with my left hand and I use my right hand for sports. B: I (4) use my right hand for playing tennis, but not baseball. A: Can you (5) draw with your right hand? B: Yes, (6) but I can't use scissors with my right hand. Can you? A: (7) Sure I can. That's a piece of cake for me. B: Well, (8) it's really challenging for me!

2 PAIRS. Use the substitutions in the box to create a new conversation. Practice the conversation. Then switch roles.

For example,
A: Oh! Can you speak German? B: Yes . . . How about you?

Student A
(1) Can you speak German? (3) I can't speak it very well. I took a few classes. (5) write in German (7) Not really. Writing in German is tough for me.

Student B
(2) How about you? (4) can speak it fluently. I lived in Germany when I was young. (6) I can (8) it's pretty straightforward

3 PAIRS. Role-play the conversation. Use your own words for the underlined parts. Then switch roles.

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