-“Four Seasons” reservation, this is James speaking. May I help you with a reservation today? -Yes, I´d like to ask about room availability on date 26th and 27th -For which location mum? There are fifty-eight (58) “Four Seasons” Hotels and Resorts worldwide, in over twenty-seven (27) countries. -Oh I see it! Of course! -In fact, we have approximately fourteen thousands, eight hundred and fifty rooms (14.850) and we employ twenty-six thousands (26.000) people. -Wow! That is very impressive! -So, which “Four Seasons” can I check for you today mum? -Miami. -Ok. Miami, yes mum, and that is for you said the 26th and 27th -Right, the 26th and 27th of May, yes, it’s for our fifth (5th) wedding anniversary and we’d like to reserve a suite -Excellent choice mum, there is an absolutely perfect suite overlooking Miami beach, it’s the premier suite. -Wow! An ocean view! And how much does the premier suite cost? -Let me check… ok, it goes for thirteen hundred (1.300) Dollars a night. -Well, maybe we don’t need an absolutely perfect suite, perhaps just a nice room. -Yes, certainly mum, we have a deluxe double room, for just five hundred and fifty (550) Dollars a night. I’m sure you’ll be very comfortable there. -Does it have an ocean view? -No, I’m sorry mum, it does not. -Well, yes, it is our anniversary and I know Peter will be very happy.

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