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Published by: Karthikeyan on May 26, 2009
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IT may have been that the fore-fathers saw it in the mountains. Or it may have been
elsewhere. Somewhere it came to the Hindu mind that the beauty of snowpeaks and
moonlight, and standing water, was different from all other loveliness of colour and
profusion and many-channelled scene.

It was as though Nature, the great Mother, were clothed in raiment of green,
broidered with birds and flowers and fruits, and veiled in blue, adorned with many
jewels, and yet as if, amidst all the restless pomp and clamour of her glory, would
shine through now and then, a hint of something different. Something white and
austere and pure; something compelling quiet; something silent and passionless, and
eternally alone. Even the beauty of the world, then, suggested a twofold essence.
Wherever the Hindu looked, he found this duality repeated,--light and shadow,
attraction and repulsion, microcosm and macrocosm, cause and effect. Nay, he
looked into human life

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