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Published by: Karthikeyan on May 26, 2009
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stepped unwittingly on the body of Her Husband. Her foot is on His breast. He has
looked up, awakened by that touch, and They are gazing into each other's eyes. Her
right hands are raised in involuntary blessing, and Her tongue makes an exaggerated
gesture of shyness and surprise, once common to Indian women of the villages.

And He, what does He see? To Him, She is all beauty--this woman nude and terrible
and black, who tells the name of God on the skulls of the dead, who creates the
blood-shed on which demons fatten, who slays rejoicing and repents not, and
blesses Him only that lies crushed beneath Her feet.

Her mass of black hair flows behind Her like the wind, or like time, "the drift and
passage of things." But to the great third eye even time is one, and that one, God.
She is blue almost to blackness, like a mighty shadow, and bare like the dread
realities of life and death. But for Him there is no shadow. Deep into the heart

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