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Published by: Karthikeyan on May 26, 2009
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[paragraph continues] Ram Prasad, the great Bengali poet of the Motherhood of
God. Not a century has passed since a crowd stood with him by the Ganges-side,
listening to his recital of his own finest work. As he pronounced the last words the
old man exclaimed, "It is achieved," and on the moment died. It was not death. It
was translation. And the people feel that it happened yesterday.

He had begun life as a book-keeper, and no doubt tried, when he remembered them,
to perform his duties faithfully. But when at the end of a week his employer called
for his books, he found on the first page a sonnet beginning--"Mother! make me
thine accountant. I shall never prove defaulter," and verses scribbled all over the
accounts. One cry, "Mother! Mother!" rang through every line, and as the Hindu
does not live who cannot understand a religious freak, his genius was recognised at
once. A small pension was settled on him, and he was set free from wage earning
for the rest of his life.

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