RSA tour of Sri Lanka Third T20 South Africa will surely try to take revenge in the upcoming

T20 matches with Sri Lanka. I am interested to predict the outcomes of these matches. I am using KP Horary to give these predictions. Rule is that the sub lord of the 6th house should be strong connection with 1, 3, 6, 10 and 11 houses for victory otherwise defeat. Ascendant will reflect the favorite team and 7th house the opponent. Tomorrow’s match will start at 19:00 IST. The following the Horary map in favor of RSA.

Saturn is in 11th house in Rahu star. It seems to me stars are in favor of Sri Lanka. Good Luck to both the teams. This is negative for RSA. She is in 10th house in own star and Saturn sub. .Here sub lord of the 6th house is Venus. Hence Venus is strongly connected with 7-10-12 house at sub level. Moon will be transiting in Mercury star.

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