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Monday, August 05, 2013 L&T Infotech Proprietary Page 1 of 6

Project ID: E6806 Project Name: BW FSS Operations Issue: Requests not getting deleted from the Change Log table. ZFIPOTMO. August 05. Affected Data targets: GWFDGL03. 2013 L&T Infotech Proprietary Page 2 of 6 . MSD00001 Finding: The below selection is given for deleting the request in the change Log table: Monday.

2013 L&T Infotech Proprietary Page 3 of 6 . Currently we have 7 requests in the change log table for ZFIPOTMO which are to be deleted Monday. August 05.This results in the successful completion of the job but the request continues to exist in the change log table.

Action Taken: We tried deleting them from the change log database table as shown in the below screenshot: First We tried deleting the red request. 2013 L&T Infotech Proprietary Page 4 of 6 . which was successfully deleted Monday. August 05.

Later We tried deleting a request in green and even that was deleted successfully. 2013 L&T Infotech Proprietary Page 5 of 6 . Monday. August 05.

Note: When We checked these 3 affected targets against the targets for which the change log was successfully deleted. The requests in the changelog can be deleted manually from the Change log database table Monday. ZFIPOTMO and MSD00001) was not datamarted to the reporting layer. August 05. it was observed that the data in these 3 data targets(GWFDGL03. 2013 L&T Infotech Proprietary Page 6 of 6 . Conclusion: The Change Log deletion cannot be performed in background (Via process chain or executing a job in background) for the data targets for which the data is not data marted. it appears as Request updated in data target: we have given the selection as Only Successfully Booked/Updated Requests Hence the requests were not getting deleted when executed in the background. because of which the status of the requests in the change log table appears to be Request not updated to any data target using delta Whereas in other successful data targets.