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GPRS Call Flow

GPRS Call Flow

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Published by Anees Peerzada
GPRS Call Flow Diagram
GPRS Call Flow Diagram

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Published by: Anees Peerzada on Aug 05, 2013
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GPRS Attach

1. Attach Request 2. Security Procedure 3. Security Procedure 4. Update Location 5. Insert Subscriber Data



6. Insert Subscriber Data Ack 7. Update Location ack.

Activate PDP Context APN 2. Create PDP Context Request 5. Create PDP Context Response IP Address 8. DNS Query APN 3 .Authentication/accounting response 7 . DNS Response GGSN IP Address 4 . Activate PDP Context Accept IP Address .PDP Context activation: MS BSS SGSN DNS GGSN RADIUS 1.Authentication/accounting request. 6.

DNS Response IP Address of DNS2 5.PDP Context activation – In Roaming AIRTEL MS BSS SGSN DNS1 GRX DNS GRX GRX IP BACKBONE Roaming Partner DNS2 GGSN 1. Create PDP Context Request 10. Activate PDP Context Accept IP Address IP Address . Activate PDP Context APN 2. DNS Response 7 . DNS Query 6 . DNS Query 3. Create PDP Context Response 9 . DNS Query APN 4 . DNS Response GGSN IP Address GGSN IP Address 8 .

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