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ES feb 13(2)

ES feb 13(2)

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Published by: D ARUL KUMARESAN on Aug 05, 2013
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S FEB 2013
(ROUGH SKETCH) 1.toogle switch to move in same direction 2.cb,ce,cc 3.wire bundle 4.6:1 5.to measure high frequency low current. Thermocouple type 6.oscillator diagram. hartly and collpits 7.instrument diagram.wattmeter? 8.primary bonding ? 9.wind shield sensor. Fitted inside 10.bending of co axial cable.10 times of outside dia 11.fault in continues loop fire detector. Dent ,knick 12.in dark area spark visible is carona discharge 13.capacitor has high leakage and high rating.ceramic? 14.address bus and data bus 15.mtcs a.monostable b. bistable 16.coaxial cable supported at .2ft 17.cable coding 18.flap load relief system 19.rccb but off when 20.aircraft load deviation system.2degree 21.inter poles 22.copper jumper used 23.rain repallent system 24.white deposit on nickel cadmium battery 25.ESDS aircraft component removed from

26.cable passing through pressure area 27.thermal runaway in battery 28.cooling of IDG 29.heat of CSD is find by 30.magnetic flux equation derivation. kg m^2v^2A^-1 31.light used is flood light 32.ohm meter reading in open capacitor 33.same switch 34.flexible metal conduit 35.yellow disc discharge indicates 36.schematic diagram 37.selection of wire 38.generator load can be divided by 39.electrically controlled by operated value is

40.CB. in magneto connected between 41.transformer work in low frequency 42.when generator fail static inverter get power from 43.external T.R.U supply to.D. C relay and d.c consumers 44.low resistance and short 45.smoke detector system 46.power of armature current*back emf 47.resistor colour code =armature



under voltage protection and.word lenoard? 60.com www.intensity of navigation light 62.S FEB 2013 48.air from compressor 58.E..rjworld.rjworld.cb and thermal cb.problem a..capacitor type fire detector 56.com . 00011101 57.p.7500 55.+NAND and -NOR 61.com 2|Page www.chip with clock pulse Submitted by: Angel www.10000 b.2500 c.may d be c.ram is.diff between mag.diagram with diodes.excess 3code of 12=0100 0101 52.. of time delay thermal switch 49.arrow is connected to negative and bar is connected to positive is reverse bias 51.not the function of commutator 53.in m. 59.most accurate method of frequency measurement .dia. 54.... 50.rjworld.

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