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Artist Spotlight

Meet Our Summer Guest Teachers

Stacey is in her seventh season with North Atlanta Dance Theatre.Stacey began training in Miami, Florida under the direction of Lynne Dresson, Gloria Gaither and Victoria Leigh. She spent her summers training at The Houston Ballet Academy. After attending and graduating from The Harid Conservatory, Stacey joined The Sarasota Ballet of Florida as a company member. She has also danced professionally with Ballet Eddy Toussaint USA, Ballet Memphis, and Atlanta Ballet, in addition to performing with The Sarasota Opera. Stacey is currently on the faculty of North Atlanta Dance Academy. She enjoys teaching ballet to students of all ages. Stacey is the proud mother of three-year old Maren!

Stacey Slichter

Lauren Lorentz de Haas

A North Carolina native, began her training in Fayetteville with Josephine von Strasnicsak. She studied ballet at Virginia Intermont College in Bristol, VA and North Carolina School of the Arts. An anthropology graduate of UNC, she received her MA in dance from UNC-Greensboro with recognized credits from American Dance Festival. Ms. Lorentz de Haas has been teaching ballet for over 30 years. She founded the Triangle Youth Ballet to serve the needs of young aspiring dancers and has served as director since 1995.

Christine Grider
Performed with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Memphis Concert Ballet and was a soloist with Ballet Memphis. Christine has taught Ballet, Pointe, Repertory and Creative Movement in Pittsburgh with the Pittsburgh Youth Ballet, Ballet Memphis and at the Triangle Youth Ballet. She has served as Associate Artistic Director for Triangle Youth Ballet since 2003. Amanda is a scholarship graduate of the NC School of the Arts with a BFA in Contemporary Dance Performance. Amanda was on faculty at East Carolina University from 2002-2005, served as a guest artist for the South Carolina Governors School in 2001, as well as the SERBA Festival in 2004 and has served as the company jazz instructor and choreographer at the NC Academy of Dance Arts in Greenville for almost 10 years. Amanda served as a teacher and faculty member at Wilmington School of Ballet and Danceworks for several years locally. She is currently on faculty at the prestigious Arendell Parrott Academy in Kinston.

Elizabeth Fuller
Elizabeth began her dance training at Linda Kinlaw School of Dance in North Carolina, continuing on with Brandon Ballet, The Rock School, and Sarasota Ballet of Florida. She attended Cincinnati Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati as a ballet major for one year. She then left and danced professionally with Omaha Theater Ballet , Albano Ballet, and Atlanta Festival Ballet. She has performed with Wilmington Ballet Company and Carolina Ballet and has been on faculty at the Wilmington School of Ballet. Currently she is performing with Birmingham Ballet and is trained in IM=X iPlates.

Amanda Oakley Hort

Summer Intensive 2013

July 8th-August 3rd
Classes Monday- Thursday for Levels 3/4 thru 9/10 in: Ballet Pointe/Pre-Pointe Contemporary Variations & Repertoire Character Stretch & Strength Guest Artists Workshops every Friday & Saturday


Improving Pelvic Alignment: Part 30
By: Jennifer L. Deckert, M.F.A., University of Wyoming Research based conclusions regarding pelvic alignment: Technique class alone does not always improve pelvic alignment. The addition of Pilates-based and Somatics-based exercises leads to improvement in some individuals. Pelvic alignment is highly variable and changes from day to day for each dancer. Neutral pelvic alignment is different for each dancer. Improvements in pelvic alignment can occur in a very short period of time as a result of improved awareness, muscle recruitment and motor control. Specic exercises to integrate into the dancers daily routine: Increase abdominal strength; strong abdominals provide support for nding and maintaining a neutral pelvis. Stretch hip exors, if they have become excessively tight from years of anterior pelvic tilt. Stretching them on a daily basis will allow the pelvis to settle into a more neutral position. Pelvic Clock provides a rst step toward improvement by increasing awareness of pelvic alignment: Lying on your back with knees bent and feet on the oor, tip the pelvis through full range of motion starting at 12 oclock with the navel and lower back pressed to the oor and moving through to 6 oclock as the waist rises off the oor and the tailbone is the only part of the spine contacting the oor. Make certain not to miss any point of the clock, and repeat in a counterclockwise circle. This exercise forces you to explore the full range of motion available in the pelvis and nd a neutral pelvic alignment.

Pre-k recitals

When: June 10-15, 2013 Where: Wilmington School of Ballet In-Studio Stage Time: During Your Childs Regularly Scheduled Class Invite your friends and family to come and watch your princess shine on her big day. Please wear a pink leotard, pink tights & pink ballet shoes as your childs costume is built to go over these items. Try to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class to allow time for staff to dress 0 students in their costumes! Costumes and a special surprise will go home with your dancer at the conclusion of their recital 0 Remember to bring your camera!

Skittles Summer Camp

Horseback Riding Swimming Mayfaire Movies on the Town No Sleeves Magic Shows Nature/Historical Hikes Exclusive Museum Tours

Pre-K & Level 1/2 Summer Study

Princess & Fairytale Classes June 24-August 2, 2013 Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Princess Camps

Skittles Kids Summer Camp offers students 11 weeks of June 17-August 9, 2013 enrichment & fitness activity. Providing both interesting & 9 am-1pm educational field trips each morning & unique fitness & art programming in the afternoons. Our campers participate in yoga, Week long camps feature-dancing, music, dress-up, story pilates, aerobic dance, ballet & group fitness classes. Our staff time, crafts, bounce castle, spa fun & a special uses the acclaimed SPARK Afterschool Curriculum to lead fitness performance for family & friends! & group activities with fun games & challenges.

See Office For Registration-Camp Starts June 10th!

Hammerheads Dance Camp July 29-August 9, 2013
Come & study this summer with the official dance team of the Wilmington Hammerheads! Participants will get to perform at one of the games!