Building Strong Brand

K.Divya JNTUH-126

term. symbol or design to identify the goods or services and to differentiate them from those of the competitors”  Branding is the process of stamping or giving a product with some identifying name or mark or symbol or combination of these.Brand  Brand is “a name.  Involves all the activities that are necessary to nurture a brand into a healthy cash flow stream for the company after launch 2 .

Functions of branding  Product Differentiation  Advertisement  Better Quality of Goods  Protection of Goods  Protection of Consumer Interest  Bridge Between Seller and Buyer 3 .

A Brand is any. Coca-Cola Coke 4 ...

The Role of Brands Identify the maker Simplify product handling Organize accounting Offer legal protection 5 .

Uniform Price Status Packaging 6 . 3. 4. Indication of Source Easy to Shop Consistent Quality Psychological Satisfaction 5.To Consumers: 1. 7. 6. 2.

Brand Elements Brand names Slogans URLs Elements Logos Characters Symbols 7 .

Creating the brand  Choosing brand name  Developing rich associations and promises  Manage customer brand contacts to meet and exceed customer expectations 8 .

Brand Naming Individual names Blanket family names Separate family names Corporate name-individual name combo 9 .

g.  be attractive  stand out among a group 10 .: Easy-Off) or suggest usage (note the tradeoff with strong trademark protection)  suggest the company or product image  distinguish the product's positioning relative to the competition.Characteristics of Good Brand Names A good brand name should:  be protected (or at least protectable) under trademark law  be easy to pronounce  be easy to remember  be easy to recognize  be easy to translate into all languages in the markets where the brand will be used of other brands  attract attention  suggest product benefits (e.

Advantages of Branding  Enhances Product Recognition  Helps Build Brand Loyalty  Helps With Product Positioning  Aids in Introduction of New Products  Builds Brand Equity 11 .

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