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Laboratory Results

Laboratory Results

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Published by Isabella Hosana
Lab Results
Lab Results

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Published by: Isabella Hosana on Aug 05, 2013
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Laboratory Results

Diagnostic Imaging Department Ultrasound of the whole MMA Abdomen (7/27/13) The Liver is normal in size and contour with homogenous parenchymal echogenicity. The hepatic margins are smooth. No focal solid or cystic lesion seen. The intrahepatic bile ducts are intact. The common bile duct is not dilated measuring 0.3 cm in its widest visualized proximal diameter. The gallbladder is not enlarged measuring 4.9x20 cm(LxAP).The walls are not thickened. No intraluminal lithiasis or abnormal echo seen. The pancreas and spleen are normal in size and parenchymal echogenicity. No focal lesion seen. The parenchymal duct is not dilated. Right kidney – 9.3 x 4.3 x 3.9 cm (LxWxAP) Cortical thickness of 1.0 cm Left kidney – 9.4 x 4.2 x 3.0 cm (LxWxAP) Cortical thickness of 1.1 cm The kidneys are normal in size and contour. The renal parenchyma is homogenous and the cortices are not thinned out bilaterally. The bilateral pelvocalyces are not dilated. There is a 1.4 – Shadowing high intensity echo in the middle calyx of the right kidney. The urinary bladder is well-distended, the walls are intact. No intravesical lithiasis or compressive mass effect seen. The prostate is normal in size measuring 2.5 x 3.9 x 2.0 cm and weighs 11 grams. There is no asymmetry of the peripheral margins. There are concretions in the inner gland. Negative for ascites Impression: Nephrolithiasis, right Normal liver, biliary tree, gallbladder, pancreas, Left kidney and urinary bladder ultrasonically. Normal-sized prostate with inner gland concretions.

0% 0.01-0.04 0.08 150 .450 Analysis Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal .70 0.0–10 x10^g/L 13.5 Analysis Normal Normal Normal Normal Hematology Report (7/26/13) WBC HGB HCT Differential Count: Segmenter Eosinophils Basophils Lymphocytes Monocytes PLT Result 5.4 41 0.5 134 4.00-0.20-0.97 13.30 0.0–180 x10^g/L 39.3 Normal Value 65 – 120 umol Up to 40 umol 135 .4 IU/L Normal Value: 0-24 IU/L Test: TROPONIN I Result: Negative Blood Chemistry Report (07/26/13) Creatinine SGPT/ALT Sodium Potassium Result 99 20.60-0.44 0.01 0.155 3.09 155 Normal Value 5.Cardiac Panel Report Examination Requested: trop i ckmb Test: CPKMB Result: 15.01 0.6 – 5.06 0.40 0.0-54.02-0.

Diagnostic Imaging Department Chest X-ray – AP view There is a mild accentuation of the pulmonary vascular markings The trachea is slightly shifted to the right The heart is not enlarged transversely The aortic knob is calcified The hemi diaphragms are flattened The costopheric sulci are shallow There are spurs in the margins of the vertebral bodies The rest of the soft and osseous structures are unremarkable Impression: Cardiomegaly with mild pulmonary congestive changes Atherosclerotic Aorta Degenerative osteophytes.thoracic spine. .

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