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Eid Mubarak?

Eid Mubarak - what a strange day,

where we all go out to play.

fasting has gone,

normal lives are back on.

when we go back to the same old routine,

ignorance wide-spread - a familiar scene.

so what has been achieved?

have we truly believed?

the threatened Hour is nigh

it will be but a single Cry.

A Day when the heaven with the clouds will be rent asunder...
then, no protection, will we be under,

except that of Allahs: the Majestic, the Exalted!

but are we really ready, to be confronted?

with all our deeds to be shown;

that will be, when the Trumpet is blown.

when the whole of humankind will be raised from the dead,

and be questioned, about all that they did and said.

have we prepared for that Day?

what are we going to say?

it is now the time,

a chance to stop our crime,

so let us read the Quran, the Wise Book,

for it is the Criterion, worth more than just a look.

read it, and take its meaning to heart,

right now not tomorrow, make a start,

take it to be your guide,

it will help you in every stride,

..but it is a Glorious Quran, if only you knew,

how sad that nobody realizes, except a few.

in truth, a guidance for humankind,

but most of them turn away, as if they are blind.

a revelation from the Lord of Creation,

but how many read it, with reflection?

fortunate are the few who follow it with sincerity,

Paradise is theirs - a Gift from the Almighty.

so good tidings to those who read it and follow it!

and a warning to those who ignore it or neglect it.
And the Messenger will say: "O my Lord! Indeed, my people deserted this Quran"
[Meaning of the Quran 25:30]

By Zishan