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The US nation today represents a multifaceted threat to peace-loving countries around the world.

This is because US economic leadership or performance is unravelling causing the fascist clique in the US to emerge from the shadows to stamp its authority with its big tentacles. It has resulted in at least fifteen ways the US is seen as a deadly threat to many other nations. The most obvious one is its huge war machine which is rated number 1. No past fascist power was ever this deadly. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Huge genocidal war machine that obeys no international laws Fondness for endless war rehearsals which are highly provocative Constant threats of applying NFZ against other countries Endless testing of missiles, rockets, and hypersonic projectiles Unilateral / constant use of deadly and abominable drone strikes Sowing destruction in the Third World creating big refugee masses Employing global media and State Dept to churn out propaganda Manipulating market commodities like gold, silver and crude oil Hatching new trade blocs like the sinister TPP for future trade wars Building military bases right up to foreign shores and borders Mega sales of advanced hi-tech weaponry to allies and minions Conducting unprecedented global espionage and cyber intrusions Secretly modifying the atmosphere through the HAARP project Bald threats via economic and political blackmail plus sanctions Pursuing doomsday weapons like death-rays, lasers, EMP missiles