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Hello to The Offspring!

We are concerned that perhaps one of the reasons why you have not answered our YouTube questions is because the questions seem difficult to understand. With the help of Suzy and Carol, I have organized this document so you can read them over and easily prepare your answers. We hope that this will make answering our questions more convenient and efficient for you. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! Sincerely, Dianne Eibner, Suzy Tilley, Carol Costa & The Offspring Underground.

Adam from Trent NJ: He wants to know what is the most memorable thing a fan has done to get your attention and what would you want someone to do? Farid Ismail from France: What happened to the songs, Pass Me By and Its All Good. What happened to making a music video for Turning Into You he offers his directorial skills if you need a director. He wants to know if you take drugs because he doesnt want you to end up like Elvis and advises you make an album with sense. And what happened with the title Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides The Bomb to Hell, why did you name a song like that? What happened to Ron Welty? Hed like to know because it is part of Offspring history. Why is Dexter always wearing sunglasses?

Magda from Poland: Do you like to receive presents from fans? Which is the most surprising and funniest gift you ever received? For Dexter: 1) You write awesome lyrics and I think you really like song writing. Do you prefer write about serious or funny things? 2) Guys, you played many versions of "Gone Away". Which is your favorite? Original album version, piano version or duet with Emily Armstrong from Dead Sarah? For Noodles: 1) You are looking really hot now. Could you reveal your recipe for great look? 2) I think such a handsome guy must be adored by girls. Do you think you have more female fans than Dexter?

For Greg: According to you, which is the most crappy song in whole Offspring's carrier and why? For Pete: You are new drummer in the band. Do you have had any difficulty playing really old stuff? Eric Larson: Are you guys going to release a collection of rarities and more obscure songs like Huck It, Mission from God, and covers like Hey Joe? Haili and Kaz (Two Labrador Crosses) Would you consider starting an airline for pets so we can travel safer? Dianne from Toronto: How would you like to make something sweet rather than hot because she cant eat spicy food and is really sad that she cant eat Gringo Bandito. Would you make your next CD case out of cardboard so she can stop breaking the plastic ones she has? Are there any books, movies or music that you would recommend in order to expand ones horizons? She also suggested that Greg K let Melyssa K interview him because she would be really good at it. Katrina from Montreal: She has seen you 12 times and is only 25 years old. She wants to thank Dexter for recognizing her at a show. She also suggests that Greg K do an interview with Melyssa K because everyone will have a great time watching it, Melyssa is funny and she has great questions. Would you ever release an acoustic CD because when she saw you do the piano version of Gone Away and how great it sounded; would you perform other songs like that? Is it a coincidence that you have not been back to Montreal in the winter time? As a nurses assistant, she was tending to a patient and as she leaned over his face he woke up to see her Offspring necklace dangling in his face. He knew what it was and said it was it really cool and then passed out. Would you make hospital scrubs with the Offspring logo on it? Was going through Facebook page and noticed how many people have Offspring tattoos she shows the one on her ankle of the Offspring logo. She asked how you feel about people who love you just as much as she does, getting your logo permanently inked on their bodies. For Noodles you mentioned on Twitter that your daughter works in France, is she teaching you how to speak French?

How do you choose your technicians and roadies? Her and her brother saw a guy that looked like Dexters brother. Was wondering if you go through an agency or hiring process or do you just use family or friends. Do you enjoy going to the theatre? If you do, whats your favorite play or musical that you have seen?

Emily from France: Wants to know if youre gonna release a super mega deluxe edition of one of your albums, you know, a very commercial boxset, very pricy, with lots of things that have nothing to do with music like postcards and all that shit, because, well, I would really love that. Thanks for listening to me and please come to France!" Dennis from Russia: Whenever he hears your music he wants to pick up his guitar and play until his amp bursts into flames. What in your opinion is your philosophy of punk, what does punk rock mean to you? SuperJayDeeTV: He says he is disappointed with punk rock music these days. With the crisis he thought it was time for a new punk rock wave like in the 70s. But it didnt happen, why do you guys think it didnt happen? Jess from Australia She asked how do you keep going for so long? Also she loves the concerts and the moshing. Even her mom liked how the guards would carry the guys back over the fence. Marco from Italy: When considering a final work of art, how much is it about the music and how much instead is it about the lyrics and the message you want to carry out. You have always been able to deliver some exceptional music along with great lyrics. And he thanks you for one of the greatest moments of his life holds up a picture of him and the band.

Chiara from Italy: Was a bit worried her questions might seem stupid... but she doesnt mind. Noodles, what brand of glasses do you usually wear and are you going to create a version of the rock prodigy app for android 2.

Sergio from Paraguay: How do you choose your first singles does the band choose or the record label? For Greg K - when are you going to let Melyssa K interview you? He is looking forward to that happening. Dexter- in the RFRG era you grew your hair, did you want to have your braids again? Why was the song Days Go By different from when you first recorded it? Were you friends with Pete before he joined the band and what was the process of hiring a new drummer. By the way Pete, your solo after OC Guns is awesome. Noodles, do you recognize your fans from Twitter account? Do you remember the tweets they made in the past? Stephan from the Netherlands: You have been together for over 30 years, if you have an argument with each other how do you make things right? Do you like to go to a pub and have a drink together to talk about it, or play golf, send each other flowers or chocolates? Also asks Greg K, when will you give Melyssa K an interview? He says he has spoken to Melyssa and has seen some of the preparations she has made and he knows this would be a sincere and good interview and knows that she has sincere intentions, please arrange a date with her, it will be really great.

MyKey from El Paso Texas Made a video in support of Melyssa K interviewing Greg K, urging Greg K to do the interview!

Suzy from Iowa Made a polite plea in support of an interview with Melyssa K and Greg K! Also asked Noodles 2 questions; 1) Would you write a song that completely unleashes your full guitaring potential? And 2) Would you do an interview/ Google Hangout with a few of the Offspring Undergrounders because a lot of your replies on Twitter are to members of our group.

Melyssa K from Pennsylvania Questions for Gregs interview: Is it true you like fans to throw hats to you on stage and Noodles wants them to throw shit at you instead? How often do you play pranks on each other, who is the most successful, whos the easiest to prank, and who get the angriest?

How does it make you feel that there are so many aspiring bassists out there that look up to you as their inspiration? Why is half of Americana a regular part of the set list at concerts? What would you like to say to the people who are solidly convinced that you never talk? What is the longest youve had to go without a shower due to touring? Do any of you like to cook? Dexter, do you plan on working in the field of molecular biology even after you obtain your PHD? Have you ever been so sick or so injured that you had to either cancel a show or delay the start of a tour? Noodles Thank you for all your tweets, they have really gotten me through some of my rough days - Have your glasses ever fallen off on the stage, if so what happened and why dont they fall off your face? For Pete, do you know of any drumming techniques that can reduce stress to the outer wrist? She misses drumming and would like to start again. (Pete already answered this for Melyssa)

The Offspring Underground: MyKey: For Dexter - What are the new plans for Nitro Records, any new bands well get to see? Suzy: For Dexter After all the years in the band and all the things you have accomplished, what principles have you learned, do you ever feel pressure to compromise your integrity and what advice can you give to aspiring fans? Stephan: After being together for 30 years, how do you keep things interesting for both yourselves and your fans? Sergio: Why dont you play Shes Got Issues live? Melyssa: For Greg - when will you let me interview you- Please!
Carol Costa from Brazil: Carol met Dexter and he tried to talk to her is Spanish, but she froze. And now she is wondering if you ever felt nervous meeting your idols and who was it? What about Joey Ramone? Since Smash you used to have additional music at the end of your CDs, did you get the idea from another band or was it your idea? Who came up with your nickname Noodles. She holds up a picture of her wearing Noodles glasses and realized he has huge myopia. What degree of myopia do you have? Now that you are 30 years a band, Carol has an idea of playing a set list that the fans choose. For Noodles, the clips from Americana and Huck It are very dangerous. Did you guys really do those yourselves or were they stunts of other people. Back in 1984 when you started, you are playing the drums in Americana video, how come you stopped playing for the band and do you still play drums? Also regarding Dexters voice, did you ever consider not singing? Did anyone tell you that you should give up? In the Huck It video, what happens to the yellow airplane that Dexter was flying? Who had the idea to make Huck It? Carol made a video specific to advocate for Melyssa to interview Greg K and remind you that there is a task force of support for the interview! Regarding the process of recording an album; what was the hardest album to create? For Dexter he was talking to KROQ about making his hot sauce; what else are you good at in the kitchen. What is your favorite plate and what do you serve to your friends. She suggests you visit a restaurant in Rio to sell Gringo Bandito because they need it there. What is the song you like to play the most? If you press play on your iPod or stereo, what song would be playing right now, Be Honest! For the whole band, are there certain characteristics of fans that you dont like? What are they? What is the question you are most tired of answering? For Greg, what do you think of all the promotion that Melyssa K does for you? Do you feel like killing her or do you feel like thanking her? For the whole band; have you ever been afraid of a crowd from a concert? Dexter, what is so special about Isle of Man stamps? Why do you like them so much? For Pete, you are very fond of super heroes, besides your drumming skills do you draw as well? Dexter mentioned when he directed I Choose, he was tired of listening to other directors and their crazy ideas like pigs flying around in ballerina dresses, and Carol is wondering what the most bizarre video project is you have analysed or idea that you have received? For Noodles, Carol wants to apologize for scaring you on twitter. Check out her scarf full of skulls. And because of Suzy, Carol is now getting calmer about waiting for a reply. Dexter your daughter is a great singer and composer, she read that you told her to stay in school a bit longer before jumping right into the music business. But how did you tell your parents that you were starting a band and what was their reaction? For the whole band, do any of you have rituals that you do before you go on stage? For Dexter, do you ever plan to teach at a university? Or what we will he do with his doctorate?

Sara and Cat Zephyr from Indiana: Says, On July 23rd 2012, Noodles made a comment that they havent been to Indiana in 5 years. Was wondering why? We are not all farmers here. Please come back.

Tori from England Would like to know if you have ever played any of your songs on guitar hero and if so has it messed up any of the songs youve played live?