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B.Com.,(CA) - III Year Degree Examinations, November - 2012 V Semester Part II COMMERCE Paper XXII FUNDAMENTALS OF JAVA
Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks: 70

Answer any FIVE Questions (Marks:5x2=10) 1. a. What is Data Abstraction? b. Hardware requirements for Java. c. Write about Java support system. d. Write about Java Debugger. e. What is a Variables. f. Write about Boolean Literals. g. What is an exception. h. Write an example for ?: Operator. i. Write the syntax for switch statement. j. What is the use of constructor?

Answer any SIX questions, choosing at least TWO from each unit Each carries 10 marks (Marks:6 x 10=60)

2. How Java differs from C++? 3. Explain the features of Java in detail. 4. Write a detailed note on Java Environment.

5. Write a note on Java Compiler and Java Interpreter 6. Write a note on (a) BufferReader class (b) Scanner class 7. Write a note on Applet.

8. Explain various data types present in Java with examples. 9. Write a note on Command Line arguments. 10. Explain different types of operators present in Java.

11. Explain different forms of IF statement with example. 12. Explain different types of looping statements. 13. Write the differences between break and continue statement.