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Project Scope Statement

Project Name Project Manager Owner(s) Fun Day Mobile Festivals Chaka Kureva Mindkor Services LLP Project Number Prioritization 00521CK High

Statement of Work Project Description and Project Product

This Project intends on creating a Fun and Festive environment in which children can come and immerse themselves for several hours. The project output is two fold with the second objective being dependent on the first. We intend to provide an outdoor play activities as detailed below: 4 Jumping Castles Go Cart driving area with 3 motorized vehicles 2 Rock climbing walls 1 Face painting booth 1 Fake Tattoo booth 1 Basket ball throwing game 1 Ring throwing game Hourly races at 15 min intervals (Sack Race, Egg and Spoon race, Piggyback race, Wheel barrow race.) Food Services as detailed below: Hot dog BBQ Drinks Ice creams and Cotton Candy

We intend for these services to be set up in a manner that will allow for replication at the next event. The entire operation should be mobile and not require extensive time to put up and take down. We intend to accomplish this project by purchasing the materials required for the project first, then mapping out an operational agenda based on the materials that we have been able to acquire. A program of events will aid us in identifying staffing requirements and duration of activities.

Project Deliverables

The deliverables of this Project will be the tangible items as well as the proposed programs expected on the day of going live. Our Project deliverables will include: The purchase of all the materials that we are going to utilize, Sourcing the Staff for all the events and stands, Sourcing catering companies for the food stalls, Negotiations with schools or city councils for access to fields where we can host this Fun Day Festival.

The program of Events on the actual day Test runs to calculate time to construct and take down the Fun Day setup

Project Objectives

The Project budget is at $25 000 and the cost of setting up this production should be divided into 2 separate categories. There is the cost of purchasing the materials required: (which is material that will be used over and over again at different events.) There is also the cost of operation at each event. This cost is yet to be determined. However for the initial kick off event the total cost of materials and cost of production should not exceed the budgeted amount of $25 000. The Objective will be to create a Mobile Fun Day Festival that can be duplicated in several different locations. We want to create a similar environment that allows children to experience out door activities and once again begin to enjoy being physically active.

Project The project is based on several assumptions: Assumptions - That there is a market for the project we have in mind and they will be willing to pay for our services - That the children will want to attend and have time to spend the day playing outdoors - That the schools and the City will accept a third party to provide these services - That permits will not be too difficult to obtain and if so we could operate under the banner of the schools and not need permits - That the cost of materials will fit within our budget and still allow us to create a quality product - That there will not be a lot of competition in the space that we intend on occupying Project Constraints The biggest limiting factor for our project will be funding. If we are unable to complete our project within budget then we may not have a project at all. In order for our project to be successful it has to be mobile, we have to be able to move it to a different location and repeat the same thing several times, to do this we must not compromise on quality. The quality expectation is high and thus the materials that we will purchase have to be able to with stand high levels of stress and these types of materials may not be cheap. Another limiting factor is the target market, It is yet unknown if they will want, need or be able to accommodate us and our project. Fitting in to an already established schedule for the schools is not going to be an easy task. Engaging the children and providing them with activities that they will want to participate in will also prove a challenge.


This project is based on the provision of children outdoor services in the form of a Festival Fun day type of event. The boundaries of the project will be in limiting the project to focus on the provision of these services and prepping the event activities. We will not extend the project into marketing the event and running print or other type of promotional activities. The marketing and promotional activities will be outsourced and run as a different project. We will also not run the actual project we will provide the program and schedule of activities for the first event and this template should be used to duplicate other events. We will only map out the initial event and assume that the plan will work for all future events.

Acceptance Criteria

As a project that intends to provide a service, our acceptance criteria will be based on the plan that we intend to execute being accepted by the customer. There are several steps that are outlined below that are essential to customer acceptance: 1. Materials need to fall within the prescribed budget 2. Staffing plan needs to show how it will be achieved 3. Target market need to show high level of acceptance 4. Project needs to be mobile test runs should show time and duration of set up and equipment breakdown The project is providing services for persons of a young age so all materials have to be child friendly and certified as such.

Technical The product is a service-based product and has a technical component that Requirements plays a huge role. The materials that will be purchased and set up for the project need to be of a high quality, they do not need to be mechanized. We will be employing activities that promote physical activity so we have incorporated events and activities like jumping castles, climbing walls etc. There will be a need for electricity so we can run the hot air generators that blow air into the jumping castles. We need helmets for the go-carts and charging stations We need materials for the races that include sacks, eggs, spoons etc We need rope and harnesses for the climbing walls APPROVALS Signature

Type Name Project Manager Approval:

Date 7/12/13

Chaka Kureva Benjamin Manzini

Customer/Sponsor Approval:


Fun Day Mobile Festival WBS

Fun Day Mobile Festival WBS 1.1 Materials 1.1.1 1.1.2 1.1.3 1.1.4 (Level 1) (Level 0) Jumping Castles (Level 2) Go-Carts Climbing Walls Variety Game Items (Level 1) (Level 2)

1.2 Staff/Events 1.2.1 1.2.2 1.2.3 1.2.4 1.2.5

Identify Staffing Needs Interviews Appoint Staff Event Program Plan Marketing Team (Level 1)

1.3 Catering

1.3.1 Cooked Foods (Level 2) 1.3.2 Drinks 1.3.3 Sweets 1.4 Negotiations (Level 1)

1.4.1 Schools (Level 2) 1.4.2 City Councils 1.5 Permits (Level 1)

1.5.1 Food (Level 2) 1.5.2 Insurance 1.5.3 Event permits

(Level 1)

(Level 2)

1.5 Permits

1.5.3 Event permits 1.5.2 Insurance 1.5.1 Food

(Level 0)

1.4 Nego3a3ons

1.4.2 City Councils 1.4.1 Schools

1.0 Fun Day Mobile Fes3val (Go-Live)

WBS - Graphical Format

1.3.3 Sweets 1.3.2 Drinks 1.3 Catering 1.3.1 Cooked Foods

1.2.5 Marketing Team 1.2.4 Event Program Plan 1.2 Sta/Event 1.2.3 Appoint Staff 1.2.2 Interviews 1.2.1 Identify Staffing Needs

1.1 Materials

1.1.4 Variety Game Items 1.1.3 Climbing Walls 1.1.2 Go-Carts 1.1.1 Jumping Castles

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