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Simple conversion from low-speed electrical signals to high-speed optical signals These optical transceivers with built-in MUX/DEMUX come in a compact package with a multiplexing function converting 622Mbps low-speed electrical signals to a 10Gbps ultra-high-speed optical signal. They can contribute to significantly smaller and cheaper optical interfaces in communications equipment and switches/routers.

Product Lineup
10Gbps 300-pin MSA Transponder

ODJ9198 SONET GR-253 SR-1 ITU-T G.691 I-64.1


OD- OD- OD- ODODJ9195 J9196 J9193 J9194 J9071 SR-2 IR-2 SR-2 IR-2 LR-2 (ITU-T SSI-64.2 I-64.2 G959.1) 64.2b 64.2b P1L1-2D2

7km Target Distance 7km 10km(10G 25km 40km 25km 40km 80km bE) OC-192 Data Rate OC-192 /10GbE OC-192 OC-192/10GbE/FEC /FEC Wavelength 1310nm 1550nm Size 75 x 54.5 x 12 mm *Extensive options are available including a jitter filter (single/dual rate) and digital control function (I2C).