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BIMONTHLY ENGLISH EXAM (III Bimestre) Name:___________________________________________________________________ st Grade: 1 Room: _______ Date: ______________________ Teacher’s name: Lic

. Ivonne Elizabeth Pinillos Nieto PRODUCCIÓN DE TEXTOS I.

Score: soccer swimming yoga martial arts tennis bicycling tai chi  bowling jogging basquetball

Write the sports in the correct place. (5 points) DO PLAY GO


Write sentences about Jessica. Use the information in Jessica’s calendar, the words in parentheses, and time expressions. Complete the text. Use the words in the box. Solve the exercises and write the number. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5x5x6=180 one hundred and eighty 125x8= 326x9= 765x12= 1200x90=



sentences using the vocabulary about jobs. (6 points) Example: An architect builds houses. a. b. c. d. e. f. A __________________ helps a doctor. A ___________________ fixes teeth. A ___________________ drives a taxi. An __________________ works in a theater and acts on movies. A ___________________ studies at school. A ___________________ sings songs.


Complete the sentences with the auxiliary verb do/does and the correct pronoun. (4 points)

Example: A: What does your mother do? B: She is a vet. a. A: Where _________ Susan work? c. A: ___________ Miss. Pinillos work in B: ____________ works at the zoo. b. A: Where ____________ Suzy and Robert live? B: ___________ live in New York. VII. Order the sentences. (2 points) Example: work/ I/ in London /. a. b. c. d. VIII. live/ Carlos / and / in Tijuana / Rosa. favorite/ is / my/ food / cebiche /. mushrooms / don’t/ like / I I work in London. ___________________________________________. ___________________________________________. ___________________________________________. SMP School? B: Yes, _________ does. d. A: ____________ Sharon live in Rome? B: No,_________doesn’t

contains/ potatoes, meat, rice, etc. / Lomito saltado. ______________________________________. Complete the chart with the names of food or drinks and write sentences about you and someone else. (8 points)


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8.



Match the questions and answers. (4 points) 1. What does a pilot do? 2. What’s your favorite food? 3. What kind of food does Peter like? 4. Where do Luis and Carlos study? a. He likes fish and vegetables. b. They study at San Martin School. c. He flies a plane. d. I love cebiche.


Circle the best answer to complete each conversation. (4 points) 1. A:___________________ B: I’m a chef. I work in a restaurant. a. What does she do? b. Where do they work? c. What do you do? 3. A: Are you hungry? B: _________________ a. Great idea! b. Yes, I do. c. Hungry? I’m starving.

4. A: __________________ B: No, I don’t. a. Is that Italian food? b. Do you like spaghetti? c. What kind of Italian food do you like?

2. A: Do you like Italian food? B: ___________________ a. No, she doesn’t b. No, not really. c. Yes, nor really.


Read the text and answer true (T) or false (F). (12 points)

A FAMILY BUSINESS ROSALINDA SILVETTI and her parents work in a restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. It’s a small but very popular Italian restaurant. Rosalinda’s parents are from Naples, in Italy. In the restaurant, her father cooks the food. He makes pizzas and pasta. Her mother welcomes the customers. And Rosalinda is a waitress. She works there seven hours a day, six days a week. She loves working in the restaurant. Rosalinda’s sister, Arianna, doesn’t work in the restaurant. She’s a musician. She plays the guitar in a pop group. She wants to be famous!

True a. Rosalinda works in an Italian restaurant. b. The restaurant is in Napples. c. Rosalinda’s` parents are from New York. ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) ) ( ( ( ( ( (

False ) ) ) ) ) )

d. Her father is a chef. Arianna doesn’t like music, she loves working in the restaurant.

e. Rosalinda serves the food and drinks in the restaurant. ( f. (