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The Departrnent of Education R€gion lV'A announces the 2012 Regional Kindergarten Festival of Talents held on December 7-8, 2012 at NEAP Calabarzon, Malvar, BatangasThe competition aims to: come up with the Regiona I parti€lpa nts to the National Kindergarten Festival of Talents showcase the potentials of preschool child ren to strengthen their confidence and self-esteernj

to be

enhancethe q! ality standards of 5- year old children as identified in the activities; ensur€ that the physi€al, social, emotional, intelle€tual and spiritual personalily of young children are developedi

maintain an environnent ofwholesome r€lationshap between public and private schools. contest categorieg are asfollows: Category Number of ParticiDants per Division Public school lDec. 8) Prlvate school lDec,7l

a) b)

creative Dance {Focus on Sports skills) Nurserv Rhvme Recitation


srouD f 10 membersl


srouo i 10 membersl

d) e) fl s)

Story Readins (English & Filipino)

StoryIellins {Enslish & Filipino)

l group (x2 members) l for Enclish and l for FiliDino l for Enslish and l for Filioino
7 29

l group { 12 members) lfor English and lfor Filipino l for Enslish and lfor FiliDino



A registration Fee of Five Hundr€d Pesos (Php 500.00) shall b€ charged each participant {contestants, Coaches/ Kinderteachers, EPS in-charge of Preschool, EPS in-charge of Private Schools, SchoolH€ads)to defray expenses such as {2} snacks and lunch, honorarium ofjudSes, certificates, medals, trophieg materials a.d other operating e)Qenses relative to the conduct ofth€ said activity. Registration Fee and Traveling expenses of concerned parti€ipants are chargeable against lo€al funds subject to usual accountin8 and auditing rules and reBUlation.


Attached are the general guidelines and mechanics for all the contest categories.
For immediate dissemination,







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Mechanics in the conduct ofthe contest per category is to be followed stdctly. Total points gamered in each group (public and private) shall be consolidated to get the over-all champion. There will be only one contest piece for storytelling and story reading and one theme fol drawing while the contestants in vocal solo. 5. Only the divisioD champions in public and private schools per category are qualified to ioin the contest. Winnem per category will be identified per cdteria by the Board ofJudges All winners in pdvate. The number of the contestants in the registr. Pafiicipants to this competitjon are curently enrolled Preschool pupils in public and private schools aged 5.The panel ofjudges shall be composed board ofjudges is final. 1't gold. On the day of the contest.rtion form shall be his. 8. 4. nursery rhyme recitation.Dec.(Enclosute to Regional Meho entitled. be\r conle(lanl5 in all lhc calegories. 3. All winners will receive medals Catogory First Second Third Individual 15 10 5 - GrouP 30 20 10 Recognition 11. Bifthdate not earlier thaD March 2007 A contestant is allowed to pafiicipate in only one category. and chamber thoater are given the lreedom to choosc their piece. 2012) General Guidelines for the Conduct ofthe Regional Kindergarten Festival ofTalents (RIGT) for Public and Private Schools 1. 9. Each Division both public and private schools shall conduct thoir own competitions to select the 2.and public will be detemined thru point system. ofa Chairman and 2 members The decision of the . 7. (b) certihcation ftom the principal that the cbild is currently e olled in the school and (c) parents permit. Regiottdl Kindergarten Festiral of Talents . coach in each category is required to submit (a) photo copy of contestant's birth cefiificate \\'ith lD pictures (2 x 2) on the upper corner of the copy. 2nd silver and 3'd bronze and Certificate of 10. 6. 7-8.&er official nun'tber during the co11test.

Each contestant is free to children e{it -3 minutes including entrance and !re 2. Minus-one '. ChoreograPhY 25yo - C.i".i."'*lltu' l. Voice claritY & Projection the following cdteria: 25Yo ' B Diction i..mpo'edofthrcetjrpairs 'T )- lach participaLing grouf' males& I f"*u':" -."fHlrll"I#""fr.or rheir choicc Etampre spofls rlr creaie a dance depicting a certdin l ln"oiilf ir Lhej chooie basu".J'''t"ir"' CRITERIA ROR JUDGING: * bearins or \\eishr A. D. ircli*"^ *iI entance and exit' minutes incruding rhyme of his^ler choice within two te chosen based on A..o""'n"'' u"o' for judging lJ:::::::l:f. lyou.'on a shouman"hip D N4astery E.t. . Perfomance time is 2 accompanimenr: hoqe\er' conrestanrs as u" ut'a or music 3. CreativitY B.. Costume 20% '5oo 20% 10% l00o o loral .Enclosure No. N4astery Sho\ man"hil ' 15% 20% fotal \ l00o o E DA\CE COMPETI'I ION CREq.iTil:o"\**" z..i" allorved to sing without acconpaniment.. irPr.". Grace & Footwork D. B.iJ"- ... Diction RhYhm E. Attire Total 20% 25% 20% 10% 100% CRITERIA FOR JUDGING: i"i"" q""fitY A Projection - 1?': 15% C..2 - RKFT Specifrc Guidelines for the - December 7-8' 2012 VOCAL SOLO COMPETITION appropriate to the song chosen with the coach is provided song any choose 1.*'"* -o ""n'"t l: ll[i:i::lfun::.TI\ "il. MasterY & Coordination E.'.'iiJiH::'il:::-lTiliff'il']:x'..

"ffffr". The contestant will be given 2 minutes to acquaint frir".ff story.Expression l0olo STORY R-EADINC 1. Coaches and parelts are not allowed to rningle with the contestant as the competition stalts. be gathered in the assigned room. .wj te chosen b1 rhe panel otjudges ba. . . l\yo D. r o 50% 15 Vocal expression' Proper phrasiog Timing Pacing l5 10 b.. . t0 20% 10 _ Projection Voice mechanics Level ofconfidence Reading Fluency Accuracy c. Accuracy Automaticity MASTERY FLUENCY ION rll-i"i. The \^inners.rut a. . *itf. 30% t0 10 Autotnaticity prosody Total t0 100% . tle piece or with the 4.rnd c\it to perform J.i"r. Contestants will 2. The piece shall be delivered within 3 minutes and shall be given only during the contest proper." 1.CHAMBER THEATER of 12 members."*il 30% 300/..r. 5. 2. C. B.ed on VOICr PROJFC'] JO9. 3. 10 . "rit"lu t"to*. ". E. COSTUME 5% AUDIENCE IMPACT 5% Total 100% 10% Prosody. The winners will be chosen by the panel ofjudges based on-th" g"n. Fach group will be pir en a maxinrrrm of five {5 t minutes including enrance . Each group is composecl A. Interpretation .

"Ang Aming Mag-Anak.STORY TELLING 1 . T. The drawing should depict the theme. 2.Relevance to the B. Haligi ng Lipunan" 4. Contestants will be gathercd in the assigned room. 3. Story Content . The wiiulers will be chosen based on the following criteria: A. Coaches and parents are not allowed to mingle with the contestant as the competilion starts. Each coDtestant \&ill be given a maximum time of 3 minutes to deliver the piece. Each contestant will draw on I sheet ofoslo paper using crayons 2. Lay out D. Voice Projection/Verbal Style C. 3. ExpressiodDistinct Style D. r - Accuracy ofrecalled events OrganizatioD ofevents/ideas including inference from texls Accurate outlining ofthe sequenco of events as they happened in the story - 20% 15% - 15% B. Neatness theme 25% 25% 20% 26a/" Total 10% 100% . 4.evel of Confidence - Total 20y" 20vo 100/" - 100'h DRAWING 1. Creativity C. Contestants will bring their o\an matedals for the contest. . Thc winner will be chosen by the panel ofjudges based on the general criteria below: 50o/" A. Color Harmony D.

Humigop siya ng hangin upang mapapintog ang katawan. i\ral ng Kuwento: Huwag pairalin ang sobrang pagpapahalaga sa sarili' . "Tatay. Tatay ! Mas malaki!" sabi ng batang palaka' "Hindi matanggap ng amang palaka na may ibang palakang mas malaki pa sa kanya. "Ang laki-laking palaka!" bulalas ng batang palaka' Iyon ang kauna-unahang pagkakataong makakita siya ng baka. "Ganito siya kalaki?" "Hindi.pumutok ang tiyan. "Hindi siya palaka. Agad siyang bumalik sa lawa at sinabi sa kanyang ama ang tungkol sa "pagkalakiJaking Palaka". Pastor May isang batang palakang nakatira ama. A. siya ang pinakamalaking palaka na nakita ko''' aniya' "Walang ibang palaka ang maaaring maging mas malaki sa akin!" wika ng amang palaka. "Ako ang pinakamalaking palaka sa lugar na ito!" aniya' Kaya humigop nang humigop nang humigop ng hangin ang amang palaka" ' at siya ay namintog nang namintog nang namintog hangang sa--. Doon ay nakita nila ang isang bakang nanginginain. sa lawa kasama ang kanyang Minsa ay tumalon-talon ang batan g palaka al ang kanyang kaibigan papunta sa parang." sabi ng kanyang kaibigan' "Huwag mo siyang pakialaman." Ngunit hindi pinakinggan ng batang palaka ang sinabi ng kanyang kaibigan.Ang Palaka at Ang Baka Muling isinalaysay ni Boots S.

'. until his stomach exploded' Lesson of the Story: " Do not let pride take the better of you'" . "Father. Father. "What a big." his friend said' "Don't mind him' But the young frog would not listen to his friend' He rushed back to the pond and told his father about the "big frog". and he grew bigger and bigger and bigger . big frogl" the young frog said. "He's not a frog.The Frog and the Ox Retold bY Boots S. "l'm the biggest frog in this place" he said' And so the father frog kept on inhaling'. "ls he this big?" "No. Bigger!" the young frog said' The father frog could not accept the fact that another frog was bigger than him.A' Pastor There was once a young frog who lived with his father in the pond. One time.. They saw an ox grazing. lt was his first time to see an ox. the young frog hopped into the meadow with his friend. he's the biggest frog l've ever seen" he said' "No other frog could be bigger than me!" the father frog said' He sucked in air'to make himself bigger.