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first Grade News

Week of August 5
All About Mrs. Arnold

Each week in first grade the students will have HOMEFUN! The purpose of homefun is to reinforce the skills we have been learning in class. Please help your child find a quiet, comfortable place to work. We ask that you help your child read the directions and understand the assignment, but also give them a chance to work independently. Once your child has finished working alone, you should check and discuss the answers together. We will phase homefun in gradually, starting with math this week. Even though we dont have reading homefun this week, it is important to be reading together each night.

Birthday- March 30th Favorite Foods- Chips and Dip, Pizza, Burgers Favorite Treats- Reeses Cups, tropical trail mix Favorite Stores- Target, Amazon Hobbies- Gardening, Roller Skating, and Swimming Favorite TV Show- Sports, Parenthood, Project Runway & The Voice Fun Fact- I once caught a seagull while deep sea fishing!

Parent Meeting
Please join us for a meeting this Thursday at 6:00pm. We will be discussing the first grade expectations and procedures. This is an important first step in the parent-teacher communication, and we hope that you make it a priority to attend. Child care will be available for Campus School students only. After the meeting with teachers, there will be a short CSPN meeting in the playroom.

Monday Math Counting All Around Tuesday Math Practice page 2-1 Wednesday Math Practice page 2-2

Important Dates
August 8- Parent/Teacher & CSPN Meeting, 6pm August 22- Dominos Dough Night September 2- Labor Day Holiday

Thursday Math Practice page 2-3 Make sure you do both sides of each practice page for homefun!

Campus School News

Registration Packets went home last week and are due Tuesday, August 6 th. Lunches will be served at full-price for the remainder of the school year. Lunch cost $2.25 and milk cost $0.50.