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ENECO a short introduction

Workshop on biofuel production from jatropha 20 february 2008

Highlights Eneco

Eneco 3rd energy company in the Netherlands 5.000 employees 2 million customers

Core activities
Supply of energy Energy installations Energy Networks Energy Production

Focal points
Integral service Reliable Sustainable Quality of our company, people and services

Targets sustainable energy

Sustainable productiontargets 2020

1,8 TWh biomass

Local Sustainable Production

14 TWh Green

10 TWh own production

3.1 TWh wind on shore




6 TWh grey

4 TWh purchase

5,1 TWh wind off shore

Clean, efficient sustainable production

Wanted : Obliged :


because of ambition, positioning and the wished CO2 footprint comply to the national targets and to obtain energy independency
3 30 oktober 2007


Maximise sustainability
Only use truly sustainable sources Minimise nett CO2-emission of the entire chain Backward integration

Guarantee Availability
Source both nationally and internationally Diversification of sources (sorts of biomass and countries) Use mainly biofuels that can be used in a flexible manner Backward integration

Maximise Economics
Backward integration

Sustainability criteria Eneco

Cramer Criteria
Reduction greenhouse gas emission No competition with food or local use biomass Biodiversity People Planet Profit

Additional for Eneco

Do no harm Do more good

Business Dilemmas

Business Economics in relation to

a) social economics b) GHG balance

Export / local use