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Test paper

Chapters included Surface chemistry Electrochemistry Chemical kinetics


Full marks -30, Time 1.h

Q.1.Mercury cell gives constant voltage throughout its life. Give reason. (1) Q.2.Write the order of reaction if K=2.0 x10-4 mol-2L2s-1 Q.3.What is shape selective catalyst. (1) (1)

Q.4. In operation of Galvanic cell, at one of its electrodes oxidation takes place .What is the name of this electrode and what is its property. (1) Q.5.It is necessary to remove CO during Habers process for the manufacturing of NH3 why? (1) Q.6.What is the order of reaction? Give one example of zero order reaction. (2) Q.7.Define conductivity and give units .How does it varies with dilution of an electrolyte solution. (2) Q.8.Show the time required for completion of 3/4th reaction of first order reaction is twice the time required for completion of 1/2of the reaction. (2) Q.9.Give reasons. a) The ester hydrolysis slow in beginning and become faster after some time . b)Powdered substances are more effective adsorbents in their crystalline forms. (2)

Q.10.Silver is electrodeposited on a metallic vessel by passing a current of 0.2 amp for 3 hours. Calculate the weight of Ag deposited.(Atomic mass of Ag=108 amu). (3) Q.11.Find the order of reaction for the given data Cl2+2NO 1 2 3 [Cl2] 0.01 0.01 0.02 [NO] 0.01 0.03 0.03 2NOCl (3) Initial rate 1.20x10-4Ms-1 10.80x10-4Ms-1 21.60x10-4Ms-1

Q.12.The rate of reaction doubles when temperature changes from 270C to 370C.Calculate the energy of activation for the reaction.(R=8.314JK-1mol -1). (3) Q.13.a.Give two applications of adsorption. b.Write Freundlich adsorption isotherm expression for gases. (3)

Q.14.a.Calculate the molar conductivities at infinite dilution of acetic acid from the following data .

0mHCl =426 -1mol-1cm2 0mCH3COONa =91 -1mol-1cm2 0mNaCl =426 -1mol-1cm2

b.Write the reactions occur during the working of dry cell. Or a. Represent the cell in which following reaction takes place: Mg(s) +2Ag+(1x10-4M) Calculate Ecell .(E0cell =3.17V


Mg2+ +(1.3x10-2M) +2Ag(s)

b.Write the electrolysis product of: CuSO4 aq. Solution by using Pt electrodes.