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Test paper

Some basic concept of chemistry


Full marks: 20, Time :1. Hr Q.1.Write empirical formula for following compounds. (i)C6H6 (ii) C6H12O6 Q.2.What is limiting reagent? Q.3.Define mole fraction. (1) (1) (1)

Q.4.The density of 3M solution of sodium chloride 1.25g/ml.Calculate the molarity of solution. (2) Q.5. Commercially available concentrated HCl contain 38%HCl by mass.What is the molarity of this solution? (2) Q.6.Calculate the mass of iron which will be converted into its oxide (Fe3O4) by the action of 18 g of steam into it. (2) Q.7. (a) Why atomic masses are the average value? (b) Define atomic mass unit. (2)

Q.8.An organic salt gave the following percentage composition : Na=29.11,S=40.51 and O=30.38.Calculate empirical formula of the salt.(3) Q.9.50 Kg of N2(g) and 10 Kg of H2(g) are mixed to, produce NH3(g).Calculate the NH3 (g) formed Identify the limiting reagent. (3) Q.10.Calculate a) Mass of a molecule of CO2. b) Number of moles in 7.9mg of Ca. c) Volume of S.T.P occupied by 1.5 moles of CO2