Surah at-Taubah [9]: 6: confirms interesting callings in which God says that if there is someone with different religion asking

for protection, he has to be protected and accompanied to a place of safety according to the man to be protected, not the man who gives the protection. If we give the protection, we don’t use our paramereter but their parameter in safety.

By Mohammad Dian Nafi’

fihi ihtiram Nadahu aqbil ya mukhtar. Anta ‘l Amin .Rabbi Khalaq Thaha Rabbi khalaq Thaha min nur. Anta ‘l Amin. nadahu aqbil ya mukhtar Anta ‘l Amin. fihi ihtiram Rabbi khalaq Thaha min nur.

shalla imam. Anta ‘l Amin.Lamma ‘rtaqa ‘l bayt ‘l ma’mur. shalla imam Wa qad dana min rabbihi ‘l bahi ‘jalil Anta ‘l Amin. shalla imam Lamma ‘rtaqa ‘l bayt ‘l ma’mur. Anta ‘l Amin . shalla imam.

In rumta Anta tahzha bi ‘l hur Yawma ‘z ziham. yawma ‘z ziham Shalli ‘ala bahi ‘l anwa ‘ayn ‘l yaqin Shalli ‘ala bahi ‘l anwar ‘ayn ‘l yaqin Anta ‘l Amin. yawma ‘z ziham In rumta Anta tahzha bi ‘l hur Yawma ‘z ziham. Anta ‘l Amin. Anta ‘l Amin .

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