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Author – A.Kishore http:/www.appsdba.

Upgrade Oracle Applications from to R12 System Overview Version Oracle Applications Vision Instance OS: Redhat Linux update 5 Type: Single Node instance Applications OS User: applmgrupd Installed directory: /d01/oracle/singlenode Database 9i OS User : oracleupd 9i Database Home = /d01/oracle/singlenode/testdb/9.2.0 10g Database Home = /d01/oracle/singlenode/testdb/10.2.0 Instance SID: TEST Host: linux1 Task – To Upgrade Oracle Applications to R12 Note: Please use vision instance as it is already Multi-Org, Multi-Org is mandatory in R12 Note: I have not upgraded the individual products upgrade, the focus was to upgrade from 11i to R12 Note: The below upgrade is only for testing purposes, not to be implemented in production servers, please do refer metalink for more information Note: let me know if any steps are not correct or doesn’t makes sense, so that I can correct the same

Author – A.Kishore http:/www.appsdba.info

2 / 11.7 and up can be directly upgraded to R12 • Database in all releases must have been upgraded to 10gR2 ( • Applications R11.2) or should be done during upgrade to R12 (11.Author – A.5.5.6 and below requires to first upgrade to R11.1 and below .10.5.1/11.9.appsdba.Kishore http:/www.info Upgrade path • Applications R11.

info/index.TUMS for R12: TO DELIVER TUMS UTILITY FOR UPGRADES FROM 11I TO R12 5726010 .10.Author – A.AD Preparation Scripts for R12 3> Run rapidwiz to create R12 code tree 4> Apply the below patches in R12 environment 4502962 – R12 Minipack 5> Configuration Phase – R12 6> Apply the online help .5.2.Kishore http:/www.AD.OATM MIGRATION UTILITY: ORA-22853 IN ERROR LOG 5120936 .php?module=pagemaster&PAGE_user_op=view_page&PAGE_id=48&M MN_position=36:36 2> Apply the below patches in your existing 11.6 to 10.10.appsdba.appsdba.Minipack 11i.4 5753359 .3.5.2 environment Shut down the entire E-Business Suite environment and perform a full backup 4712852 . the steps are available in the below link http://www.2. let’s split the activity into 6 steps 1> Please do upgrade the database from 9.info Here are steps to upgrade Oracle Application 11.2 to R12.I.0.ALPPNR. NO RESPONSE ACTION PROCESSOR CONC PGM ENDS IN ERROR 5467526 .0.

zip cd 5120936 adpatch defaultsfile=$APPL_TOP/admin/$TWO_TASK/adalldefaults.log patchtop=/software/upgrades/ apps apps # modify the adcrtbsp.Review TUMS report in /usr/tmp -.2toR12/r12/5120936 driver=u5120936.zip -.Author – A.Apply Patch 4712852 unzip p4712852_11i_LINUX.drv workers=4 -.log patchtop=/software/upgrades/11.info ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2> Apply the below patches in your existing 11.drv unzip p5120936_11i_GENERIC.OATM MIGRATION UTILITY: ORA-22853 IN ERROR LOG 5120936 .Apply patch u5467526.drv unzip p5467526_11i_LINUX.2toR12/r11/5467526 driver=u5467526.sql to specify the path for new tablespaces .Takes 2 minutes adpatch defaultsfile=$APPL_TOP/admin/$TWO_TASK/adalldefaults.AD Preparation Scripts for R12 Enable the maintenance mode adadmin defaultsfile=$APPL_TOP/admin/$TWO_TASK/adalldefaults.drv workers=4 cd $AD_TOP/patch/115/sql sqlplus apps/apps @adtums.2toR12/r11/5753359 driver=u5753359.Takes 5 minutes adpatch defaultsfile=$APPL_TOP/admin/$TWO_TASK/adalldefaults.zip cd 4712852 -. NO RESPONSE ACTION PROCESSOR CONC PGM ENDS IN ERROR *5467526 .Kishore http:/www.10.sql /usr/tmp -.I.drv workers=4 -.ALPPNR.txt logfile=adadmin.drv unzip p5753359_11i_LINUX.txt logfile=4712852.txt logfile=5753359.5.2 environment 4712852 .AD.Minipack 11i.2toR12/r11/4712852 driver=u4712852.4 5753359 .zip cd 5726010/ sqlplus apps/apps @adgncons.Apply patch u5753359.10.txt logfile=5120936.log patchtop=/software/upgrades/11.log menu_option=ENABLE_MAINT_MODE workers=4 -.appsdba.10.TUMS for R12: TO DELIVER TUMS UTILITY FOR UPGRADES FROM 11I TO R12 5726010 .drv workers=4 -.txt logfile=5467526.5.Apply patch u5120936.Apply patch 5726010 unzip p5726010_11i_GENERIC.zip cd 5467526 adpatch defaultsfile=$APPL_TOP/admin/$TWO_TASK/adalldefaults.5.10.log patchtop=/software/upgrades/11.

info sqlplus system/manager @adcrtbsp.5.Run rapidwiz to create R12 code tree The installation will install R12 applications components and the database home Select upgrade to Oracle Applications R12 Select upgrade actions screen select create upgrade file system enter the parameters required to set up your new environment run rapid install Here are the screen shots for the same .2toR12/r12/5726010/adgrants.Author – A.oracleupd mkdir -p $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin cp /software/upgrades/11.Kishore http:/www.sql su .sql .appsdba.sql applsys -.10. sqlplus '/ as sysdba' @adgrants.

Kishore http:/www.info .Author – A.appsdba.

info .Kishore http:/www.appsdba.Author – A.

appsdba.info .Kishore http:/www.Author – A.

appsdba.Author – A.Kishore http:/www.info .

appsdba.Kishore http:/www.info .Author – A.

appsdba.info .Author – A.Kishore http:/www.

Author – A.Kishore http:/www.info .appsdba.

Kishore http:/www.info .Author – A.appsdba.

appsdba.Author – A.Kishore http:/www.info .

bash_profile Now onwards.zip cd 4502962/ adpatch Please enter the name of your AutoPatch driver file: u4502962.5.Apply patch AD. COMMON_TOP. .bash_profile su .applmgrupd cd /d01/oracle/apps/apps_st/appl mv .Takes 40 hours cd $AU_TOP/patch/115/driver adpatch options=nocopyportion.bash_profile_11. you are connected to R12 application -.appsdba.Author – A.Run the American English upgrade patch driver -.env >> /home/applmgrupd/.bash_profile .drv Run the NLS upgrade patch driver (conditional) • Download the NLS Release 12 patch (4440000) for each active language in the system.10 cat APPSVIS_linux1.Kishore http:/www.takes 6 minutes unzip p4502962_R12_LINUX. INST_TOP and 10g Oracle Home Move the new environment file into .nogenerateportion Please enter the name of your AutoPatch driver file: u4440000.info The Installation creates APPL_TOP.drv -.A 4502962 -.

txt • http://updates.pl su .zip . unzip -o appsutil.pl • Backup manifest file $APPL_TOP/admin/$TWO_TASK/out/adgennls.drv) with adpatch • NLS patch driver has the same name as the American English patch driver.com/TransSync • Don’t check Translation Level Updates • Upload manifest • Download and apply patch -.xml /d01/oracle/inst/apps/TEST_linux1/appl/admin/TEST_linux1.Configuration Phase Disable maintenance mode Run autoconfig Run rapidwiz to configure and start processes Sign on to R12 applications check concurrent managers Run autoconfig su .sh Run rapidwiz to configure and start processes ----------------------------------------rapidwiz .zip cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/scripts/TEST_linux1 sh adautocfg.appsdba.Author – A.oracle. Synchronize NLS and American English product patches (conditional) • Generate manifest using perl $AD_TOP/bin/adgennls.xml .Upgrade to Oracle Applications Release 12 -> Upgrade Action -> Select Configure Upgraded Release 12 instance $INST_TOP/admin/VIS_linux1.Kishore http:/www.applmgrupd perl $AD_TOP/bin/admkappsutil.info • Run each driver (u4440000.oracleupd cd $ORACLE_HOME cp /d01/oracle/inst/apps/TEST_linux1/admin/out/appsutil.

Kishore http:/www.info .appsdba.Author – A.

Author – A.Kishore http:/www.appsdba.info .

Author – A.Kishore http:/www.appsdba.info .

info Note: I got the below error.Kishore http:/www.appsdba. . but all services and the application is running.Author – A.

appsdba.Kishore http:/www.info Sign on to R12 applications check concurrent managers .Author – A.

info Connect as sysadmin/sysadmin .Kishore http:/www.Author – A.appsdba.

Submit the Gather Statistics program.nogenerateportion Please enter the name of your AutoPatch driver file : u5051400.Apply online help cd $AU_TOP/patch/115/driver/ adpatch options=hotpatch. From your Release 11i APPL_TOP. complete the following steps: 1. These statistics are gathered by the FND_STATS process. (Schema) . which examines FND table statistics to determine the most efficient access paths and join methods for executing SQL statements. Log in to Oracle Applications with the System Administrator responsibility.appsdba.Kishore http:/www. 3. 2.Author – A. which you initiate by running the Gather Schema Statistics concurrent program.info -.Gather schema statistics for CBO Release 12 employs cost-based optimization.drv -. Navigate to the Submit Request window (Request > Run).nocopyportion.

1 7.2 Maintenance pack Installation Note#316365.1 9.appsdba. Oracle applications R11. Upgrading Oracle Applications Note# 289788. Maintenance Wizard Note# 215527.Kishore http:/www.1 6.1 8.1 4.info References 1. E-Business Suite Release 12 Upgrade Sizing and Best Practices Note# 399362. Oracle 10gR2 Database Preparation Guidelines for an E-Business Suite R12 Note#403339.Author – A. Oracle Applications Release Notes Release 12 Note# 405293. Upgrading to R12 Note# 414710.10.1 2.5. Database Initialization Parameters for Oracle Applications Release 12 Note#396009. Oracle Applications Upgrade Guide: Release 11i to Release 12 Part# B31566-01 5.1 3.1 .

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