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BFR No.: Description of Incident Location of Incident Date and Time of Incident Complainant Name Complainant Contact No Job Attended By Responded Date and Time Fire Panel No Evacuation Zone No and Loop No Smoke/Beam Detector No / Control Valve No C-door Affected : : : : : : : : : : : Fire Alarm Activation Level-3 south public 21/10/2012 07:12hrs FMC 3 64961307 CPGFM : Zayar / Myo Kyaw /TMathi / AES Shah 21/10/1/2012 07:22 hrs SAP 30302 EZ-03-03Z12 Device 86 Loop2 C-03-31,32,33 and 34 Ref No: CPG/CAG/12/IR/06-01

INVESTIGATION / CAUSE: 0720 hrs. CPGFM received from FMC FA activation at leve-3 public main building south. 0724 hrs. CPGFM reached on site together and found that flow switch activatiion at device 86loop2 for SAP 30302 activated. There was no visible fire onsite. Suspected activation caused faulty flow switch. CPGFM checked and confirm no other system was affected during the activation.

ACTION TAKEN: CPGFM isolated the affected device and replaced new flow switch. 0817hrs. - AES allow to rest CPGFM the approval to reset the alarm.

FOLLOW-UP ACTION CPGFM to monitor for any re-occurrence.

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