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Tickets and common production suppoprt errors

P1,P2,P3 Tickets are maintaining some priorities with time. Some companies are following T1,T2,T3 priorities. P1- you have to resolve the error within 2 hrs. P2-within 8-10 hrs P3-within 24 hrs P4-within 48 hrs You would raise the tickets with some tools such as Remedy, Tivoli, Raddix etc. Which may depend on your company Two Types of Tickets are there: 1.ITO-Tickets: Which is generated by system automatically when load get failure 2.non-ITO Tickts: Error Which are faced by enduser/Client The common production support issues are 1.If any of the loads run into error resolve it by investigating through details tab in Monitor. 2.Short dump error,check it in st22 and analyse it. 3.ODS Activation Error,manually activate it. 4.SID number range error,scheduler menu set number ranger. 5.SID is not matched,check master data before loading transactional data. 6.Cache problem,restart the load and refresh the cache. 7. Extraction job Terminated in r3 8.RFC connection lost.check through sm59 and inform Basis. 9.ALEREMOTE user is locked and inform basis 10. Idoc Or Trfc Error.Non-updated Idocs found in Source System. 11.Invalid characters while loading. 12.Lower case letters not allowed. 13. Repeat of last delta not possible 14. datasource not replicated. Datasource/transfer structure not active. 15.Time stamp error. 16.table space problem 17.Rollup of aggregates is not possible as attribute change run is running. 18.process chain can not be started because of incorrect start/end date.