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Celebrations of Chinese New Year

Groups members: Fadilah, Pathricia Hennylyne Sim Hui Tene

Before Chinese New Year

Go shopping at supermarket

Buy goods, groceries, and house decoration stuff such as lantern and decoration bulbs.

Have gotongroyong to clean and decorate the house with family.

We recycled all the things that we dont want as a charity.

Cooking food for Chinese nEw Year Eve.

Baked some cookies and cakes for Chinese New Year.

Have a feast with family and all of our relatives. Play firecracker and firework to countdown at home compound.

During Chinese New Year

Wearing the RED blouses and dress Red colour is a symbol of luck for chinese

Avoid every members of family to sweep the floor It will seap away the properity

Have open house to invite others come to visit our house.

Visiting our relatives and neighbours house.

Get angpao and enjoy the food that prepared by themselves.

Watch the lion dance.