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Nathaniel Chaney

1434 Hawthorne Street, El Paso, Texas 79902 Home: 580-345-6785 - Cell: 580-215-9094 :

Health and Wellness professional focused on conducting detailed nutrition consultations and creating personalized life development plan that will create effective health & wellness in the home, professional, and leisure lives of my clients. Specializing in stress management and providing support, encouragement, and education to help people live healthier lives and prevent illness or injury

Kaplan University Bachelor of Science : August 2013 Major: Health & Wellness

Kaplan gave me the knowledge to meet the need of the growing emphasis on preventative health care that has created new opportunities in the health care- and health and wellness-related industries. Professionals with knowledge and training in health and wellness provide

support, encouragement, and education to help people live healthier lives and prevent illness or injury. It has also given me the experience to create professional presentations, treatment plans, lectures and coursework

Authored several resource guides in the field of health and wellness ARMY Awards 4 Army Commendation Medal: "FOR MILITARY and MERIT". 7 Army Achievement Medal: "FOR MILITARY ACHIEVEMENT" 3 The Good Conduct Medal: "FOR GOOD CONDUCT.

Suprevisor/Food Service Specialist March 2004 to August 2013 United States Army - Ft. Bliss, Texas Conducted all duties in in garrison in the United States, Europe, Asia, and o deployment in the Middle East. Supervised shift, unit, or consolidated food service operations in field or garrison environments. Establishes operating and work procedures, inspects dining, food preparation/storage areas, and dining facility personnel. Determined subsistence requirements. Requests, receives, and accounts for subsistence items. Applied food service accounting procedures. Prepares production schedule and makes necessary menu adjustments. Establishes, administers, and maintains OJT and apprenticeship training programs. Prepared technical, personnel, and administrative reports concerning food service operations. Implemented emergency, disaster, and combat feeding plans. Coordinated logistical support Provided technical guidance to lower grade personnel in garrison and field kitchen operations. Ensured that proper procedures, temperatures, and time periods were adhered to during food preparation. Directed safety, security, and fire prevention procedures. Performed supervisory and inspection functions including shift supervision.

Vonlunteer/Leadership activities
Basketball/Soccer Coach-Planned an supervised practices, trained and lead other coaches, and communicated with parents. Cub Scout Troop Leader-Planning/trip coordinator, and developed training, and leadership development for the troop.