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Starting a Delmarva Bible Institute

(A Community of Growing in the Word) Presented by David Gundrum Director of Church Extension Ministries of the Bible Fellowship Church to the Pastors Fellowship of DELMARVA

Reasons for such a community learning center for spiritual growth in DELMARVA The void of concentrated Biblically conservative training centers in DELMARVA The void of a focus on sovereign grace reformed teaching in DELMARVA The void of established churches in DELMARVA that adequately teach the Bible. (assumption) The number of Christian workers in DELMARVA that may need and want training (assumption) The Biblical directive to rightly instruct Christians is imperative in todays American culture (IITim. 2:15) There are gifted pastors and leaders in DELMARVA who are able to teach from a sovereign grace reformed perspective and can broaden their ministries to the church. The Christian church is becoming less theologically literate (Six Megathemes: Barna Group 2010) To meet the needs of adults that may not be met elsewhere in the church. To equip the learner to be more active and functional in their local church. To provide the local church with a source of teachers, leaders, etc. To visibly demonstrate the unity of the body of Christ to DELMARVA (John 17)

A Process for Beginnings To hold prayer sessions among interested Pastors and leaders of like faith that will focus on the establishing a Bible Institute and determine Gods will for such a center of learning in DELMARVA. To have Pastors begin discussions with their leaders and gain feedback on the vision for an Institute. To have Pastors agree to pursue investigating the viability and leading of the Lord to establish an Institute. To form a Steering Committee from among the Pastors and leaders who have a heart for the vision of an Institute; that will discuss the vision and mission for an institute and develop a plan for implementation.