Jakarta, June 26th 2013


PT. ZTE Indonesia

Dear Sir/Madam, After hearing information that your company is opening a chance to be part of your company, I enclosed my resume for your review, expressing my intention to join your company as Project Control Material. I am a graduate student of MercuBuana University, Faculty Science of Communication on Majoring Broadcasting With my education, some of informal experiences and working and experiences in some telecommunication companies, I expect to be employed in your company. I am a hard worker, innovative and creative person. I also like challenges and be ready to work either as individual or as a teamwork base. It will be delightful for me to contribute my ability and to work for your company and I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Siti Fatimah

Ikom. S. Indonesia Negeri 101 Junior High School. Plamerah Kel. West Jakarta. : Slipi Kebon Sayur Rt. University Mercu Buana INTEREST . Kemanggisan Jakarta 11480 : Jakarta. Indonesia. June 11th 1989 : Female : Moslem : Single : +62 82 125988424 : fathie. 8 Rw. Trans TV Final Cut Pro. Indonesia EXPERIENCE / ACHIEVEMENT Formal 2011 Trainee in Global TV Companny as Reasearch and Develpoment Department Informal 2007 2010 2010 Seminar Nasional Broadcasting.CURRICULUM VITAE PERSONAL INFORMATION Name Address Date of birth Sex Religion Status Mobile E-mail : Siti Fatimah. University Mercu Buana BDP. West Jakarta. Bogor.46) Ummul Quro Al Islamic Senior High School. Faculty Science of Communications Majoring Broadcasting (with GPA 3.14 Kec. 3 No.com EDUCATION Formal 2007-2011 2007-2004 2004-2001 2001-1995 Mercu Buana University Jakarta.fakh@gmail. Indonesia Negeri 01 Elementary School.

Give Allowance and Pulsa DT • Making Planning Budget for Payment All the Project every months then reporting to Director Project • Push the Customer for the Document ATP Signed • Recording evaluating engineers and PM to Director Project every weeks • Controller Project Implementations Progress PERSONALITY Willing to learn. Adobe Premiere.Learn Something New. Development Department : Monitoring Program TV Make Rundown Program TV Reporting to Head Section of Development Department August 2011 – Jan 2012 Kementrian Agama RI. SKILL Able to write and speak English. Travel Fee Engineers. PO. Listening and Playing Music. able to work independently as well as in a team work. BOQ. Designed. Watching TV & Movie. Project Manager Asisstant : • Document Controller All The Project (Site Survey. • Document Controller Payment for the subcontractors (Making Budget Applications approval by Director Project and PM. Computer Skills : Dreamweaver Microsoft Office. able to cope with multi task at the same time and love to work with professional people in a conductive environment. Mars Indonesia. Give to Finance Manager and Record it to Payment Project) • Recording Payment Project. Mandarin fluently. . love to take and handle a new challenge. etc WORK August 2008 – Jan 2009 PT. Arabic. strong sense for teamwork. Final Cut Pro. Inmar Infossarana. hardworking. Interviewer : Interview Customer about The Product April 2011 – June 2011 • • • PT. Office then reporting to Director Project • Helping Engineers for booking the ticket. Global Informasi Bermutu (Global TV). able to work under pressure. Travelling. DO. reliable person. enthusiasm and dynamic. sincere and pleasant personality. Adobe Photoshop. proactive & reactive. independent and self-motivated. Administratif Registration of Hajj : • Input Data All the Candidated of Hajj April 2012 PT Grentech Indonesia. Interviewer : Interview Customer about The Product March 2009 – Des 2010 PT. ATP Report and ATP Signed by the customer) and Keep it all. Doing Sports.

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