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If there is a Blessed Trinity in the domain of Tyrolean foods, we would single out polenta, gnocchi, andof courseCanederli.

In German and in the German parts of Tyrol, they are called knodel . Canederli are a very well known and appreciated dish in the Trentino. Like many dishes in our cuisine, it uses the avanzi..the left oversin this case, stale bread and other ingredients readily available to create the dish.. They are typically served in broth or sometimes as an entre with sauce. The origins are a very old recipe of peasant origin. farmers, in fact, preparing this dish using their avanzi, left overs, leftover bread become stale, along with the products of their farms :eggs, sausage, bacon and cheese in fact, the backbone of food Trentina even today. Nowadays, the dumplings have evolved and in fact we can find all kinds of fillings with always different to the classic bacon or cheese, with spinach and the herbs. PREPARATION:

Our Food: Canederli

Use pound of stale bread, Cut the bread into cubes, place in a bowl with three eggs beaten with a bit of pepper, salt, and nutmeg and about 1 cups of milk. Mix it well and let it stand for 2 hours covering the bowl with a towel. Stir occasionally turning it over and over. Add two tablespoons of chopped Italian parsley and grated cheese. Ideally, chop a pound of speck and 2 oz. of pancettahard to find in the USA. Some alternativesare smoked cured pork flank, bacon or genoa salami. Some even combine genoa salami combined with chopped ham flank.

Meanwhile, saute half of a medium onion in butter and extra virgin olive oil. Introduce the chopped meats into the sauteed onions. Cool for a hour and combine with the soaked milk. Add (at least) 1 cup of flower and mix. Wet your hands and create balls of the mix, roll in flower and place in boiling broth for about 15 minutes.

The canederli can be served in a bowl of broth or with a sauce, e.g., burro fuso with sage. Enjoy the canederli and our families who made them for us. You can listen to Per Far i Canederli by going to the website 27