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Catalogue 2013

Catalogue 2013

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Music for Guitar






METHODS. ............................................................... 2 BOOKS. .................................................................... 3 GUITAR SOLOS. ...................................................... 4 ANTHOLOGIES FOR SOLO GUITAR. ................... 14 TWO GUITARS...................................................... 20 THREE GUITARS. .................................................. 26 FOUR GUITARS. .................................................... 26 GUITAR ENSEMBLES........................................... 27 VOICE & GUITAR ................................................. 30 GUITAR & OTHER INSTRUMENTS...................... 30 GUITAR & ORCHESTRA....................................... 32 FLAMENCO GUITAR............................................. 33 ANTHOLOGIES FOR POPULAR MUSIC.............. 33 JAPANESE POPULAR ARRANGEMENTS........... 34 MANDOLIN. ............................................................ 36 UKULELE............................................................... 37 DVDS..................................................................... 37 COMPACT DISCS. ................................................. 38 ACCESSORIES..................................................... 44 TITLE LISTING. ...................................................... 46 DISTRIBUTOR LIST. .............................................. 49

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25 Favorite Pieces for guitar Etude in E minor (Tárrega), Allegro in D minor (Coste), Etude Op. 35-22 (Sor), Mazurka (Henze), Sonatine (Paganini), Feste Lariane (Mozzani), Nocturno (Henze), Larghetto (Carulli), Aghi da Cucire, Spirit of Falling Leaves (Takei), Romanze (Mertz), Rain Drops (Lindsey), Lágrima (Tárrega), Andante in D minor (Coste), Romanza de Amor (Spanish folk song), Pensando en ti (Alba), Habanera (Roch), Passo Mezzo (Newsidler), Maria Luisa (Sagreras), Valse Op. 32-2 (Sor), Vals Andantino (A. Cano), Menuetto Op.11-2 (Sor), Tango (Tárrega), El Testament d'Amelia, El Noi de la Mare (Llobet). GG224 JPY 2,200 25 Favorite Pieces for guitar Vol.2 Pavana I, III (Milan), Deux Menuets (Rameau), Bourrée (Bach), Preludio, Allegro (Murcia), Estudio in A minor (Aguado), Allegro Moderato in E minor (Aguado), Moderato Op.192-9 (Carulli), Allegro Vivace Op.147-10 (Giuliani), Walzel Op.57-3 (Giuliani), Marche Funébre (Molitor), Menuet Op.11-5, Op.11-6 (Sor), Waltz Op.41-9 (Coste), Andantino Op.51-4 (Coste), Tango No.1, No.3 (Ferrer), Adelita, La Paloma, Sueño (Mazurka) (Tárrega), MatsumushiFlower, Bolero Amaryllis (Ohcawara), Triste Santuario (Gomez), Kleine Romanze (Walker). GG244 JPY 2,000 25 Favorite Pieces for guitar Vol.3 Diferencias sobre "Gu dame las vacas" (Narváez), Pavana (Sanz), Prelude BWV999 (Bach), Siciliana (Carulli), Schrzo Op.3-9, Rondo Op.3-11 (Matiegka), Andantino Op.32-1, Andante Op.31-4, Mouvement de priere religieuse Op.31-23 (Sor), La Melanconia Op.148-7, Andantino espressivo Op.71-2 (Giuliani), B a r c a r o l l e O p .51-1, L e ç o n , E t u d e ( C o s t e ) , Romancero, Ballade Op.19 (Bosch), Nocturno Op.17-4, Serenata Española Op.63 (Ferrer), Endecha y Oremus, Marieta (Tárrega), Canço del Lladre (Llobet), Danza Árabe (Sagreras), Grace note Polka (Bickford), Flower of a gardenia (Oguri), Trija (M-Torroba). GG274 JPY 2,200


JPY = Japanese Yen KAWAGUCHI, Masayuki
Mandolin Lesson 1 Japanese text only. 96 pages. GG483 Mandolin Lesson 2 Japanese text only. 136 pages.

JPY 2,500


JPY 3,800

MURAJI, Noboru
We Love Guitar! Vol.1 Japanese text only. For very young pupils. 72 pages. GG432 JPY 2,400 We Love Guitar! Vol.2 Japanese text only. For beginners. 120 pages. GG435 JPY 2,800 We Love Guitar! Vol.3 (New Guitar Method) Japanese text only. For beginners. 96 pages. GG250 JPY 2,800 We Love Guitar! Vol.4 (New Guitar Method) Japanese text only. For high technique master. 120 pages. GG282 JPY 2,800 Guide for We Love Guitar! guide for "We Love Guitar!" Vol.1 - 4. Japanese text only. GG330 out of stock Let's Enjoy the Guitar Japanese text only. sub material of "We Love Guitar" series. GG391 JPY 2,000 Let's Enjoy the Guitar Solo sub material of "We Love Guitar" series. GG404

Guitar Technique Note Japanese text only. GG431

JPY 1,800

JPY 2,000

Play the melody with the orchestra arranged by Noboru Muraji. Included 22 pieces (Folksongs,

Chirdrens'songs, etc.) CD is attached.HORELA LIPKA, HORELA(Slovakia Folksongs), O Vreneli (Switzerland Folksongs), Annie Laurie (Scottish Folksongs), Londonderry Air (Irish Folksongs), Belive Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Irish Folksongs), Greensleeves (English Folksongs), Stille Nacht (Gruber), Der Lindenbaum (Schubert), Heideröslein (Werner), Loreley (Silcher), Menuett (J.S.Bach), Jingle Bells (Pierpont), What A Friend We Have In Jesus (Converse), Beautiful Dreamer (Foster), Whispering Hope (Hawthorne), Romance D'Amour (Spanish Folksongs), Cielito Lindo (Mexican Folksongs), J'ai perdu le do (French Folksongs), Aloha 'Oe (Lili'uokalani), Tpoйкa (Russian Folksongs), Santa Lucia (Neapolitana), Hana (Taki) GG455 JPY 2,700 (see CGV1034) GG251 JPY 2,800

Vamos a Tocar! Vol.2 Método de acompáñamiento de flamenco Written by Akira Seta (in Japanese text). 80 pages. DVD in 2 volumes is sold separately. (see CGV1050) GG252 out of stock Vamos a Tocar! Vol.3 Método de acompáñamiento de flamenco Written by Akira Seta (in Japanese text). 80 pages. DVD in 2 volumes is sold separately. (see CGVD1012) GG445 JPY 2,800

TAGUCHI, Shu-ichi
Guitar Method Japanese text only. 72 pages. GG904

JPY 2,000

NAKABAYASHI, Atsumasa & Nakaya
Guitar Method Japanese text only. 116 pages. CD is attached. GG272 JPY 2,800

TSUDA, Shoji
Gendai Guitar Method I Japanese text only. 112 pages. DVD in 3 volumes are sold separately. (see GGVD1001/3) GG479 JPY 2,500

ONISHI, Yoshikuni
Guitar Text for beginner Japanese text only. 80 pages. GG172

JPY 2,000 New Guitar Method Japanese text only. For beginners in middle age. 64 pages. GG440 JPY 2,800

SANO, Masataka
Guitar Method for Solo and Ensemble Japanese text only. 80 pages. CD is attached. GG381 JPY 2,300

Photo Album of the Japanese Guitar History valuable photographs of the Japanese guitar history. Japanese text only. 106pages. GG090 JPY 5,340

SETA, Akira
Metode de guitarra flamenca Written by Akira Seta (in Japanese text). 112 pages. DVDs in 3 volumes are sold separately. (see GGVD1004/6) GG429 JPY 2,500 Vamos a Tocar! Vol.1 Método de acompáñamiento de flamenco Written by Akira Seta (in Japanese text). 80 pages. DVD in 2 volumes is sold separately.

ARAI, Shirou
Enchanted by the Guitar Japanese text only. 184 pages. GG489

JPY 1,800


Making Master Guitars Japanese text only. translated by Katsuo Takigawa. GG358 JPY 4,600

AGUADO, Dionisio
Selected Works for guitar edited by Hiroyuki Tokuoka. Trois Rondo Brillants Op.2, Le Menuet affandangado Op.15, Le Fandango Vari Op.16, Variaciones Brillantes WoO, Gran Solo de Sor. GG292 JPY 2,000 27 Etudes for Guitar from "Nuevo Metodo 1843" edited, fingered and recorded by Shiki Nagashima. The CD is sold separately. (see GGBD5001) GG191 JPY 1,600

En el Camino de la Vida autobiographical book written by Japanese famous musical critic, Jiro Hamada. including several interviews with Narciso Yepes, John Williams, Andres Segovia, Alicia de Larrocha, and others. Japanese text only. GG442 JPY 2,800

NEJIME, Kojiro
Classical Guitar Making Japanese text only. 126 pages. GG401

Piezas Caracteristicas arranged by Thomas Müller-Pering. Rumores de la Caleta, Asturias, Eight pieces from Piezas Caracteristicas Op. 92 (Gavotte, Minuetto a Sylvia, Plagaria, Torre Bermeja, Zambra, Pavana, Pilar, Ciel sans Nuages). GG050 JPY 2,000 Two Spanish Suites for guitar solo arranged by Masahiro Ojiri. Included Espana Op.165 (Preludio, Oriental, Bajo la palmera, Cordoba, Seguidillas), Cantos de Eapana Op.232 (Preludio, Tango, Malaguena, Serenata, Capricho Catalan, Zorzico). GGOD0106 (reprint edition) JPY 2,600

JPY 2,800

OSHIMA , Fujiko
Wie man richtig die Noten Liest Japanese text only. 88 pages. GG470

JPY 1,500

PUJOL, Emilio
TARREGA Japanese text only. translated by Jiro Hamada. GG466 JPY 2,500

ASSAD, Sergio
Sonata for guitar solo Shin-ichi Fukuda collection. fingered, edited and recorded by Shin-ichi Fukuda.

RIUS, Adrián
Francisco Tárrega 1852 - 2002 Biografía Oficial Japanese text only. translated by Takeshi Tezuka. GG370 JPY 6,500

YUPANQUI, Atahualpa
El Canto del Viento autobiography of Yupanqui. translated by Sonko Mayu. Japanese text only. 256pages. GG232 JPY 2,000

GG299 Suite "Summer Garden" [see "Two Guitars"] GG118

JPY 1,600

JPY 2,300

Orgelbüchlein Nr.Anh. Cancion de la Hilandera. Ich ruf' zu dir.1068. Orgelbüchlein Nr. Canon a 2 BWV. Julia FloridaBarcarola.244.3 BWV601.1 edited by Daisuke Suzuki Madrigal-Gavota. Orgelbüchlein Nr. A mi madre.846.27 BWV625. Villancico de Navidad. A l l e m a n d e B W V . Menuetto BWV.13 BWV611. 2 BWV600.24 (Das wohltemperierte Klavier. Präludium Nr. Puer matus in Bethlehem BWV65. GGOD0007 (reprint edition) JPY 1. Johann Sebastian Music for Prayers 12 Chorals and Orgelbüchlein for guitar solo arranged by Shoji Tsuda. unser Heiland BWV364. Tua Imagem-vals. Don Perez Freire(Tango).1 in G minor BWV1001.000 BARRIOS. GG229 JPY 1. Minueto en Mi Mayor No. Cancion de Cuna.41 BWV639. Suite No.28 BWV626. Air BWV. Ombra mai fu (Handel). Tu y yo(Gavota).119. Danza Guarani. (see PT001) GGOD0147 (reprint edition) JPY 2. Sonata No.1 BWV. Fuga BWV1000.867. Orgelbüchlein Nr.800 Partitas for Solo Violin (With 2CD) arranged by by Timo Korhonen Partita No. Orgelbüchlein Nr. Herr Christ. Partita No. Orgelbüchlein Nr. Pericon. Invention No. Präludium BWV539.500 The Complete Works for lute for guitar solo arranged by Tatsuo Tabei Prelude. Choral BWV.2. Lute Suite II BWV997.400 Sonatas for Solo Violin (With CD) arranged by by Timo Korhonen Sonata No. Herr Jesu Christ BWV177. 1 teil) BWV869. Fuga BWV. Choral BWV. Orgelbüchlein Nr. Air B W V . Mazurka en La. Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios.4 BWV602. oder Gottes Sohn ist kommen BWV318. O r g e l b ü c h l e i n N r .22 BWV.3 in C major BWV1005 / Facsimile / Music comentary (Author: Timo Korhonen / English translation: Jaakko Mantyjarvi) ※ within CD played by Timo Korhonen GG495 JPY 2.840 Selected Works of Barrios for the Guitar Vol. Mabelita(Gavota). Sinfonia BWV. Danza Paraguaya. Choro da Saudade.Bach for Guitar Solo arranged by Shoji Tsuda for intermediate level.807. Maxixe. Sonata No. Gott. Gavota al Estilo Antiguo. Vals Op. Fuga & Allegro BWV998. Christ lag in Todesbanden BWV277.6 BWV604. Prelude No.1 BWV.3). GGOD0110 (reprint edition) JPY 3. Lute Suite I BWV996. arranged by Eduardo Fernandez. Jesus Christeus. Partita No. Vals Op.116.000 Partita No.2.GUITAR SOLOS 5 BACH. Lute Suite III BWV995. der ist so f r e u d e n r e i c h B W V294.20 BWV618.1079. unschuldig BWV401. Mazurka Apasionata.1007. Estilo Uruguayo.Anh. Orgelbüchlein Nr. Medallon Antiguo. Polonaise BWV. Lob sei dem allmachtigen Gott BWV704.. Un Sueno en la Floresta. Der Tag. Orgelbüchlein Nr.S.8-4. Minueto en La . 1 BWV825 Eduardo Fernandez Collection. Jha Che Valle(Danza Paraguaya No. Tango No. Canon BWV.2 in A minor BWV1003. C h r i s t u m .1. w i r s o l l e n l o b e n s c h o n BWV121. Junto a Tu Corazon-vals. S a r a b a n d e BWV. Orgelbüchlein Nr.300 Selected Works of Barrios for the Guitar Vol.7 B W V605. der ein'ge Gottens Sohn BWV698.1 in B minor BWV1002. Minueto en Mi Mayor No. Primavera-vals.200 Orchestral Suite No. Cantata BWV.1068.1 BWV599. durch deine Güte.3 edited by Daisuke Suzuki Preludio en Do menor. G e l o b e t s e i s t d u .120. Aconquija. O Lamm Gottes.156. Orgelbüchlein Nr.813. N u n k o m m e d e r H e i d e n H e i l a n d B W V62.2 arranged by Masaru Koyama Orchestral Suite No.1067.2.8-3. Claro de Luna(Moonlight) GG475 JPY 2. El Sueno de la Munequita. Freire-Barrios/AyAyAy!. J e s u C h r i s t B W V314.768. Gavotte BWV. Aire de Zamba.988.1079. Menuetto BWV.2) GG476 JPY 2.5 BWV603.6 in two voices.500 Selected Works of J. Prelude BWV999. GG496 JPY 3. Las Abejas.3 in E major BWV1006 / Facsimile / Music comentary (Author: Timo Korhonen / English translation: Jaakko Mantyjarvi) ※ within CD played by Timo Korhonen.140 GG467 JPY 2.Anh. CaazapaAire Popular Paraguayo. London Carape(Danza Paraguaya No. Cordoba.2 in D minor BWV1004.2 edited by Daisuke Suzuki Pepita. Cueca(Danza Popular de Chile). Lute Suite IV BWV1006a.Agustín Selected Works of Barrios for the Guitar Vol. Confesion-romanza.1080. Polonaise BWV. Paris de Abanico. Prelude No.

Introduccíon y Escena.Coste Op. Etudio No.53.4.67-1.12 .30. What If A Day.67. Lady Laiton's Almain.1.28-6. Earl of Essex.38 Nr. Prélude Op. Carlo Sunayama Henge Op.28-14.67-4. Preludio Op. Dowland's First Galliard. 43. Six Préludes op. Mazurka Op. Humoresque) GG477 JPY 2.800 edited by Jiro Nakano. Galliard. Mazurka Op. Andante et Menuet Op.68-1. The Shoemaker's Wife. Mazurka Op.22. Vaux's Jig. Quatre Marches op. Etudio en Sol menor.71a (Verwandlung) recorded by Tomaz Zawierucha. Mazurka Op. Rondeau de Concert op.48 . Mrs. Grande Sérénade Op. Au Clair de la Lune. Minueto en Si Mayor.000 CHOPIN. Exercies et Divertissements.1 . El Circlo M COSTE.41 . White's Thing.67-2.200 Suite No. fingered and recorded by Shin-ichi Fukuda.Vingt-cing études op. Semple Dowland.in memoriam Toru Takemitsu Shin-ichi Fukuda collection. 2.La Noche. Etudio de Concierto. Gils Hobie's Galliard. Minueto en La Mayor No. Robin. GG117 out of stock CARCASSI.6. Canción del amor dolido.53 .67-3.28-15.47.51 . (see GGBD2019) Sunayama Henge Op.36.38. Matteo Compositions for guitar edited by Hiroyuki Tokuoka. John Lute music selection for Guitar solo arranged by Masaru Koyama. Lachlimae Pavan. 6 Pièces originales op. Mazurka Op. Romanza en Imitacion al Violoncello. Lady Hansdon's Puffe. Prélude Op. Mebae (Minoru Miki) Shin-ichi Fukuda collection.28-4. Estudio en La Mayor.63-3. Arabescos Etudio No. Vaux's Galliard. His Galliard. Rondoletto sur l'Air favori "Clic Clac" Op. Mazurka Op. Mosaïque sur de motifs fovoris de l'opéra Le Domino noir Op.41. Napoléon Compositions for guitar Vol. 46. GG426 JPY 1. Contemplacion. King Denmark. Marche funere et Rondeau Op.000 Compositions for guitar Vol. Prélude Op. Come Again. GGOD140 (reprint edition) JPY 2. Semper Dolens.50. Oracion. Etudio de N.5-1. If My Complaints Could Passions Move. Valse Favorite Op.30-2.71a (Verwandlung). A Coye Joy.42.28-7.700 BROUWER. Feuilles d’automne op. Fortune.39. Mrs.2 edited by Jiro Nakano.3 edited by Jiro Nakano. GG339 JPY 2.700 Compositions for guitar Vol. Danza del Terror. Fantaisie sur des motifs de l'opéra Guillaume Tell Op.200 DOMENICONI. Danza Praguaya No. Air des Mystéres d'Isis. The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth. Prélude Op. Pantomima. Piper's Pavan. Fantasie. Mrs. Mazurka Op.68-3.41-1. Manuel de El Amor Brujo . Adagio et Divertissements Op. Round Battle Galliard. Come Heavy Sleep. The Lady Riche's Galliard. Sweet Love. Estudio para Ambas Manos. Prélude Op.24. vari Op. GG020 JPY 2. La Source du Lyson (Fantaisie) Op.2. Mazurka Op. vari Op. GG187 JPY 1.Suite para guitarra arranged by Takashi Kitabayashi. Leo HIKA . Prélude Op.49 . Mazurka Op.7.000 FALLA. En la Cueva . Preludio en Lamenor.6 GUITAR SOLOS Mayor No. Her Galliard. His Galliard. La Ronde de Mai (Divertissement) Op. Mazurka Op. Récréation op. Estudio en Si menor. Sir John Souch's Galliard. Go From My Window.28-20.1. GG171 JPY 2. Frédéric Chopin for guitar solo arranged and recorded by József Eötvös. Escena. La Catedral.68-2. Polonaise "Héroïque"Op. Rêverie Nocturne GGOD141 (reprint edition) JPY 2.200 DOWLAND. GG031 JPY 2. fingered by Shin-ichi Fukuda. Canción del Fuego fatuo.

10 Le Laurier] GG506 JPY 1. Variations on "Haru ga Kita".4 Giocoso / No. The Old Contry Bumpkin GG463 JPY 2.7 Le Narcisse / No. Whole movements. Coming Through The Rye.2 L o Scherzo / No. Sei Arie Nazionali SCOZZESI Wo. Op. 4.1 L e M y r t e / No.800 Valses Poéticos Shin-ichi Fukuda collection. They can’t take that away from me.800 Cuentos de la Juventud arranged by Jiro Hamada.38 VI Variations sur l’air Schussel und a Reindl .104 Grandes Variations sur la Romanse Partant pour Syrie GGOD00102 (reprint edition) JPY 2.Tiempo y Esperanza. [Six Irish Folksongs] Eveleen's Bower. Garyowen [Six Scottish Folksongs] The Soldier's Return. Recuerdos. Lullaby for Homa. GG329 JPY 2. GG242 JPY 1.91 G r a n d e s V a r i a t i o n s s u r l a Romance la Sentinelle .2 La Pensee / No.1.8 L’ Allegria] Choix de mes fleurs cheries O p .000 GIULIANI. Introducción y Danza No.5 La Rosmarin / No.46 [ N o . [Solo] Cuentos de la Juventud Op. GG345 JPY 1. Keigo The Legend of Hagoromo on a melody of H.1 (10 pieces). O p . Rey Rey Guerra Guitar Works [Solo] Sol de Diciembre. arranged and recorded by Shin-ichi Fukuda (New arrangement). Dos Amigos. S’Wonderful.600 FUJII. Moresca y Canción Arabe. George GERSHWIN for Guitar-Solo Shall we dance. A Media Noche. Enrique 12 Danzas Espanõla arranged by Yoshikuni Onishi.Samba de la Ola) .000 Collected Works for guitar Medieval Suite.800 GRANADOS. Op.3 L’Amoroso / No. dedicated to David Russell.88 Grands Variations sur la Romance favorite de l’Opera F a n c h o n .O fingered by Shoji Tsuda. Zapateado. GG049 JPY 1. Someone to watch over me. Whole 12 dances. Yamanoha Keigo Fujii collection. Jennys Bawbee a Reel. Summertime.El Pajaro de Rio.400 FROBERGER. The man I love. Johann J. Linköping Waltz. Suite in D minor. La Ultima Pavana. Mauro New Giulianate / Choix de mes fleurs cheries Giulianate Op. The Blue Bells of Scotland. Un dia despues.49 Six Variations sur la chanson narionale“I bin a Kohlbauern Bub”. 5. Tombeau and Suites arranged by Stefano Grondona. Danza Lenta.GUITAR SOLOS 7 ico.5 L’ A r m o n i a / N o .Fantasia.9 La Rose / No. A foggy day. Robin Adair. GGOD0006 (reprint edition) JPY 2. Rosemary. Embraceable you.125.148 [No. Preludio melancólico. Bolero Triste. But not for me. Waltz in a Dream. 3.400 GUERRA.000 GERSHWIN. The Last Rose of Summer.6 I’l S e n t i m e n t a l e / N o . Marcha Oriental. Cino Preludios(1. GG400 JPY 2.60 VI Variazioni sur Tema originale Russo .119-124 . GG427 JPY 2. This is No My Ain Lassie.7 L a M e l a n c o n i a / N o .200 Sei Arie Nazionali IRLANDESI Op.1 La R i s o l u z i o n e / N o . GG502 JPY 2. I got rhythm. Suite in D majour. Op. Danza ritual del Fuego. Rhapsodey in Blue GG480 JPY 1. [Duo] Zambra. Aly Lodging is on the Cold Ground.000 Rossiniane per Chitarra RossinianeOp. Our love is here to stay. 2.6 L’Oeillet / No.000 Variations for guitar solo Op. Op.9 VI Variationen nebst Polonaise und Finale .4 Le Jasmin / No.3 Le Lis / No. Prelude Ⅱ . Tombeau pour Monsieur de Blanchroche.8 La Violette / No. Nice work if you can get it. Miss Baiily. Op.

SHIZUOKA ~ Recuerdos del Mt. Preludio en La Niebla(Homenaje a J.variations et fugue sur un theme populaire Japone.28 (Kreutzer/Lendle) [Duo] Los colibris (2nd guitar. 4.Bach) 、3. Hiroshi Collected Works for guitar [Solo] Offrande. GG340 JPY 1. Sagreras). GG280 JPY 1. 3. by W. Rondó " C a n s i ó n d e l o s c e r e z o s(P a m p l o n a : P a r q u e Japonés) )/ Dos Paisajes Españoles(1. [Solo] La Campanella (Paganini/Lendle). 7. 2. Op. GG902 JPY 2. [Solo] Deux Valses (Valse "La Généreuse" Op. N A R A ~ C i u d a d A n t i g u a . Tres piezas del litoral. Ritmo de Danza I.8 GUITAR SOLOS [Duo] In the Garden(Stones and Water). .202). edited by composer. Valse Légére.TOKYO ~ Sumida River . 6.González) 、2.000 Valse "La Délicieuse" Op. GG342 JPY 2.Collected Works for guitar II recorded by composer. [Solo] Tango (Tarde gris) [Duo] Danza Carolla. Masashi Album of Pieces For Guitar Solo Tres Preludios(1..500 LAMARQUE-PONS.199. Estudio III:Un Recuerdo Nostálgico、4. Preludio en Alta Mar) / Cinco Estudios(1.200.200 LENDLE.114 20 Variations! dedicated to a Japanese guitarist. Wolfgang Homenaje catalán . Jaurés Sonatine for guitar solo Eduardo Fernandez Collection. Recuerdos del Mt. Estudio II:Cuentos de Edo、3. Recordando a PIAZZOLLA.Fuji . 8. [Duo] Divertiment. [Three guitars or guitar ensemble] Suite.Fuji .OSAKA ~ La luna y el castillo. Preludio en La menor、2.000 Variations Ludiques-Collected Works for guitar including two solos and one duo. Etüde Nr. KAMAKURA ~ Templo de Zen . Nocturno en Costa del Azahar(Homenaje a Francisco Tárrega) ) GG486 JPY 2. En la Catedral de Alcoy (Alcoy:Lamento por la muerte del Maestro J.600 LLOBET. Migeuel Orijinal Compositions and Transcriptions [Original Compositions] Variaciones sobre un Tema de Sor. edited by Eduardo Fernandez.75 Montaigus et Capulets. Estudio I:Las Ruinas del Castillo(Homenaje a Fernando Sor) 、2. Francis Introduction. Lendle for El Colibri by J.KYOTO ~ Jardin J a p o n e s .200 HOSHINO. Scherzo-Vals. 13 Canciones Catalanas (El Testament d'Amelia/Canço del Lladre/Lo Fill del Rei/ Plany/La Filadora /Lo Rossinyol/El Mestre/ L'Hereu Riera/La Nit de Nadal/La Filla del Marxant/La Pastoreta/La Preçó de Lleida/El Noi de la Mare) [Transcriptions] Homenaje ~ Pour Le Tombeau de KLEYNJANS.Collected Works for guitar I recorded by composer. GG087 JPY 2. GG410 JPY 2. Berceuse) [Duo] Variations Ludiques sur un théme de Prokofiev Op. Estudio V:Los Renacuajos) / Dos Piezas para Homenaje a España (1.600 La Campanella .201 (Prelude. Diego Collected works for guitar and two guitars Eduardo Fernandez Collection.SHIZUOKA ~ Theme part variat. Felicita fericita tanti angri. Romanza.000 LEGRAND. Paisaje Meditérráneo(Homenaje a Isaac Albéniz) 、2. Yoshiaki Kamata. 5. Petite Suite en FA Op. Homenaje catal .S. GG275 JPY 2. GG341 JPY 1.300 Suite Japonesa Para guitarra sola 1. Estudio IV:Recuerdos de Japón、5. Sunset(Habanera) GG481 JPY 2.SAPPORO ~ Snow Festival . "Variations Ludiques" is based on the theme of Prokofiez's ballet "Romeo et Juliette" Op.000 HARA.L.

8-31. 104 La Bajadère .MariFaliero . 3.8-14.13 / 1-14 edited by Sukenori Kyomoto. 79 Hoch vom Dachstein . Scherzo.Yankee doodle . 95 Bolero .Wien Neèderlands bloed . 56. Danza Española No.600 Vol.8-27. Walzer im Ländlersty. D e n liebenlangen Tag hab' ichi nur Sorg' und Plag! .Czuway Konie czuway . GGOD1002 (reprint edition) JPY 600 New Musikalische Rundschau 136 Furze Unterhaltungs-Stücke für die Guitarre Vol.Das Nachtlager in Granada . 70 Österreichischer Defiliermarsch . 31.Polacca GG517 JPY 1. 25. 109 La Jota Andalouse .400 Elegie Elegie . Nabucco Op.RakoczyMarsch . Fingals . With Facsimile of original score.8-22.O pescator dell' Onde .200 New Vol. 12. 105 La te xe bella .8-2. 39. Ländler .65 (Fantaisie hongroise. Lied ohne Worte. Abendlied. Der Barbier von Sevilla Op. 73 Les Hugues . Gondliera. 84 Giralda . Tarantella. Elfenreigen. 99 Lucia di Lammermoor .Was ist des Deutschen Vaterland . 10. 4. 17.Polka . 100 Martha .Catharina Cornaro . 37.Allons enfants de la p a t r i e . 91 Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär .Alessandro Stradella . 42. 60 Haydèe . 90 Auf Matrosen! Die Anker gelichtet ! .2 58 Cachucha .Cracovienne . 29. 16.3 Opera Arrangements I edited by Masahiro Ojiri.Wenn der Schnee von der Alma wega geht . 92 Abschied .200 Vol. Österreichischer DefilirMarsch . 45. Sevilla GG488 JPY 2. 51. GG163 JPY 2.The Last Rose of Summer .Ernani . L u c i a d i Lammermoor Op.7. 21.8-18.500 Tanzlied aus Dalekarlien . 23.1 1. 72 Sommernachtstraum . 48. 28. 47. Variations mignonnes.My heart is sair for . An Malvina. 87 La Straniera . 36. 34. Fantasy on Norma.Drei Jahrl'n nach'm letzten Fensterln .Giselle . Rondino. 57.8-3. 54.Les Hugues .Home! Sweet Home! . 44. 38. Trois morceaux Op.Matraca . 75 ma . 28. 107 E l s z e g ö d t e m Farnòczara . 98 Otello . 19. 101 Die Zigeunerin . mein Herz.Der Rothe Sarafan . 62 Belisario . Polonaise No. 76 Don Juan .2 Bardenklänge Op.Mamma mia cara .8-29. Fantaisie über Motive aus der Oper: Don Juan [Mozart] Op.Minka . Gebeth. Unruhe. GG164 JPY 2. 18. 5.8-23.Marlborough s'en va-t-en guerre . 49.Czaar und Zimmermann . 35. 6. 7. Il Trovatore Op.200 Vol.Trauermarsch . 86 Linda di Chamounix .8-8. 61 Gustave .8-17.13 / 15 . Kindermärchen. 94 Original Kossuth-Marsch .Trouandaise . D i e Z i g e u n e r i n . An die Entferente. 8. N o r m a O p . L'Elisir d'amore Op. 13. Romance. warum so traurig? . Liebeslied. 93 Sehnsucht nach dem Rigi .Al fin brillar nell' iridi . Etude. 53. Romanze. 43.Steyrer-Heimweh . 83 Walzer .Jeszecze Polska niezgineta . 103 Oh where and oh where is your highland laddie gone ! . I P u r i t a n i O p .GUITAR SOLOS 9 Claude Debussy. 85 Lucia di Lammermoor . 71 Fandango . 67 Abschied von der Sennerin .Richard coeur de lion . 74 I Puritani . 63 ma .Das Dreigespann . I Vespri Siciliani Op.'S Mailüfterl . 96 Tarantella .1 Bardenklänge Op. Mazurka. Danza Española No.Drei Jahrl'n nach'm letzten Fensterln . 46. 27. 82 El Zapateado . 106 V i e n q u a b e l l a D o r i n a . Fantaisie originale. R i g o l e t t o . 80 Boarisch .Giselle .4 Opera Arrangements II edited by Masahiro Ojiri. 88 I Puritani . Sehnsucht. 14. 81 Radetzky-Marsch . GGOD0056 (reprint edition) JPY 2. 30. 9. 41.10. Josef Kaspar Vol. Das Mädchen vom Lande Op.Csárdás . 77 Rule Britannia . 64 Der Waffenschmied .Höhle. 65 Himdel ciudadaRiego . L i e b e s l i e d .Es stehen drei Stern' am Himmel .Aennchen von Tharau . 108 Saltarello . 78 Herz.Schottischer Tanz . Ernani Op.Guarache . 2. 69 Mein Schätzerl is hübsch .30 edited by Sukenori Kyomoto. 59 Drei Jahrl'n nach'm letzten Fensterln . 89 Farewell . …… Caprice sur un theme de Weber GG500 JPY 2.Ungarischer Nationaltanz . 33.Freut' euch des Lebens . 20.5.Neapolitanischer Volksgesang . 15. Musikalische Rundschau 136 Furze Unterhaltungs-Stücke für die Guitarre Vol. 22. 97 La Part du diable . Le gondolier). 1 .Drunten im Unterland da ist's halt fein . der edle Ritter . 66 Prinz Eugen. Fantasy on the theme from Capulets and Montagues [Bellini].Lebewohl . 52.Üb'immer Treu' und Redichkeit .800 New MERTZ. Rigoletto Op. 50. 32. 40.Mutterseelen allein .7. 68 Zu Strassburg auf der Sehanz . 26. 11. Danza Española No. Capriccio. La Traviata Op. Torre Bermeja. 24. GG165 JPY 2.5 Fantasias edited by Masahiro Ojiri.8-21. 55. 102 Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott . Romanze.

La Coquette. Désespoir Agréable. Les Pantins Densant. New Year's Song.10 GUITAR SOLOS . 132 Bin i nit a lust'ger Schweizerbu . Astor Las Estaciones Porteñas transcribed by Sergio Assad. Sonata in G REGONDI. 124 Neugriechische Nationalhÿmne . 117 Koka . Como un Arpa.000 SATIE. Estrellita con variaciones. Domenico 12 Sonatas arranged by Brouwer with his preface. Songe Creux. Serenata Mexicana. 133 Schwarzes Band.418/ K. Suite "Japan" [Duo] Echo Fantasy on the theme of Usioiuta. Barcarola del Lago Thithicaca. Petite Musique de Clown Triste.259. (see GGBD2013) GGOD0057 (reprint edition) JPY 2. Marionetto. Invierno.800 Caprice Op. Erik Satie for guitar arranged by Kei Koh. Valse de Chocolat aux Amandes. 121 Herzig Schätzerl lass dich K ü s s e n .103/K.400 Suite pictórica "Latino america" recorded by composer. Christmas song. September rain.238/K. Menuet sentimental. Atsumasa Collected works for guitar Vol.1.257/K. The Song of Advent. Giulio Selected Works for guitar edited by Masahiro Ojiri.800 SCARLATTI. Rêverie Op. O Tannenbaum .387/K. Fête Villageoise Op. Nostalgia de México. [Duo] 12 Preludes. Gavotte. Son Binocle. 118 L a R o m a n e s c a . Merry-go-round in sorrow. La Diva de l'Empire.800 PIAZZOLLA. Under the Autumun Sky. Barrios Mangore.206. Ensueño del Indio. Autumn minuet. The arrival of spring. [Solo] Gymnopedie No. Berceuse. Quena de los Andes. May Song. Facheux Exemple. 130 Abendfahrt . (see GGBD2017) GGOD0136 (reprint edition) JPY 2.2 recorded by composer. GG180 JPY 1. 123 D e r Kosak . Nostalgie. 116 Nep Dal . Je Te Veux. 2me Air Varié Op. A Simple Song. A winter day's story. Sonata in G major L. 112 Lucrezia Borgia . 122 R u s s i s c h e V o l k s m e l o d i e . 134 O Tannenbaum. Homenaje a la "Platero y Yo" GG196 JPY 2.14. 113 Die Zigeunerin . Spring waltz. Sonata in G major L. Un Fuego de Pescadpres. Sonata in A major L. Scherzino. 120 Boer jeg p a a d e t h ø i e F i e l d . Rondino. Wedding March. [Solo] Danza No. Ce Que Dit la Petit Princesse des Tulipes. In a summer garden. Nocturno. Winter etude. 1er Air Varié Op.22.162/K. Primavera. Sonata in D major L. 125 Le Postillon de Lonjumeau . du musst vergehen .19. Un Principe piccino qui passa. Sonata in E major L. 1. Fantasia sobre un tema de Akatombo. Hombre de Mayabu. 119 O sanctissima . Pierrot.443. GG377 JPY 1. Introduction et . 2. March. Petit Sicilienne.21. Otono. Le Chant Guerrier Du Roi Des Haricots. 114 Il Pirata . 136 L'enfant prodigue . Hirokazu Collected Works for guitar [Solo] Sonatine No.208. 127 S t e h ' i c h i n f i n s t ' r e r Mitternacht .800 NAKABAYASHI. Deux Valses. 110 Nabucco . Parla del Caribe. GG129 JPY 2. 129 Délice de la vie . Verano.800 SANO. 2. 128 God Save the King .20.000 SATOH. Zamba Horizonte. Explanation GG518 JPY 1. [Duo] Le Piccadilly.2 Cherry Blossoms. Tendrement.800 Collected Works for guitar Vol. 115 Russische Volkshÿmne . 135 Schätzchen ade! Scheiden tut weh! . Gnossienne No. Romance to the stars. Prelude and Passacaglia for A. Masataka Guitar Works "Hi Kami Nari" [see "Guitar Ensembles"] GG452 JPY 2. 131 Liebeslied . 126 Österreichische N a t i o n a l h ÿ m n e . 111 Othello . Cancion de Cuna de la Reina Incaica.178. GG328 JPY 1.23 (Regondi). Sonata in D major L. Mar y Flor de Cuba.

dedicated to Kazuhito Yamashita and Keiko Fujiie. Fantaisie Op.14 (Meissonnier).Op.31-20.15-4 (Meissonnier).27. Andante Religioso Op.11a-2. GGOD0139 (reprint edition) JPY 2.19. A Stranger. 3me fantaisie Op. Sonate Op. Théme varié Op.6-2. GG236 JPY 2. Grand Solo Op.59. GG302 JPY 2.46.35-16.10. 2me Grande Sonate Op. Sonata in E major L. GG055 JPY 1. Théme varié Op. Mazurka Russe Op. Fernando 20 Studies for the Guitar selected by Andres SEGOVIA(with CD) Op. Gavotte Rococo. Hunter's Song.6-6. 5me fantaisie sur Nel cor piu non mi sento (Paisiello) Op. 2me fantaisie Op.58.100 SCHUBERT.21. ※ within CD played by Keigo FUJII and Koichi KEZUKA GG487 JPY 2. Michiko The Musical Story of Princess Pink Ryu-jin .1 Sonates edited by Hiroyuki Tokuoka. Shaga . Frantz Six Moments Musicaux Op.Op.Op.56.Op.35-13.544. you'll soon be here.68 arranged by Tadashi Sasaki. Poor Orphan. Sonata in E minor (orig:F) L. Phyllis-Gavotte.7. 6me fantaisie (Les Adieux) Op.29-13. New Year's Eve Song.11a-1.2 Suite“Wild Flowers”: Violet Wood-sorrel . Introduction et variations sur l'air : Que ne suis-je la fougére! Op. Les Folies d'Espagne variés et Minuet Op. Sordier's March.Op. 4me fantaisie Op.15-2. Chanson.2 Fantaisies I edited by Hiroyuki Tokuoka.1. May.Op. CD played by Peter Jermer is attached. Fantaisie Elégiaque Op.Op.800 SCHUMANN. Cradle Song Op.6-8.380.22. GG901 JPY 1. Good Morning . Reaper's Song.major L.2917. Variation sur l'air de Flûte enchantée de Mozart Op.3 Fantaisies II edited by Hiroyuki Tokuoka. (no title). Theme.100 Complete Works for guitar Vol. King Rupert. 7me fantaisie (sur des airs fovoris et Variations Brillantes) Op. GG304 JPY 2.Op.Op.Op.497/ K.612.600 The Musical Story of Princess Pink Vol. Il Pensieroso. A Day of becoming Father . A Short Piece by Mozart.Op.14 (First edition).21.200 GUITAR SOLOS 11 SOR.474. Red Spider Lily .29-22.Op. A Forgotten Strain Op.31-16. The Little Dawn-Wanderer.100 Complete Works for guitar Vol. Auf Wiedersehn. (no title).Op.20.Op. Introduction et variations sur l'air : Gentil Houzard Op. Sagisou . Sonata in D major (orig:B♭ ) L. Facsimile of original score. (no title). Introduction et Théme varié Op. A Little Folk Song. Grande Sonate Op. A Little Piece.3119.4 Theme varies edited by Hiroyuki Tokuoka.15-1.30. Ernest Collected Works of Ernest Shand edited and fingered by Peter Jermer.37.35-17. A Chorale. Spring Song. dear May. Fantaisie (Souvenirs d'une Soirée Berlin) Op.149. Songe d'Amour. GG303 JPY 2.28.366/K.600 Complete Works for guitar Vol.600 . Sérénade Op. GG301 JPY 2.40.400 SHIINO.Op.Op. Grand Solo Op. Introduction et variations sur l'air : Malbrough Op.611. Sonata in A major (orig:E♭ ) L.3121.25. A Fragment.87.6-3. Théme varié WoO (Castro).12. 52. Valse Légère. Rain . Robert Album für die Jugend Op. Melody. The Wild Horseman.9.Op. Humming Song. Au Coin de Feu. Fantaisie Villageoise Op.94 arranged by Ganesh Del Vescovo. Légende.3a (Meissonnier).349/K.200 Complete Works for guitar Vol.61. Théme varié Op. Sunny Spot .6-9. Siciliano. Sheherazade. Harvest Song. A Little Study.16.23/K. Théme varié Op. 54. Varsovie Mazurka. The Merry Peasant. Nordic Song. Sonata in D minor L. Rustic Song.99. Prelude et Impromptu.4. Théme varié WoO (Castro).35-22.29-23.116. Rondelay.383/K. Introduction et Variations sur un air Éossais Op.200 SHAND. GG413 JPY 2.Op.203/K. First Loss.Op. Deep Sea. Morceau de Concert Op. Fantaisie Op. Fantaisie (Souvenir d'Amitié Op. Ourselves GG903 JPY 1.26.

Estudio en Forma de Minuetto.35. M e s E n n u i s ( S i x Bagatelles) Op. Aria and Dance in ancient style. Okinawa.6 & Op. GG003 JPY 1. 6 Airs choisis de Mozart Op.600 TÁRREGA. 6 p e t i t e s p i é c e s O p . 24 leçons progressives Op.2 Original Works II edited by Jiro Nakano.40.33. GG015 JPY 1.18. GG306 JPY 1.23.6 Menuets et Valses edited by Hiroyuki Tokuoka.100 Complete Works for guitar Vol. Capricho Árabe. GG005 JPY 1. 6 valses Op.23. Francisco Compositions for guitar Vol.44.6 Petites Pieces edited by Jiro Nakano. Minyo [Voice & Guitar] Reminiscenes of a Flower. 8 petites piéces Op. 51. Iwao Collected Works Vol.37. et variations sur un air ecossais Op. 6 petites piéces Op. Maria.200 . 6 valses (1er livre) Op. Pavana.11. Sueño.800 Compositions for guitar Vol.33. Gran Vals.48. Isabel. Serenade Op.000 Compositions for guitar Vol. Konpira Fune-fune.5. 12 Menuets Op.3 Preludes & Studies edited by Jiro Nakano.15-3. Vals en Re. Lullaby of Itsuki. M a r c h e d u b a l l e t d e Cendrillon Op. Danza Mora. 1er divertissements Op. Preludios No. GG307 JPY 2. Manchengas. La Candeur WoO.47. Variations on Gagaku "Etenraku".50.17.5 Divertissements edited by Hiroyuki Tokuoka.200 Complete Works for guitar Vol.42.8.43. Voyons si c'est ça Op. Danza Odalisca.000 Compositions for guitar Vol. 3 piéces de Société Op. Souvenier d'Amitié Op. 6 petites piéces progressives Op. Alborada.1. [Guitar & String Orchestra] Fantasia for guitar and string orchestra. 24 leçons progressives Op. Recuerdos de la Alhambra.24. 5me divertissements Op.45. Tango. Lágrima.7 Petites Pieces I edited by Hiroyuki Tokuoka. M a r c h e d u b a l l e t d e Cendrillon Op.15-3. 6 divertissements Op.2 [Solo] Idyllic Suite. GG016 JPY 1.8 Etudes II edited by Jiro Nakano. GG006 JPY 1. Six Bagatelles (Mes Ennuis) Op. 12 Menuets Op.800 Complete Works for guitar Vol.57.2.32. Pepita.800 Compositions for guitar Vol.5 Menuets et Valses edited by Jiro Nakano. 6 valses (2e livre) Op. 24 exercices Op. 2me divertissements Op. Tanchame-Bushi. Menuet Op.8 Petites Pieces II edited by Hiroyuki Tokuoka. 6 Valses et un Galop Op.19. A la bonne heure. 3 Estudios en La. 6 petites piéces (Voyons si c'est ca) Op. 8 petites piéces Op.3b. 6 p e t i t e s p i é c e s O p . GG309 JPY 2. 4me divertissements Op. 5me divertissements tres facile Op. GG344 JPY 2. 3 ppiéces de Société (1er livre) Op.31. Le Calme (Caprice) Op.1-17.3 Divertissements edited by Jiro Nakano. Lullaby from Chugoku area.8. 6 Airs choisis de Mozart Op. Estudios No. Minuetto.24. 4me divertissements Op. El Carnaval de Venecia.18.12 GUITAR SOLOS Complete Works for guitar Vol.3me divertissements Op. 6 valses Op. Adelita. 6 petites piéces Op.43. El Columpio.100 Compositions for guitar Vol. Jota. GG018 JPY 1. 6 divertissements Op. (see GGBD5004) 24 etudes Op. Estudio de Velocidad. Méditacion WoO.5.60 GG528 JPY 1. 36. Mazurka. Two Pieces after "Kojiki". Fant. Six pieces O p . Vals en Do. GG308 JPY 2.800 Complete Works for guitar Vol. 6 Walzes Op.45. La Mariposa. 6 piéces (Est-ce biença?) Op.300 Compositions for Guitar Vol.46 GG529 JPY 2.9 Etudes I edited by Hiroyuki Tokuoka.13. 25 leçons progressives Op. Rosita.29. Marieta. 6 divertissements Op.1 Original Works I edited by Jiro Nakano.36.11.9 Late Works I Trois pièces de société Op. Endecha y Oremus. 6 petites piéces Op.1-14. Ancient Dance from "Gagaku".300 Compositions for Guitar Vol.13.42. 3 piéces de Société (2e libre) Op. Las Dos Hermanitas.1. GG305 JPY 1.000 SUZUKI.

Dialogue. Evocation. [Three guitars] Serenade. Suspiro de amor (Repós d'amour de Henselt). GG112 JPY 1. 2 Masquerades. Yuquijiro Collected Works for guitar [Solo] Theme and Variations by Japanese old song "Sakura". Valse. Fatum. Polka Japonesa (Balverde y Torregrosa). Kazumi Astral Flakes Shin-ichi Fukuda collection.000 WEISS. Estudio sobre un fragmento de Schumann. Variaciones sobre un Tema de N. Nurse's Story. Sonoh Pieces for Guitar A Melody of Breeze (with CD) A melody of Breeze. Konstantin Collected Works for guitar revised and fingered by Roman Viazovskiy. German Air.500 Week end. Mazurka. Prelude Op. Mazurca de los araguas (Chueca). dedicated to Kazuhito Yamashita.28-6 (Chopin). The kindly ride. Playing HobbyHorse.800 WATANABE. Minuetto (Haydn). Blues in A. A look from a window. Peter I. The Organ-Glinder Sings. GG324 JPY 1. GG066 JPY 1.4 Arrangement I (Studies) edited by Jiro Nakano. Alba. GG047 JPY 1. Fantasia sobre motivos de la Traviata (Verdi). GG021 JPY 1. Antique Graceful Dance. In Church. Paganini.800 YAMASHITA. Romantic Night. Song of the Lark. Preludio sobre un tema de Mendelssohn. Habanera. Gran tremolo (Gottschalk). Sweet Reverie. The Sick Doll. GG124 JPY 1.28-7 (Chopin). recorded by Kazuhito Yamashita and Shin-ichi Fukuda. Baba-Yaga. Song of Peasant. Estudio sobre una fuga de Bach.000 Compositions for guitar Vol. Adieu (Schubert). Palette of Sepia Color. Old song. Hopscotch.39 arranged by Takaaki Kushima & Sae Kushima. TESAR. Mama. Vinograd blues. Snowdrop. Jasmin tea. 5 Menuets. Prelude Op. Tango. Kamarinskaya. Tema y tres variaciones sobre un aire inglés. Prayer. Melody on a day in Autumn. Milan Favorite Pieces for guitar 22 pieces for guitar solo. Morning Prayer. Album for the young Op. Powdery Snow. Introducción. Tema y estudio de concierto de Thalberg. Old French Air. Kazuhito Kusorin Kazuhito Yamashita collection. Tea or coffee?. Polka. Around and around.000 VASSILIEV. La pimpinela. GG105 JPY 2.GUITAR SOLOS 13 Compositions for guitar Vol. Estudio de concierto (Vieuxtemps). Tannhauser (Wagner). The New Doll. Rainbow glasses. Flowing. Romance (Schumann). In the Recollection. In the Lake Side. Song of Sorrow. Dance. Good Night. Canción de Cuna sobre una melodia de Matvei Blantel.33-4 (Chopin).Cramer). Cinco variaciones sobre un tema !Feliz Año Nuevo!.B.200 TCHAIKOVSKY.500 JPY 250 YOCOH. Sicilianas (Mascagni). The Doll's Funeral. GG032 TERAUCHI. Russian Song. La Mort d'Ause (Grieg). Waltz from Verona. Italian Air. March of Wooden Soldiers. fingered and played by Shunsuke MATSUO GG478 JPY 2. At a reach of a hand. Estudio (J. In der Nacht (Schumann). Break Time. Sylvius Leopold Two Lute Suites arranged by Victor Villadangos. Winter Morning. Marcha de la opera Tannhauser (Wagner). Carnival. Dance of the Forest Ghosts). Traveler. . Suite XIX "Divertimento a Solo". Castanet.5 Arrangement II edited by Gendai Guitar. Estudio (Prudent). Estudio (Inspirado en Alard). Suite XIV. Romance (Grieg). [Solo] Three Forest Paintings (The Old Oak. Mazurka Op.

1 : Tender Toys [Solo] Romance for tree. Portrait of Miss. Busk Ye Busk Ye My Bonny Bride . La priere d'ume vierge (Bandarzewska). Rain song of a jester. GG281 JPY 2. Furusato (Okano). Jingle Bell (Pierpont). Water color Scalor. Kojo no Tsuki (Taki).600 YOSHIDA. Old folks at home (Foster). GG216 JPY 2. 4 Little Dream Songs. ANTHOLOGIES FOR SOLO GUITAR Canción antigua Irlandesa. Shiki no uta (Araki). Fantasía sobre MIKUMA-River. Puente hundido. Interceptor.500 Guitar Works Vol. Johnny guitar (Young). GG034 JPY 600 . La cygne (Saint-Saëns). Red river valley (American Folksongs).39-6 (Brahms). Sky color Tensor. Holy night(Gruber). [Flute&Guitar&Voice] Shunshoukankai. The third man (Karas). Angels in twilight. Chidori (Yoshizawa). Yosare. Wiengenlied (Mozart).700 Guitar Works Vol. O Walu. Peggy I Must Love Thee . El humahuageno (Zaldivar). Fantasia sobre un teme de Akatombo. Noël. Litmus Distance. La Campana de La pueblita en Mexico / Estrellita con variaciones (Nakabayashi). Malagueña (Lecuona). GGOD0003 (reprint edition) JPY 2. Wind color Vector.14 GUITAR SOLOS . G. March for the distorted flags. Yoimachi-gusa (Ono). Clout the Cauldron GG503 JPY 2. Rimse. Der Linderbaum (Shubert). Solveigs sang (Grieg). Jeanie with the light brown hair (Foster). Takashi Guitar Works Vol. Guardando la casa. Waly . Logan Water . Flamenco de Paris (Ferre).BARSANTI arranged for guitar by Goran Sollscher Eleanor Rigby . Aubade. Nina (Pergolesi). Annie Laurie. Amazing Grace (Scottish Folksongs). Shiretoko ryojo (Morishige). L.2 : Wind color Vector dedicated to Kazuhito Yamashita and recorded by him.000 50 FAMOUS SONGS IN THE WORLD for guitar solo edited and arranged by Atsumasa Nakabayashi. Chokaisan is My Country Mountain.dedicado a mi mam. Andrew Moontan r e c o r d e d o n C D " T h e C a d e n z a 17" ( S O N Y SRCR2473) by Dai Kimura. [Duo] Afternoon at the Penguin park. Canticle. [Solo] Waltz Sentimental. Tristesse (Chopin). Portrait of Mr. GG222 JPY 1. Belvet waltz.3 : Around the Round Ground fingered by Shin-ichi Fukuda and recorded by him. Vignette. Itsuki no Komoriuta (Japanese Folksongs). I Will . Introduction and Rumba in Japanese Style. La cumparsita (Rodoriges). Mineo Chokaisan is My Country Mountain recorded by composer. GGOD0137 (reprint edition) JPY 1. The Fool on the Hill . Wiengenlied (Schubert). [Duo] Sonatine . Sol poniente. Variations on the theme of Schubert (Nakabayashi). Rokudan (Yatsuhashi). Jongara. Nocturn. Home on the range (American Folksongs). Greernsleeves (English Folksongs). Music box of Mr. Zouka. Antique tree song. Around the Round Ground. YOSHIMATSU. El Condor pasa (Robles). Sueño tranquilo. The Long and Winding Road . L'eau vive (Beart). In My Life . Serenade (Schubert).400 A Royal Pastime arranged for guitar by Christoph Jäggin. Waltzer Op. Il Ferroriete (Rustichelli). Lochaber . GG293 JPY 2. Romance (Spanish Folksongs). La cansion de Marcelino (Sonozabal). Londonderry air (Irish Folk Song). Regalo del Año Nuevo. A Xylophone. GGOD0146(reprint edition) JPY 2.200 12 British songs for Guitar Pieces by THE BEATLES and F. Street dancer. Sueño sombra de un bol. Arabesque in the rain. Canción de abuela. My dear old sunny home (Hays). Sakura Veriation (Nakabayashi). Bay Tripper .300 ■ ANTHOLOGIES FOR SOLO GUITAR YORK. [Voice&Guitar] Tsumi. Beautiful dreamer (Foster). Carrilludas rojos. La playa (Wetter). Chôro (Pernambuco). [Flute&Guitar] Fantasy. Arnold. Romanza sin palabras. Two guitars (Russian Folksongs). Lección de Ligado.600 Litmus Distance dedicated to Kazuhito Yamashita and recorded by him. Les feuilles mortes (Kosma).

Giga (Weiss .21 in C major. 11-5. 35-22. Gustav Mahler:Bedächtig. Daisy(Pratten). Menuett Op. Habanera (Alba). Tomaso Albinoni / Remo Giazotto:Adagio . KV) .ANTHOLOGIES FOR SOLO GUITAR 15 9 pieces with Tablature. El Testamento d'Amelia (Llobet). Op. Overture (Carulli). Op. Op. Terize Jours en France (Lay). Etude d-moll (Carulli). (see JTM1002) GG433 JPY 2. Pavana (Sanz). Best 20 arranged by Shoji Tsuda. 60-25. Valse Op. Lágrima (Tárrega). Catalan Folksong:El Cant dels Ocells GG509 JPY 2. Pas du Cygne (Marsaglia). El testamento de Amelia (Llobet).9 "From the New World" in E minor. 25. Op. I . Edvard Grieg:Morgenstemning(Peer Gyne Suite No. Jota Aragonesa (Cabanari). Felix Mendelssohn:Andante(2nd movement from Violin Concerto in E minor. Classical Music Anthology for Guitar. B W V808) . Under the green wood tree (Henze). Georges Bizet:Farandole(L'Arlesienne Suite No. GG056 JPY 1. Theme from Love Story (Lay). Balletto (Weiss Ponce). Menuet (Paganini).90) . Endecha. Adelita (Tárrega). Arabesuke. Allegro. 31-4. Siciliana (Carcassi). Spagñoletta (Anon. Estrellita (Ponce). J o h a n n S e b a s t i a n Bach:Allemande(English S u i t e N o . Etude d-moll (Coste). [Duo] Canon (Pachelbel). Sarabande (Händel).35-22 (Sor). Valse Op. Variation on the theme of Händel(Giuliani). [Solo] Smile for you (Hara). Les Fevilles Mortes (Kosma). 6 pieces for Lute (Anon). II (Rameau).3 (Ferrer). 31-10. Allegro vivace.700 Classic Collection for Guitar arranged by Koichiro Hara. Suite en fa diéze minour (Campion).200 New .4 in E minor. Menuetto I.6 (Schltz). GG372 JPY 2. 82 easy pieces for beginners.200 Collection for Solo & Duo compiled & arranged by Masataka Sano. A little Danse (Sano). La Mazurka (Legnani). Etude Op.3 in F major. Johannes Brahms:Allegro non troppo(1st movement from Symphony No.Ponce). nicht eile(1st movement from Symphony No. Etude Op. Greensleeves (English Folksongs).or The Moor's revenge) . Op. Suite en mi la ré (Grénerin). Saltarello (Anon. Moderato (Paganini). P e t e r I l y i c h Tchaikovsky:Barkarole(Les saisons-12 Morceaux caractéristiques. Pica pica (Anon).1. Sarabande. recorded by Masataka Sano and Yoshinori Shimoda. Valse Andantino (Cano).37bis) .46) . Edvard Grieg:Åses Tod(Peer Gyne Suite No. Op. El Noi de la Mare (Catalan Folksong). Rain drops (Lindsey).de Visée). Andante (Vivaldi). Muzette (de Visée).4 in G major) . 2 Tangos (Ferrer).2) . Johann Strauss II:An der schönen blauen Donau.46) . Cancion de Cuna (Brouwer).12 . 31-3. KV48) . Prelude.).23 in A major. Caprice Orientale (Bickford). Sarabande and Double (Bach). Op. Romanze (Mertz). Suite en sol majeur (de Visée). Ultramarine (Tanimura). Borelo (Ravel). Op. Guitarist's treasure No. El cant dels Ocells.314 . Choro (Pernanbuco). Pavanas cinco partidas. Ave Maria (Burgmuller). La danse des Naiades (Ferrer). Gabriel F a u r é : S i c i l i e n n e . Sarabande & Bourée (de Visée). 32-2 (Sor).6) . Disheveled (Funamura) [Duo] An evening primrose (Oono). Chôro (Anon). Ballet (Praetorius). Pastorale (Carcassi). Oklahoma Mixer (American Folksong). La melanconia (Giuliani). Ludwig van Beethoven:Allegro con brio(1st movement from Symphony No. Double.98) . Op. Op.112 (Sor). Op. Galop (Sor). R V355/ F . Prelude (Weiss . 32-2 (Sor). Op. [Solo] Maria Luisa (Sagreras). Largo from Symphony "From the New World". Edward Elgar:Salut d'Amour. Op. If We Hold On Together (Jennings). Selenata Española (Ferrer). Feste Lariane (Mozzani). Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:Adagio(2nd movement from Piano Concerto No. Maria Luisa (Sagreras). Johannes Brahms:Poco allegretto(3rd movement from Symphony No. Serenade (Gounod).500 Excellent Guitar Pieces for Stage Performance compiled and edited by Nobutaka Nakagawa and his group. O p .64) .1. Lachrimae Pavan (Dowland). Bourée. Jealousy (Gade).). Op. Fantasie (Weiss). Antonín Dvo ř ák :Largo(2nd movement from Symphony No.236) . Largo (Bach). Tango No. Barcarolle (Coste). María (Tárrega). Menuetto Op. Oremus (Tárrega).78 .95) . Etude a-moll (Carulli). Fuga (Bach). Jupiter from Suite "The Planets"(Holst) . Op. Antonio Vivaldi:Alla breve(3rd movement from Violin Concerto in A minor. Op. Csikos post (Necke).5 in C minor. Etude G-dur (Aguado). Diferencias sobre "Guardame las vacas" (Narvaez). Slavonic Dance No. Valse Andantino (Cano). Lullaby of Itsuki (Japanese Folksongs). Canarios (Sanz).10 (Dvorák). Nocturno (Henze). Romance (Paganini). W o l f g a n g A m a d e u s M o z a r t : A n d a n t e (2n d movement from Piano Concerto No. Sonata del quatro tuono (Roncalli).Ponce). Etude d-moll (Coste). Scherzo (Carulli). Jugend (Schneider). Beautiful Girl (Sano). 11-6. Henry Purcell:Rondo(Suite d'Abdelazer. Romance de amor.3. Ouverture de la grotte de Versailles (Lully . Kleine Romance (Walker).

Andantino. Nocturn. Yurikago no Uta (Kusakawa). Cadiz. Omocha no ChaCha-Cha (Koshibe). Alla Polacca. La Caduta della Pioggia. Asturias (Albéniz). Tsuki no Sabaku (Sasaki). No. Tango. L'adieu (Chopin). Ame Furi Otsuki (Nakayama). Sunayama. Arabian Dance. Hanayome Ningyou (Sugiyama). Preludi No. Rondeau de Concert (Coste). Danses des Petitus Cygnes (Tchaikovsky). Natsu wa Kinu (Koyama). Maiden's Prayer (Badrzewska). Shabon Dama. El Colibri (Ságreras). Nanatsu no Ko. Hanayome Ningyou (Sugiyama). Valse.16 ANTHOLOGIES FOR SOLO GITAR Introduction et variarions sur l'air Malborough Op.1 t h e s e 101 s o n g s w e r e selected by Japan Agency of Cultural Affairs. Ue wo Muite Arukou (Nakamura). Hedge Roses . Ouma (Matushima). Lady Hunsdon's Puffe. Serenata Españora (Malats). Akai Kutsu (Motoori). Nanatsu no ko (Motoori). Itsudemo Yume wo (Yoshida). The Swan Lake . Ureshii Hina Matsuri (Kawamura). Furusato (Okano). Kenichi Ebe. Sonata K. Yuuhi (Murozaki). Ame Furi Otsuki Kumo no Kage (Nakayama). Sikararete (Hirota). Kata Tataki (Nakayama). GG430 JPY 2. Recuardos de A l h a m b r a ( T á r r e g a ) .Werner). Poco Allegretto. Asa wa Dokokara (Hashimoto).9 (Sor). Aka Tonbo (Yamada). Hana no Machi. Sueño. Moderato.Intermezzo (Wolf-Ferrari). Valse Favorite. Kawaii Kakurenbo (Nakata). Siciliano. Fantasia (Mudarra).800 Excellent Guitar Pieces for Stage Performance II compiled and edited by Nobutaka Nakagawa and his group. Rumores de la Caleta.322. Endecha. Cordoba (Albéniz). Tanabatasama (Simofusa). Larghetto alla siciliano. Sir John Smith's his Almain (Dowland). Kaeru no Fue. Spirit of Falling Leaves. Kuroda Bushi (Japanese Folksongs). Wenn die Schwalben heimwärts ziehn. The Jewels of the Madonna . Emperor Waltz (J. Yuyake Koyake. Romance de Amor (Spanish Folksongs). Czardas (Mertz). Ohanashi Yubisan (Yuyama). Fiume "Tone". Inu no Omawarisan (Onaka). Adelita. Okasan (Nakata). Kokiriko Bushi. Soushunfu (Nakata). in four volumes. K. Oremus. Oshougatsu (Taki). Strauss). Prelude No. Aka tonbo (Yamada). Le Cygne (Saint-Saëns). Valse. Included 32 pieces. Uresii Hina Matsuri (Kawamura). Mikan no Hana Saku Oka. Clair de Lune (Debussy).800 Japanese Songs 101 Selection for solo guitar Vol. Aoi Me no Ningyou. Furusato (Okano). Variations l'air de flute enchantée Op. Etude No.Medley (Schubert Weber . Mari to Tonosama. Sonata in A dur (Diabelli). 6 (Milán). Valse. Chôro (Anon). Ano Machi Kono Machi. Aogeba Toutoshi (Anon). Träumerei (Schumann).Tárrega). Naisho Banashi (Yamaguchi). Divertissemente. Variazioni sulla Folia di Eapagna (Giuliani).3.5 (Granados). Andantino. My Grandfather's Clock (Work). Edo no Komoriuta (Japanese Folksongs). Etude No. Venetiansches Gondollied (Mendelssohn .200 Japanese Lyric Songs for guitar solo arranged by Gozo Ono. Sato no Aki (Kainuma).28 (Sor). Takibi (Watanabe). Ii-hi Tabidachi (Tanimura). Serenade (Drigo).10 (Carcassi). Fantasia original (Viñas). Alborada (Tárrega). arranged by Michio Tashima. Galliarda. Shabon Dama. Yuyake Koyake (Kusakawa). Rosso di Tramonto (Takei). GG359 JPY 2. Andante con Variationes (Carulli). Canarios (Sanz). Akai Kutsu. D a n z a E s p a ñ o l a N o .Tárrega). Kojo no Tsuki (Taki). Yoimachigusa (Ono). GG447 JPY 2. Valse (Legnani).11. Ame Furi Kumanoko (Yuyama). Pavana No. Capricho Arabe. Hamabe no Uta (Narita). Valse. Katatsumiri. Under the big Chestnut Tree (English Folksongs). Ame Furi Otuki. Ame Furi (Nakayama). Danza Mora. Sonatas (Cimarosa). Torija (Moreno-Torróba). La Maja de Goya (Granados). Yuki no Furu Machi wo (Nakata). Lágrima. Yuzuru (Nakagawa). Zosan (Dan). Natsu no Omoide. Shimabara no Komoriuta (Miyazaki). Nobuyuki Hirakura. GGOD0133 (reprint edition) JPY 2. Juugoya Otsukisan (Motoori). Oborozukiyo (Okano).800 Famous Classics for guitar solo / Kunio Shitinohe's Favorite Pieces 2 arranged by Takashi Yamada. Estrellita (Ponce). Malaguena.7 (Chopin . Canço del Lladre (Llobet). Ano Machi Kono Machi. Espanoleta.Scéne.3. Yuki (Japanese Song Enacted by Ministry of Education). Ame (Hirota). Etude (Sor). Kanariya (Narita). K.380 (Scarlatti). Ame (Hirota). Moderato. Nenia per Bambola. Valse (Ferrer). Sevilla. Allegretto. GGOD0107 (reprint edition) JPY 1. Hanakage (Toyoda).800 . Allegro. Yurikago no Uta.900 Japanese Hearty Songs for guitar soloarranged by Toshiaki Tojyo. Otedama. Medaka no Gakkou. GG352 JPY 1. Tango.39 .

Sakuragai no Uta (Yasu). Yuyake Koyake (Kusakawa). Nobuyuki Hirakura. Te no Hira wo Taiyo ni (izumi). Sato no Aki (Kainuma). Nanatsu no Ko (Motoori). Chugoku-chiho no Komori-uta. Touryanse (Edo Traditional Song). Ware wa Umi no Ko (Anon). Greenville (Rousseau). Kasan no Uta (Kubota). Childrens' songs etc). Shabon Dama (Nakayama). . Chin-Chin Chidori (Konoe). Medaka no Gakkou (Nakada). Oborozukiyo (Okano). Natsu no Omoide (Nakata). Kamome no Suiheisan (Kawamura). Hana (Taki). Tonbo no Megane (Hirai). Kenichi Ebe. Defune (Sugiyama). Miagete Goran Yoru no Hoshi wo (Izumi). Takibi (Watanabe). Karatachi no Hana. Yuki (Japanese songs enacted by Ministry of Education). Habu no Minato. GG449 JPY 3. Hanschen Klein (Germany Folksongs). Koujo no Tsuki. If You're Happy and You Know It (American Folksongs). Jidai (Nakajima). Sei Kurabe (Nakayama). Shiki Nagashima. Haru no Ogawa (Okano). Zosan (Dan). Koi Nobori (Japanese songs enacted by Ministry of Education). Haru ga Kita (Okano). Kimiyoshi Akiyama. Kazoe Uta (Japanese Traditional songs). Furusato (Nakayama). Fuji no Yama (Anon). Mushi no Koe (Japanese songs enacted by Ministry of Education). Zuizui Zukkorobashi (Japanese Childrens' songs). Akai Kutsu.000 Japanese Songs 101 Selection for solo guitar Vol. Jogashima no Aki (Yanada). GG035 JPY 1. Yuuhi (Murozaki). Mollie Darling (Hays). Masahiro Izumi. Cosmos (Sada). Masahiro Izumi. Shiki Nagashima. Bunken Nagano. Oshougatsu (Taki). Chinkara Touge (Kainuma). Machibouke (Yamada). Tsubasa wo Kudasai (Murai). Tsuki no Sabaku (Sasaki). Yoimachigusa (Ono). Sakura Sakura (Japanese Traditional songs). Petika (Yamada).500 Japanese Songs for guitar solo Vol.3 arranged by Akio Hasumi. Omoide no Album (Honda). Haru no Ogawa (Okano). Childrens' songs etc). Yuyake Koyake (Kusakawa). HanaSubete no Hito no Kokoro ni Hana wo (Kina). Suzume no Gakkou (Hikida). Mikan no Hana Saku Oka (Kainuma). Nobuyuki Hirakura. Natsu wa Kinu (Koyama). Konnichiwa Akachan (Nakamura). Hana no Machi (Dan). Hato (Japanese songs enacted by Ministry of Education). Sekai ni Hitotsudake no Hana (Makihara). Aoi Me no Ningyou (Motoori). Kagome Kagome (Japanese childrens' songs).4 arranged by Hirokazu Sato. Kaze (Kusakawa). Akio Hasumi. Medaka no Gakkou (Nakata). Dreaming of Home and Mother (Ordway). Yashi no Mi (Onaka). Nada Sou-Sou (BEGIN). Tiisai Aki Mitsuketa (Nakada). Umi (Inoue). Auld Lang Syne (Burns). Kono Michi (Yamada). Home. Hamabe no Uta (Narita). Aka Tonbo (Yamada). Sweet Home (Bishop). Kenichi Ebe. Momiji (Okano). Usagi (Japanese song enacted by Ministry of Education). Donguri Koro-Koro (Harita). Shiki no Uta (Araki).Included 17 pieces (Folksongs. Yurikago no Uta. Kawa no Nagare no Youni (Mitake). Naisho Banashi (Yamaguchi). Furusato (Nakayama). Ouma (Japanese songs enacted by Ministry of Education). Yurikago (Hirai).2 arranged by Shiki Nagashima. Michio Tashima. Koukou Sannensei (Endo). Mee-Mee Koyagi (Motoori). Momiji (Okano). Nanatsu no Ko (Motoori). Chiisai Aki Mitsuketa (Nakata). Kisha (Owada) ~ Kisha Poppo (Kusakawa). Donguri Koro-Koro (Harita). Cha Tsumi (Japanese songs enacted by Ministry of Education). Haru no Ogawa (Okano). Ringo no Uta (Manjoume). Sacchan (Oonaka). Koichi Kezuka. Hamabe no Uta (Narita). Makiba no Asa (Funabashi). Tanabatasama (Shimousa). Ame (Hikida). GG490 JPY 2. Kyo no Hi wa Sayounara (Kaneko). Soushunfu (Nakata). Hanayome Ningyou (Sugiyama). Mura Matsuri (Anon). Kono Michi. Okashi to Musume (Hashimoto). Hama Chidori (Hirota). Tulip (Inoue).ANTHOLOGIES FOR SOLO GITAR 17 Japanese Songs 101 Selection for solo guitar Vol. Umi (Inoue). Included 45 pieces (Folksongs. GG450 JPY 3. Karasu no Akachan (Kainuma).500 Japanese Songs 101 Selection for solo guitar Vol. Yashi no Mi (Oonaka). Otsukisama (Japanese songs enacted by Ministry of Education). Haru ga Kita. Tawara wa Goro-Goro (Motoori). Nanatsu no Ko (Motoori). Hana (Taki).1 arranged by Nobutaka Nakagawa. Bunken Nagano. Mari to Tonosama (Nakayama). Naisho Banashi (Yamaguchi). Menkoi Ouma (Niki). Karatachi no Hana (Yamada). Mikan no Hana Saku Oka (Kainuma). Koujou no Tsuki (Taki). Yuki no Furu Machi wo (Nakata). Soshunfu (Nakada). Kata Tataki (Nakayama). Natsu no Omoide. Skiing (Hirai). Dokoka de Haru ga (Kusawaka). Fuji-san Mitara (Hashimoto).2 arranged by Nobutaka Nakagawa. Shikararete (Hirota). Hana no Machi (Dan). Haru yo Koi (Hikida). Variations on the theme of "Bonfire" (Nakagawa).000 Japanese Songs for guitar solo Vol. Do-Re-Mi (Rodgers). Fuyu Geshiki (Japanese songs enacted by Ministry of Education). Hama Chidori (Hirota). Furusato (Okano). Kutsu ga Naru (Hirota).

S. Kantor). Sombras. [Originals] Villa Pueyrredón. Alma llanera.8-2. El Vito. Cielo Abierto (Sinesi).200 Kaori Muraji Guitar Solo Collection Vol. Kleine romanze (Walker). Polonaise BWV125. Viva Jujui. Andante op. Korin (Mizoubuchi). Vals andantino (Cano). [Duo] Vals Pica Pica.2 recorded by Kaori Muraji. Adelita. GG130 JPY 1. Romance sans paroles (Bosch).46No.500 La Rhéterique des Dieux / Lute Compositions of the French Baroque arranged for guitar by Christoph Jäggin.Sato.27 (Carulli). Lullaby (Blantel-Yokoh). Romanze (Mertz). [Transcriptions] Milonga del 71 (Vitale). Menuet BWV 132.1310 (Mertz). Caprice No.13. Seven pieces from the notebook of Anna Magdarena Bach . F e u i l l e s D’a u t o m n e Op. Barcarolle (Coste). Pièces en ré majeur (Denis Gaultier).1 (G.9-2 (Chopin ~ Tarrega). Romance de Amour (Spanish Folksongs). Tamito Militar (Mores). Thousands of Prayers (T. Por una . Unicornio. Plaza Italia.121-6 (Carulli).500 Musica para guitarra de America Latina Vol. E. Villa Real (M. Four old Scotch music (Anon). Traumerei (Schumann ~ Tarrega). Under the green wood tree (Henze). El pajaro campana. Yo vendo unos ojos negros. Greensleeves (English folk song). Despedida. Vals in D major (Tarrega).koko ~ W.800 La Guitar en la Argentina compiled & arranged by Victor Villadangos. Noites Cariocas. 7 (Legnani). GG107 JPY 2. Sinfonia BWV156 (J. Tango op. González).31-4 (Sor). Etude op. El tiempo que te quede libre. Espanoleta (Sanz). 5.500 Kunio Shichinohe's Favorite pieces edited and recorded by Kunio Shichinohe. Kantor). Estudio No.41-3 (Coste). Danza Rustica (Sugawara). La melancolia (Giuliani) GG494 JPY 2. 7 studies (Sagreras). Caprice sur un Theme favori de C. Waltz op. Minuet in A major (Paganini).Le Pera).19-1 (Ferrer). Feste lariane (Mozzani). Kokoro (G. Alfonsina y el Mar.32-1 (Sor). Raindrops (Lindsey).2 [Solo] Un Caballero. Etude in D minor. GG225 JPY 2. Liebeslied Op. Pièces en si mineur (Mouton). GG424 JPY 2. 27. Canco del Liadre (Llobet). Ph. Calling you (Rodgers ~ H. Pas du cygne (Marsaglia). Allegretto scherzando (Paganini). GG468 JPY 2. Cartagenera. Jeux Interdits (Anonymous).000 Marea. GG119 JPY 2. Contra Listen and learn ~ Easy guitar repertoire (with CD) Anglaise op. S. Pièces en la mineur (Dufaut). Nocturne Op. Daisy (Pratten). Pasional.. Madrigal (Barrios).Sakamoto ~ H. Energy flow (R. El Dia Que Me Quieras (Gardel . Morceau de concert. Bach). M a dr e s e lv a .Katsumi). March BWV124 (C. Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Tarrega).M.Stark). El Colibri (Sagreras). La Tortuga (Mexican Folk songs). Two minuets (Rameau). Rivano). El Colibili (Sagreras). Menuet BWV 115 (J. Endecha and Oremus (Tarrega).5 Le Rosmarin No. Invernal.Weber (Mertz). B.000 New Kaori Muraji Guitar Solo Collection compiled & arranged by Kaori Muraji and Shin-Ichi Fukuda. A la orilla del un Palmar. Variaciones Sobre el Carnaval de Venecia (Tarrega). Poble corazon. Buttercup Waltz (Bickford). El testament d'Amelia (Catalan folk song). Bach). Andantino op. 22.18 ANTHOLOGIES FOR SOLO GITAR Tsuki no Sabaku (Sasaki).Sato) GG484 JPY 2. Tears in Heaven (Clapton ~ H.20 .9 Le Rose (Giuliani). Merry Christmas Mr. El Andariego. Ombra mai fu. Triunfal (Piazzolla).32-2 (Sor).Sato).1-15 (Händel). Nocturne (Henze). Granada (Albéniz). Virgenes del S o l . recorded by Kaori Muraji.4 Le Jasmin No. Sakamoto ~ H. 3 Contradanzas. Spirit of falling leaves (Takei). Sonata Op. Companion CD including recordings of all pieces. Pièces en ut majeur (Mesangeau). Homenaje a Debussy (Falla ~ Llobet). Choix de mes fleurs cheries Op. Pastoral (Carcassi). Barcarolle (Coste) . Vasija de barro. Milonga de Mis Amores (Laurenz). E l ca n t a r d e m i G u it a r r a. Lagrima. 36 Caprices Op. Primera impresión (P. Greensleeves (English Folksongs).N o . Pièces en ré mineur (Ennemond Gaultier). Sonatine in C major. Lawrence (R. Allegro vivace (Giuliani). Kataki ka (G.Menuet BWV 114. 19. Habanera (Alba). Musette BWV 126.800 Musica para guitarra de America Latina (with 1CD) [Solo] Comparsa. Adios Nonino.19-3. Bach). Tango op.24 (Paganini). Maria Luisa (Sagreras). Pujol). El Espantapajaro.Sato). March BWV122. D i v e r t i m e n t o o p .

Aloha oe (Hawaiian Folksongs). Habanera (Bizet).51-1 (Franz Peter Schubert)/Beautiful Dreamer . Oshin . Greensleeves (English Folksongs). Tyura-san . Die Beidew Grenadiere (Schumann). GGOD0008 (reprint edition) JPY 2. Canto del Campesino. Arirang (Korean Folksongs). Oh! Susanna (Foster). Heidenroslein (Schubert). Santa Claus (French Folksongs).1 arranged by Nobutaka Nakagawa. Ohisama . Serenade espagñole (Bizet). A light. Wiengenlied (Flies). Suite d-moll (de Visee). Tenka .1e . Variaciones y Fuga sobre el tema popular Mexicano La Golondrina.2 arranged by Nobutaka Nakagawa. La Paloma (Yradier). Dondo Hare . Grand Solo (Sor).Etude Op. Gegege no Nyobo .800 New Songs for NHK serial TV dramas (with CD) Ai yori Aoku . Ohanahan . Oh! my darling Clementine.3-5 (Roman Hoffstetter/ F r a n z J o s e p h H a y d n ) /2 M e n u e t t / K V .300 Segovia Collections for guitar solo Ballet des champs-elysees (Gluck). Mallorca (Albéniz).1f (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)/Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)/German Folk Songs/Bagatelle "Für Elise"/WoO.500 Songs in the world for guitar solo Vol. Elegie. Die Lorelei (Silcher). Yellow rose of Texas (American Folksongs). Moscow Evening (Sedoj). Guantanamera.35-17 . Holy night (Gruber). Wiengenlied (Brahms). Yankee Doodle (American Folksongs). Melody (Grieg). Der lindenbaum (Schubert). Companion CD including recordings of all pieces. if all those endearing young charms (Irish Folksongs). Romance (Spanish Folksongs). Long long ago (Bayly). sweet home (Bishop). Mazurka (Tchaikovsky). Old folks at home (Foster). Madchens wunsch (Chopin). Barcarolle (Offenbach). O sole mio (Neapolitana). Torre Bermeja. Suite fur Violoncello Allein III (Bach). Passacaglii. Dark Eyes (Russian Folksongs). Trojka (Russian Folksongs). Cossack's cradle song (Russian Folksongs). cold ground (Foster).17/Op. GG514 JPY 2. Piacer d'amor (Martini). Teppan . Believe me. 18 folksongs in the world. Sevilla. Träumerei (Schumann). Mary had a little lamb (American Folksongs). Torna a Surriento (Curutis). Courante (Ponce). Massa's in de cold.ANTHOLOGIES FOR SOLO GITAR 19 Cabeza. Nona manis (Indonesian Folksongs). Kalinka. Red Sarafan (Russian Folksongs). Red river valle (American Folksongs). Sonata in A (Scarlatti). Asuka .1/ F. Katyusha (Russian Folksongs). Six Pieces for Lute (Anonymous. Sur le pont d'Avignon (French Folksongs). Summ Summ Summ (Bohemian Folksongs). Good-night. Wiengenlied (Schubert). La Cumparsita. Galilei). Loreley (Silcher). Mollie darlin' (Hays). GG469 JPY 2. Tombeau sur la Mort de Montseigneur Comte de Logy (Weiss). 70 folksongs in the world. Haru yo Koi . La Cucaracha (Mexican Folksongs). Beautiful dreamer. Home. Home on the range (American Folksongs). Serenade (Schubert). Andante (Haydn). Suite (Purcell). Londonderry air (Irish Folksongs). Cuckoo Variations (Nakagawa). Brejeiro. Valse. Sonata in G. Song in those days (Germany Folksongs). Vieni sul mar (Neapolitana). O du lieber Augustin (Germany Folksongs). Ein Mannlein stent im Wald (Germany Folksongs). Der Treue Johnie (Scottish Folk Songs . Sandmannchen (Germany Folksongs). Giga (Roncalli). Als die alte Mutter mich noch lehrte singen (Dvoräk).200 New The Old Songs 22 Chapters for Guitar Collected arrangements by Hirokazu Sato Greensleeves-Scaborough Fair (English Falk Songs)/Kanon (Johann Pachelbel)/Les Barricades Mysterieuses (François Couperin)/Polonaise No. Heidenroslein (Werner). Carnation . GG421 JPY 1. Addio a Napole (Neapolitana). Gavotta. Ume-cyan Sensei. Treue Liebe (German Folksongs). Dreaming oh home and mother (Ordway). Anny Laurie (Scottish Folksongs). Auf wiedersehen (Germany Folksongs).59 (Ludwig van Beethoven)/Marche Militaire/Op. London Bridge (English Folksongs). Nina (Pergolesi).12-1 (Wilhelm Friedemann Bach)/Serenade/ String Quartet No.Beethoven). The last rose of summer (Moore). Serenata (Toselli). Ay Ay Ay (Freire). Camptown races (Foster). Hirari . Sten'ka Razin (Russian Folksongs). When the Saints go marching in (American Folksongs). Chiritotechin . Under the spreanded chest nut (English Folksongs). Aut Flugehn des Gesanges (Mendelssohn-Bartholdy). Tsao Yuanz Ching Go (Chinese Folksongs). GG267 JPY 2. My old Kentucky home. Rocked in the cradle of the deep (Knight). Negri. Der Tannenbaum (Germany Folksongs).300 Songs in the world for guitar solo Vol. Sarasponda (Dutch Folksongs). Aguri . Santa Lucia (Neapolitana). Lake Baikal. Nobody knows the trouble I see (Negro spiritual). Variation on "Comin' thro' the Rye" (Nobutaka Nakagawa). Dandan . Die forelle (Schubert). Jingle bells (Peapont). Piano .

Rondeau(tempo=100) ■ TWO GUITARS ANTHOLOGIES Baroque Lute Duets for two guitars Vol.1 arranged by Masaru Koyama.3:V a l s C r i o l l o ( L a u r o ) .2 arranged by Masaru Koyama. La fille aux cheveux de lin (Debussy). GG465 JPY 3.5-5 (Sor). Romance de Amor (Anon). Vals Venezolano N o . Cavatina (Myers). Caprice Op. El Colibri (Sagreras).14-5 (Henri Constant Gabriel Pierné)/ The Planets Fantasie (Gustav Holst)/Parade der Zinnsoldaten/Op. Liebeslied (Mertz). GG421 JPY 1.Scarlatti). Fantasie (Weiss). Estudio inspirad en Alard (Tárrega). 6 Variations pour la Guitarre sur les Folies d'Espagne Op. J u l i a F l o r i d a: Barcarola(Barrios).92 (Henze).34 No. Etude Op.4 BWV1055 (Bach). (see GGBD2008) GG159 JPY 2. Adelita (Tárrega).500 ICHIMUJIN Guitar Duo Collection Handel : Lascia ch’io pianga/Debussy:Clair de Lune/Traditional Irish Tune:Londonderry Air/ Natsuki Kido:A Stone on a Desert/Chopin:Valse No.9-2 (Frédéric François Chopin)/Marche Funèbre (Frédéric François Chopin)/Papillon Fantasie (Robert Alexander Schumann)/Mignon Fantasie (Charles Louis Ambroise Thomas)/ Martha Fantasie (Friedrich von Flotow)/La prière d'une Vierge (Tekla B ą darzewska)/Chanson d'autrefois/Op.45 (Giuliani).000 Baroque Lute Duets for two guitars Vol. Sonata E minor L.35-22 (Sor). Score only. Attached CD has not only tracks in tempo but tracks in slow tempo for both parts. Un dia despues (Guerra).S. Partie (Prante). Partie Polonaise (Telemann).S.500 Guitar Duets arranged by Ken Shibata. Vals Op. Scherzino Mexicano (Ponce). Joy of Man's Desiring BWV147 (Bach). GG505 JPY 2. Rondeau(tempo=100)First and Second Guitar (for practice):Largo(tempo=60). Serenata Española (Malats/Tárrega). La Catedral (Barrios). Un Dia de Noveimbre (Brouwer). you can practice playing the famous and popular music for two guitars with the SPECIAL CD.123 (Leon Jessel)/Amazing Grace [Solo] (Anonymous)/Amazing Grace [Duo] (Anonymous).2 (with CD) Score and Parts. GG154 JPY 2. Lachrimae (Dowland).11 (D. Partie (Richter). Introduction et Variations sur l'Air "Que ne suis-je la Fougére" (Sor). TWO GUITARS (Stephen Collins Foster Fernando Sor)/Nocturne/ Op. Partie (Telemann).9 (Sor). Andante Largo Op.7 in C sharp minor Op. . Partita (Losy). No. Clair de lune (Debussy).000 Collection for Solo & Duo [see "Anthologies for Solo"] GG433 JPY 2. Love Waltz (Neuman). Cembalo Concerto No.64-2/Katsumi Nagaoka: ICHIMUJIN/Rimsky-Korsakov:The Young Prince and The Young Princess/Taku Izumi:Miagete goran yoru no hoshi wo/Tradhitional English Tune:Scarborough Fair/Schubert:Serenade/ Sarasate:Zapateado/Licanfeng:AJISAI/Ponce: Estrellita/Jerome Kern:Somke Gets in Your Eyes/ Naoki Sato ~:RYOUMADEN/Licanfeng:Variations s u r L a i r Y O S A K O I / S h u n s u k e Yamashita:KAKERA/Yasuhito Udaka:Nicola. Capricho Arabe (Tárrega).8. Variations sur l'Air de la Flûte Enchantée Op. El Noi de la Mare (Catalan folksongs). Lágrima (Tárrega). Asturias (Albéniz). Score only. Estrellita (Ponce).500 Karaoke for Two Guitars Vol. Barcarola Op.51-1 (Coste). Recuerdos de Alhambra (Tárrega).Bach). R o n d e a u(t e m p o =100) Second Guitar (for practice):Largo(tempo=60).20 ANTHOLOGIES FOR SOLO GITAR . Danza Española (Granados). from original tablature. 【C D】F i r s t G u i t a r ( f o r practice):Largo(tempo=60) . Cavatina (Myers). Prelude BWV999 (J. GG155 JPY 2.352/K.207. Nocturno Op.CD is attached. Sarabande (Händel). Valses Poético (Granados).Even if you have not a partner. Parts only.3 (Barrios). Suite en Ré (de Visée). Prélude (Frank). Chôro (Perunambuco). Duetto (Falkenhagen).Bach).500 The Return of the "Tenko Mori 1 & 2" these 44 famous musics for guitar solo. El Testament d'Ameria (Catalan folksongs). Tango en Skaï (Dyens). Lautenfuge BWV1000 (J. Jesus. Chôro da Saudade (Barrios). recorded by Ken Shibata and Atsuko Fukuyama.1 CARULLI:Petit duo dialogue Op.800 from original tablature. Duetto (Hagen).(Regnani). Rain Drops (Lindsey).

Nunca Tuvo Novio (Bardi).3 arranged by Fukuo Itoh. GG323 JPY 2. GG504 JPY 1.200 Treasure of Guitar Duo Vol. . . Masashi Shinohara.300 New 21 Karaoke for Two Guitars Vol. La Cumparsita (Gerardo Matos Rodríguez) 【CD】 . .This CD is especially made so that you can practice duets by yourself. Score and Parts.Music is played in 440Hz.Metronome sound (clicking sound) is allocated on the left channel. Libertango (Astor Piazzolla) . Piano Sonata KV545 (Mozart).Music is played without fermatas. . Introduction and Fandango (Boccherini). Rondeau First and Second Guitar (Model Performance):Largo.34 (with 2CD) fingering and performance by Koichi Kezuka.3 American Album (With CD) Fingering and performance by Koichi Kezuka. Simon & Garfunkel Medley/El Cóndor Pasa/Scarborough Fair/Bridge over Troubled Water. London Symphony (1st Movement of Symphony No. . please adjust the volume of left channel. 【CD】 . .600 Karaoke for Two Guitars Vol.Metronome is all quadruple rhythm. . Variation from "Greensleeves" (Anon). Rondeau fingered and performance by Koichi Kezuka. Amazing Grace . Libertango (Piazzolla).Music is played without fermatas. . (Vivaldi). Los Mareados (Cobian).2 arranged by Fukuo Itoh.If you want to change the volume of metronome sound.104) (Haydn).34 【CD】 . GG520 JPY 2.2 Fernando Sor : L’Encouragement Op. Oboe Concerto in D minor (Marcello).If you want to change the volume of metronome sound.4 Argentine Tango Album (With CD) fingering and performance by Koichi Kezuka.200 Treasure of Guitar Duo Vol.000 Libertango Dos Guitarras para Tango 1 arranged for guitar by Masahiro Iizumi. . Overture "The Barber of Seville" (Rossini). Masashi Shinohara.This CD is especially made so that you can practice duets by yourself.There are preliminary beats to a bar in order to make it easier to keep pace with the tempo of CD.1 for two violines (Telemann).There are preliminary beats to a bar in order to make it easier to keep pace with the tempo of CD. Corazón de Oro (Canaro). .Metronome sound (clicking sound) is allocated on the left channel. GG264 JPY 2. . Cavatina .000 Karaoke for Two Guitars Vol. GG513 JPY 2. El Choclo (Villoldo). Score and Parts. .23 (Scarlatti).Music is played without fermatas. Metronome sound (clicking sound) is allocated on the left channel. Rondeau Second Guitar (in tempo):Largo.Metronome is all octuplet rhythm.Music is played in 440Hz. GG269 JPY 2.TWO GUITARS First Guitar (in tempo):Largo.500 Treasure of Guitar Duo Vol. Por una Cabeza (Carlos Gardel) . music is played in slow tempo for practice.1 arranged by Fukuo Itoh. La Trampera (Troilo). Concerto for two mandolins 2nd Mv. . . Masashi Shinohara. GG507 JPY 1. please adjust the volume of left channel. GG355 out of stock New New . Score and Parts. please adjust the volume of left channel.This CD is especially made so that you can practice duets by yourself.Music is played in 440Hz.On Disc1.If you want to change the volume of metronome sound.Metronome is all quadruple rhythm.There are preliminary beats to a bar in order to make it easier to keep pace with the tempo of CD. Score and Parts. Sonata L. Sor : L’Encouragement Op. El Choclo (Ángel Villoldo) . Sonata No. . Palomita Blanca (Aieta). Canon (Pachelbel).

GG243 JPY 2. Book 1 and has transcribed them for guitar duo. Sleepers.No. Butterflies. Danse Bohême. Chanson de Fleur. Unbalanced. Dreams. The Well.14 BWV859.II & Gigue BWV814. Intermezzo. F r e n c h S u i t e s N o . Contains fingerings and commentary by Fernandez.800 .9 BWV854. Farewell. A Search. (see DCM33103) GGOD0144 (reprint edition) JPY 2. No. Score only. Finale (Les Toréadors). Prelude & Fugue VI BWV875. Farewell. GG206 JPY 1. GG471 JPY 3. educator and scholar (he is author of Essays on J. No. GGOD0001 (reprint edition) BIZET.Bach arranged by Nobuyuki Hirakura. Aleksandr P.23 BWV868. Bach's Works for Lute). Helping. Score and parts.V 772 .2 BWV813. Air on the G string BWV1068. Rain Storm.French Suites No. GG515 JPY 2.000 Italian Concert BWV971 arranged and recorded by Minoru Inagaki and Yoshio Matsumoto. First Encounter. joy of man's desiring BWV147. we behold thy name BWV639. Parts only.500 BORODIN.600 Inventions arranged by Riichiro Manabe. Invitation. Seguedille.6 BWV817 GGOD0132 (reprint edition) JPY 2.5 BWV816.3 BWV848. Prelude & Fugue IX BWV854.400 JPY 1.French Suites No. Parts only. GG208 JPY 2. String quartet No. Capricho Catalan.S.No. Jesu. who is not only a great guitarist but also a renowned composer. We thank you. The first publication in the world.800 AOSHIMA. Hiroshi Seven colored pieces ingered by Daisuke Suzuki. Train of Thoughts. Score and Parts. Prérude. Johann Sebastian French Suites arranged by Riichiro Manabe. awake BWV140. The Morgue. GG094 JPY 2. Chanson du Toréadors.165 Preludio. The Friends. God we thank you BWV29.3 BWV814.S. Jesus. Nocturne (Air de Micaëla).000 Selected Works of J. Score only.2 for two guitars whole four movements arranged by Shoji Tsuda. La Garde Montante. Serenata. Inventions for 2 Guitars B.800 Goldberg variations BWV988 arranged whole 30 variations by Masanobu Nishigaki. Prelude and Fugue No. Timeless pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach for guitar duo. No. [Solo] Remembrance.22 BWV867. Fernandez.800 Six Preludes and Fugues Score and Parts.300 BACH. Walk on a Bridge. Sergio Suite "Summer Garden" Musics for the Japanese Movie "Summer Garden". French Suites No.4 B W V815.800 ASSAD. Les Dragons d'Alcala. Marche des Contre-bandiers. Georges Suite "CARMEN" arranged by Masahiro Ojiri.1 BWV812. GG173 JPY 2. Malaguena. Siciliano BWV1031. Minuet I.22 TWO GUITARS ALBENIZ. Habanera. GG493 JPY 2. has selected six preludes and fugues from the Well-Tempered Clavier. Tango.W. [Duo] O p e n i n g . The first publication in the world.French S u i t e s N o . Water Frenzy. Aragonaise. Score only. The Old Man. transcribed by maestro Eduardo Fernandez.French Suites No.786. Isaac Espana 6 hojas de album Op. S u m m e r Garden. Passage. Watermelon. recorded by Keisi Sumi and Akiko Sumi. directed by Shinji Sohmai. (see GGBD2012) 7 Preludes on seven key-notes for two guitars. Echo BWV831.2 BWV847.

GG492 JPY 2. 3 Sérénades Op.800 GRANADOS.Fernandez.1 edited by Jiro Nakano.128. Georg Friedrich Suite No.800 KAJITANI.600 HARA.500 Selected Works for two guitars Vol.5 edited by Fabio Shiro Monteiro. GG052 JPY 1. Claude Petite Suite Kazuhito Yamashita collection.TWO GUITARS 23 CARULLI. Where Has That Rose Come?. Along The Country Road. Petite Suite. China Town.500 Selected Works for two guitars Vol. Keigo Suite "Dies Irae" A great work for the duration of more than 50 minutes. The work. 96. Score and Parts.300 DEBUSSY. Franz Joseph Strings Quartet Op.An Invitation to Vienna Program' . February 5th-A Quiet Morning. GG019 JPY 1. An excellent addition to the duo repertoire. GG014 JPY 1. Passepied. Deux airs Russés varies Op. 5 "The harmonious blacksmith" arranged by Masahiro Ojiri. Includes fingerings and commentary by Eduardo Fernandez. see GGVD2002) and CD (played by Duo Ueda) are on sale. 3 Nocturnes Op. Parts only. Overture de La Caravane.2 (with CD) [see "Two Guitars Anthologies"] GG504 JPY 1.3 edited by Jiro Nakano.500 Selected Works for two guitars Vol. Three Overtures Op.42 is full of genius and wit. Score and Parts. in an approach similar to the guitar duos of Giuliani and Carulli. Overture de La Prisonnier) . GG334 JPY 2.At An Art Gallery.1 CARULLI:Petit duo dialogue Op.000 Karaoke for Two Guitars Vol.34. ※ This work has been recorded on CD: Shin-ichi Fukuda & Eduardo Fernandez 'Duo .90. GG190 JPY 1. apart from being transposed to E minor.14 pieces for two guitars recorded on CD "FOR TWO" (DENON GES-11785) by Daisuke Suzuki and Masahide Nishimura. Hiroshi Collected Works for guitar [see "Guitar Solos"] GG275 JPY 2. Also highly recommended. Whole four movements.700 FUJII. Haydn's String Quartet op.2 edited by Jiro Nakano. Siciliano. Everything is a Fantasy. Thank You-A-RI-GA-TO-. GG104 JPY 3.110. Pathway Of The Wind. Six petits duos nocturnes faciles et brillantes Op. December Rain. Score only. A Blue Lake. Osamu FOR TWO . has not been modified by a single note.42 for 2G arranged by E. recorded by Kazuhito and Naoko Yamashita. One Day Like A Dream. All the energy and joy of the original has been retained.500 HAYDN. Maestro Eduardo Fernandez has transcribed the work for the Fernandez-Fukuda duo. The Day Of Millet .34 No. Ferdinand Selected Works for two guitars Vol. GG321 JPY 2.500 FAUR Gabriel Suite "DOLLY" arranged whole movements by Hirokazu Satoh. Forest In May.800 .300 HÄNDEL. Enrique Cuentos de la Juventud [see "Guitar Solos"] GG049 JPY 1.106(Overture de La Lodowïska. arranged by Kazuhito Yamashita. showing Haydn at his best. The Love-Ridge. Score and Parts. Video Tape (played by Eiji Ueda and Masuo Nagaoka. 6 Petites Duos dialogues Op. GG221 JPY 1. The work has a Russian flavor and the f u g a l f i n a l e (4t h m o v e m e n t ) i s p a r t i c u l a r l y enjoyable. GG425 JPY 1.

600 NAKABAYASHI. Nocturne I.III. Andante Op. Guitarist's Treasure No. Valse en Sol (Fortea). 3 Duos concertants. Canço del Lladre (Llobet).900 SATIE. Etude (Aguado). Masataka Guitar Works "Hi Kami Nari" [see "Guitar Ensembles"] GG452 JPY 2.34. Claire.6 (Schlutz). Op. Allegro Vivace (Giuliani).V.000 MOZART. Barcarole (Coste). Waltz Andantino (Cano). Rondo (Carcassi). Diego Collected works for guitar and two guitars Eduardo Fernandez Collection.Collected Works for guitar II [see "Guitar Solos"] GG341 JPY 1. Atsumasa Collected works for guitar Vol.II. La Melanconia (Giuliani). Wolfgang Amadeus Eine Kleine Nachtmusik KV525 arranged by Masahiro Ojiri. Happy E). Noboru Guitar solo works for 2 guitars arranged solo works into guitar duo to understand voicing of the piece. Sur un casque). Etude (Cano). Andantino (Sor).800 . Andante (Carulli). GG246 JPY 1. Etude Op.31-8 (Sor). Whole four movements. Habanera (Roch). Maria Luisa (Sagreras). El Noi de la Mare (Llobet). Etude (Aguado). Sur une lanterne. GG348 JPY 2. Moderato.IV.400 LHOYER. GGOD0108 (reprint edition) JPY 1.II. Etude Op. GG443 JPY 2.31-1 (Sor). Habanera (Alba). Carmelo FICCO. Sonata K332 (Scarlatti). Andante Op. Descriptions Automatiques (Sur un vaisseau.35-13. Bourre BWV996 (Bach). Under the Greenwood Tree (Henze).35-17 (Sor). Je te veux.600 LEGRAND.800 Satie for guitar [see "Guitar Solos"] GG180 MURAJI. Endecha. Op. Waltz (Sor). Andantino. [Solo] Tango (Tarde gris) [Duo] Danza Carolla.II. Adelita (Tárrega).Collected Works for guitar [see "Guitar Solos"] GG410 JPY 2.24 TWO GUITARS KLEYNJANS. Summer Suite (Traveling. Erik Satie for two guitars Gymnopedie I. Night by Night. Pas du Cygne (Marsaglia).2 [see "Guita Solos"] GG196 JPY 2. Wolfgang La Campanella . Allegretto (Carcassi). Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Tárrega). Andante (Coste). Francis Variations Ludiques . Tango No. Dreaming. Gnossienne I. Feste Lariane (Mozzani). Cavatina (Myers).III. Romanze (Mertz). The Last Lake. Grazioso JPY 1. Caprice Orientale (Bickford). Cantbile (Mertz). Ritmo de Danza I. Choro (Pernambuco).3 (Ferrer). Recordando a PIAZZOLLA. Score and Parts. Davide Summer Suite dedicated to Moisycos Guitar Duo. Antoine de Compositions for two guitars edited by Daisuke Suzuki. Saltarello (Galilei).000 JPY 2. Andante Op.35-22 (Sor).200 LENDLE. Lagrima.000 (Giuliani). GG342 JPY 2.60-14 (Sor).800 LACERTOSA. Nocturno. Etude (Coste). El Testamen de n'Amelia. edited by Eduardo Fernandez. Andante.III. Andantino (Carulli). GG201 SANO. Etude (Coste). Oremus (Tárrega).

Frantaisie Op.2 Fernando Sor : L’Encouragement Op. Memories (Op. Trois Dous Op. Karaoke for Two Guitars Vol.55. Les deux Amis Op.35-7).35-9). Le Premier Pas vers moi Op.2 Le Premier Pas Op. 3 Petits Divertissements Op.4.200 YOSHIMATSU. Serenade (Op.70a Shin-ichi Fukuda collection. Yuquijiro Collected Works for guitar [see "Guitar Solos"] GG293 JPY 2. Four movement. On a street (Op.400 GG245 Guitar Works Vol. GG312 JPY 2.600 New UEDA.35-23).6-11). Score and Parts.14 Compositions for two guitars III edited by Hiroyuki Tokuoka. Susumu 15 Songs for two guitars (2nd part by F. GG314 JPY 2. Six Waltzes Op. L u l l a b y ( O p . Delight (Op.53. S p r i n g D a n c e ( O p .Sor) Score only. L'encouragement Op.35-17).35-16).29-13) .6-8).600 Complete Works for guitar Vol. Hirokazu Collected Works for guitar [see "Guitar Solos"] GGOD0057 (reprint edition) Score and Parts.800 SOR. GG012 JPY 1. Divertissement Op.41.6-1).500 Complete Works for guitar Vol.38. In a gentle wind (Op. Divertissement Militaire Op. Departure (Op. GG288 JPY 2. Souvenir de Russie Op.500 Complete Works for guitar Vol. recorded by Keisi Sumi and Akiko Sumi.34.TWO GUITARS 25 SATOH.44bis.1 : Tender Toys [see "Guitar Solos"] GGOD0003 (reprint edition) JPY 1. Suite "Ainu".62. About tenderness (Op.31-23). Pierrot (Op. Recorded by Shin-ichi Fukuda and Eduardo Fernandez.35-24).13 Compositions for two guitars II edited by Hiroyuki Tokuoka.31-19) .31-4). Andrew Sanzen-in for two guitars Score and parts. (see GGBD2012) GG121 JPY 2. Ode (Op. Ballad (Op. Appassionate (Op. the arranger has transcribed the work for guitar duo in the style of Sor's own duo works. This piece is recorded on CD "SHUNME" (SONY SRCR2580) by Andrew York and Dai Kimura. Songs from Okinawa.39.100 YOCOH. Suite "Right Guitar and Left Guitar".35-18).53. 54bis. GG156 JPY 2.600 JPY 2. Divertissement Op. Yoshimatsu Series Vol.15 Compositions for two guitars IV edited by Hiroyuki Tokuoka.49.500 Complete Works for guitar Vol.63. Six Walzes Op.61. GG313 JPY 2.800 SUZUKI. Souvenir de Russie Op. GG286 JPY 1. Monologue of the wind (Op.600 Two Fantasies on Swedish Folk Song arranged by Shoji Tsuda.500 .35-22). Iwao Collected Works for two guitars JPY 2. Autumn song (Op. Trois Dous Op.300 YORK.55.34 (with 2CD) [see "Two Guitars Anthologies"] GG507 JPY 1.63. Originally a piano piece for four hands. Takashi Atom Hearts Club Duo Op.12 Compositions for two guitars I edited by Hiroyuki Tokuoka. Fernando Compositions for two guitars Vol. GG315 JPY 2.

Georges Carmen Suite Score and Parts. recorded by Tokyo Guitar Quartet (1. 3rd mv. GG103 JPY 3.000 DVORAK.26 THREE GUITARS .Entr'acte. John W.46-1. who.200 KLEYNJANS. Francis Sonate "Oceano Nox" Op. echo.500 VASSILIEV. 2nd mv. Keigo Variations on the theme "Shabondama" for three guitars / four guitars based on the famous Japanese children's song.600 FUJII. GG239 JPY 2.000 HARA.Aragonaise. GG109 JPY 2. Hiroshi Collected Works for guitar [see "Guitar Solos"] GG275 JPY 2. dedicated to Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. Score and Parts. 1st mv. GG240 JPY 3. Habanera. GG257 JPY 2. invites them to a party to test their devotion. Je vois des millons d'étoiles scintiller sur l'eau. doubting the faithfulness of his friends. recorded by Tokyo Guitar Quartet. Keigo Variations on the theme "Shabondama" for three guitars / four guitars [see "Three Guitars"] GG406 JPY 1. Antonin Three Slavonic Dances VOL. GGOD0143 (reprint edition) JPY 3. Americana Op. Shingo ■ FOUR GUITARS BIZET.William Kanengiser has provided an effective arrangement for guitar quartet.Like the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky. Work song and Blues. Les Funerailles d'Amphitrite.Seguidilla.7). Broadway..Op. Score and Parts. FOUR GUITARS ■ THREE GUITARS FUJII. Ponce) Score and Parts. GG228 JPY 1. 4.000 FERNANDEZ. play and then. theCarmen Suite by Bizet is another favorite in the repertoire of LAGQ. 7. Mariage de la Mer et du Vent. Eduardo A Meditation on "SAKURA" Eduardo Fernandez Collection. 3rd mv. 1st mv. written for Flute Orchestra in 2006. GG406 JPY 1.1 arranged by Koichi Kezuka and Hirokazu Satoh.500 KANEDA. 2nd mv. Toreadors. Score and Parts. The inspiration for the music is the fable of the Lion King. Score and Parts.500 DUARTE. Shigenari Sueño de Mexico (Homage to Manuel M. Masao Play. Hoe-down.600 New AMISTAD for 4 Guitarists AMISTAD was originally composed as the final ninth movement of“Music from Friends”. Konstantin Collected Works for guitar [see "Guitar Solos"] GG324 JPY 1.800 FUJII.96a Score and Parts.000 ENDO.111 dedicated to Amsterdam Guitar Trio.. II Score and Parts. Gypsy Dance. In 2009 the piece was adapted and rewritten for Guitar Quartet. Four movements. The spirit of the finale brings out the joy .

Shadow. It received its premiere at the gala concert of the 3rd Shonai International Guitar Festival in August 2010 with Shingo Fujii as conductor. Dance of the Reed Pipes. Jun-ichi Five Images for guitar quartet recorded by Tokyo Guitar Quartet. GG226 JPY 2. Nutcracker Suite Op. evoking early summer sunshine and breeze across the fields. One movement. recorded by Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (1st mv. GGOD0103 (reprint edition) JPY 3. who worked for many years for the Shonai International Guitar Festival.Matsushita.800 YORK. and L. which means friendship in Spanish.1 arranged by Andrew York. GG194 JPY 2. GGOD0138 (reprint edition) JPY 3. performed by the festival ensemble including Shinichi Fukuda. lamentation and anxiety but quickly return to the optimistic theme. Rainbow. GGOD0104 (reprint edition) JPY 3.2 recorded by Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. O Sole Mio (Di Capua). Chinese Dance. 2012) GG516 JPY 1. March. and carries the title “Amistad”. Fantasy "Greensleeves" (Sano).600 Tokyo Guitar Quartet Tokyo Guitar Quartet Repertoire 2 .000 NIHASHI.000 Tokyo Guitar Quartet Repertoire 3 . FuniculiFnicula (Denza). Russian Dance Trépak. (Shingo Fujii / Nov. Score and Parts. GG412 JPY 2. GUITAR ENSEMBLES 27 of true brotherhood. A comme amour (Senneville/Toussaint).000 ■ GUITAR ENSEMBLES ANTHOLOGIES Guitar Ensemble Repertory Vol. GG144 JPY 2.71a VOL.FOUR GUITARS . The work is in rondo form. Score and Parts. Score and Parts. Harumi (1st mv.600 SATOH.. recorded by Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.800 Himawari for 4G or Guitar Ensemble A new work for guitar quartet or guitar ensemble. Hirokazu When I was Twenty Score and Parts. S. 2nd mv. Ballet (Gluck). 1st Mv. as "Dredlocked". GG415 JPY 1. The theme is rhythmic and invigorating. As the title 'Himawari' (Sunflower) suggests. Dredlocked. 3rd mv. from Concerto for 2 Mandolines (Vivaldi).American Collection In the Mood (Garland).71a VOL.800 HARUMI composed for Harumi Nakajima and Guitar Ensemble Armonicos. Scene in Blue. William Kanengiser and Yasuji Ohagi.400 Spin composed for Guitar Ensemble Association of Japan in 1998. It is dedicated to four of my good friends.(Includes score and parts) GG497 JPY 2. Score and Parts.Itarian Collection God Father (Rota). Score and parts. 2nd mv.000 Nutcracker Suite Op. Waltz of the Flowers. Score and Parts.600 . Madrigale (Simonetti). The contrasting episodes express sorrow. Feather. Storm Catcher). as "Along the Edge"). GG238 JPY 2.Bravo. Arabian Dance.. Top of the world (Carpenter). Peter I.5 Shall we dance? (Rodgers). Along the Edge. this is a graceful work which perfectly fits the beautiful flowers in the fields of Shonai in early summer. Ich küsse ihre hand madame. Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy. Melody of hope (Hasebe). TCHAIKOVSKY. Overture.Takeuchi.Ikeda and R.(Erwin). recorded by Tokyo Guitar Quartet. Fiddle Faddle (Anderson). Echo. Score and Parts. the guitarists R. Andrew Bantu and Quiccan recorded by Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. Moon River (Mancini). It is a hommage dedicated to Hisaya Sugawara.

Barcarolle d'Hoffmann (Offenbach) Cavatina (Myers). GG354 JPY 2. Link (Sano). Blue Tango (Anderson). S' Wonderful (Gershwin). Besame Mucho (Velazuquez).1 arranged by Nobuyuki Hirakura. In the Mood (Farland). The Sound of Silence (Simon). The Entertainer (Joplin).7 Malagueña (Lecuona). Let it be (Lennon/McCartney). We are the Champions (Mercury). Tennessee Waltz (King/Stewart). Vals Pica Pica (Vals Venezolano). Legend "Buna" III (Ito). (see GGBD2018) GG233 JPY 2. Turkish March (Mozart). The Magnificent. Nocturne (P. Lara's Theme (Jarre). GG247 JPY 2. Cheoeumbute Jigeum Kkaji (You/Oh). Camptown race (Foster). Cavatina (Raff). Score only. Laramie Theme. Scherzino Mexicano (Ponce). La Cumparsita (Rodriguez). Wiengenlied (Brahms). Vaya con Dios (James.165-2 (Albéniz). Dancing in the Moonlight! (Hirakura). GG353 JPY 2. The Windy Hill (Hisaishi). Toast (Nagabuchi). A Windy Hill (Hisaishi). Treize Jours en France (Lai). Moliendo Cafe (Perroni). In A Fine Day (Hisaishi).300 Popular Guitar Ensemble Vol. Chôro (Perunambuco). Marriage d'amour (Senneville/Toussaint). The river of no return. The Entertainer. F r ü h l i n g s l i e d O p .8 I Could Have Danced All Night (Loewe). Volare Guitar Ensemble Repertory Vol. Western Film Music Medley . Mauriat). Allways with me (Kimura).300 Popular Guitar Ensemble Vol.12 arranged by Ikuo Hasegawa. Haruyo Koi (Matsutoya). El Bimbo (Morgan). (see GGBD2023) GG349 JPY 2.11 arranged by Nobuyuki Hirakura. Pineapple Rag. Harp Concert 1s t M v .500 Guitar Ensemble Repertory Vol. Just Walking in the Rain (Riley/Bragg). Breeze Across the Grand River (Itoh). In a Childhood (Inoue & Hirai). Pepper). Menuetto (Bach). When the Saints Go Marchin' In (The Spirituals).300 Popular Guitar Ensemble Vol.9 Over the Rainbow (Arlen). Malagueña (Lecuona). In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree (Alstyne). Estrellita (Ponce).500 Guitar Ensemble Repertory Vol. Edo no Komoriuta ~ Zui-Zui Zukkoroboshi (Japanese Folksongs). Score only.6 arranged by Nobuyuki Hirakura. Libertango (Piazzolla). GG167 JPY 2. Tango Op. Grand Sonata Op. Tango de Printemps (Itoh). Lieder ohne Worte Op. Solace (Joplin). Sehnsucht nach dem frühling (Mozart). Adagio from Oboe Concerto (Marcello). Score only. Prelude on the melody of Greensleeves (Hasegawa). Russell. Chariot (I will follow him) (Stole & Roma). My Way (Revaux & Francois).500 Guitar Ensemble Repertory Vol. (Mozart). Sager. Cavalleria Rusticana Intermezzo (Mascagni). Serenade from Opera "Don Giovanni" (Mozart).62-6 (Mendelssohn-Bartholdy).22 4th Mv.2 arranged by Takashi Nagatsuka. ( H ä n d e l ) . Cross & Allen). Mizuiro no Waltz (Takagi). Summer (Hisaishi). Without You (Ham & Evans).300 Popular Guitar Ensemble Vol. The Syncopated Clock (Anderson). Score only. GG166 JPY 2.94-3 (Schubert).300 Popular Guitar Ensemble Vol. A Whole New World (Menken). Close to You (Bacharach). Arthur's Theme (Bacharach. Greensleeves (English Folksongs).8 arranged by Kenichi Ebe. (Sor).500 . I want to go far away (Nakamura). Molly Darling (Hays). TSUNAMI (Kuwata). Princess Mononoke (Hisaishi). Score only. Cosmos (Sada). Christmas Eve (Yamashita). Goliwog's cakewalk (Debussy). The Impossible Dream (Leigh & Darion). Seto no hanayome (Hirao).300 Popular Guitar Ensemble Vol. The Moon After Ten Years (Hirakura). Gavotte I. Morning Mood (Grieg).40 K. GG261 JPY 2.102-2 (Mendelssohn-Bartholdy).6 Over the Rainbow (Arlen). Iihi Tabidachi (Tanimura).28 GUITAR ENSEMBLES Sevilla (Albéniz). Historia de Un Amor (Armaran). 12th Street Rag (Bowman). The Liberty Bell (Sousa). Moment Musical Op. Sous le Ciel de Paris (Giraud).500 Popular Guitar Ensemble Vol. Symphonie No. Nausicca of Valley of Wind (Hosono). Adios Nonino (Piazzolla). Score only. Aura Lee (Poulton). GG263 JPY 2. GG459 JPY 2. Score only. In the Mood (Garland).II from Violoncello Suite BWV1012 (Bach).10 arranged by Kimiyoshi Akiyama. GG284 JPY 2.550 3rd Mv. La Cumparcita (Rodriguez).Raindrops keep fallin' on my head.

Shingo Quattro Ritornelli for Guitar Ensemble I. Romance de amor (Spanish folk song ~ M. This Old Road.1 (with 1CD) Happy birthday (M. George An American in Paris for six guitars or ensemble arranged by Iwao Suzuki. Masataka Guitar Works "Hi Kami Nari" composed by Masataka Sano. Les Temps des Cerises (Renard). Theme from "East of Eden"* (Leonard Rosenman) . Around the World* (Victor Young) . Fantasy on motif of "Dojokko Funakko" (Hasegawa). Hi Kami Nari. . Kubo).Chopin) . Ruby Red Shoes. Samba! Santa Lucia (Napoli. [Guitar Ensembles] Baroque Syndrome.1 (with 1CD) The Four Tender Seasons of Japan. Dobromyslna Husicka (Bohemian folk song ~ M.300 GERSHWIN. Take Me Home Country Road (Denver).300 New New E a s y P i e c e s f o r G u i t a r E n s e m b l e Vo l . Annie Laurie (Lady John Douglas Scott) .Tchaikovsky) ※ * is for four guitars. GG452 JPY 2. An der schönen blauen Donau (Johann Straus II) . Nakajima). The Bridge on the River Kwai (Malcolm Arnold) .3:Screen Music No. Sakura(*). . The Desert under the Moonlight. Ohashi). Sano). GG510 JPY 3.1 (with 1CD) SUKIYAKI (I Look Up When I Walk) (Hachidai Nakamura) . Tarantèlla III.verso il mare II. Beautiful dreamer (Foster ~ M. Op.GUITAR ENSEMBLES 29 (Modugno). Prayer of Echo. Snowball. Cantilèna IV. GG371 JPY 2. [Solo] Green Wind.800 SANO. Sto Lato ~ Szla dzieweczka (Polish folk song ~ H. Horela lipka. Heidenroslein (Werner ~ K. other titles are for three guitars. GG508 New JPY 2.1. GG498 JPY 2. Red Leaves(*).600 ROSSINI. Waltz of the Flowers* (P. Spring has comealla Rondo-. Town Where You Can See The Ocean (Joe Hisaishi) . Autumn in the Country. Sano). 1 : Japanese Songs No. Through the Snowy Town(*) ※ (*)is for four guitars. Hill ~ F.. other titles are for three guitars.800 Easy Pieces for Guitar Ensemble Vol. Shinohara). GG409 JPY 3. Itoh). Red Dragonflies. [Duo] Dreaming Canon. Greensleeves* (English folk song ~ M. Haginoya). White Love (Kuwata). Russian Folk Song Medley (Russian Folk Song Russian Folk Song Medley (Russian Folk Song ~ Shigeo Kato) ※ Pieces marked with * for quartet. El Humahuaqeño (Zaldival). The Misty Moon of Spring. Scarborough Fair (British Folk Song) . horela (Czechoslovakian folk song ~ M. Moon River (Henry Mancini) . Carnevale di Venezia (Italian folk song ~ F.. Baby Elephant Walk (Henry Mancini) . Seven Little Babies. All other pieces for trio. ComeWalk Along the Shore. Ohashi). Variations on the Theme of “A Tumbling Acorn”.2: World Famous Songs No. Shinohara). GG289 JPY 2. Takeda Lullaby. Lovin' You (Watanabe). O sole mio (Italian folk song ~ F. My Darling Clementine (American Folk Song) .800 Easy Pieces for Guitar Ensemble Vol. Grandfather's Clock (Clay).000 FUJII. Score and Parts.J. Jugoya.. Prelude No. Cosley).la fine e l’inizio. Kubo). Itoh). Gioacchino La Gazza Ladra Ouverture for five guitars or guitar ensemble arranged by Shingo Fujii.000 . Itoh). The Moon over a Ruined Castle. Londonrerry air (Irish folk song ~ M. Die Lorelei (Silcher ~ K. Nocturne.9-2 (F. When the Saints go marching in (American folk song ~ D. My Country home. Cielito lindo* (Mexican folk song ~ H. GG482 JPY 2..

Memory of summer (Nakata). Ancora! . L'Ultima canzone. By the old castle in Komoro (Hirota). O Come. Largo (Händel). First love (Koshigaya). Marechiare. I'm waiting. For a friend far away (Isobe). Komm.500 Famous Japanese Songs arranged by Moriyasu Nara. il suol (Verdi).Die Wetterfahne. Holy night (Adam). Auf dem Flusse. Am Meer. White Christmas (Berlin). Wiegwnkiet (Brahms). Der Kreuzzug. Ich sah ein Röschen am Wege steh'n (Weber). Habu harbor (Nakayama).Lacerda). Allnachtlich im Traume (Schumann). Gran Valzer (Verdi). The stove (Yamada). 2 Capriccio di Concerto (Arienzo). Die Post. GGOD0004 (reprint edition) JPY 3. Er Tod und Mädchen. Die Nebensonnen. Tauschung.000 SUZUKI.600 YOSHIDA.30 VOICE & GUITAR. Wanderers Nachtlied. Snowy towns (Nakata). GG397 JPY 2. Mineo Chokaisan is My Country Mountain [see "Guitar Solos"] GG216 JPY 2. The First Nowell (English Traditional Carol). Heidenröslein. Iwao Collected Works Vol. Non ti scordar di me (Curtis). Old home (Saito). Di Provenza il mar.Cobb). Blane). Adieu ! (Weyrauch). A Flower in Every Heart (Kina). but. Irrlicht. GGOD0105 (reprint edition) JPY 3.600 SCHUBERT. Wenn die Schwalben heiwärts zieh'n (Abt). Valtzer Fantastico (Marucelli). Old home (Hirai). A cradle (Hirai). Vision (Mezzacapo). Nel cor pi non mi sento (Paisiello). Die Krahe..(Yamada). White moon (Motoori). Addio. A night in the cottage (Takagi). Im Dorfe. Der Lindenbaum. Angels We have Heard On High (French Traditional Carol). Rast. Der Wegweiser. Ideare. Tormento (Tosti). Einsamkeit. A coconut (Oonaka). Plovers (Hirota). A song of dawn (Izumi). A song of early spring (Nakata). Im wunderschönen Monat Mai. Der stumische Morgen. Wiegenliet (Flies). Stänchen. liebe Zuther. Mut ! . Al di lá (Donido). Gute Nacht.200 For Christmas ~ A Concert by Soprano and Guitar ~ transcribed by Osamu Kajitani. Flower (Taki). Der Leiermann. GUITAR & OTHER INSTRUMENTS ■ VOICE & GUITAR ANTHOLOGIES Famous German Songs arranged by Moriyasu Nara. Das Wirtshaus. Core'n grato (Cordillo). Der greise Kopf.200 ■ GUITAR & OTHER INSTRUMENTS ANTHOLOGIES Best Selection Vol. Plein Soleil (Rota). GG285 JPY 1.1 for mandolin and guitar arranged by Goshi Yoshida. Leaving ships (Sugiyama).600 . Doux Souvenir (Calace). Rain in Jogashima (Harita). All Ye Faithful (Latin Hymn of 17or 18 Century).500 Famous Italian Songs arranged by Moriyasu Nara.2 [see "Guitar Solos"] GG344 JPY 2. GG186 JPY 2. Abendempfindung (Mozart). Sand hill (Yamada). Piacer d'amor (Martini). Evening primroses (Oono). Die Zufriedenheit. I lay down arms (Nakayama). Du bist wie eine Blume. O. I was scolded (Hirota). Aus meinen Tränen spirßen. Santa Lucia luntana (Mario). Gefrorne Tranen.. Wasserflut. GG185 JPY 2. La Serenata. Caro mio ben (Giordani). Wanderers Nachtlied. Naquele Tempo (Pixinguinha . Der Doppelgänger (Schubert). An die Musik. A fishing port (Nakayama). Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Martin. This road (Yamada). Deck The Hall (Welsh Traditional Carol). Russian Rag (Rachmaninov . Ich liebe dich (Beethoven). Silent Night (Gruber). Ihr Bild. A Weaving Girl (Hagiwara). Pine trees (Kobayashi). Franz Winterreise arranged by Masanobu Nishigaki. Joy To The World (Händel). Erstarrung. Letzte Hoffnung. Ruckblick. Litanei. Fruhlingstraum.

200 New anthology for mandolin and guitar Vol. Papillonne (Mezzacapo). Caf concert.1 composed by Goshi Yoshida and Takashi Yuasa.12-5.A. Allegro from Mandolin Concerto C-dur (Vivaldi). Segredo de uma donzela. GG398 JPY 2. GG178 JPY 2. Norsk Op.68-4. GG249 JPY 2. Rondo from Eine kleine Nachtmusik KV525 (Mozart).2 Score and Mandolin Part. GG332 JPY 1. M e l o d i e O p .600 DVORÁK. Finale. Waltz. Flute Part and Violin Part. Score.800 MOZART. Let's go slowly. Souvenir de Sicile (Leonardi). Albumblatt Op. Valse Op.12-1.38-7. V a l s e Op.800 Brazilian Music for mandolin and guitar arranged by Nobuyuki Hirakura and Takayuki Hamano. Bizzaria (Munier).12-7. Apahei Te Cavaquinho. 52. GG316 JPY 2.400 O p . Black Rain (Yoshida). GG428 JPY 2. Serenata (Silvestri). In the Light. O Navegador. Sonatine Bureaucratique (Satie). GG182 JPY 2. Grand Duo Concertant Op.2 for mandolin and guitar arranged by Goshi Yoshida. Chôros No. Introduzione.12-4.1 (Villa-Lobos). Callado). Elfentanz Op.331 (Alla turca) GGOD0005 (reprint edition) JPY 1. Largo (Bach).400 Masterpieces for violin and guitar Vol. Abend im Hochgebrige Op. Introduction et rondo capriccioso (Saint-Saëns). The rainbow way to heaven. Mauro Selected Works for flute (violin) and guitar Vol. Schön rosmarin (Kreisler). 63.71-7. Memory of the sea far away. Melodie Op.12-2. RuRu. The Portuguese.000 DEVREESE.57-6. Temptation of Latina. Z u g d e r Z w e r g e O p . A r i e t t a O p . Heimweh Op. Turbilhño de Beijos. Never on Sunday (Hajidakis). H i r t e n k n a b e O p . GG258 JPY 1. Sonata G-Dur (Neuling).12-6.84. Volksweise Op. 24a. Variations Op.S. Frédéic Divertimenti a due for violin and guitar Score and Violin Part. Halling Op. Atlantico (Nazareth). Flute Part and Violin Part. Shigenori Kudo Sonata in A for melody instrument and guitar K. Naquele tempo.2 arranged by Yoshinobu Hara and Megumi Shimane. Brejeiro (Nazareth). Antonin Sonatine for flute and guitar arranged by Takayuki Matsui and Makito Hattori.47-4.1 arranged by Takashi Nagatsuka.600 Selected Works for flute (violin) and guitar Vol.54-1. GG283 JPY 2. Score and Mandolin Parts.100.900 GRIEG. Escorregando (Nazareth).54-3.85. Shinichi Fukuda .500 MARIONETTE Works for mandolin and guitar Vol.GUITAR & OTHER INSTRUMENTS 31 Best Selection Vol. Saudosa (J. GG183 JPY 2. Variations Op.2 edited and recorded by Peter-Lukas Graf and Masayuki Kato.000 Works for mandolin and guitar Vol. Edvard 15 Lyric Pieces for flute and guitar arranged by Thomas Müller-Pering.800 GIULIANI. Score and Violin Part. GG199 JPY 2. Capriccio Spagnuolo (Munier). Sonatine in G major Op. Liebesfreud. " Q u a l m e s t o g e m i t o " f r o m R o s s i n i ' s Semiramide WoO.81.1 edited and recoded by Peter-Lukas Graf and Masayuki Kato. Wolfgang Amadeus Sonata in A for melody instrument and guitar arranged by Tatsuya Saito . Chôro de Saudade (Barrios). Marionette.38-6. Score and Mandolin Part. Score and Parts. 6 variazioni Op. 6 Variations . Score and Flute Part. Marcia. Drive Alone. Liebesleid.47-3. Gran Duetto Concertante Op. Tico-Tico No Fua (Abreu). Soshuu Yakyoku (Hattori). Nachklänge Op. Score.

Der Lindenbaum. and guitar dedicated to Joel Brown. Am Meer.for guitar and piano Asahi Beer Collection.100 . GG360 JPY 1.1 for guitar and piano Asahi Beer Collection..Portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach.200 JPY 2. Jun-ichi 7 Portraits for violin (flute. GG145 PANE.Portrait of John Dowland.Portrait of Gabriel Faur GG151 JPY 1.32 GUITAR & OTHER INSTRUMENTS . Tadashi Two Japanese Songs for violin (flute) and guitar Score and Violin (Flute) Part. NODA.200 YORK. Teruyuki "KOKIRIKO" Variations for soprano recorder (flute) and guitar Score and Part. GUITAR & ORCHESTRA . Prélude . Ludwig van Concerto Op.500 Six Lieder for flute and guitar arranged by Tadashi Sasaki based on Theobald Boehm version. Gute Nacht. FLAMENCO GUITAR NIHASHI.400 JPY 2. Sunayama (Yamada). cello. Score and Parts. Ballata . GG033 out of stock SASAKI.600 GG235 JPY 2. arranged by Kazuhito Yamashita.500 SCHUBERT. Franz Arpeggione Sonate for melody instrument and guitar arranged by Masanobu Nishigaki. Mineo Chokaisan is My Country Mountain [see "Guitar Solos"] GG216 NODA. Ständchen. Das Fischermädchen. Score and Flute Part. Pavan . mandolin) and guitar Score and Violin (Flute) Part. Three movements. SicilIenne . Matsushima Ondo. Orchestral parts on rental. Die Taubenpost. Novellette Portrait of Robert Schumann. Guitar part only. Febian Reza Weaving Magic Dance.Portrait of Sergei Prokofiev. Iwao Collected Works Vol. Gondellied -Portrait of Felix Menderlsshon-Bartholdy.Portrait of Francesco Landini..1 for guitar and piano. Rikuya Eclogue No. March . Score only.800 TERASHIMA.400 ■ GUITAR & ORCHESTRA BEETHOVEN. GG363 JPY 2. GG266 JPY 1.. Score and Guitar Part. Andrew Transilience for flute. Teruyuki Rhapsodie Adriatique pour Guitare et Orchestre à Cordes recorded by Takao Kaneko and members of NHK Symphony Orchestra.400 YOSHIDA. Eclogue No.689 SUZUKI.61 for guitar and orchestra Kazuhito Yamashita collection. GG149 JPY 1. Arpeggione Sonate for melody instrument and guitar GGOD0002 (reprint edition) JPY 1.2 [see "Guitar Solos"] GG344 JPY 2. GG101 JPY 3.

000 Popular Collection Vol. GG260 JPY 2. How Insensitive (Jobim). Soleares (Montoya). in Japanese. Conversa de Poeta.1 for classical guitar solo arranged by Ken-ichi Ebe.200 Los Grandes Maestros de Guitarra Fla-menca Vol. Recuerd a Sevilla (Serrapi/Cebrian). Il Ferroviere(Rustichelli). Tico Tico. The Last Waltz. La Caña.1. Porka Dots and Moonbeams (Van Heusen). Spanish. Pineapple Rag (Joplin). [Solo] El Humahuaqeño (Zaldival). La Cumparsita (Rodriguez).000 ■ ANTHOLOGIES FOR    (arranged for Classical Guitar) Popular Pieces for guitar solo Vol. Manha do Carnaval (Bonfa). Georgia on My Mind. Blue Hawaii (Robin/Rainger). English. [Duo] Malaguena (Lecuona). Nene Choro (Nazareth). Sentir del Sacromonte (Serrapi). (see D25G01572) GG072 JPY 2. Sevillanas. Tientos. Batten & Hymas). II (Nagano). I Won't Last a Day Without You. Paco de Lucia (Pass). Your Song. Holiday for Strings (Rose).2. dimelo tu (Yupanqui). Corcovade (Jobim). Les feuilles mortes(Kosma).5 arranged by Noriyasu Takeuchi. Canto de Ossanha (Powell & Moraes).500 Los Grandes Maestros de Guitarra Fla-menca Vol. A Story from the Passed (Ebe). The Claw (Reed). Quelques notes pour Anna (Seneville). ANTHOLOGIES FOR POPULAR MUSIC 33 ■ FLAMENCO GUITAR ANTHOLOGIES La Zarzamora arranged by Akira Seta. Besame mucho (Velazquez). Moliendo Cafe (Manzo). I Got Rhythm (Gershwin). Peanuts Azul. Spanish.FLAMENCO GUITAR . GG395 JPY 2. When the Saints Go Maching In. Alfie. Zapateado en Re (Sabicas). English. How Deep Is Your Love. Sunayama (Narita). Milonga del Angel (Piazzola). Almond Eyes. Every Breath You Take. GG423 JPY 2. Guitarra. Mantilla de Feria. CD is attached. CD is attached. I Need to Be in Love. La reine de Saba (Laurent). The Sadow of Your Smile (Mandel). Milonga in A Major (Nagano). Rondeña (Montoya). Prelude No. Valsa de Euridice (Moraes).1 arranged by Akira Seta. El Jarabe Tapatio. Oración I. Someone to Watch Over Me (Gershwin). To Love You More. Django (Lewis). GG462 JPY 3. La ragazza di Bube (Rustichelli). Malagueñas. Adios Nonino (Piazzolla).2. GG501 JPY 2. GG396 JPY 2. This is Japanese.500 Popular Collection Vol. Choro para Metronome (Powell). Granada (Albéniz). Improvisation on a Theme of Keith Jarrett. When You Wish upon a Star (Harline). Fantasy on the Theme of Magic Flute. Inspiration (Gipsy Kings).000 Oración-Favorite arrangements for guitar 2 arranged by Bunken Nagano. Brazilian Waltz No. La Zarzamora. The Third Man Theme (Karas). Tea for Two (Youmans). Plein Soleol (Rota). HERO. First of May. Fandangos de Huelva. El dia que me quieras (Gardel & Pera). Almoradi. Chinese. Last Christmas. Tiisai Aki Mituketa (Nakada). A Hazy Shade of Winter. [Duo] Two guitars (Russian Folksongs). Time After Time. Korean. El Humahuaqe ń o (Zaldival). Descriptions are written. has been described in Chinese. El Café de Chinitas. Brazilian Waltz No. Danny's Theme (Minno). Nana (Nagano). Verdiales. Tendaly (Gross). Panaderos Flamencos. Korean. Campanilleros. GG461 JPY 3. Olé mi Cadiz:Alegrías (Sabicas). Soleares.2 for classical guitar solo arranged by Ken-ichi Ebe. Strangers in the Night. Tanguillos de Cadiz. Siguiriyas. Entertainer (Joplin). Another Place (Beck. Samba pa Ti (Santana).000 POPULAR MUSIC . Night Magic. El Manisro. Johnny guitar (Young).000 La Cumparsita-Favorite arrangements for guitar 1 (newly revised edition) arranged by Bunken Nagano [Solo] House of the rising sun (American folk tune). Night in Alhambra (Ebe). Danza de la Paloma (Yupanqui). Punta Tacón (Sabicas). All of Me. Romance de Amor. Nuages (Reinhardt). Lullaby of Birdland.2 arranged by Akira Seta. Noche de Arabia (Sabicas). Il Ferroviere (Rustichelli).

Birndisi "Libiamo. Lueur Dans la Nuit (Kosma). Smiling towards the sea on a summer day. Mother's Song (Kubota). In the morning sunshine.34 ANTHOLOGIES FOR POPULAR MUSIC . Inch Allah (Adamo). India Madre. Brisa da primavera. GGOD0142 (reprint edition) Japanese POPs for Guitar Solo Vol. May Breeze. Modulation. Tico Tico No Fubá (Abreu). Água de Beber.500 Mother Tree Included his 9 original pieces: Breathing. Frozen Forrest. Dance of Fairy. GGOD0135 (reprint edition) JPY 2.500 Libertango Dos Guitarras para Tango 1 [see "Two Guitars"] GG264 JPY 2. Suite "Yakumo Koizumi's world". GG195 JPY 2.000 ■ JAPANESE POPULAR ARRANGEMENTS Japanese POPs for Guitar Solo Vol.000 Bridal song [Solo] Romance from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart). Spring Ephemeral.000 SATOH.500 September town. Paseo de las Ramblas. Felicidade (Jobim). 4 " B r i s a d a Primavera" Included his 12 original pieces: De la tarde en parque Güell. Libiamo ne' lieti calici"(Verdi). A cheeful modern girl. Hymne a L'amour (Monnot). Moliendo Café (Perroni). Shade. Perlenfischer (Bizet).800 JPY 2. Rendezvou. Hochzeitsmarsch (Mendelssohn). Samba de Orfeu (Bonfa). Vosé é bonita. Broadleaf Tree. The summer I played with the dolphins. GG137 JPY 2. Mother Tree. Greenfields (Dehr. Manha do Carnaval (Bonfa). Greeensleeves (English Traditional). Dark Eyes (Russian Traditional). Lighthouse. When You Wish Upon A Star (Harline). Siboney (Lecuona).1 Folksongs & new musics I 22 Solos. La Primavera (Vivaldi). Guantanamera (Cuban Folksongs). Zamba de la Candelaria (Falu). The day I met an angel. Around the World (Young). The first snow. GG067 JPY 1. GG399 JPY 2. Antonio's Song (Franks). Gloria. Love Me Tender. Recuerdos de la SHIRETOKO. Blizzard. Niño. Music Box Dancer (Mills). Someday My Prince Sill Come (Churchill). Aliento verde. Aquarela do Brasil (Barroso). Breeze through the beech forest. Tango Notturno (Borgmann). Gollora's school outing. Let's Get Married (Takeuchi). A fairy of forests. Forever with you (Dan). Cielito Lind (Mexican Folksongs). Tango delle Rosa (Bottero/Schreier). The fishes who can't swim. Koichiro Guitar solo collections "The breezes call for me" The sound of silence (Simon). Gilkyson & Miller). Carioca for two.400 HARA. Manha de Carnaval. Maria Elena (Barcelata). Meditação (Jobim). High Noon (Tiomkine).800 .000 Bossa Nova & Latin Pieces for Solo Guitar arranged by Noriyasu Takeuchi. Emerald Leaves. GG434 JPY 2. [Duo] Red Sweetpea (Karuho). Flower Fairy. The moon floating on the wind. Wedding March from Lohengrin (Wagner). GG127 Japanese POPs for Guitar Solo Vol. Wave. Little door of fortune. Playing Children. Greenleaves of Summer (Tiomkine). Kumagera. Say Yes (Asuka). GG241 JPY 2. Hymne Al'amour (Monnor). Fascination (Marchetti). La nana española. Sky Way. La Bamba (Mexican Folksongs). We're all Alone (Scaggs). JAPANESE POPULAR ARRANGEMENTS Dark Eyes-Favorite arrangements for guitar 4 arranged by Bunken Nagano. String. GG064 JPY 1. Anderlecht Champion-Ole Ole Ole (Armath/Deja). Oltre la Notte (Vandor). Masami Shade Included his 9 original pieces: Wild Grass. Wheast Fields.2 Folksongs & new musics II 22 Solos.3 Folksongs & new musics III 23 Solos. Pearl bridge. Frenesí(Dominguez). JPY 2. Blauer Himmel (Rixner).600 C o l l e c t e d Wo r k s f o r G u i t a r Vo l .

sake ha namida ka tameiki ka . Simauta (Miyazawa). Kimi koishi.500 Selected pieces of YOSUI INOUE arranged by Takashi Nagatsuka. fuusetsu nagare tabi . Sometimes like a prostitute.400 JPY 2. Kogane no Hana (China).400 JPY 2. 19 pieces of Dreams Come True. GG134 Japanese POPs for Guitar Solo Vol. ohisashiburine . Starlight waltz. 19 S o l o s o f Okinawa songs.7 Kayoukyoku III 22 Solos. GGOD0145 (reprint edition) JPY 2. Hana-Subete no Hito no Kokoro ni Hana wo (Kina).9 TV Theme Songs I 24 Solos. kita sakaba . 20 Solos. amagi goe . isezakicho blues . fuyu no Liviela . Dancing all night. Haisai Ojisan (Kina). Atonement. Tsuki nu Kaisha (Yaeyama Folksongs). Nobuyuki H i r a k u r a . Chimu ni Kakatei (Teruya). GG139 Japanese POPs for Guitar Solo Vol. otaru no hitoyo . hisame GGOD0026 (reprint edition) JPY 2. GG100 JPY 2. koi uta . sayonara ha dance no atoni . mizuiro no waltz . koinomachi Sapporo GGOD0077 (reprint edition) JPY 2. Okinawa Songs for guitar solo arranged by Ken-ichi Ebe. ginnza no koi no monogatari . Tokyo nightclub. kokoni sachi ari . michizure . ai san san . Love is over. Love story from Ginza. erimo misaki . futari no sekai . Takeuchi.6 Kayoukyoku II 23 Solos. chin-tou monogatari . Hasta Manha-Asita eno Komoriuta (Shiroma). Irayoi Tsukiyo (Oshima). Hiyamikachi Bushi (Yamauchi).600 Japanese pops Vol. kita no tabibito . kitaguni no haru . shouwa karesusuki .200 .000 Japanese pops Vol. Nada Sou-Sou (BEGIN).2 oka wo koete . Noriyasu Takeuchi. GG453 JPY 3. Satokibi Batake (Terashima). tsugaru kaikyo fuyu geshiki . Let's meet in Yurakucho. odoriko .8 Kayoukyoku IV 23 Solos. ettou tsubame . sazan-ka no yado .800 The ENKA on my mind Vol. GG131 JPY 2. Nariyamaayagu (Miyako Folksongs). Michio Tashima. akai glass . 18 Solos. yanagase blues . kimi ha kokorono tsuma dakara .400 JPY 2. soshu yakyoku . Tokyo boogie woogie .400 JPY 2.800 Enka for classical guitar ~ Romantic songs Some of the most famous and representative enka songs of the Showa period arranged for solo guitar.800 Selected pieces of DREAMS COME TRUE arranged by Ken-ichi Ebe. GGOD0058 (reprint edition) JPY 2. Bashofu (Fukuhara).JAPANESE POPULAR ARRANGEMENTS 35 Japanese POPs for Guitar Solo Vol. The bright red sun. wakare no ipponsugi . Tokyo blues . yawara . Juku no Haru (Okinawa Folksongs). Twilight in Yokohama. GG135 Japanese POPs for Guitar Solo Vol. Chubarama (Yaeyama Folksongs). saikai . izakaya .CD id attached.400 The ENKA on my mind Vol. pusan-kou e kaere . futari no Osaka . itoshiki hibi . kanashimi hon-sen nihon-kai . Shanghai gaeri no Lilu .1 arranged by Kimiyoshi Akiyama. 12 Solos & 2 Duos. toki no nagare ni mi wo makase GGOD0111 (reprint edition) JPY 2. Twilight in Ginza. Warabigami-Ten no Komoriuta (Sahara). karatati nikki . dareka kokyouwo omowazaru . nitaride osakewo . kaki no kisaka no ie . Natsuki Kido.2 arranged by N. kanashii sake . naniwa koi shigure . 17 Solos. The Scorpio lady. kimi koishi .800 The ENKA on my mind Vol. moshikashite . Shimanchu nu Takara (BEGIN). midare gami . Companion CD of the pieces performed by the arrangers also included. Thank you again night fog. Tavern in the north. Asadoya Yunta (Okinawa Folksongs). Kuni-bun Ginohana (BEGIN). GG276 Includes tablature. tokiniwa shoufu no youni .3 acacia no ame ga yamutoki . Ken-ichi Ebe. Blue light Yokohama. tsugunai . tasogare no bigin .1 kawa no nagare no yoni . aitsu . aoi san-myaku . GG387 JPY 2. GG418 JPY 2.200 Songs of Graduation for guitar solo arranged by Ken-ichi Ebe. kaeri bune . kage wo shitaite . love letter omoide makura . yunomachi elegy . Nobuyuki Hirakura. kita no yadokara .

500 IZUMI. Ano Kane wo Narasu noha Anata. Sakutaro Hagiwara. Yunomachi elegy. 19 Songs. Score and Parts. Kanashii sake. GGOD1003 (reprint edition) JPY 400 NIHASHI. UFO. Aku Yu died in 2007.500 Tanz Suite Nr. Jinsei gekijyo. Nell'immenso cielo] (Censhu).Takeuchi and T. Sake wa namida ka tameiki ka.36 JAPANESE POPULAR ARRANGEMENTS.2 Op. Geisha waltz. Mata Au Hi Made.500 KOGA Melody for two guitars arranged by Takayuki Sakuyama.Mizukoshi.Takeuchi and T. Sakutaro A Weaving Girl For Mandolin Solo. GGOD0134 (reprint edition) JPY 2. GG203 ■ MANDOLIN AOSHIMA. Southpaw. Nagisa no Sindbad. GG271 JPY 4. Yawara. Includes a facsimile of the original manuscript. MANDOLIN Selected pieces of YUMI MATSUTOYA 1 arranged by N. Hiromitsu Promenade I For Mandolin orchestra. Tuki no veranda. Score and Parts. Shiroi Sangosyo. Jonny eno Dengon. Tomodachi yo Nakunjanai.000 Songs by Masao Koga arranged by Antonio Koga. Seishun nikki(for Two Guitars) GG485 JPY 2.Mizukoshi. Score and Parts. Hiroshi Suite Arts décos For Mandolin orchestra.800 HAGIWARA. 21 Solos GGOD0109 (reprint edition) JPY 2. Dounimo Tomaranai. Toki no Sugiyuku Mamani.500 UEDA.800 CENSHU.22 For Mandolin orchestra. GG231 JPY 5. GG227 JPY 4.1 a-moll Op. Susumu Plectrum Serenade For Mandolin orchestra. Score only.600 Selected pieces of YUMI MATSUTOYA 2 arranged by N.500 JPY 4.400 For Mandolin orchestra. Score and Parts. Score only.500 KUBOTA. A piece for mandolin solo by the well-known poet. Uchusenkan YAMATO.500 Suite pour l'orchestre de Mandolines For Mandolin orchestra. Otoko no jyunjyo. Due Quadri Musicali [1. Hunauta. Katte ni Siyagare. Score and Parts. Atsuki Kokoro Ni. Minaidechoudai otukisama. Oka wo koete. Moshimo Piano ga Hiketanara.21 For Mandolin orchestra. GG320 JPY 5. Al di lá dei boschi 2. This book is incruding Japanese popular song arrangements for his memorial. GG211 JPY 5. Taku Miagetegoran Yoruno Hoshiwo arranged by Noriyasu Takeuchi. GG204 JPY 4. Sensei. GG237 JPY 5. GG394 JPY 2. A fine work which also has much historical value. Score and Parts. Gobangai no Marry. Jiro Due Quadri Musicali . Niizuma kagami. Dareka kokyo wo omowazaruka. Jun-ichi Suite "Pneuma" pour l'orchestre de Mandolines For Mandolin orchestra. Seishun Jidai. Koi no Dial 6700. Zange no Neuchi mo Nai. Kage wo shitaite. 20 Duos. Tokyo rhapsody. Takashi Phantasie Nr. GG491 JPY 800 KAGAJO. GG446 JPY 3.700 The World of Aku Yu Japanese famous lyricist of popular songs.

Fantasia (Holbone). Winter Wonderland (Bernard).3 (Lizt). Christmas Medley : Deck the Hall . Sichiliana (Anon)..Joy to the World (Hosoda).600 World of the Ukulele Solo Vol. Jesu guitg BWV768 (Bach). Symphony No.2 taught and played by Akira Seta in 2 volumes. Chôro da Saudade.O Christmastree .40 1st. Borelo (Ravel). Symphony No. Blue Christmas (Hayes/ Johnson).500 ■ DVDS (NTSC) ●LECTURE SERIES Fukuda : Works of Barrios taught and played by Shin-ichi Fukuda. (see GG108) GGVD1001/3 JPY 12. Alman (Johnson). Suite (de Visée). My Foolish Heart (Young).3 Classic 2 arranged by Shoji Tsuda.From Beethoven to Southern All Stars arranged by Yuji Sekiguchi. Greensleeves (Traditional). Lady Hunsdon's puffe (Dowland). Meditation de "Thais" (Massenet).800 Fukuda : Guitar master class taught by Shin-ichi Fukuda in 2 volumes.Mov. All Ye Faithful. Danza Ritual del Fuego (Falla). Sei gegrusset.Mov. (see GG429) GGVD1004/6 JPY 12. The Stars and Stripes Forever (Sousa). Minuet et Passacaille (de Visée). Liebesträum Nr. Fugue. Ave Maria (Gounod). Menuet (Blavet). GG254 JPY 2. Prelude. Angels We Have Heard High. (Mozart). Jingle Bells (Pierpont). Madrigal (Gavotte). Everybody Loves Somebody (Coslow/Lane). Nocturn (Chopin).3. Mele Kalikimala (Anderson).000 GG499 JPY 2.UKULELE . Silent Eve (Karashima). Suite d moll (de Visée). Allegro BWV998 (Bach).O Little Town of Bethlehem . The First Noel (Traditional). Tablature & CD is attached.9 2nd. Rhapsody in blue (Gershwin). spoken in Japanese only.500 Ukulele Christmas for ukulele solo arranged and recorded by Takeshi Hosoda.000 Seta : Vamos a Tocar! Vol. Allemande (Brown). Santa Claus is Comin' to Town (Coots).000 Seta : Metode de guitarra flamenca taught and played by Akira Seta in 3 volumes. Vals No.500 Tsuda : Gendai Guitar Method taught by Shoji Tsuda in 3 volumes. Japanese only. Villancico de Navidad. (see GG445) CGVD1024 JPY 12. Ta Huahuwai (Leleiohoku). My Little Grass Shack in Kealakeua Hawaii (Cogswell/ Harrison/Noble). La Catedral. Preludio en Do Minor. Maxixe. Chhristmas Eve (Yamashita). CGVD1018 JPY 4. Greensleeves (Cutting). Mazurka Apassionate. (see GG445) CGVD1025 JPY 12. O Come. GGBD7002/3 JPY 4. Libertango (Piazzolla). .Suite for violoncello No. Japanese only. Moon over old castle (Taki).000 Seta : Vamos a Tocar! Vol. Ave Maria (Arcadelt). Rational playing guitar. Japanese only. GG456 JPY 2.1 taught and played by Akira Seta in 2 volumes. El Choclo (Villoldo). GG379 JPY 2. Japanese only.1 BWV1007.4. Silent Night (Gruber). Danza Paraguaya.000 Tabei : Study on Musical Masterpieces for classical guitar (2DVD) explained and performed by Tatsuo Tabei. Vals No. Ku'u Pua I Paoakalani (LiLi'úokalani). spoken in Japanese only. Pavan (Milan). Julia Florida. Standard and TABS notation.500 Let's Enjoy Solo Ukulele arranged by Shoji Tsuda. Pastrale (Coreli). CGVD1011 JPY 12. Clair de lune (Debussy). 2 discs with English captions. Prelude . On a Little Bamboo Bridge (Sherman). Gavotte en Rondeau. We Wish A Merry Christmas (Traditional). White Christmas (Berlin). Companion CD included. (Schubert). DVDS 37 ■ UKULELE 20 famous pieces for ukulele solo . How to express music (with Kaori Muraji).

joy of man's desiring BWV147. awake BWV140. Maria (Tárrega). Valse Andantino (Cano). COMPACT DISCS Seta : Vamos a Tocar! Vol.667 Satoh plays Satoh vol. Deu racconti. El noi de la mare (Llobet).3 (Barrios). Concierto Mediterr eo. Prelude & Fugue IX BWV854. *played with Shiki Nagashima. The Legend of Hagoromo. Dance of the Miller (Falla).2 (Sonatine de Automne).000 Guitar Ensemble Repertory Vol. Deux Gavottes. Etude d-moll (Coste). Shiki Nagashima. Valse Op.800 ■ COMPACT DISCS ●RECORDINGS OF OUR EDITIONS Kezuka. Jealousy (Gade). Medieval Suite.(see GG168) JTM1002 JPY 2. Aria con variazioni (Frescobaldi). Lágrima (Tárrega). Air on the G string BWV1068.Bach played by Douze Cordes (Michiwo Tashima. Deux Valses.38 DVDS . Chôro (Pernanbuco). Capricho Arabe (Tárrega). Beautiful Girl (Sano). GGBD7001 JPY 3. 32-2 (Sor). We thank you. Echo BWV831. Dolor (Donostia). Grand Solo (Sor).500 Nagatsuka & Nakane : Takashi Yoshimatsu / Tender Toys played by Takashi Nagatsuka and Yasumi Nakane.4 "Le Pécheurs de perles" played by Guitar Ensemble "OZ".famous pieces for classical guitar played by Koichi Kezuka. (see GG048) GGBD2002 JPY 2. Prelude & Fugue VI BWV875. Hirokazu Satoh. [Solo] Sonatine No. Four dances from "Terpsichore" (Praetorius). L'indidele (Weiss).1. Vals No.11-2 (Sor). In the Wind (Fujii). Liebeslied (Mertz).3 taught and played by Akira Seta in 2 volumes.(see GG213) GGBD2016 JPY 2.500 Guitar Ensemble Repertory Vol. Recerdos de la Alhambra (Tárrega).500 Guitar Ensemble Repertory Vol. If We Hold On Together (Jennings). God we thank you BWV29. El Testamento d'Amelia (Llobet). Les Fevilles Mortes (Kosma). Siciliano BWV1031.2 "La Chanson pour Anna" played by Guitar Ensemble "OZ". Danza from Astronam Concerto.400 Douze Cordes : Selected Works of J. Japanese only. Minuet I. Nobuyuki Hirakura). Disheveled (Funamura) [Duo] An evening primrose (Oono). Endecha. Madroños (M-Torroba). Quatre Morceaux.S. 1er recueil. Simple Sond. (see GG445) CGVD1012 JPY 12. GGBD2007 JPY 2. 2e recueil.II & Gigue BWV814. Quartre Morceaux. Terize Jours en France (Lay).3 "ARIA on G String" played by Guitar Ensemble "OZ". [Duo] 12 Preludes for two guitars*. A little Danse (Sano).(See GGOD0057) GGBD2013 JPY 2. Jesus. Nagashima : Liebeslied . Tango No.35-22 (Sor). we behold thy name BWV639.(see GG233) GGBD2018 JPY 2.(see GG349) GGBD2023 JPY 2. Theme from Love Story (Lay).(see GG140) GGBD2011 JPY 2. Sleepers.1 played by composer. Adelita (Tárrega).(see GG181) GGBD2014 JPY 2.5 "Ballet des champs-slysées" played by Guitar Ensemble "OZ". Jesu. Alfonsina y el Mar (Ramirez).3 (Ferrer). [Solo] Maria Luisa (Sagreras).500 .571 Guitar Ensemble Repertory Vol. Menuett Op. Deux Valses 2e Sonatine No. (see GGOD0144) DCM33103 JPY 2. Sarabande and Double (Bach). Ultramarine (Tanimura).524 Sano : Collection for Solo & Duo played by Masataka Sano and Yoshinori Shimoda. Oremus (Tárrega).600 ●RECITAL SERIES Fujii : Keigo plays KEIGO FUJII played by Keigo Fujii (G) and Yumi Fujii (Pf).500 Guitar Ensemble Repertory Vol. Etude Op. Itsuki no Komoriuta (Japanese Folksongs). Granada (Albéniz).8 "El Bimbo" played by Guitar Ensemble "OZ".

Amor Profundo (González). 4 Mazurkas. El Albaicin Farruca (Sabicas). Under the autumun sky. Variazioni Concertanti Op. GGBD3019 JPY 2. Prima Donna. Yong Tae Kim. Journey to the Cemetery. GGBD2019 JPY 2.4 BWV1055 (Bach). Chôros No. Clair de lune (Debussy). GGBD3016 JPY 2. Menuet sentimental. Costa Brava Garrotin (Sabicas). operated by Kimiyoshi Akiyama. Night Club 1960 (Piazzolla). Learn to be Lonely. A winter day's story. Cavatina (Myers). Elegia Rondeña (Sanlucar). *played with Ikuo Hasegawa. Pasión Flamenca . All I Ask of You. Prelude c minor. Sueño en la Alhambra Granaínas (Serranito). Pregon de las Flores.Nagashima). Confesióon (Barrios). 12 Preludios (Tárrega).Satoh). Arabescas . In a summer garden. Un sueño en la floresta (Barrios). (see GG174) Präludium No.Danza Mora (Sabicas). Valses Poético (Granados). Llora la Farruca (Serranito). 12 Choräle und Orgelbüchlein. The arrival of spring.2 played by composer. May song. Jongo (Bellinati). Tonadilla (Angel Barrios). Flor Granadina. Preamblo y Sardana. Tico Tico Libre (Abreu . Präludium und Fuge BWV539. PT001 JPY 2.600 ●RECITAL SERIES JPY 2. No. Dos Cantos Populares Finlandeses (Cassado).Bulerias (Cepero). Eloisa.Paso doble (Manuel Penella). Wishing You Were Somehow Hear Again. PT003 JPY 2.Zapateado (Serranito). Toccatina.(see GG072) D25G01572 Zawierucha : Un tiempo fue It ica famosa played by Tomasz Zawierucha R o s s i n i a n a N o .Soleares (Sabicas). Masquerade.Rumba Flamenca (Solano). Junto al Generalife.400 Sumi : First Impression played by Keishi Sumi & Akiko Sumi. GGBD2008 JPY 2. Tres piezas españolas. Cancion Carorena.24 in B minor BWV869. A tu vera . New Year's song. Prelude No. (See GGOD0136) GGBD2017 out of stock Seta : La Zarzamora played by Akira Seta.5 O p . Aire de Zamba. GGBD3001 JPY 2. Zambra (Sabicas).400 Fujii : Flor Granadina played by Keigo Fujii. Prélude (Frank).5 (Villa-Lobos). Bajo la Parra. La Lola (Rumba Flamenca . Aranjuez Fantasy (Rodrigo).123 (Giuliani). Sueño en Jeres .600 Tsuda : Music for Prayers played by Shoji Tsuda. La Cumparcita (Rodriguez . The song of Advent. Norteña (Crespo). Sunayama Henge Op. D30G01582 JPY 2. Cuatro Seta : Pasión Flamenca played by Akira Seta. (See GG121.600 Inagaki : Songs played by Minoru Inagaki. Cancion de Leonardo. (see GG159) Jesus. Variaciones de Fandangos (Serranito). Valse oubliées. Mazurka (Mronski).1. Planta y Tacón . Concierto de Samba (Wusthoff). Präludium und Fuge BWV997 (Bach). El Gato Montes .2 (Sor). The Phantom of the Opera. Fin de Siglo (Pujol).Tarantos (Serranito). [Solo] Cherry blossoms. Romance to the stars. La Petenera No Ha Muerto. Fantasia Sevillana (Turina). The Point of No Return. Wedding march.Pena).428 Akiyama : The Phantom of the Opera created by PowerMac G5 & Logic Pro. Gitanos por Siguiriyas. Oceano Nox (Kleynjans). Suite Americana (Ayara).1. Drei Tentos (Henze). Tangos (Pena).400 González : Amor a la Latina played by José Luis González. Micropiezas (Brouwer). Joy of Man's Desiring BWV147 (Bach).Preludes on Seven Keynotes (Aoyama). Chôro (Riera). Baiao de Gude (Bellinati). Prelude No. Sonata Op. Cembalo Concerto No. Suite Bergamasque (Debussy).61. September rain. Think of Me. Presagio .913 Shibata & Fukuyama : Duo 1 played by Ken Shibata and Atsuko Fukuyama. Scherzino Mexicano (Ponce). Mariko Tsubokawa. Seven Colored Pieces . 206) GGBD2012 JPY 2. Christmas song. [Duo] Four songs borne on the wind*. Un tiempo fue It ica famosa (Rodrigo). Valsa-Chôro.1. Juria Frorida. The Music of the Night. Four Songs borne on the wind (Satoh).71a (Domeniconi). Recuerdos de la Alhambra.130 (Giuliani). Fantasy on Swedish Folksongs No. Angel of Music.913 Harpolyre Guitar Trio : Harpo Rhythm played by Tomonori Arai. Hirokazu Satoh. Malagueña (Lecuona). Sevillanas (Popular).COMPACT DISCS 39 Satoh plays Satoh Vol.913 .

+played with Yukiko Kanda (Piano). Notturno "Liebesträum Nr. GGBD3018 JPY 2.Catari (Core'ngrato) (Cardillo/Kimotsuki). Andante et Polonaise+ ( M e z z a c a p o ) . Reverie(Laogoya) . Fantasia(Howet) . S a u d a d e N o .400 Kimotsuki : Fantasia Notturna played by Kanemi Kimotsuki (Mandolin. Ich Denke Dein.S. Elegia (Cappelletti). Julia Florida(Barrios) . Tarantelle. E. GGBD3024 JPY 3. Intermezzo(Valera) . Deutsche Weise (Fantasie). Yo Adoro a Mi Madre (Ponce).9 (Sor).51. Se Ela Perguntar. Cavatina(Myers).F. Capriccio en Homage a Luigi Rinaldo Legnani Op. Catari.Arcas) . Deux Valses Op.107(Giuliani) .6* (Takei). Lagrima.148-7 . Swanee River (arr. *played with Koichi Kezuka (Guitar). E. "Inspiration" for Mandoloncello (Kagajo). GGBD3009 JPY 2. Serenata+ (Falbo). Nocturne Op.7 (Kubota). La Milanaise (Kleynjans). Crepuscolo Op.000 Inagaki : Reverie played by Minoru Inagaki. Serenata Fantastica "Nebel"* (Bianchi).31(Duarte) . Romanza (Spanish Folksong). GGBD3011 JPY 2. S e r e n a t e l l a O p . Lo Rossinyol. La Filadora.000 Inagaki : Fantasia played by Minoru Inagaki. Capricho Catalan Op. Händel Op. Valzer-Concerto Op. Preludio Op. Meditazione "Ci Amavamo" (Bottacchiari). GGBD3023 JPY 3. de la Maza). Ständchen. Serenade "Souvenirs d'un Concert"* (Bracco/Balsimelli). Fantasia Elegiaca Op. Variations sur un Theme de G. GGBD3013 JPY 2.165-5 .40 COMPACT DISCS. La Aderita] (arr.E. Preludio Danza(Orbon) . Chaconne in D-minor BWV 1004 (Bach).45 (Calace). Fantasia Notturna per Mandoloncello Solo (Kimotsuki).7(Nuńez) . Chanconne in G-minor.120(Kleynjans) . Barcarolle (MendelssohnBartholdy). II Preludio Op. Portrait(Myers) . Villancico de Navidad (Barrios). Duo for one Mandoline "Love Song" Op.K.10 (Granados) .000 Kikuchi : Chaconne played by Masaki Kikuchi (Baroque Lute). Three Pieces from "Epitaphe" (Theodorakis). Notte Calma Op. Sonatina Meridional(Ponce) GGBD3022 JPY 3. Aria con Variazioni (Frescobaldi). Greensleeves (arr. Träumerei Op. El Testament de Amelia (Catalan Fork songs/Llobet). Mazurka. Pavane dans le Style Ancien "Joieux Page" (Menichetti). O p. Trauemarsch. Pensiero (Kimotsuki). Tango Op. La Meranconia Op. La Maya de Goya (Granados).400 . La Maja de Goya . ACCESSORIES Canciones Populares Catalanas [El Testament d'Amelia. Suite in F-minor (Gallot).11 e n S i M i n e u r ( d e V i s e e ) . El Polifemo de Oro(Brindle) . Capricho Arabe (Tárrega). El Ultimo Tremolo .3( D y e n s ) . Mazrka . C o m p l a n t e . Der Ball. Passacaglis in D.600 Moisycos Guitar Duo : J. Vespergang. Am Grabe der Geliebten.92-12 (Albeniz) . Mandoloncello). J a e d i n Secret(Raymond) . Danza Espanola No.Mertz Guitar Duos played by Moisycos Guitar Duo (Ermanno Bottiglieri. Andaluza.15-7 (Schumann/ Paparello). Sarabande(Händel) .49 (Calace). Cavatina (Myers). Marchita el Alma. Sonatina(M-Torroba).600 Kubo : Guitar Recital played by Koji Kubo. Mandola.10 . Torre Bermeja Op. Prélude No. GGBD3005 JPY 2. Mandoloncello). Chaconne (Bach). (Bellenghi). Fantasy on Flotow's "Alessandr o St r adella ". Azpiazu). Nana . Fantasia No. Fantasia on Themes from La Traviata (Tarrega . Dolor(Preludio Vasco)(Donostia) .S. Mandola. S u i t e N o .275 (Munier).29+ (Calace).II. Valzer di Concerto "Valzer Fantastico" (Marucelli).224* ( A m a d e i ) .3" (Liszt/Munier). Septiéme Fantasie Op.600 Kimotsuki : Pensiero played by Kanemi Kimotsuki (Mandolin. Two Mexican Folksongs [La Pajarera. WoO (Mertz). (Weiss). Two English Folksongs [Bushes and Briars. Brackbirds and Thrushes] (arr. Nocturne "Bells of Night" (Paparello). Asturias (Albéniz). Paduana(Reusner) . Barcarole.64 . Adios Nonino(Piazzolla) . Unrühe. Suite in A.59(Sor) . Solo de Concert "Je Rêvais" (Fatauzzi). Uma Valsa e Dois Amores (Reis). Diferencias Sobre el Conde Claros(Mudarra) . Pensiero Elegiaco Alla Memoria di V. English Suite Op.800 Inagaki : Sonatina played by Minoru Inagaki. Serenade "Legende d'Amour" (Becce).30(Sor) . de la Maza). Giorgio Mirto). Canco del Lladra] (Llobet).1 (Villa-Lobos). Po t pur r i o n Meyerbeer's "Les Huguenots". Impromptu. Wasserfhart am Traunsee (Tonstück). Elegia (Sartori). GGBD3006 JPY 2.241 (Munier). Duarte). Variations sur l'air de flute enchantée Op.

Novellette-Portrait of Robert Schumann (Nihashi). El Colibri (Sagreras). Lo Que Vendra. El Choclo (Villordo). Los Quatro Elementos (Kleynjans). El Otario (Metallo).. Londonderry Air (Irish Folk Song) GGBD3025 JPY 2. Silueta Portena (Cucaro). Choral. Chôro da Saudade.Anh.COMPACT DISCS 41 Sano : Saudade played by Masataka Sano.1068. Hirokazu Satoh.244. Gavotte en Rondeau BWV1006a (Bach).S. C h o r a l B W V . Valse (Poulenc). Bouree I. Prelude No.600 TOYS : Play Tango played by TOYS (Tsuyoshi Otai. Yutaka Suzuki).120. Après un Rêve (Fauré). (See GG151) GGBD2015 JPY 2. Danza española No. from "Cinco Preludios" (M. Verano Porteño (Piazzolla). Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Tárrega).768.5. Preludios Americanos (Carlevaro). Kumo no Uta (Satoh).Anh.de la Maza).800 JPY 2. Quiero Ser Tu Sombra (Venezuelan Fork Song). Shoji Tsuda. Aufenthalt .5 "Andaluza" (Granados). Suite No. variations et fuges sur "Sakura" (Ogawa). Shiki Nagashima. El Lloron (Canaro). Torre bermeja (Albéniz). Furyo Shonen (Takemitsu). NCS209 JPY 2. La maja dolorosa .000 Suzuki : Un Dia de Novienbre played by Yutaka Suzuki. Polonaise BWV. pour le tombeau de Debussy. Variations on the Swedish tune "Jag vet en dejlig rosa" (Fujii). C h o r a l B W V . Slavonic Dance No.61 (Turina). GGBD3014 JPY 2. by .140 GGBD2025 JPY 2. Chiquilin de Bachin (Piazzolla).1080.600 Shibata & Fukuyama : Tango Suite played by Ken Shibata and Atsuko Fukuyama. F u g a g m i n o r B W V1000 (Bach). Fuga BWV.1079. Duelo Criollo (Rezzano). Youkali (Weill) . Cancion y danza No. Invierno Porteño (Piazzolla). GGBD3012 Mikio Hoshido).Pujol). Suite Española (Sanz). Yusuke Maeba). Ständchen (Schubert) .D.800 Tokyo Guitar Quartet : Los Quatro Elementos played by Tokyo Guitar Quartet (Koichi Kezuka.600 Shibata : Jag vet en dejlig rosa. Canon a 2 BWV. The Song of Black Swan (Villa-Lobos). Amor y Odio .116. Bach's works are played with 11 strings guitar. Sonata for Mandolin and Guitar. Un dia de Noviembre (Brouwer). Gondellied-Portrait of Felix Menderlsshon-Bartholdy. En los trigales (Rodrigo). Grand Solo Op. Prelude No. 2nd Concerto (Calace). God Father (Rota).Anh. Gavotte BWV.667 Shibuya : Aranjuez played by Tamaki Shibuya with Hokkaido Symphony Orchestra (Conductor : Mamoru Kawagoe). Summer Time (Gershwin) . Sevilla (Albéniz). JTM1003 JPY 2. Bachiana Brasileiras No. Corason de Oro.988.14 (Sor). S i n f o n i a BWV.600 Tsuda : Selected Works of J.Bach for Guitar Solo played by Shoji Tsuda Menuetto BWV.1068. Invocacieon y Danza.1 BWV. El cant dels Ocells (Catalan Folksong) . Menuetto BWV. Romance de amor (Spanish Folk songs). Polonaise BWV. GGBD3015 JPY 2. Tema de Maria (Piazzolla) .1067.400 Tanaka : Carmen played by Mitsutoshi Tanaka. I Girasoli (Mancini). Air BWV.1007. Plaisir d'amour (Martini) .8-4 (Barrios). Buenos Aires. Habanera.1079. Rio Sena. Sarabande BWV. Rossiniana No. Allemande BWV. La Cumparsita (Rodriguez). Pavan-Portrait of John Dowland. played by Takaaki Shibata (Mandolin) & Keigo Fujii (Guitar). En Esta Tarde Gris. Funiculi-Funicula (Denza). Cavatina (Myers). Canon BWV. Verano Porteno. No. El Esquinaso. El Torito.867. O Sole Mio (Di Capua). Air BWV. Homenaje.119.9.. Habanera (Bizet) . Las cantigas Santa Maria (Alfonso el Sabio/arr.1 BWV.156.22 BWV. Siciliana (Unknown). GGBD3007/8 JPY 4. Marchita el Alma (Ponce) . Sonata Op. Cantata BWV. Julia Florida (Barrios). La Maja de Goya (Granados) . Lob der Thränen . Serenata Española (Malats).3 BWV1009. Vals Op. Poema Valseado . GGBD3003 JPY 2. Fandango (Rodorigo). Tango Suite (Piazzola).807.846.813.11 (Dvorák).119 (Giuliani). Danza del molinero (Falla). El Monito (De Caro). Patotelo Sentimental (Joves).S. Suite E flat Major BWV1006a. Sur (Troilo). Taquito Miritar (Mores). Campanas del alba (E. II from Cello Suite No. 2-CD set. La Boda de Luís Alonso (Giménez). Mi Buenos Aires Querido (Gardel). Un Dia de Noviembre (Brouwer). Concierto de Aranjuez (Rodrigo).1 Op. Mallorca. Nostalgyas (Cobian).600 Shibuya : Invocación y Danza played by Tamaki Shibuya.1 (Luis-Pipo).

This is his first recording at his age 19. Asturias (Albéniz). (M-Torroba).8-2 (Sor). Twilight Reverie (Pettine).16 (Sor).800 Yoshida : Italian Sentiment played by Goshi Yoshida (Mandolin).1. Träumerei (Schumann). Estrellita. Capriccio spagnuolo (Munier).11-10 Op.Collectici Intim played by Kim Yong-Tae.1 .000 ● "Masters" Label Sekiguchi : Guitar Recital played by Hisao Sekiguchi. produced by Shin-ichi Fukuda. Roumanian Folk Dances (Bartok). Sonatine (M-Torroba). Tres Canciones Populares Mexicans. Study No. produced by Shin-ichi Fukuda.Double BWV1002 (Bach). Lachrimae (Dowland). GGCV1005 JPY 2. Prelude BWV998. Canarios (Sanz).60 played by Minoru Inagaki. Arirang (Korean Folksongs). Au Clair de la Lune Vari Op. Sarabande . RAD201111 JPY 2. Sonatine 1st Mv.16. Koichi Kezuka (Guitar). GGCV1002 out of stock ●GUITAR ETUDE SERIES Aguado / 27 Etudes played by Shiki Nagashima.42 COMPACT DISCS Watanabe:DEBUT! Norihiko. Sunflower (Mancini).11 si mineur (de Viseé). El Noi de la Mare (Canción Populares Cataluñas). (see GG191) GGBD5001 JPY 2. Molitva (Ourkouzounov). Prelude BWV1007. Four Menuets [Op. Prelude in E major. GGCV1006 JPY 2. Pavana (Calace).11-7.Varié 3 played by Atanas Ourkouzounov (G) and Mie Ogura (Fl). Sarabande from Suite A minor (Ponce).1 (Brouwer). Adagio Op.10 (Granados). Valtzer Fantastico (Marucelli). King of Denmark's Galliard (Dowland). Suite No.800 Watanabe : LIVE! Norihiko. Etude No. Air Nr. Españoletta.11-5] (Sor). GGCM1001 JPY 2. Op. Prelude BWV 1006a (Bach). Five Bagatelles (Walton). Fantasie (Weiss).41 (Hetu).1 (Rivera).5 (Villa-Lobos). Thème varié et finale. Estudio No. I Got Rhythm] (Gershwin). Tarantella (CastelnuovoTedesco).7 (Carcassi). Aria con Variazioni (Frescobaldi). Collectici Intim (Asencio). Etude No. The 1st Recording 1967 played by Norihiko Watanabe. Marche Militaire WoO. Tango (Tárrega).12 & No. Memories of Tomorrow (Keith Jarrett). Cancion (Ponce).800 ● "VARIÉ" Label Matsuo : Varié 1 played by Shunsuke Matsuo. Gigue from Suite A minor (Ponce). Air (Bach).400 Carcassi / 25 Etudes Op. GGBD5002 out of stock . I Love You Porgy. Three Songs [The Man I Love. Labyrinthes.3 (VillaLobos). Prélude en mi majeur. Suite en la mineur. "Toryanse" Tales. Prelude BWV999.2-1.1 (Villa-Lobos). Ballet (Gluck). Pour Guitare (Vivier). historical live recording with no editing. Valse Criollo (Lauro).000 Kim : Varié 2 . Le Fandango Vari Op. Souvenir de Sicile (Leonardi). Lieder ohne Worte (Mendelssohn). Suite Op. Sonata (Brouwer). Estudio No. "En Bateau" from Petit Suite (Debussy).Ponce Guitar Works played by Shunsuke Matsuo. Historical Guitar Recital June 25 1971 played by Norihiko Watanabe (winner of Paris International Guitar Competition 1969).800 Matsuo : Varié 4 . Valse Op. 25 Etudes Op.500 Ourkouzounov : Legends . GGBD3021 JPY 2. Vision (Mezzacapo). Prelude No. Quatre Legendes.4 "L'avez vous vu mon bien aime" (Leone). Prelude No. GGBD3020 JPY 2. Sonata in e minor (Scarlatti). Scherzino Mexicano.1. Prelude No. Tarantos.60. Due Canzoni Lidie (D'Angelo). Bear's Dance (Roumanian Traditional). Doux souvenir (Calace). Variations on the theme of Mozart (Sor). 27 Etudes. Mazurka VI (Calace). Bizzaria (Munier). Danza Espanola No. GGCV1003 JPY 2.1 Puna y Kaluyo (Kantor). Aria con Variazioni (Frescobaldi).11-6 Op. Fuga No. produced by Shinichi Fukuda. produced by Shin-ichi Fukuda. Sonata in d minor (Händel).

Estudio en Forma de Minuetto. GGBD5007 out of stock . 29 played by Koichi Kezuka. Etude Op. Estudio de Velocidad. Estudio sobre una fuga de Bach.6. GGBD5003 Sor / Etude Op.400 JPY 2. 29 (Sor).Cramer). Suspiro de amor (Repòs d'amour de Henselt). Estudio (Prudent) (Tárrega). B.38 (Coste).1-14. GGBD5004 JPY 2. 25 Etudes Op.6. Tema y estudio de concierto de Thalberg. Estudio (J.400 Tárrega / Preludes and Studies played by Koichi Kezuka.38 played by Minoru Inagaki. Preludios No.COMPACT DISCS 43 Coste / 25 Etudes Op. Estudio sobre un fragmento de Schumann. Estudio (Inspirado en Alard). Gran tremolo (Gottschalk). Preludio sobre un tema de Mendelssohn. Estudio de concierto (Vieuxtemps).

ERASE. REWRITE! Erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents .800 JPY 1. suitable for "Aranjuez Case" or ordinary case made by wood.Other cases as well as for large folk guitar "Hard Case Type". GG Super Cloth(3 colors:pink . 2 sheets JPY 500 .5mm JPY 230 Raincoat for guitar case "Ameyoke-kun" protect your guitar from rain.(length : 1050mm) Are available guitar case:Aranjuez Case/Takabe GG Super Mat prevend guitar to slip.No wear or tear! Thermo-sensitive Gel Ink Formula disappears with erasing friction Color : Black.44 ACCESSORIES ■ ACCESSORIES GG Ultra Light Foot Stool GGFS-1 very light and small! only 220g . made of aluminium. JPY 2.Red 0. beige and blue) JPY 2.Blue. 15 × 25cm . a d j u s t 4 a n g l e s . JPY 500 WRITE. "Light Case Type". made of rubber.(length : 1100mm) Are available guitar case:MAC150 Case/Super Light Case/Bam Case/ARIA C-150C Case. 0. made of woods. suitable for light weight case made by foam polystyrene.there are two versions with this item. Hiscox Pro II GCL-L. GG Super Arm Cover prevent your arm touching your guitar.000 for polishing your guitar.7mm . JPY 500 GG Wooden Light Foot Stool GGFS-WL light and small only 410g. snow and dust. Pilot FriXion Ball (Eraseble Gel Pen) JPY 600 GG Mute-kun for practicing the guitar at night and playing pizzicato.200 GG Super Mute for practicing the guitar at night and playing pizzicato.

JPY 2.300 GG Cleartone It is easy to attach and greatly improve the sound quality.It will bring rich volume and sonority.800 . GR-2. of aluminum chips.000 Guitar rest GR-I Guitar Rest with suction cups Black GR-1 JPY 6. and Others.GG Clear Tone is for everyone who loves classical guitars.ACCESSORIES 45 Case/Ramirez Case/ARIA C-100C Case.300 Guitar rest GR-IIB Guitar Rest with adjustable feet. Black GR-2B. JPY 1. JPY 5. JPY 6.000 Guitar rest GR-II Guitar Rest with adjustable feet. One pack contains 6 pcs.

3 GG020 COSTE:Compositions for guitar Vol.46 TITLE LISTING ■ TITLE LISTING   (order number) GG003 SOR:Compositions for guitar Vol. N Nakagawa) GG109 DUARTE:Americana Op.6 .1 GG183 GIULIANI:Selected Works for flute (violin) and guitar Vol. T Sasaki) GG056 A Royal Pastime (arr.4 Transcriptions 1 GG031 DOWLAND:Lute music selection for Guitar solo GG032 YAMASHITA:Kusorin GG034 YOSHIMATSU:Litmus Distance GG035 Japanese Songs for guitar solo Vol. H.variations et fugue sur un theme populaire Japonais.6 Petites Pieces GG012 SOR:Compositions for two guitars Vol. K Yamashita) GG055 SCHUMANN:Album f殲 die Jugend Op.1 GG180 Satie for guitar GG182 GIULIANI:Selected Works for flute (violin) and guitar Vol. echo.5 Transcriptions 2 GG072 La Zarzamora GG087 KLEYNJANS:Introduction.13 / 15 .2 Bardenklange Op.68 (arr. Masami:Collected Works for Guitar Vol. C Jaggin) GG064 SATO.4 Opera Arrangements II GG166 Popular Guitar Ensemble Vol.. N Nakagawa) GG047 TCHAIKOVSKY:Album for the young Op. 1 BWV825 (arr.114 GG090 Photo Album of Japanese Guitar History GG094 BIZET:Suite "CARMEN" for two guitars (arr..21 GG232 YUPANQUI. and guitar GG149 NODA:"KOKIRIKO" Variations for soprano recorder (flute) and guitar GG151 NIHASHI:7 Portraits for violin (flute.4 "Brisa da Primavera" GG196 NAKABAYASHI:Collected works for guitar Vol. E Fernandez) GG231 KUBOTA:Tanz Suite Nr. M Ojiri) GG100 Selected pieces of DREAMS COME TRUE GG101 NODA:Rhapsodie Adriatique pour Guitare et Orchestre a Cordes GG103 KLEYNJANS:Sonate "Oceano Nox" Op. play and then.71a (Verwandlung) GG190 FAURE:Suite "DOLLY" (arr.1 GG171 CARCASSI:Compositions for guitar GG172 ONISHI:Guitar Text for beginner GG173 BORODIN:String quartet No.70a GG246 MOZART.1 Original Works I GG016 TARREGA:Compositions for guitar Vol.3 Opera Arrangements I GG165 MERTZ:Vol.3 :Around the Round Ground GG224 25 Favorite Pieces for guitar GG225 Kaori Muraji Guitar Solo Collection GG226 SATO.39 GG050 ALBENIZ:Piezas Caracteristicas (arr. Hirokazu:When I was Twenty GG227 UEDA:Plectrum Serenade GG228 FERNANDEZ:A Meditation on "SAKURA" GG229 BACH:Partita No.2 GG201 LHOYER:Compositions for two guitars GG203 NIHASHI:Suite pour l'orchestre de Mandolines GG204 NIHASHI:Suite "Pneuma" pour l'orchestre de Mandolines GG206 AOSHIMA:Seven colored pieces GG208 BACH:Goldberg variations BWV988 (for guitar duo) GG211 AOSHIMA:Suite Arts decos GG216 YOSHIDA:Chokaisan is My Country Mountain GG221 HANDEL:Suite No.2 GG014 CARULLI:Selected Works for two guitars Vol.1 GG021 TARREGA:Compositions for guitar Vol.1 (arr.111 GG104 FUJII:Suite "Dies Irae" GG105 TESAR:Favorite Pieces for guitar GG107 Japanese Songs for guitar solo Vol. V Villadangos) GG119 La Rheterique des Dieux / Lute Compositions of the French Baroque GG121 SOR:Two Fantasies on a Swedish Folk Song GG124 WATANABE:Astral Flakes GG127 Japanese POPs for Guitar Solo Vol. Sato for guitar duo) GG191 AGUADO:27 Etudes for Guitar from "Nuevo Metodo 1843" GG194 NIHASHI:Five Images for guitar quartet GG195 SATO.2 Op.3 Divertissements GG005 SOR:Compositions for guitar Vol.2 GG015 TARREGA:Compositions for guitar Vol.2 GG185 Famous Italian Songs (for voice with guitar accompaniment) GG186 Famous German Songs (for voice with guitar accompaniment) GG187 DOMENICONI:Sunayama Henge Op.Sor) GG159 Guitar Duets GG163 MERTZ:Vol.2 (arr.2 GG156 UEDA:15 Songs for two guitars (2nd part by F. II GG241 HARA:Guitar solo collections "The breezes call for me" GG242 FROBERGER:Tombeau and Suites (arr.:Guitar Works Vol.5 Menuets et Valses GG006 SOR:Compositions for guitar Vol.1 (for guitar quartet) GG240 ENDO:Play.2 Original Works II GG019 CARULLI:Selected Works for two guitars Vol.1 GG155 Baroque Lute Duets for two guitars Vol.2 GG167 Popular Guitar Ensemble Vol.2 GG199 Masterpieces for violin and guitar Vol. cello.2 GG245 YOSHIMATSU:Atom Hearts Club Duo Op.5 GG235 SCHUBERT:Six Lieder for flute and guitar GG236 SHAND:Collected Works of Ernest Shand GG237 KAGAJO:Promenade I GG238 YORK:Spin GG239 DVORAK:Three Slavonic Dances VOL.6 Kayoukyoku II GG137 Bridal Songs for guitar GG144 YORK:Bantu and Quiccan GG145 YORK:Transilience for flute. T Muller-Pering) GG052 DEBUSSY:Petite Suite (arr.2 Folksongs & new music II GG129 NAKABAYASHI:Suite pictorica "Latino america" GG130 Kunio Shichinohe's Favorite pieces GG131 Selected pieces of YOSUI INOUE GG134 Japanese POPs for Guitar Solo Vol.:El Canto del Viento GG233 Guitar Ensemble Repertory Vol.96a (Score and parts) GG112 WEISS:Two Lute Suites (arr. mandolin) and guitar GG154 Baroque Lute Duets for two guitars Vol.2 for two guitars GG178 New anthology for mandolin and guitar Vol.30 GG164 MERTZ:Vol.:Eine Kleine Nachtmusik KV525 (for guitar duo) GG247 Guitar Ensemble Repertory Vol. Masami:Shade GG066 TARREGA:Compositions for guitar Vol. 5 "The harmonious blacksmith" (for guitar duo) GG222 YOSHIMATSU. S Grondona) GG243 BACH:Italian Concerto BWV971 (for guitar duo) GG244 25 Favorite Pieces for guitar Vol. Op.

6 GG263 Popular Guitar Ensemble Vol.3 Classic 2 GG257 KANEDA:Sueno de Mexico (Homage to Manuel M.1 GG423 Popular Pieces for guitar solo Vol.4 Variations GG305 SOR:Complete Works for guitar Vol.Collected Works for guitar GG412 Tokyo Guitar Quartet Repertoire 2 .in memoriam Toru Takemitsu GG427 Falla:El Amor Brujo .14 Compositions for two guitars III GG315 SOR:Complete Works for guitar Vol.Yamanoha GG401 NEJIME:Classical Guitar Making GG404 MURAJI:Letユs Enjoy the Guitar Solo GG406 FUJII:Variations on the theme "Shabondama" for three or four guitars GG409 ROSSINI:La Gazza Ladra Ouverture for five guitars or guitar ensemble GG410 KLEYNJANS:Variations Ludiques .13 Compositions for two guitars II GG314 SOR:Complete Works for guitar Vol. Sergio Assad) GG329 FUJII:Collected Works for guitar GG330 MURAJI:Guide for We Love Guitar! GG332 DVORAK:Sonatine for flute and guitar GG334 CARULLI:Selected Works for two guitars Vol.3 GG275 HARA:Collected Works for guitar GG276 Japanese POPs for Guitar Solo Vol.Collected Works for guitar I GG341 LENDLE:La Campanella .3 Fantaisies II GG304 SOR:Complete Works for guitar Vol.7 Petites Pieces I GG308 SOR:Complete Works for guitar Vol.4 (New Guitar Method) GG283 Brazilian Music for mandolin and guitar GG284 Guitar Ensemble Repertory Vol.2002 Biografia Oficial GG371 Popular Guitar Ensemble Vol.10 GG354 Popular Guitar Ensemble Vol.American Collection GG413 SCHUBERT:Six Moments Musicaux Op.12 GG372 Classic Collection for Guitar GG377 REGONDI:Selected Works for guitar GG379 Ukulele Christmas for ukulele solo GG381 SANO:Guitar Method for Solo and Ensemble GG387 Okinawa Songs for guitar solo GG391 MURAJI:Letユs Enjoy the Guitar GG394 KOGA Melody for two guitars GG395 Popular Collection Vol.Favorite arrangements for guitar 4 GG400 FUJII:The Legend of Hagoromo on a melody of H.1 for mandolin and guitar GG398 Best Selection Vol.12 Compositions for two guitars I GG313 SOR:Complete Works for guitar Vol..2 .9 Etudes I GG312 SOR:Complete Works for guitar Vol.1 GG429 Seta:Metode de guitarra flamenca GG430 Excellent Guitar Pieces for Stage Performamce GG431 GONZALEZ:Guitar Technique Notebook GG432 MURAJI:We Love Guitar! Vol. FICCO:Summer Suite GG349 Guitar Ensemble Repertory Vol.Favorite arrangements for guitar 2 GG261 Popular Guitar Ensemble Vol.5 [New Version] GG425 CARULLI:Selected Works for two guitars Vol.11 GG359 Excellent Guitar Pieces for Stage Performance II GG360 TERASHIMA:Eclogue No.2 Fantaisies I GG303 SOR:Complete Works for guitar Vol.TITLE LISTING 47 GG249 MARIONETTE:Works for mandolin and guitar Vol.22 GG321 KAJITANI:FOR TWO .1 .8 GG352 Famous Classics for guitar solo Kunio Shitinohe's Favorite Pieces 2 GG353 Popular Guitar Ensemble Vol..14 pieces for two guitars GG323 Treasure of Guitar Duo Vol.2 GG271 CENSHU:Due Quadri Musicali GG272 NAKABAYASHI:Guitar Method GG273 Hirasa:BIG TREE SUITE for two guitars GG274 25 Favorite Pieces for guitar Vol.Metodo de acompanamiento de flamenco GG254 World of the Ukulele Solo Vol.7 GG285 For Christmas ~A Concert by Soprano and Guitar~ GG288 SUZUKI:Collected Works for two guitars GG289 GERSHWIN:An American in Paris for six guitars or ensemble GG292 AGUADO:Selected Works for guitar GG293 YOCOH:Collected Works for guitar GG299 ASSAD:Sonata for guitar solo GG301 SOR:Complete Works for guitar Vol.8 GG264 Libertango Dos Guitarras para Tango 1 GG266 SASAKI:Two Japanese Songs for violin (or flute) and guitar GG267 Songs in the world for guitar solo Vol.2 for mandolin and guitar GG399 Dark Eyes .6 Menuets et Valses GG307 SOR:Complete Works for guitar Vol. Ponce) GG258 DEVREESE:Divertimenti a due for violin and guitar GG260 Oracion .2 .Metodo de acompanamiento de flamenco GG252 Seta:Vamos a Tocar! Vol.5 GG339 Chopin for Guitar Solo GG340 LENDLE:Homenaje catalan .1 for classical guitar solo GG396 Popular Collection Vol.8 Petites Pieces II GG309 SOR:Complete Works for guitar Vol.Collected Works for guitar II GG342 LEGRAND:Collected works for guitar and two guitars GG344 SUZUKI:Collected Works Vol.1 a-moll Op.94 GG415 Tokyo Guitar Quartet Repertoire 3 .9 TV Theme Songs I GG280 LAMARQUE-PONS:Sonatine for guitar solo GG281 50 FAMOUS SONGS IN THE WORLD for guitar solo GG282 MURAJI:We Love Guitar! Vol.1 for guitar and piano GG363 PANE:Weaving Magic Dance.2 GG250 MURAJI:We Love Guitar! Vol.Itarian Collection GG418 Graduation songs for guitar solo GG421 Songs in the world for guitar solo Vol.15 Compositions for two guitars IV GG316 GRIEG:15 Lyric Pieces for flute and guitar GG320 KUBOTA:Phantasie Nr.2 GG324 VASSILIEV:Collected Works for guitar GG328 PIAZZOLLA:Las Estaciones Portenas (arr. for guitar and piano GG370 RIUS:Francisco Tarrega 1852 .2 for classical guitar solo GG397 Best Selection Vol.1 GG433 Famous Pieces for Solo & Duo GG434 Bossa Nova and Latin Pieces for solo guitar GG435 MURAJI:We Love Guitar! Vol.1 GG426 BROUWER:HIKA .5 Divertissements GG306 SOR:Complete Works for guitar Vol.2 GG345 GRANADOS:Valses Poeticos GG348 LACERTOSA.3 (New Guitar Method) GG251 Seta:Vamos a Tocar! Vol.1 Sonatas GG302 SOR:Complete Works for guitar Vol.Suite para guitarra GG428 MARIONETTE:Works for mandolin and guitar Vol.

148 / Choix de mes fleurs cheries Op.2 World Famous Songs No.42 arr for two guitars by E.Bach for Guitar Solo GG468 Musica para guitarra de America Latina (with 1CD) GG469 Musica para guitarra de America Latina Vol.2 GG520 Karaoke for Two Guitars Vol.1 GG518 Musikalische Rundschau 136 Furze Unterhaltungs -Stücke für die Guitarre Vol.4 Argentine Tango Album (With CD) GG528 SOR:Compositions for Guitar Vol.3 GG450 Japanese Songs 101 Selection for solo guitar Vol.Korhonen (With CD) GG496 J. by T. GG902 HOSHINO:Suite Japonesa para guitarra sola GG903 The Musical Story of Princess Pink Vol.S.34 No.S.Bach:Sonatas for Solo Violin arr.Fernandez GG494 Listen and learn ~ Easy guitar repertoire (with CD) GG495 J. Best 20 GG510 Easy Pieces for Guitar Ensemble Vol.2 Fernando Sor:L’Encouragement Op.8 Etudes II GG529 SOR:Compositions for Guitar Vol.46 GG507 Karaoke for Two Guitars Vol.S.9 GG460 FUJII:Night on Genkotsu Mountain for four guitars GG461 Los grandes Maestros de Guitarra Flamenca Vol.5 Fantasias GG501 La Cumparsita .3 GG478 TERAUCHI:Pieces for Guitar A Melody of Breeze (with 1CD) GG479 TSUDA:Gendai Guitar Method I GG480 GERSHWIN for Guitar-Solo GG481 Rey Guerra Guitar Works GG482 Easy Pieces for Guitar Ensemble Vol.2 GG470 Oshima:“Wie man richtig die Noten Liest” GG471 Albeniz:Espana 6 hojas de album Op.34 (with 2CD) GG508 Shingo FUJII:Quattro Ritornelli for Guitar Ensemble GG509 Classical Music Anthology for Guitar. by T.48 TITLE LISTING GG440 YAMANAKA :New Guitar Method GG442 Hamada:En el Camino de la Vida GG443 Muraji:Guitar solo works for 2 guitars GG445 Seta:Vamos a Tocar! Vol.2 Suite “Wild Flowers” GG904 Guitar Method .Fernandez GG493 J.1 (with 1CD) GG511 The Old Songs 22 Chapters for Guitar GG512 Guitar method with popular music (With CD) GG513 Karaoke for Two Guitars Vol.Favorite arrangements for guitar GG502 Giuliani:Six Rossinianes Op.1 Japanese Songs No.2 GG477 Selected Guitar Works of Barrios Vol.1 (with 1CD) GG499 Twenty famous pieces for ukulele solo .3 .165 Para dos guitarras GG475 Selected Guitar Works of Barrios Vol.9 Late Works I GG901 SHIINO:Stories in sound of Princess Pink for guitar solo.From Beethoven to Southern All Stars GG500 MERTZ:Vol.1 (with 1CD) GG483 KAWAGUCHI:Mandolin Lesson 1 GG484 Kaori Muraji Guitar Solo Collection Vol.3 American Album (With CD) GG514 Songs for NHK serial TV dramas (with CD) GG515 ASSAD:Suite "Summer Garden" GG516 Shingo Fujii:AMISTAD for 4 Guitarists GG517 Musikalische Rundschau 136 Furze Unterhaltungs -Stücke für die Guitarre Vol.2 GG485 Songs by Masao Koga GG486 HOSHINO:Album of Pieces For Guitar Solo GG487 TWENTY STUDIES FOR THE GUITAR SELECTED BY ANDRES SEGOVIA(with CD) GG488 Guitar works of Miguel Llobet Original Compositions and Transcriptions GG489 [Book] Arai:Enchanted by the Guitar GG490 Japanese Songs 101 Selection for solo guitar Vol.Korhonen (With 2CDs) GG497 Shingo FUJII:Himawari for Guitar Quartet or Guitar Ensemble GG498 Easy Pieces for Guitar Ensemble Vol.1 Ferdinando Carulli:Petit duo dialogue Op.Bach:Partitas for Solo Violin arr.2 GG463 GIULIANI:Irish and Scottish Folksongs GG464 KAWAGUCHI:Mandolin Lesson 2 GG465 Masterpieces for guitar “TENKOMORI 1&2” RETURNS (with 2CDs) GG466 [Book] TARREGA (translated by Jiro Hamada) GG467 Selected Works of J.3 Screen Music No.Metodo de acompanamiento de flamenco GG446 The World of Aku Yu GG447 Japanese Songs 101 Selection for Guitar Solo GG449 Japanese Songs 101 Selection for solo guitar Vol.2 (with CD) GG505 Ichimujin Guitar Duo collection GG506 Giuliani:Giulianate Op.Bach:Six Preludes and Fugues from 'The Well-Tempered Clavier' Book 1 arr for two guitars by E.1 GG462 Los grandes Maestros de Guitarra Flamenca Vol.2 GG491 Sakutaro Hagiwara A WEAVING GIRL for Mandolin Solo GG492 Haydn:String Quartet Op.1 GG476 Selected Guitar Works of Barrios Vol.4 GG452 SANO:Guitar Works "Hi Kami Nari" GG453 Enka for classical guitar ~ Romantic songs GG455 Great melodies for guitar and orchestra GG456 Tsuda:Let's Enjoy Solo Ukulele GG459 Guitar Ensemble Repertory Vol.119-124 GG503 12 British Songs for Guitar (arr G Sollscher) GG504 Karaoke for Two Guitars Vol.S.

Vancouver.com.ostinato.gr ■ CHILE Guitarra Viva Ltda Altue 2861 P. 13 .A.di-arezzo.remenyi.becker@notendium.com Remenyi House of Music 210 Bloor Street West Toronto.com La Guitarreria 5 Rue d'Edimbourg.at ■ BELGIUM Guitar Diffusion sprl Rue de Brimez. Papagrigoriou Co.partitura.com/rhm/home. Nakas .be ■ GERMANY Haus der Musik Trekel OHG Willerstwiete 17.de ■ CANADA Long & McQuade (Hastings) 412 West Hastings Street.com PARTITURA de Merodelei 59 B-2300 Turnhout http://www. 39 Panepistimiou Str.com. BP7-78681. KG Kreuzberger Ring 7b-d D-65205 Wiesbaden Tel +49-611-5300 Fax +49-611-530560 service@harrassowitz.C. 12 Tak Hing St.hk http://www.de Otto Harrassowiz GnbH & Co.Rightful Centre.trekel. Kowloon . 10 A-1010 Wien Tel +43-1-515-03-0 Fax +43-1-515-03-51 www. Santiago Tel +56-2-563-0457 Fax +56-2-277-8372 guitarravivaltda@yahoo.C.DISTRIBUTOR LIST 49 ■ DISTRIBUTOR LIST ■ AUSTRALIA Music Knowledge Pty Ltd.com.harrassowitz.hk/ ■ FINLAND Ostinato Oy Tykistonkatu 7 FIN-00260 Helsinki www.fr www. 22415 Hamburg Tel +49-40-520-3397 Fax +49-40-520-7824 info@trekel. Epone-Cedex Tel +33-1-30-90-20-02 Fax +33-1-30-90-10-23 ■ AUSTRIA Musikhaus Doblinger Dorotheergasse.long-mcquade.julien-pianos.au Julien Pianos Musique 100 Cours Julien 13006 Marseille Tel +33-4-91-47-20-20 Fax +33-4-91-92-70-98 julien-pianos@wanadoo. Tel +1-604-682-5288 ext. 85 BE-5100 Wépion Tel +32-81-40-10-58 Fax +32-81-40-10-58 mail@guitare-diffusion.de www.lekiosqueamusique.doblinger-musikverlag. B.html ■ GREECE Ch. 75008 Paris Tel +33-1-45-22-54-72 Fax +33-1-42-94-84-61 HEXAMUSIC 246 avenue de la Couronne des Pres.fi ■ ITALY La Musica e Vita o Via Vincenzo Giuffrida N 208 95128 Catania Tel +39-95-448332 +39-95-438674 Fax +39-95-448332 +39-95-438674 info@mvmusica.com ■ HONG KONG Classical Guitar Studio 1007 Room.classicalguitar. 3802 Tel +61-3-9700-0660 Fax +61-3-9700-7705 musicknowledge@optustet.de Grahl & Nicklas GmbH Gwinnerstr.com ■ FRANCE Di-arezzo 160.mvmusica.Hong kong Tel +852-242-11559 Fax +852-230-21511 info@classicalguitar.de www.com/ . Victoria. ON M5S 1T8 http://www.com Le Kiosque a musique 7 rue de la monnaie 84000 AVIGNON www.grahl-ffm. 105 64 Athenes Tel +30-210-322-1786 Fax +30-210-322-2742 www.747 Fax +1-604-609-0538 www. rue Montmartre 75002 Paris Tel +33 (0)1 44 76 80 24 jhttp://www. 17 Coledale Close Endeavour Hills.de www.panasmusic.com www.60388 Frankfurt p.C.

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Middle East. Europe. overseas topics. master class reports. much more! SUBSCRIPTION FEE ■ 12 Months by Airmail Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 ■ 12 Months by Seamail JPY 17. Central America. please specify the card.400 JPY 25.GENDAI GUITAR MAGAZINE Since 1967 Gendai Guitar is a monthly magazine specializing in the classical guitar. feature articles and over 20 pages of various music scores have captured the interest of readers worldwide. South America You can pay by credit card only (VISA. AMERICAN EXPRESS). event guide. and its articles and music have been enjoyed by fans of classical guitar all around the world despite the fact that the print is only in Japanese. JCB. one can find many practical up-to-date information such as Japanese domestic news. Master. name and expiration date.400 Zone 1 : Asia. and the series on flamenco is especially popular. and much. its card number. publication reviews. monthly concert reviews. In addition. Guam.. new CD releases.920 JPY 29. Midway and others Zone 2 : North America. One can always expect interesting articles that cover a wide range of music from the Renaissance to Contemporary. When using a credit card. Former Soviet Union (Including Alaska and Hawaii) Zone 3 : Africa. Oceania. Marshall Is.040 JPY 23. Exclusive interviews. ■ SUBSCRIPTION FORM Name : Address : City : Zip : (Please use a photocopy of this page) Country : Fax : Tel : 12 Months by Seamail / Airmail Zone Pay by : Credit card (VISA / Master / JCB / AMEX) Name of Cardholder : Card Number : Expiration date : .

Tokyo. Ltd.com E-mail : sales@gendaiguitar.GENDAI GUITAR CO. Toshima-ku. 171-0044.. 1-16-14 Chihaya.com .gendaiguitar.+81-3-3530-5343 Fax +81-3-3530-5405 http://www. JAPAN Tel.

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