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• If you purchased your phone at a Sprint Store, it is probably activated and ready to use. • If you received your phone in the mail and it is a new Sprint account or a new phone number, your phone is designed to activate automatically once you have completed setup (see page 4). • If you received your phone in the mail and you are switching the number from a previous Sprint phone, do not turn on your new phone yet. First, go to on your computer's Web browser and follow the instructions to activate the number on your new phone. If you have any problems with activation, contact Sprint Customer Service at 1-888-211-4727 from another phone.
Set Up Your Phone

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Open Applications

Move Among Open Applications

Find It Fast

Make a Call
Launcher > . See pages 17–18.

Set Up Email

Gesture Guide

Minimize app and go to Card view Press Center.

To use your Palm Pre™ phone, you must agree to Palm’s terms and conditions and create a Palm profile—do so by entering a working email address.

Turn On Your Phone

Activate your phone before you turn it on (see previous page). Press and hold the power button until you see a logo. Wait for setup to start (please be patient). To slide out the keyboard, hold the phone in both hands and gently push up with your thumbs.
Power button

Why do I need a Palm profile? A Palm profile gives you access to services like automatic updates, backup of your data, and more. Setting up a Palm profile is different from setting up email on your phone. To set up email, see page 11.

I’ve finished setup. Can I use my phone? Your phone is ready to use! Go ahead and make calls (see pages 17–18), set up email (see page 11), and use all the other applications on your phone. If you see a notification that an update is available, tap Install Now to install it. Palm periodically sends updates to enhance the applications and features on your phone.

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How do I transfer data from my computer? On your computer, look for an email at the address you used for your Palm profile. Click the link in the email to verify your Palm profile. The link takes you to a website where you can do a one-time data transfer to your phone from selected desktop organizers like Palm® Desktop and Outlook®. This transfer is the way to get the data from your old Palm smartphone to your Pre phone.


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Use of this device requires providing a valid email address, mobile phone number, and related information for account setup and activation. A data plan is also required. Unlimited usage data plan strongly recommended or additional data charges may apply.


Earpiece Speaker (on back) Touchscreen Volume: See page 18. Gesture area Microphone Center button: Press to go to Card view. Orange key: Press to enter numbers and symbols that appear above the letters on the keys. Press twice to lock it. Shift: Press twice for Caps lock. Space Camera lens and flash (on back) Charger/microUSB connector Backspace Enter Sym: Press to select characters like currency symbols and accented characters. Headset jack Ringer switch: Slide to turn the ringer and notification sounds on and off. Power: Press to wake up or turn off the screen. Press and hold to turn the device on and off.

Tap an icon to open an application. Quick Launch: Displays up to five icons. You can open the Quick Launch from any screen. Drag out any icon except Launcher and then drag in another one. Launcher: Displays all your apps (when you open the Launcher, Quick Launch appears also). Scroll up and down to see the whole page, and left and right to see all pages. See the Gesture Guide to learn how to access Quick Launch and the Launcher.

You can open and use multiple applications at the same time. To move among them, press the Center button to shrink the app you’re using. You’re now in Card view, where all open apps appear as small windows (cards). In Card view, swipe left or right on the screen to scroll through open apps. When you see the app you want, tap it. To close the app, throw the card off the top of the screen.

In Launcher or Card view > enter a word, name, or first and last initials. Your phone displays any matching results. Tap the one you want. Tap a phone number to dial it! Or tap the name > to send a text message. To search the Web, tap the text you entered and tap the search option you want.

Launcher > . Enter the settings to get messages from any of your email accounts. Setting up email from some providers automatically adds your contacts and calendar data from that provider to your phone. See page 13.

Touch the screen or gesture area lightly when performing gestures. Be sure to take the gesture tutorial: Go to

Open menus Application: Tap the upper-left corner. Connection: e upper-right er. Tap the upper rig corner.

Turn on your phone Press the power button.

Resize cards and change card order Tap and hold a card. Drag cards to change the order.

Open Quick Launch Drag up slowly and move your finger to the app you want.

Open Launcher Press Center > tap

Launcher, page 1

Close an app In Card view, throw the card off the top of hscreen. screen. the touchscreen.

te e Delete a list item w o Throw the item off the side of the screen.

Quick Launch Page indicator

Back: Go up a level in an app, save data Quick swipe left in gesture area.






Phone Contacts Email Calendar Launcher






Scroll a specific amount Drag in the desired direction.

Scroll fast Flick in the desired direction.

Stop scrolling Tap the screen while scrolling.

Sync Your Data Merged Views Linked Contacts Notifications Phone Media Get Help Manage Your Account
Check minute usage and account balance Launcher > >*4> . . Zoom in Place two fingers and spread them apart. Place cursor in a text field xt t Tap the location.

Total Equipment Protection

Zoom out d Place two fingers and bring them together.

Move cursor Insert the cursor, press and hold Orange, and then drag anywhere onscreen.

Anytime you are in Email, Messaging, Calendar, or Contacts, you can set up a relationship to wirelessly sync data with selected service providers—for example, Google’s Gmail, Facebook, or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync® (check to see if your company supports this). You must already have an account with a service provider before you can set it up on your phone.

Zoom in/out a fixed amount Double-tap the screen. Double-tap again to zoom out.

Select text Insert the cursor, press and hold Shift, and then drag anywhere onscreen.


Your phone’s Synergy™ feature displays data from several sources in a single view, but keeps the sources of your data separate. Let’s say you use Google calendar for your personal appointments and your company's Outlook calendar for business appointments. Your phone’s Calendar application can display appointments from both calendars in a single view. Likewise, if you set up multiple email accounts, the Email application lets you display the messages from all your account inboxes in a single view. And in Messaging, all your messages with a person show up in a single conversation view, whether they are text, multimedia, or instant messages.

The Contacts application also offers a merged view—you can see all your contacts from all your accounts in a single list. But more than that, Contacts lets you see all your information for a person in a single view—even if that information comes from multiple sources. For example, let’s say you have a work contact in Exchange ActiveSync and a personal contact for the same person in Google. Contacts automatically recognizes the connection and links the two contacts so that you can see all the information in one place. You can also manually link and unlink contacts.

Notifications at the bottom of the screen alert you to voicemail, incoming messages, upcoming appointments, and more. For some notifications, tap the notification to act on it. For others, such as Calendar reminders, the notification gives you options such as opening the appointment or dismissing the notification. If you do not act on a notification after a few seconds, it becomes an icon in the lower-right portion of the screen. Tap the icon area to display your notifications. Throw a notification off the side of the screen to dismiss it.

Turn the phone off and on Tap the upper-right corner of any screen > Turn on/off Airplane Mode.

Use the speakerphone or mute the microphone While on a call, tap the onscreen button you want. Connect to a Bluetooth® headset Launcher > > On > Add device > headset name.

Dial a number by contact name Launcher or Card view > enter the first or last name or initials > tap the number. Answer a call Tap .

Take a picture Launcher > > Space. To take a picture in landscape view, turn the phone 90°. Change your wallpaper Launcher > > tap the picture you want to use. Tap the upper-left corner > Use as Wallpaper > Use as Wallpaper. Copy media files to your phone Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable > tap USB Drive > drag and drop the music or video file. View a video Launcher >

Set up/listen to voicemail Launcher > > > listen for instructions.
Phone is on

Create a speed dial Launcher > > contact name > Menu > Set speed dial > tap the number you want to assign to the speed dial > tap the speed-dial key.

Need help with setup? After your phone is activated with Sprint, the Palm support staff can help you set up your phone and get you up and running. Call 1-866-750-PALM (7256) from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM Pacific, Monday through Friday, and 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific, Saturday and Sunday. This service is free within 90 days of purchase. We may refer you to Sprint for help with carrier-specific features. Offer subject to change without notice. Help on your phone Tap Help in the Launcher or in an application menu to read short how-tos and watch animations about your phone.

Make a payment Launcher > >*3>

Find service plan information Launcher > >*2> .

With Total Equipment Protection, your phone will be protected against loss, theft, and physical and liquid damage, as well as covered for mechanical and electrical failure, routine maintenance, and failure from normal wear and tear. Enroll when you activate or upgrade your phone. You have up to 30 days after activation or upgrade to enroll, so don’t delay.*

All you need to know to get going.

Get Started.

Call a speed dial Launcher or Card view > press and hold the speed-dial key. Adjust call volume Press Volume up or down.

> tap the video.

Features Guide Take a peek at other things you can do with your phone to get the information you want when you want it. Online support • Visit to access the User Guide, how-to videos, tutorials, and helpful support information. • Visit to edit your Palm profile, manage your phone, access Data Transfer Assistant, and access additional support information.

TIP: You can also manage your account online at, or by calling Sprint from any phone: • Sprint Customer Service: 1-888-211-4727 • Business Customer Service: 1-800-927-2199

* Please see the Total Equipment Protection brochure available at any participating retail location or visit for complete terms and conditions of coverage including applicable charges and deductible(s).Terms and conditions are subject to change. May not be available in all states. Eligibility varies by device. Claims may be fulfilled with new or refurbished equipment.

Drag and drop m, , Tap and hold the item, ur drag, and then lift your finger to drop.

RECYCLE YOUR OLD PHONE Get an account credit or help Sprint support Internet safety for kids by recycling your old phone through Sprint wireless recycling programs. Visit for details.

Phone is off


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