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UNKNOWN HORIZONS - English Poems composed by Praveen Kumar

UNKNOWN HORIZONS - English Poems composed by Praveen Kumar

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Published by Praveen Kumar
Comments welcome at pryveen@yahoo.com English Poems composed by one and only Praveen Kumar
Comments welcome at pryveen@yahoo.com English Poems composed by one and only Praveen Kumar

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Published by: Praveen Kumar on May 27, 2009
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A land of valour and truth is Tulu Nadu
Where sathya, Dharma, Sankalpa blend to a strange broth
Of pride, courage and openness,
Where love for rectitude and selfless devotion
Warp to a fierce way of life,
Where flames of pride and courageous resolve
Meet to raise and energetic land
That sits besides his queen, Arabian sea
Whose waves wash and caress his feet everyday,
Where no trusts ever breach, no ties ever break,
No words ever die, no promises ever reneged,
Where helpless calls see life and death defence.

Tuluvas, a class apart in imperious state,
A tiger in all splendours of outright might
In the jungle of pigs, donkeys and meek sheeps;
A rare rugged open island of spartan folks
In the ocean of shams and deceptions,
That look around in righteous indignation;
As Billavas, Bunts, Saraswats, Koragas, Christians
Or as Brahmins, Muslims, Bestas or as jains,
The threads of Tulu, konkan, Kannada and Malayalam too
Bind them all as Tuluva soldiers
Who breed on Tulu earth and feed in Tulu strengths
And spread by Tulu winds to far away worlds.

When Tuluva touches stone, a temple is born,
When Tuluva touches tool, an industry is born;
He rises from earths and spreads to sky like rock tower
To the shock of lesser suffering lots;
The heat and sweat that warms his heart,


The rain and green that enriches his soul
Break false sheaths to extract his true self
In dazzling fresh shine for all the world to see
In Kolas, Yakshaganas and age-old cockfights
Or Nemas, Paddhanas, Bhooatharadhana, bull races;
The fish and toddy and boiled rice in veins
Unwind his spirit for back-breaking work,

A land of distrinct moods, thoughts and nature
Of distinct life, values, goals and culture
With sea and ghats and konkan and Malabar
On guard to fend from contaminations,
Where mothers rule, Aliya Santhana prevails,
Where years roll on solar movements,
Whose warm breeze washed by Aarabian sea waves,
Sprout proud, great men and spawn pretty gentle girls
And spread fields and forests full of rich greens;
Tulu Nadu, tahe shield of greater Indian virtues
Stands with tall hill like granite Gomata statures.

The rugged Tuluvas are gentle and upright inside,
Who shed blood for ancestors’ self-respect,
Who raise not heads and offer ready obeisance
In front of elders, Shakti and Daivasthana;
They seek perfection, they take greatness
And accept nothing but the topmost slot;
They fight like tigers and win or die,
But, come not down to meet in the middle;
Forces may seilze them, but never capture,
Strenghts may break them, but never bend;
For, they breathe Tulu air and live on Tulu earth
And Tulu warmth and passions stream in their veins.

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