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UNKNOWN HORIZONS - English Poems composed by Praveen Kumar

UNKNOWN HORIZONS - English Poems composed by Praveen Kumar

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Published by Praveen Kumar
Comments welcome at pryveen@yahoo.com English Poems composed by one and only Praveen Kumar
Comments welcome at pryveen@yahoo.com English Poems composed by one and only Praveen Kumar

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Published by: Praveen Kumar on May 27, 2009
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Here, everything is everywhere,
Yet, nothing is anywhere;
This, we call modern age,
Where, all, in front; yet, out of reach.

Nothing comes to hands, nothing comes to mouth
Though everything is in everybody’s range,


All are lost like birds overhead
In blue sky, far distant from thick rugged world;
No pains and pleasures, no passion stirs;
All are dry leaves, caught in whirlwind;
All are sooty smokes from tall black chimney,
All run on hire like carriage- horse,
Whose eyes are bound for straight tiresome sight;
No weight to sink, no wings to fly,
Only fast strong legs to flee from odds;
Thick bad odours cover fragrance of flowers,
Thick dark colours sit on tasteful light hues; All
are sweat and dirts spread in hasty heaps, No
freshness anywhere, no leisurely pleasure, All
fragmented hopes on top of dazzling world.

Weak heart stills endless desires,
Shineless eyes meet flashes of distant wild-fire
That exists only in muddles of tired mind;
All are directionless, uncertain in Self
While all doors are wide open without sign-boards;
Sunshines, no more warm; full-moon, not cool
From the cage of unfamiliar horizons;
All are tall trees with shallow roots
Whom strong wind uproots at will.

Here, heart and mind look opposite sides,
So are raw senses and long deep thoughts;
Eyes see North while ears hear South,
Where nothing can meet or warp common goal.

Though space is vast, where all can walk,
All are bound everywhere here,
Every step is a struggle in this age;
Though all is bright and familiar like thoughts,
Every step here is unfamiliar trap
Like mine-fields in enemy’s land;
Every coloured ray of evening skies
Spreads dreadful spectre of dark shadows
From west to East in endless stretch;
No infra-red or x-ray helps sight,
Nor laser beams take anywhere to goals;
All is cursed to his priveate uneasy dance.

This is an age of breadth and height,
But no depth, no strength, no inner light.
Smiles brood like day-old withered flower,


Laughs sound like shrieks of a halting train
While painful moans like hissing noise of steams
And joys in short spasms jump acroos man’s reach
In the inert world where no sparks ignite.

Everything here is disturbingly caim,
Everything here is unexcitingly thick;
None move except like a wound spring
To eject the leaks of frustrations.

All cracking bones, mere skeletions;
No flesh, no streams of life anywhere,
No bridges, no sparks, no prompt responses;
All are drawfs, retarded minds,
Who know not how to steer through their world
Or vent feelings or tide their thoughts.

Here, the life is a zigzag puzzle
With random exits and random entries;
Here, the life is snake and ladder game
Where falls and rise are sheer chance.

Like sand-bed on the side of a roaring sea,
The modern age is dry’ neath wat wind;
The sparkling sea-shore is plain like white clouds,
No pains, no pleasure, but unending boredom;
Nothing sprouts here, nothing penetrates,
All crumbles in its shapeless hold;
Visions blur
While smokes hang from disturbed sky
And all live step to step and day to day
In desperate world;
It is a world shattered inside and outside
And no harmony anywhere;
It is sad, still, black, rock-ruins
Of a long forgotten rich age
That disheartens in contrast
Where everything is there; yet nothing, anywhere.

Man lives in cages everywhere in this age
In dreaded isolation from within and outside.


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