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Web Design and Client-side Scripting - (BCA III

1. HTML, XHTML & HTML5 (15hrs) a. Introduction a. The elements of HTML i. The root element ii. The html element b. Document metadata c. Sections d. Grouping content e. Text-level semantics f. Edits g. Embedded content h. Tabular data i. Forms j. Interactive elements k. Links 2. Page Designing With CSS (12hrs) a. Introduction to designing approaches i. Table-based designs ii. Table-less designs b. Basic Structure of table-less designs c. Cascading Style Sheet and Properties i. Introduction ii. CSS v CSS3 iii. CSS Properties 1. Text and Fonts 2. Colours and Backgrounds 3. The Box Model - dimensions, padding, margin and borders 4. Positioning and Display 5. Lists 6. Tables 7. Media 3. Client side scripting (18hrs) a. Introduction Client side scripting b. Javascript i. Lexical Structure ii. Variables, Identifiers, Data Types and Values, Scope, Literals, Reserved Words, iii. Expression and operators, Statements, iv. Arrays, Objects(Math, String, Date), v. Functions, vi. Regular Expressions, vii. Garbage Collection c. Objects i. Objects and Properties ii. Constructors iii. Methods iv. Prototype and Inheritance v. Object as Associative array d. DOM and Event Handling e. Introduction to J-Son, jQuery, jQuery Integration f. Saving State with Cookies.