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Chinese Energetics is a holistic practice by Paul Wong and Andrew Axelrod focused on teaching the best energetic practices of Chinese Energetics practices such as the Yuen Method, qigong, tai chi, acupressure and the principles of neturality. The heart of Chinese Energetics is the Yuen Method created by Dr. Kam Yuen. In this century, Dr. Kam Yuen, 35th generation grandmaster discovered that his teacher a Shaolin master has a natural way of accelerated energetic healing on the unconscious level. Dr. Yuen was able to break down this unconscious healing process and made it a learnable conscious process. Our practice also blends Chinese energy practices with along Western holistic practices such as NLP , hypnotherapy, EFT, meditation, and the principles from quantum physics. By blending the best practices, we can apply the most cutting-edge energetic methods for self-healing, regeneration, and accelerated performance improvement.



and Regeneration   Improve Serious Illnesses   Rapid Fear Removal   Performance Improvement   Behavior Modifications 3 .Chinese Energetics Benefits   Rapid Pain Alleviation (Chronic & Acute)   Rapid Emotional Stress Reduction   Natural Beauty. Anti-Aging.

  There are two parts to the Chinese Energetics Home Study Course.WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE HOME STUDY COURSE?   This is NOT a Theory Home Study Course. this is an Experiential Course where you get hands on experience. Tele-Class Part 1: Fundamentals and Case Study 1: Private Coaching. We recommend going through Tele-Class Part 1: Fundamentals before going through the Case Study 1: Private Coaching.   This course will give you a series of experiential exercises to   This course will teach you the basics on how to do an energetic correction for yourself and others. 4 . Instead. feel energy and body awareness.


Save this file to your Desktop or Documents Folder of your PC. as Chrome or Firefox. you are probably using a browser such 6 .  You can Listen to ALL Audio Tracks Online by Clicking Here.21 that contains all the audio tracks.29 that contains all the audio tracks. 2.05.   Download the ZIP (Compressed File) of all Audio Tracks for Tele-Class Part 1: Fundamentals by Clicking Here.05. Clicking Here. THEY ARE IN FACT DOWNLOADING.Class-Part1-2010.PrivateCoaching-2010.  Download the Audio Files. There should be Folder called CE. You don’t need to download any files.Tele. There should be a Folder called CE. Once this file is downloaded and saved to your PC. double click the file and it will expand the audio tracks into your Desktop or Documents Folder (depending where you save it).   Download the Audio Files for Case Study 1: Private Coaching by   If you don’t see any files downloading. See Step 2. You also have the option to download compressed files of all the Audio Tracks. you can listen to each track by Clicking Here.Home Study Course Setup 1. If you still experience problems. Follow same steps as above. Check the bottom of the browser to see the files. The Audio Tracks for the Home Study Course are in MP3 Format and can be played in your favorite Internet Audio Player/iPod.

Audio Tracks 1-13 of Tele-Class Part 1 will cover stepby-step on how to do the basics. GO through Case Study 1: 7 .   How should I go through the Audio Tracks? There are a total of 30 Audio Tracks. The rest of the tracks will go through EXAMPLES on how to apply the steps. you should have a good   Once you complete Tele-Class Part 1.   After you complete Tele-Class Part 1. We ask that you listen along to the EXAMPLE Tracks to gain an understanding on how to apply the Chinese Energetics step-by-step process.Tele-Class Part 1 Instructions   START HERE! The first step of the Chinese Energetics Home Study Course is to go through the entire Tele-Class Part 1 Audios. understanding on how Chinese Energetics works and how to apply it to yourself and others. We ask that you go through these Audio Tracks FIRST. Private Coaching.

and build upon the basics by learning how to do Physical and Molecular corrections. gain more Insight on how to apply Chinese Energetics with Examples. Start with Track 1 and go all the way through Track 24. through each Audio Track in the proper Audio Sequence. Go 8 . go through Case Study 1: Private Coaching.   Case Study 1: Private Coaching contains 24 Audio Tracks.Case Study 1: Private Coaching Instructions   It is recommended after you complete Tele-Class Part 1. Starting at Track we will start building upon the basics with Physical and Molecular Corrections.   The purpose of Case Study 1: Private Coaching is to give you a different perspective on how learn the Chinese Energetics Step-ByStep Process.

just start building your experience. CST 9 .chineseenergetics. Don’t worry about how good your results are.com/Tele-Coaching/ make sure you document your results. See Website for Upcoming Tele-Classes.   Start Practicing on Yourself and Others. Now What?   Attend a LIVE Tele-Class to receive ONE-ON-ONE Coaching and REAL TIME EXPERIENCE under the supervision of Paul Wong. http://www.com/Tele-Class/   Receive Private Tele-Coaching from Paul Wong if you want the FASTEST ROUTE to reach Inner-Zen or become Very Skilled at applying Chinese Energetics to yourself and others.chineseenergetics. Monday 7 pm. See next Page. http://www. Chicago time. See Website for Tele-Coaching Packages. Do the best you can and   Attend the USA Weekly Practice Online Group.I Finished the Home Study Course.

• We suggest using the Template above to document your Hours. First.How do I Document my Hours of Working On Others? • It is recommended to log all your hours when working on people (not yourself) using Chinese Energetics. . This serves 2 purposes. Next. it will give you confidence and insight on your results when working on others. it will go toward your hours for being a professional Chinese Energetics Life Coach (TBD) and Yuen Method Certification Programs.

(TBD) •  Email: Ligia Frankfort & Jorg Gang . Nadia Turkiel •  Email: nadiatur@yahoo.com •  Europe Weekly Practice Online Group.com/Members/ •  Attend the USA Weekly Practice Online Group. Monday 7 pm. CST Chicago time. •  Chicago moderator.Chinese Energetics Chatroom http://www.ChineseEnergetics.


  Understanding Neutrality.   Developing Intuition.Tele-Class Part 1 Objectives   Understanding 5 Categories of Energetic Weakness   Feeling Strong/Weak. 13 .   Applying Correction Shortcuts.   Clearing Physical / Non-Physical Corrections.   Making a Correction.

What is the Mid-line?   The Mid-line is an area of your body. that starts from the point in between your shoulders and extends down your waist. a vertical plane. No more than a fraction of a second of thought is needed to apply the Mid-line principle. Think about it as a vertical plane that divides your body into right and left halves. 14 .

5 Categories of Energetic Corrections   Mental   Emotional   Psychological   Psychic/Empathic   Spiritual   ** Unknowns .

Energizing certain intentional thoughts (aka energetic corrections) can lead to rapid removal of emotional/mental distress and physical pains. . practitioners will likely notice the emotional/mental stress dissipated and physical pain reduced very rapidly.” By placing your awareness to the Mid-line for less than ¼ of a second.   Example:   Intention Thought: “DELETE THE ENERGETIC EFFECTS OF THE CAUSES (See 6 categories) OF ENERGETIC WEAKNESSES. Listen to Audio to understand more. to energize intentional thoughts. Think of the Mid-line as connecting to a Infinite Power Source. it energizes this intentional thought to delete the energetic effects.Purpose of Mid-line?   What is the function of Mid-line?   The purpose of the mid-line is to give intentional thoughts energy. Upon doing so.


This is where we run into the stumbling blocks. Who wants to manage their pain? In the east. Pain is a sign that something is wrong with the flow of energy in the body. The Yuen Method is a blending of anatomy. and limitations. Individuals that are in chronic pain have a hard time. We also have many levels of consciousness and what we say and consciously think is not always what we subconsciously support. gadgets. structural analysis. it always comes with a manual.. Your body or biological computer is a miraculous piece of high tech equipment. or devices. “This is what I want or would like.” but until all levels of consciousness support the thought. you are either energetically strong or weak. The Yuen Method™ shows you how to identify the deeper core issues. You are either on or off. We think and many times truly believe we know what we want but our subconscious may or may not support those wants. As human beings we are unique. We all have our own thoughts.C. The premise is that your body functions like a computer – you are either on or off. We are all the same in many respects yet we are so very different. This method gives you a manual to your body. strong or weak to any given issue. energetic technique. make the corrections and make yourself energetically strong. Humans are multi-faceted beings with multiple levels of consciousness. we will not achieve our health or goals. based on his martial arts training and a his Shaolin master teacher who has natural healing abilities. When you buy a computer or any piece of equipment. Finding the weakness is much like turning a switch on a computer. 18 . multidimensional individuals. loves. and hates. pain is usually treated with medication. fears. The Yuen Method™ works to make sure that all levels of consciousness are congruent so that pain may be eliminated immediately and goals attained. On any given issue. It’s time we started treated it as such. This energetic technique applies the midline principle which was discovered by Dr. phobias. Simple as that! In the western world. fears. Kam Yuen D. Finding the root of the problem and eliminating it makes it possible to release the physical symptom as well as emotional issues. Something is wrong with the flow of energy in the body causing the manifestation of a physical condition. physiology.What Is Chinese Energetics? The heart of Chinese Energetic is primarily based on the Yuen Method. The Yuen Method™ shows you how to find the weaknesses. We go through our daily lives thinking or saying. More often than not they are told to manage and live with it. pain is seen as a symptom of a deeper issue. phobias. quantum physics and Qi and Shen Gong training.

e. that aspect is permanently corrected. How long can I expect results to last? Every energetic correction made has a permanent effect and many problems are completely relieved in one session. traumas. Pain and dysfunction diminish gradually as each energetic weakness is accessed and reversed. How many energetic sessions required for complete healing depends on the type. But the main reason people find their way to Paul P Wong and are drawn to these techniques is because they are in some kind of pain. As a patient's field reveals each successive causative factor. Whether or not they believe it can work is irrelevant.) of the problems to be corrected.Can I Use Chinese Energetics On Myself? Of course. Check our testimonials section for more information. Will this technique work as well if the practitioner is skeptical? Since Chinese Energetics works at the quantum energy level. On the other hand. to help suffering family and friends. The techniques are universally applicable and uniformly applied whether you are correcting yourself or someone else. and they long for a way to heal. or to start or improve a healing practice. The practitioner simply reads the information provided by the client's own field and then intentionally directs thought energy to make the appropriate energetic correction. beyond the conscious or even the subconscious levels of the mind. a number of problems involve several key factors with multiple layers of causation. 19 . sometimes in five minutes or less. the technique's efficiency is completely unaffected by either the practitioner's or the patient's belief or skepticism. amount and complexity (i. thought intention automatically directs the energy and the correction is made regardless of the mindset of either the practitioner or the client. People study Chinese Energetics techniques for many reasons: to teach them to others. memories. fears. the last remnants of pain/imbalance vanish. When the final correction is made. etc.

traumas. sometimes in five minutes or less. The placebo effect plays no part in the healings. you'll find yourself batting 100%. Call them later in the day and casually ask how they're feeling? Once you know the technique. that aspect is permanently corrected. A second way to test the placebo effect is to perform a distance healing on someone. When a dog limps in and races out or a congested cat stops wheezing in a matter of seconds. etc. amount and complexity (i. On the other hand. Is a specific religious belief or faith in the process necessary for it to work? Every energetic correction made has a permanent effect and many problems are completely relieved in one session. When the final correction is made.) of the problems to be corrected. memories. the last remnants of pain/imbalance vanish. Check our testimonials section for more information. 20 . fears. a number of problems involve several key factors with multiple layers of causation. Pain and dysfunction diminish gradually as each energetic weakness is accessed and reversed. there is no question that the changes are physical and energetic in nature. This sounds a bit like faith healing.e. For confirmation of this we look to the astounding results obtained on animals. As a patient's field reveals each successive causative factor.Are the results obtained from Chinese Energetics ever the results of the placebo effect? No. without letting them know you're doing so. How many treatments required for complete healing depends on the type. Pick someone with obvious physical pain.

the weak chi can be instantly corrected to strong chi. clients will need to receive continuous treatments of Reiki to relief the symptoms. with Yuen Method. Also. When Chinese Energetic practices. Each of the twelve meridians connects with a major organ. there is not a need to transfer energy from one person to another. They insert needles in points along these meridians to move and rebalance the energy. 21 . the causes of energy imbalances can be neutralized. root causes are neutralized and energy imbalances can restored on a more permanent basis.How is Chinese Energetics different from other energy techniques? ACUPUNCTURE / ACUPRESSURE . the issues are likely to become. By using giving a command to the other person biocommunication using the midline principle. but is a much longer process and far less specific. deficient chi (weak chi) can restored to strong without using needles. what will prevent another imbalance from resurfacing in one form or another? Applying Chinese Energetics practices using the Yuen Method. Acupressure practitioners use pressure points or their hands to do the same thing.Acupuncture practitioners concentrate on the twelve energy meridians and a network of smaller channels. specific causes of the energy weaknesses are pinpointed and neutralized so there is a grater chance of lasting permanent healing and regeneration. REIKI . Also. A practitioners can tuned into the meridians and flip the energy switches from weak chi to strong chi. So. they beg the question of what caused these energy imbalances in the first place. Reiki practitioners often feel drained because they are giving away their life force. While these techniques are useful. Acupuncturists view disease as the result of excess or deficiency of chi or energy.Reiki practitioners attempt to transfer energy to weakened points in the body. Balancing the body's energy field may promote healing. If the underlying cause is not addressed. With Chinese Energetics practices. If the specific causes are not addressed. acupuncture is a way to restore imbalances but if the root causes are not neutralized. Many times.

Also. twisting. The core practice of the Chinese Energetics is Yuen Method (YM). physiological and psychological makeup. who are then taught how to heal others. chi can be re-energized faster. diabetes. while others are more complex and time consuming. or vibrating. The movements are circular. 4. predating it by several thousand years. In our opinion Chi-Kung not only takes many years of practice and dedication to become proficient.How is Chinese Energetics different than other from Chi-Kung (Qigong) practices? The literal Chinese translation of “Chi” is energy and Kung is “Work.Chi can heal all ailments 2. Their philosophy is based on four principles: 1. but most people in the West would not tolerate the regimen practiced in China's drugless hospitals. deafness. Some are short and simple. coronary diseases. 22 . Chi full of energy is strong.Chi-Kung exercises must be practiced repeatedly and diligently. or vital energy. There are Chi-Kung hospitals in China today claiming to have documented cases of treatment and cures for tens of thousands of patients with incurable diseases such as cancer. By placing awareness to the mid-line. Chi-Kung is energy work. Specific exercises are used to achieve that objective. YM is a specialized chi qong that applies the mid-line principle discovered by Dr. Chinese Energetics applies other holistic practices such as the “fire meditation” and NLP phobia cure to neutralized the root causes of weak chi. Yuen to change weak chi to strong chi.The instructors do chi healing to the students. Chi is without energy is weak. Chi-Kung or Qigong has been practiced since ancient times as part of the Chinese martial arts and is the oldest healing technique known to mankind. Patients at these hospitals are expected to practice Chi-Kung exercises up to eight hours a day for a period of six months. These exercises are physical movements combined with mental direction of the energy to cause desired changes within your energetic. and systemic lupus.” Hence. They live in groups of four to eight or more to gain group support and develop caring for each other. It is the precursor of acupuncture.There is power in group chi for healing 3. Traditional chi-Kung or qiong is viewed by many practitioners as the act of developing the ability to tap into the sensation and then connect to the power of the chi: the breath of life.

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