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The Science of Chiropractic Its Principles and Philosophies Bj Palmer v1_1920

The Science of Chiropractic Its Principles and Philosophies Bj Palmer v1_1920

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Published by: johnnyfascino on May 27, 2009
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That mind controls all functions, and like the fireman, creates
just the normal amount of heat, providing all parts of the machine
are properly adjusted. Innate Intelligence and the fireman, has all
to do in creating calorification. All functions, whether in excess,
normal, or in less degree, are the expressions of mind through
mental impulse; heat being one of them.
“To the end that man might be and maintain his free moral
agency, he is endowed with the power to lodge objective
impression on the subjective, or life mind, of himself, called
autosuggestion. That mind is bound to accept them as absolute
facts, not being possessed of the power of reason and analysis. It,
therefore, acts upon them as though true, carrying into effect as far
as possible—the commands, much to the detriment of the physical
being, where the suggestion tends to draw away from health and
strength. It is an evident fact that within the means of self there is
no more fruitful source of health than correct auto-suggestions.”
The premises as stated above are wrong. The “life mind,” or
Innate Intelligence, uses “the power of reason and analysis” to a
degree, as is evidenced by hundreds of specimens in our
osteological collection.



“The life mind, is always open to suggestion, and since our
environment has more of unpleasant than pleasant, brings more
forcibly to our notice disease, pain, suffering, etc., than joy, health
and exuberant life. Our auto-suggestions—if we are not advised—
become wrong, suggest to our life mind weakness and lack of
health. If these pernicious suggestions are not destroyed by
affirmative correct ones, for the purpose of carrying out some
semblance of a smile, we will say in displacement of subjective
mental force, in other words, result in abnormal and mental
impulse, which renders health just as impossible and disease just
as certain as the subluxation of a joint, causing some organ or set
of organs to act abnormally, as in catalepsy and many others which
I will leave to your ability to supply.”

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