ARCHITECTURE? The primary objective in Interior Architecture is to generate a purposeful ambience that will stimulate the user’s creative potential, protect the users from the extremes of weather and also nurture them emotionally. The aim is to meld the interiors and exteriors into symbiotic relationships through scale, volume, light and shade. Hence, the interior spaces must be designed to fulfill the fundamental functional and aesthetic needs that make the interiors efficient and pleasant to live and work in. The development of design is a very conscious act and it infuses life into interiors subconsciously. SCOPE OF WORK1. Site Evaluation and assessment. 2. Interior Design – space planning and volumetric study. 3. Architectural additions and alterations. 4. Interior related civil works. 5. Design of fixed items of work and loose furniture. 6. Illumination design. 7. Sound and Acoustic design. 8. Graphic design. 9. Indoor Plantscape. 10. Selection of materials, equipment and other interior related elements. 11. Integration of all Engineering services. 12. Periodic inspection and evaluation off works at site. 13. Quality Control.

3. Fire Detectors.WHAT ARE THE SERVICES PROVIDED BY AN ARCHITECT IN ARCHITECTURE? SCOPE OF WORK – 1. Electronic. Periodic Inspection and Evaluation of Construction Works. 2. etc. Taking Clients Instructions and preparation of Design Brief. 5. Elevators. Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design (HVAC). Water Supply and Sewerage Design. Site evaluation. Design and Site development. analysis and impact on the immediate environment. Fire Protection and Security Systems. 10. 7. Communication systems and Design. 9. Quality Control. Electrical. Heating. 8. 11. 6. Sanitary. Plumbing. Drainage. Escalators. Structural Design. 4. .

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