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December -2011
Samudrik Rishi- Paper 1 (Project)
Note: The questions are to be solved at home and handed over to the chapter.
Q.1 Is it possible to read the state of mind of a person by examining his hand ?
·¤i ri·i · ªi¬º ¬in¬ ¬i -i·l¬¬ l-·iln ¬i ¬i·i ¬i ¬¬ni r ` l(-n n (ºi · ¬º |
Q.2 What are the characterstics and result of a good quality Line of Fate? Analyse
the hand of a known great person and discuss his good and bad qualities.
¬(i -i- ·ii·¤ º ªii ¬ ¬·iºi, ¤ ·ii( ¤( ¤r¤i· l¬ªi | l¬¬i nin -ri· ·¤l·n-( ¬ ri·ii
¬i l(º¬·iºi ¬º n·ii ¬¬¬ nºi n·ii ¬(nºii ¬i ¬-¤il¤n ¬º |
Q.3 Write the characteristics of a philosophical hand. Make a comparative study
of Indian and Western Palmistry.
·iºil·¬ ¬in¬ ¬i ri·i ¬ ¬i·iiº ¤º l(ºi·ini¤ l¬ªi| ·iiºni¤ ¬i-l·¬ ºii-¤ n·ii
¤iº¤i-¤ r-nl(ni· ¬i n¬·i--¬ ¬·¤¤· ¬º|
Q.4 How nails are helpful in diagnosing the disease of a person?
¬in¬ ¬i «i-ilº¤i ¬ «iº - ·iªi¸· l¬¬ ¤¬iº r-iºi ¬ri¤ni ¬ºn r `
Q.5 Which type of hand indicates maximum success? Analyse.
l¬¬ ¤¬iº ¬i ri·i ¬i(· - ¬(il·i¬ ¬¤¬ni ¬i ·ºiini r ` ·¤iª¤i ¬º|
Q.6 How can the merits/demerits of a person be identified by the study of his
r-nºªii¬i ¬ -i·¤- ¬ l¬¬i ¬in¬ ¬ nºi÷¬(nºi ¬¬ ¬i·n `
Q.7 Discuss Aggressive Mars and Defensive Mars. What are the permanent/
temporary signs found on palm that indicate good/bad results?
¬i¬i-¬ - n¬ ( º·ii--¬ - n¬ ¬i ·¤iª¤i ¬º | ºi ·iiºi ·i ¤ ·ii( (i¬ -·ii¤i n·ii ¬-·ii¤i
l¤·ri ¬i r-nºii-¤ - ¬¬ ·¤iª¤i ¬ºn ` -¤·- ¬º|
Q.8 Describe various types of thumbs? Write about Logical Thumb.
¬n¸- ¬ ¤¬iº ( n¬¤¸ºi ¬n¸- ¬ «iº - «ni¤|
Q.9 Write the advantages of palmistry. Describe the salient features of an Indian
book on palmistry.
r-nºªii ¬ ¬i·i l¬ªi| l¬¬i ¤¬ ·iiºni¤ n·i (r-nºªii) ¬i l(ºi·ini¤ «ni¤|
Q.10 Write the characteristics of a person who has a dominanant Mount of Sun.
¬¸¤ (¤(n) ¤·ii· ·¤l·n ¬i l(ºi·ini¤ «ni¤|
All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies (Regd.)
December -2011
Samudrik Rishi- Paper -3 (Dissertation)
(Attempt at Home & Submit to Centre Concerned)
Note: Write a thesis on any one of the topics mentioned below in about
50 pages.
Q.1 Write about various rajyogas (Most fortunate signs) found on hand. Discuss
in details.
ri·ii - ¤i¤ ¬i· (i¬ ºi¬¤i ni ¬ ¬·iºi l¬ªi | ¬i- l· ¬ ¬·iºii ¬i l(-n n (ºi · ¬º |
Q.2 Write about diagnosis of disease by palmistry. Describe in details the
similarities and differences in the palmistry of East and West.
r-nºªii¬i ¬ -i·¤- ¬ ºini ¬i ¤r¤i· (¬·iºi) l¬ªi| ¤iº¤i-¤ n·ii ¤¸(i r-n
l(nil·¤i ¬i ¬-i·ni n·ii l(·i-ni ¬i l(-nn (ºi· ¬º|
Q.3 How the weak points indicated by palm lines be rectified?
ºªii¬i - ¤i¤ ¬i· (i¬ ·i·ii ¬i l·(iººi ¬¬ ¬ºn `
Q.4 How the compatibility of two persons can be known by the use of palmistry?
r-nºªii¬i - ·i ¬in¬i ¬i -¬i¤¬ l(¤iº ¬¬ ¬ºn ` (ºi· ¬º|
Q.5 Write the characteristics of wealth line. Where can it be used apart from
knowing about wealth and time?
·i·º ªii ¬i l(ºi ·ini¤ «ni¤ | ·i· ( ¬-¤ ni· ¬ ¬lnlº·n ;· ¬i ¤ ¤i n ¬ri ÷¬ri ri ni
r `
Q.6 Write the names and effect of important lines in the palm.
-ª¤ ºªii¤ ¬i·÷¬i· ¬i r ` ¬·¬i ¤·ii( «ni¤|
Q.7 Describe various signs found on the palm according to palmistry of East and
r-nº ªii¬i - ¤i¤ ¬i· (i¬ l¤·ri ¬i (ºi· l¬ªi | ¤iº¤i-¤ n·ii ¤i(-¤ l¤·ri ¬i ¬·i
-¤·- ¬º|
Q.8 What are the various shortcomings of lines on the palm? Discuss in details.
r-n - ¤i¤ ¬i· (i¬ ºªii¬i ¬ ·i·i ¬i·÷¬i· ¬ rin r ` l(-nn (ºi· ¬º|
Q.9 Is it possible to judge a person by looking at eyes, nose and ear on the
basis of physiognomy?
-ªii¸ln l(ni· ¬ ¬i·iiº ¤º ·¤i ¬iªi÷·i¬, ¬i· ·ªi¬º r- ¬s «ni ¬¬n r`
Q.10 Write the rules of knowing the time of an event by palmistry. Also discuss
the other methods used for this purpose.
ºªii¬i ¬ ,iºi ¬-¤ ¬i·· ¬ l·¤- l¬ªi n·ii /a, ca, ·aa (·ii ¬ n·ii ¬lnlº·n ·ii
¤l· ¬i; ¤,ln ¤¤in ¬i ¬ini r ni ¬·¬ l(·i¤ - n¬ ¬lrn ·¤iª¤i ·|
All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies (Regd.)
December -2011
Samudrik Rishi- Paper -2 (Project)
(Attempt at Home & Submit to Centre Concerned)
Q.1. Take the palm of someone known to you. Predict about him/her in detail
about the past and future. Compare with life events.
¬¤· l¬¬i,¤r¤i· (i¬ ·¤l- ¬i ri·i · ªi¬º ¬¬¬ ·i¸ n ( ·il(·¤ ¬i ¤l¬n ¬º ¬i º
(i-nl(¬ ¬i(· ¬i ·i-·i¬i ¬ n¬·i ¬º|
Q.2. Take photographs of a known person in different poses and write about
him/her form the face reading and other postures.
¬i; ¬i¤¬i ¬i·· (i¬i ·¤l- r ¬¬¬i -ªii¸ln ¬ l(l·i·· ¤i-ini¤ n¤iº ¬º ¬iº
¬¬¬ -ªi ( ¬·¤ ¬-· «-· ¬i l(l·i¤i ¬ ¬¬¬ ·¤l--( ¬i (ºi· ¬º|

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