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Adrian Cooper OUR Newsletters #32 As Good as Gold 8-07-11

Adrian Cooper OUR Newsletters #32 As Good as Gold 8-07-11

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Our Ultimate Reality Newsletters 2011
Our Ultimate Reality Newsletters 2011

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Published by: +Explorer+ on Aug 07, 2013
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Our Ultimate Reality Newsletter 7 August 2011

Dear Reader, This week I will provide my further analysis of rapidly escalating global events, followed by our main subject: As Good as Gold?. Before I begin though, I must once again make my position clear. Humans are not only Spiritual Beings - Expressions of Source, God and therefore Perfection, we are also physical organic Beings here on Earth to learn and Evolve through Experience. The Spiritual and Physical are inseparable from the Whole - our Completeness - As Above, So Below, as Within, So Without" as Hermes Trismegistus reminds us. In order to Fulfil our Purpose we are Blessed with Divine Freewill, through Which we Exercise the Choices which make us Who We Are, one way or the other, both at an Individual, Personal Level, and Collectively as the Human Race. Before we can make those choices and thereby act on those choices, we must be fully awake to what those choices are, and in turn therefore awake to the true nature of the factors and influences behind those choices - the vast majority are not - yet. Reincarnation operates at a collective as well as Individual level. Humanity will keep repeating the same lessons over and over again until Humanity "gets it right". If humanity cannot "get it right" Universal Principle will "wipe the slate clean" in readiness for "another go". This has happened at every cycle of Human Consciousness so far, and now, as we enter 2012, this opportunity is nearing its conclusion, and Humanity must choose to Evolve collectively are start all over again. Many readers wrote to me after our Newsletter of last Sunday, to say that they are feeling a "quickening". Well "quickening" is certainly an appropriate word to use. We are in the End Game and accelerating towards a "grand finale" after which "all the game pieces go back in the box" and Humanity enters a new game and beginning. If you are receiving this Newsletter for the first time and wish to receive it every week, you may do so by entering your details at the top of our Website:

For those wishing for a higher understanding of the mysteries of Life, my book, Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind can be of Service:


"dictatorship". with the general exceptions of Germany. a "trojan horse". education. For example. to grant almost total power to a "Super Congress" of 12. towards the end of this week the "financial markets" went in to "melt down" mode. "fascism". The "fine print" indicates that this "Super Congress" can do whatever it needs to serve their masters. as I predicted in recent Newsletters. growing fresh. I woke up on Saturday to the news that the credit rating agency. The details of "the deal" reveal a deeper agenda. It is not only the USA . what a week it has been since our last Newsletter. There is also a word for the merger of corporate interest and government. before being allowed to sell their crops in supermarkets etc. I have to confess that I am very surprised about this. papaya and whole milk cheese seized. then these words gain more meaning after all.after all it is just a word . an apparently a long established Organic Health Store has been raided. to large scale commercial farmers to spray on their "crops". this week. unadulterated garden produce does not suit the chemical companies such as Monsanto. The US Government did indeed stage an eleventh hour "debt ceiling deal". In Texas.most countries in Europe. that this whole publicly staged charade was not about the "debt ceiling" or possibility of "default" at all. Conspiring to cause "a healthy lifestyle"? Both Congress and Senate. as reality sets in. especially if enforced through direct control over the police and military. have now formally downgraded US debt from the bought and paid for "AAA rating" to an "AA+" rating with "negative outlook". the entire judicial system. . and that some Amish people were threatened for selling eggs. and if voted down the "Super Congress" can pass it anyway. Now I do not use such evocative words "such as "fascism" lightly . There is a word and precedent for this . healthy. plus the President. natural. and the owner now in custody on a potential "conspiracy" charge. and that a group of young girls were "busted" by the local police for putting up a Lemonade Stand to raise money simply to raise a bit of money to pay for a day out at a water theme park. multi-national corporate conglomerates.but when I read that a lady was recently arrested and threatened with 93 days in prison for growing tomatoes. France and Netherlands are in a similar precipitous positions either financially.Analysis of Latest Developments Well Dear Reader. mango. They formulate laws which goes to Senate and Congress for an "up or down vote". On a wider perspective. Instead the Washington theatrics appears to be rather a "bait and switch". S & P. States and all other entities of "control" have been bought and paid for by the international banking cartel. and special interest groups. who make billions of Dollars selling chemicals. many of which are probably toxic.

but rather a barometer of the way Humanity is Feeling in the context of Global Consciousness. routinely given US debt a "AAA rating" when other countries in a similar positions with their own debt have a "junk rating". but I have received many questions from Newsletter readers about Gold in recent weeks and will therefore be briefly describing just 7 reasons why Gold occupies this historical unique position as barometer of Human sentiment and value. a "debt downgrade" from "AAA" to "AA+". read your emails. We will see. economies and military tension is Gold. Ultimately Gold is no more "real" than everything else on Earth or in the physical Universe. human activity overwhelms the computerised systems.Gold . one way or the other. looked upon in decades or even centuries as a "defining event" in the collective Evolution of humanity. We are Gold and Gold is us . and how Humanity may. Financial markets just do not simply lose hundreds of billions of Dollars in asset value in a few hours for no reason at all. less so now due to computerised automatic algorithmic manipulation by the banking cartels. and as long as humanity is still here. notably that S 7 P now place the integrity and reputation of their agency ahead of any bribes and pay-offs they may have received. There is a reason for this. Facebook comments" etc. or may not react and proceed. yet this has the potential to make the history books. That said. Of this I am certain. Now I am not suggesting at all that you go out and buy Gold. Gold will serve this role in the future. The financial markets. and this really is just the beginning. I do not offer financial advice. That said. and thus "encouraged" Washington to "make a firm decision" about "raising the debt ceiling". simply because they are not part of "system". Gold has served as a benchmark of "value" for thousands of years. It seems such a small event doesn't it. have always been a "measure of sentiment" at any moment. The fact that S & P have actually gone ahead and downgraded US debt against great pressure tells its own story. the price of Gold has rocketed. Gold is an excellent "barometer" of Human sentiment and indicator of where the sentiment is heading. from the beginning. .because the credit rating agencies have always. The most reliable and historically accurate indicator of global sentiment and actual state of governments.All Energy with a Vibratory Frequency and Expressions of Source. By "Human sentiment" I am not referring to the stock or other financial markets. ever since Obama made his "debt ceiling" speech about "how everyone in Washington have listened to your Tweets. Now let me say that we should not drift off in to duality by placing emphasis on yet another material substance .that is not how we should perceive Gold at all. of God and of Perfection. and this is what at the end of this week. When sentiment is very strong.

for thousands of years occupied a very unique position as a store of wealth. mostly as highly risky packaged "mortgages". We have to remember that probably only 1% of "money" in the World tangibly exists as money with monetary value. in view of Gold's seemingly relentless rise in price over the last few years. Gold has.As Good As Gold? This week it was my intention to discuss the subjects of "Social Engineering" and "Eugenics". and without the inherent risks associated with the banking system generally. I would also like to say that since I am not encouraging you to go out and buy Gold in the context of this Newsletter. have come to the attention of many people as the best possible way preserving wealth in real terms. as well as Silver. because these subjects most certainly provide useful insight as to how Humanity has reached the pivotal moment we are Experiencing today. and literally as money. especially after the historically secure banking system very nearly collapsed completely in 2008 after gambling tens of trillions of Dollars in "collateralised debt obligations". and also as an investment. for bartering in return for other goods. the other 99% existing only in the form of digital debt . This is a matter for your own perception about Gold and whether you feel comfortable buying Gold or prefer to hold paper money. Let me say again before I begin however that I am not in any way suggesting or encouraging anyone to buy Gold. The reason I have deferred this discussion is because I have been receiving numerous questions on the subject of Gold. been appreciating in value at a far greater rate than interest on bank deposits. Gold has now. that said. Now it is certainly not my intention that this Newsletter become a financial commentary. or am I making any "predictions" as to the "future performance of Gold". and in particular much more recently. So the current interest in Gold is by no means recent. Alright. I will now discuss these subjects in next week's Newsletter. particularly long term investment in its own right. outside of the context of the "banking system". but today this could not be further from the truth. medium and long term etc. Low or close to zero interest rates. and neither will it become such beyond the usual weekly updates which will be ongoing. or where the price will go short. Banks have always been regarded as a "safe place" to keep money while gaining "interest" on the "deposit". for many years. and a much higher risk these days of the banks going "bankrupt" with customers money has changed public perception of banks. it is rather that in recent years Gold. why has Gold become such a financial "safe haven"? Well the truth is. but in view of the great interest and mystique surrounding Gold I thought this week would be an appropriate opportunity to discuss Gold.

. Gold as Historic Benchmark of Value. Gold for jewellery and other adornments For many thousands of years Gold has been a key component of jewellery and other bodily adornments by almost every culture in the World having access to Gold. Gold as a historically accepted currency This is a statement that may well take many by surprise. Aztec and others in Mesoamerica. So if there was a "run on the banks". Gold. So with that brief introduction. due to economic development and associated increase in the average "net worth" and "disposable income" of the billions of people living in these regions. wealth and socioeconomic status. ongoing and accelerating interest in. We do not have to look far at all to see historical evidence of the application of status and value of Gold in Ancient Egypt especially within the tombs and burial chambers such as Tutankhamen. Gold is a recognised currency and is traded as such on a global basis with the foreign exchange symbol "XAG". in particular China and India. as yet. is absolutely vast. direct such "disposable income" towards Gold in its many forms. a tradition which has been continued in to modern times. the countries of the Far East. Over recent decades the "net worth" of people in these regions has been escalating. 3. due to its colour and lustre was frequently associated with the Sun and "Sun God's". 2. There is increasing and compelling evidence of Gold mining extending back many hundreds of thousands of years in Africa and also many other locations in the region. in all its forms. So Gold has long been revered as a benchmark of beauty. In particular. and popularity of Gold. In many ancient cultures. let us look at some of the main factors influencing the historical. and astutely. Considering the total populations of these areas. but nevertheless true. not only due to its inherent scarcity and therefore perceived status in society. Gold has been recognised and revered as a statement of wealth for many thousands of years. "real money" would soon be gone and banks would have to close their doors and switch off their ATM machines. and. 1. who happily. have always treasured Gold jewellery and Gold in other forms that make a statement of wealth. and those of the Inca. largely unrealised. So what does this mean in practical terms? ."anti-money". but also because of its perceived beauty and durability. the potential demand for Gold.

5. Light and Service. And So It Is.Sterling. in any way.this Newsletter Serves to share what I personally know to be true. Ultimately of course the whole "monetary system" remains a crude Human representation of exchange and value.g. 4. regardless of the transient role of Gold as a "measure of value" on Earth. A very specific sequence of events are required to concentrate the element Gold in to a minable resource . Gold is quoted in US Dollars. or with currency linked to the price of Gold. and as such has been used in recent decades for computer circuit boards and other electronic devices. Abundant week. as the "purest" measure of tangible value. . Brought to You In Divine Love. they are selling US Dollars. for now Gold is regarded globally as the best option. Until next Sunday. especially for broadband audio-visual connectivity such as HDMI cables. but for now. The result of these intertwined relationships can be very complex and confusing. intended as a recommendation or suggested course of action. Ultimately however. Gold as a "scarce resource. I foresee a return to the so called "Gold standard" in the next couple of years.these resources are finite. buying Gold is "going long on Gold" and therefore "short on Dollars". with nothing else that can replace Gold. Healthy. and this percentage is likely to reduce very sharply with demand. Adrian. and is not. Gold as a commodity Gold is a "super conductor" or electricity. So when a person buys Gold. Gold is the accepted benchmark.e. since the price of Gold is first priced in Dollars and then converted to the base currency of the person buying Gold . More recently Gold is the basis for high speed and low resistance data cables. I wish you a most Joyful. GBP ." Gold is neither abundant of diverse. In practical terms of course these relationships are therefore also linked to the movement of other currencies. Again . Gold seems to stand alone. Currently Gold mining satisfies only 20% of Gold demand based upon the above. For this reason alone. In financial market terms. because paper money alone has been proven to have little real value. above all other currencies. and other factors. either directly with Gold as a currency.Well because the US Dollar is the global "reserve currency". This is a trend that can certainly continue. So.

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