Exploring Romans Questions 18 (Romans 16:1-27) 1.Why is Phebe of importance to Paul’s epistle to the Romans?

• Nothing else is known of Phebe beyond the fact that Paul calls her a "succourer of many" (v. 2), implying perhaps that she made it her ministry for the Lord to be helpful especially to strangers in Cenchrea and Corinth. Her name, however, is immortalized by her faithful service to the apostle, to the church at Rome, and to the ages from then till now in carrying this epistle to Rome. 2.What was Paul’s connection to Priscilla and Aquila? • They had the same trade. 3.Who does Paul call the firstfruits of Achaia? • Well-beloved Epaenetus 4.What precautions did Paul take when speaking of his sisters in Christ to avoid all appearance of evil? • When speaking of those he loved in the Lord who were brethren he called them "my beloved" (see v. 9); but when speaking of sisters in Christ, he used the more formal expression "the beloved." 5.What is Paul’s advice for those who would undermine the faith with false teachings? • Mark and avoid them. 6.According to Romans 16:18, which god do false teachers serve? • Their own belly 7.Why does Romans 16:22 say Tertius wrote the epistle to the Romans? • Because of his eye disease • For Paul to have dictated to Tertius his own salutation would have been to treat him like a mere machine. 8.What are the three “according to” phrases found in Romans 16:25-26? • My gospel • The preaching of Jesus Christ • The revelation of the mystery 9.Which New Testament passage contains the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ that thoroughly develops the idea of being “in Christ”? • John 15 10.According to Phillips, what is the greatest and most important of the New Testament mysteries? • The mystery of the church

11.How does Paul close his epistle? • Closing with a word about the wisdom of the eternal God and glorifying Him.

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