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Abhishek Verma

Mr. Javed Ahmad

Joint Director (P) & CVO
Central Bureau of Investigation
North Block
New Delhi 110001
August 1, 2013
Sub: Inquiry against Mr. Ramnish Geer SSP CBI (AC-l branch)
I refer to the letters received from DoPT and CVC in regards Mr. Ramnish Geer, SSP
CBI posted at Anti Corruption (AC1) branch of the CBI Headquarters, New Delhi .
(Copies attached) .
I am given to understand from the above mentioned letter of the CVC that your
goodself would be inquiring into my complaint against venal and corrupt officer
Mr.Geer who committed gross misconduct u/s 13(1)(d) PC Act and gained pecuniary
advantage for his friend Ashok Aggarwal IRS against whom I am an approver of the
CBI in a case of corruption against him [Aggarwal) (RC: SIU-8-1999-E-0001).
In order to assist you with the investigations / inquiry, I am enclosing herewith a CDR
alongwith this letter containing the sequence of events and relevant documents that
validate my allegations against the above mentioned officer.
I would like to submit that I am keen to depose and provide you with ocular and oral
evidence in regards the above investigation/inquiry, therefore it is humbly requested
that your goodself may please assign this inquiry to an officer above the rank of a SSP
to record my deposition so that Mr.Geer is unable to exercise influence over the I/O.
Abhishek Verma
Jail# 4, Tihar Prisons
New Delhi 110064
Ene: As above.
With best regards,
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"SATARKTA: New Delhi
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n CO
fiwro<:l ftaciial 3't11l >J
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24651001 - 07 C
HECKIO Satarkta Bhawan, G.P.O. Complex,
Block A, INA, New Delhi 110023
Shri Abhishek Verma.
Jail -4. Ti har Prisons.
ew Delhi- J J 0064
Sub: Compl aint against Shri Ramnish Geer, SSP. CBI.
ll'/ NO .... ... ..... .. .. ........
/ Dated ...... .. ..... .. .
Pl ease refer to your letter. dated 23.0 1.2013. on the aforementi oned subject .
') Your complaint has been duly examined in the Commission and havi ng regard to the
nat ure of the issues raised therein. the same has been forwarded to Central Bureau of
Investi gati on [Shri Ahmad. Jt. Director (P)/CVO]. North Bl ock. New Delhi. for
necessary action. As such, whil e no f1ll1her report is requi red to be sent to the Commi ssion.
the authoriti es concerned are required to look into the matter and take such acti on as deemed
Yours faithfull y

(Arvind Kumar)
Secti on Officer
No. 267/1/2013-AVD II (Pt. I)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, PG and Pensions
(Department of Personnel and Training)
New Delhi , datedlt6-2013
The Secretary,
Central Vigilance Commission,
INA, Satarkata Bhavan,
New Delhi .
Subject: Regarding complaint against Sh. Ramnish Geer, SSP AC I
branch, CBI and others in a matter pertaining to CBI
investigation against Sh. Ashok Aggarwal.
I am directed to forward a copy of the letter dated 23.1.2013 alongwith
its enclosures from Sh. Abhishek Verma addressed to Hon'ble Home Minister
received vide MOS(PP)'s Diary No. 1213/MOS(PP) dated 10.5.2013 on the
above mentioned subject for action as appropriate.
Encl : As above
Copy for information to:
Yours faithfully,
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Verma, Jail 4, Tihar Prisons, New Delhi 110064