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#39 Global Events Shaping Human Destiny 9-25-11

#39 Global Events Shaping Human Destiny 9-25-11

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Our Ultimate Reality Newsletters 2011
Our Ultimate Reality Newsletters 2011

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Published by: +Explorer+ on Aug 07, 2013
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Our Ultimate Reality Newsletter 25 September 2011

Dear Reader, I do hope that you have enjoyed a Joyful, Healthy and Abundant week. The "Quickening" continues to "Quicken" and expanding its scope exponentially, as the whole world, to many, seems to be going "crazy" and no longer "makes sense". Never, in the recorded history of Humanity, have there been so many diverse, linked and convergent "events" taking place, on a global scale, as we are seeing today. This is most assuredly no coincidence. In fact we may expect this Experience to escalate exponentially as we approach the Singularity, the "pivotal" or "tipping" point for the Human Race, during this current cycle of Human Mind and Consciousness. There is abundant evidence all over the planet of the conclusion of previous such cycles between 10,000 and 11,000 years ago, and again 20,000 to 22,000 years ago, with, for example, considerable and undeniable remains of nuclear explosions, flooding events, on a global scale, sudden geophysical pole shifts and much more. Of course the beginning of each new cycle of Human Mind and Consciousness, as we are rapidly approaching, is really an opportunity for Humanity to start over once again with a "clean slate" with a further 10,000 to 11,000 years to take a different course with a different outcome which will result in either Evolution of Mind and Consciousness, or to "clear the board" of extremes and start over again as before. Of course, although the objective is the Evolution and "elevation" of the Human Race as a Whole, during each of these cycles many Individual Humans will achieve what we call "Enlightenment" and thus Evolve to the next level of Consciousness. Each achievement of Personal Enlightenment also Elevates the Mind and Consciousness of the Whole, since, of course, "we" are All One, beyond the material illusions. In this week's Newsletter, rather than discuss a specific subject, I will review the main convergent events taking place today, setting the scene for the Grand Finale. If you have received this Newsletter from someone who cares about you, and wish to receive it, at no cost every Sunday, you can join by adding your details here:

For those wishing for a higher understanding of the mysteries of Life, my book, Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind can be of Service:


It is absolutely crucial however to maintain a balanced Mind and never be fearful. So please accept everything I am about to discuss as an Opportunity for Awareness. Earth in our case. However. This is as it should be. Until very recently this Newsletter has focused almost entirely upon matters of the Mind and Spirit. Dear Reader . Gratitude and Love.which are One and Inseparable.Body. discoveries and events appearing almost every day. there are so many events taking place both on Earth and in the Cosmos. Our actions on Earth must be based upon direct Experience. but also to understand their meaning. Before I do begin however. We therefore need to be not only aware of events. unique to each individual. not the promise of a great reward. . The physical Universe. let us begin our brief tour of World events. with the emphasis being firmly on Spiritual Evolution through Self Realisation. that it is difficult to know where to even begin. I would like to reiterate my caveat of previous weeks. is very unique compared to All That Is as a Whole. Events taking place on Earth today are pivotal to every single Human on Earth. We cannot selectively focus on one aspect of our Triune Nature without causing imbalance. Alright then. of our Individuality. Awakening and therefore Enlightenment leading to Service to Others Before Self and Divine Love of All. Mind and Spirit . and clearly a huge and Blessed Opportunity for the Personality. an Opportunity to Experience. Of course this is no "coincidence". Embrace all unfolding around us in Knowledge. Higher Self" to graduate to Higher Vibratory Spheres of Life and Reality which are Glorious beyond the comprehension of most. and place them in a proper context. the Spiritual "dimension" of Humans is only one aspect of our Triune Nature . with new situations. with that said. Our Higher Self has chosen this for each of us for a specific purpose.we are so very Blessed to be here on Earth during these Transitional times. with all the necessary toys for Joy and "development". just as a child in a sandbox plays happily with his or her toys and perhaps even break them. providing us with unique opportunities to interact.Global Events Shaping Human Destiny Well Dear Reader. and above all an Opportunity to Spiritually Evolve. and opportunities unfolding around us. as well as Metaphysics and Quantum Physics. Earth as a whole is the sandbox of humanity. we experience as "you and me".

or had. will reach its closest proximity to Earth. Monday 26 September and Tuesday when the comet passes directly between the Sun and Earth. misinformation and fearmongering on the Internet. and therefore Elenin should be nothing special. which I have been monitoring very closely. due to the fact that the gaseous material surrounding it. That said. even at a considerable distance. when Elenin was definitely still very visible. And these are to mention but a few. there have been hundreds if not thousands of claims that Elenin is a "brown dwarf star". The Human Race only knows a very tiny fraction of "cosmic bodies and events". is bluegreen in colour. But we should never jump to conclusions. if still. Comet Elenin. It is an undisputable fact that every time Elenin aligns with Earth. Several weeks ago. Right now Elenin should be visible on the SOHO LASCO C2 orbital telescope. Now. would never reach the atmosphere of Earth and is no threat. However. So what can we say about Comet Elenin with reasonable certainty? Comet Elenin has. Obviously many of these claims are the product of an overactive imagination. although deadly to Humans and animals. a remotely controlled alien ship". which means its closest point to the Sun. is composed largely of the gas Hydrogen Cyanide. I have tracked and viewed Comet Elenin for quite some time. but as of the time of writing is not in fact visible. as well as hype. I have also personally observed non-comet-like behaviour. I tracked Elenin on the NASA Stereo-B orbital telescope until early September. speculation. an "alien ship" or "armada of alien ships". which may or may not be natural. A couple of weeks ago Comet Elenin reached Perihelion. and it seems to me that there are several unusual features. After that date the comet moved beyond the line of sight of Stereo-B and telescopes. a nucleus of around up to 4 kilometres across. . and every event is a learning experience.Comet Elenin Well here is an event that has been the focal point for an almost unprecedented and extraordinary level of interest. which. the "cause of massive earthquake activity on alignment". Russian scientists stated that Comet Elenin "appears to be under intelligent control". a "neutron star". the "coma".which appeared to strip away most of the coma resulting a dimming in visible magnitude. as indeed it was on telescope images. Comet Elenin was struck by a CME from the Sun . and especially on Youtube. which of course passed without event. In October. there have been earthquakes and other seismic activity. many comets visit our inner solar system every month. The next major event for Comet Elenin is between tomorrow.a Coronal Mass Ejection . and a "biblical harbinger". if still intact.

. A most interesting possibility is that Comet Elenin turns out to be the "Blue Star Katchina" of the Hopi Prophecies. the Sun alone. rather than absolute certainty. 26 September. at least not directly. Such ideas are fuelled by perhaps coincidental events such as President Obama arriving at Denver Airport on 27 September. Is Comet Elenin. and one massive Sunspot appearing. specific.two cycles of Human Consciousness . one of which will give Earth a glancing blow tomorrow. but will not mention them specifically because they are theories and ideas with no basis or evidence whatsoever. a large "underground facility". but the unprecedented way in which so many people. as Elenin transits between the Sun and Earth. Life could continue. with plenty of compelling evidence. Solar Activity As we approach the end of this immutable Cycle of Human Consciousness and the beginning of the next. mostly unremarkable comet. have reacted to this one. Now. The Hopi have been the guardians of the sacred knowledge for the entire Native American continent for 22. The outcome of such an event however is largely a matter of speculation based upon previous. The Sun is however one of the convergent factors that could "level the playing field" if humanity does not achieve its objectives. but probably not cataclysmic. with two very large.000 years . As I write this Newsletter. CME's. If the Sunspot projected an "X Class CME " of this magnitude directly at Earth. the Sun has very recently become extremely active. in and of itself. similar events. most not previously interested in astronomy. the activity of our Sun is increasing very dramatically indeed. crucial though it surely is for Life on Earth.Now to me the most interesting aspect of Comet Elenin is actually not the comet itself. some workers claiming to be the "size of a small city". bring about Spiritual Evolution. and will transit much closer to Earth than Comet Elenin will? I am aware of various ideas that people have. cannot. Why Comet Elenin as opposed to any one of hundreds of other comets. and has been already responsible for projecting X Class Flares. the most powerful. the outcome would almost certainly be chaotic at many levels. Sunspot 1302 is really huge. which is blue in colour. some much larger. the "Purifier" which will "reset" Earth once again. What is significant about Denver Airport? Well It conceals. the Blue Star Katchina? We will soon know. and almost certainly the primary "underground control and command centre" for the president and government in the event of a major crisis. I believe this is more than a prophecy. and you can be sure Dear Reader that I will keep you informed as appropriate. We do not know if this event has significance.and is therefore firmly based in Experience. and if so why. the "harbinger" and "final notification" for the arrival of the "Red Katchina".

but rather power and control through money and debt. this is not about money. telegraph operators being blown backwards. wooden pylons igniting. In this way they are creating a centralised system of a type that we need not go in to now. We can see the beginnings of this in Europe. which would then merge to become a one-world government soon thereafter. converged to be visible over the whole planet. and should be gratefully received as a Divine Opportunity. which virtually destroyed the telegraphic communications across the World. we should never live in fear of such an event. result in a one-world fascist dictatorship. If such an should event happen today. it would most likely destroy many. Aurora. but suffice it to say would.The last known similar event on this potential scale was the so called "Carrington Event" of 1859. rather than the usual far northern and southern hemispheres. by now will be in the form of Gold bullion. by design.it is not money. We should however be aware of the possibility at least. and is on the verge of collapse. A small group of people. Already it is being suggested that the only way forward is a centralised government for the whole of Europe. the "globalists" have funnelled countless Trillions of Dollars at the expense of everyone else. Today I have to advise you that we are much nearer than ever to this event taking place. Global Monetary Situation For several weeks now I have noted that the "global monetary system" is on the verge of total collapse. and would likely take out all telecommunication systems including the Internet. I regard the possibility of an event such as this in the near future to be relatively low. possibly for many years due to the damage that would result from such an event. but not out of the question. the Northern and Southern Lights. . as we can see now. The "Euro" never stood a chance of success. with almost zero possibility that it will not take place. one for the Americas and one for Asia. This is their objective . most recently starting in the year 1913 with the creation of the privately owned "Federal Reserve". and telegraph paper catching fire. That said. but suffice it to say that these people use the US Dollar as the current "reserve currency". again. by design. a world in which everyone would be a slave. At this time. Although over the last 98 years. a one-world currency which they control. would likely take out the electricity grid. is Perfect. possibly for decades. often erroneously referred to as the "global elite". to literally print trillions of Dollars out of "thin air" which is then used for "bailouts" etc but while taking assets in return. with sparks and flames flying out of telegraph wires. What we are seeing is no accident or "unforeseen event" or "act of God". All that "happens" is for a reason. have consciously and proactively embarked upon this course. This is a very large and complex subject that would require hundreds or even thousands of pages to discuss adequately. if not most satellites in orbit.

One. which they also completely control. then these computers create the volatility by generating buy or sell orders for millions of shares over a very short time. a "pyramid scheme" which is a treated as a crime. The "front banks" behind these events. JP Morgan. These "governments" control the militaries. which execute billions of "algorithmic trades" every day without any human decision making whatsoever. not people. This gives the illusion that all is well in the markets. said during a recent telephone interview: "When I first entered Wall Street I quickly learned two things. even if they still have a job at all. through their own actions. to reassure the "general public". that the world "economy" is healthy and in order. and place a "positive spin" on these events. recently imprisoned for operating a "Ponzi Scheme". to prevent panic selling thereby simply to buy more time. This is because the financial markets generally are a very recognised "barometer" of global sentiment. have "computer server farms" co-located in the major stock exchanges. There is absolutely no question whatsoever that the stock markets and Gold market in particular are being completely manipulated. are "papering over the cracks" and using the mainstream media. As this scenario unfolds. which is becoming increasingly apparent through austerity. we will see increasing riots across the world. Merrill Lynch. The financial markets are controlled and manipulated in various ways. the governments of the US. possible revolution attempts. The objective is to use "volatility" to what is called "scalp" a few cents from each trade. e.g. Most trades are by computers. Interest rates are near zero. they cannot print more money without hyperinflation. and we are seeing the evidence of this now.As it is. that the entire game is rigged. and which are increasingly oppressive. people have less and less money to spend. the banks. and above all they can do nothing about the fact that. For now however. So where then are we today? The stock markets are on the verge of collapse and there is nothing the Federal Reserve or other central banks can really do about. that the global monetary system is one big Ponzi scheme". of which there are increasingly more. under the control of the "global elite". . and two. UK and Europe are totally controlled by the "global elite" and have zero interest in the wellbeing of the people who they are supposed to represent. If the volatility is not high enough.. And of course he is absolutely correct. and possibly a state of martial law in the US and Europe. So the game is over bar the shouting. Goldman Sachs. these "server farms" have been used to drive up the price of stocks when they should be going down. Bernie Madoff. Recently however. but which adds up to millions of Dollars in profits each day. police and other enforcement agencies.

per contract. The latest margin increase took place after the market closed on Friday. to control 100 ounces of Gold. suffice it to say that the US and UK governments cannot manipulate the price of Gold down ad-infinitum. who cannot be audited by anyone for any reason. the price will surely skyrocket as real market forces take over. The banks are also caught in a trap because there is a further long-term scam which involves "loaning out" Gold to other banks. These margin increases mean that genuine traders can no longer afford the extra margin requirement on their open contracts. in turn taking out further "stop losses". who then sell the Gold or loan it on to other banks and so on. So there is a "waterfall effect" caused by the original manipulation. In addition. Due to the pressure in the system. We cannot know this for sure. leaving them no choice but to close the contract which is the same as selling Gold. 1% of the Gold they have on their books. . They are simply buying time while they execute the next stage in their collective ongoing global agenda. then causing the reverse transaction to be triggered. are triggered. thus further depressing the price..futures. because the US government gave all their Gold in Fort Knox to the Federal Reserve. designed to minimise losses when the price moves against them. which.Fort Knox . A "margin requirement" is basically the "down payment" required. Many sources say that the Gold repository in the USA . in turn further depresses the price. and neither do they need to. in their vaults. when Gold does overcome this fake manipulation. which is to sell Gold contracts. which is now absolutely immense. not representative of the genuine underlying demand for physical Gold. This is fairly simply accomplished because one futures contract for example controls 100 ounces of Gold. to give the illusion that all is well in the world. So it does not take the selling of many futures contracts to push down the price of Gold and give the impression that people are selling Gold. have been using the derivatives . notably JP Morgan. So the central banks most likely only actually have. such as the CME. As the price of Gold goes down. So the US government. Anyway. options etc . Gold. through the "front banks".is empty.The most extraordinary recent manipulation however has been in the Gold market. without any hope of getting it back. keep raising the "margin requirements" for Gold derivatives. the electronic sell side "stop losses" of genuine Gold traders. in the last few weeks. But these trades are all only theoretical paper only transactions. which in turn causes millions of Dollars in losses to genuine and honest Gold traders. the commodities exchanges on which Gold is traded. the price of Gold would be in excess of $2000 per ounce by now. for thousands of years. has been accepted as the benchmark and measure of the health of financial and socio-economic systems and tension around the world. If it were not for this manipulation.markets to relentlessly hammer the price of Gold.

MI6 and Mossad work so closely in covert operations. and because only 1% of money exists as money . If I thought. There are three "centres of power" of the "global elite" . In short though. with Silver. close their doors and switch off ATM's the same day most likely. I assure you that I would never share anything further in relation to these "Earthly" events and possibilities. This situation has the potential to turn very ugly. which was in fact how it was planned from the beginning. global events have unfolded at extended intervals and are reasonably well defined. which in turn is part of the global agenda. UK and Israel. the only real way to preserve value and wealth. After decades of oppression and aggression by Israel against Palestine. to be recognised as a country in its own right. and. I will not discuss other associated convergent events in detail today. a forthcoming crisis is unfolding at the United Nations. whose country Israel forcibly annexed. aside from Libya. There is a fine line to be walked. and I must stress this most emphatically. .the global financial system is on the very verge of collapse and governments are using every means available to conceal the fact to avoid panic. and has become another Iraq and Afghanistan for the same imperially motivated reasons. which is a total disaster. The US veto has no tangible basis other than to support Israeli agendas. When the contagion does set in. subject to the above caveats. Now again. there will likely be a "run on the banks". Obama has stated that he intends to veto the acceptance of Palestine as a country and member of the United Nations. and therefore plenty of opportunity to assess the significance of these events in your own Experience. with a seat at the United Nations. but will do so in future Newsletters as appropriate. As this Newsletter is already longer than usual. Most of the world is very happy about this.As I mentioned before.the banks will run out of money. the UK would have done. but even more aware of the consequences of not doing so. except for the USA and UK. I do not share this with you that you may become fearful. and in conclusion. We will see in due course. Gold is the one and only currency to own in view of current and future events.the 99% is debt . that Newsletter Readers would react in this way. I am doing so because I am inspired to do so. I am fully aware of the considerations in speaking of these matters.the USA. Had the US not applied its veto. which is why the CIA. for a moment. In the past. even if they are not all they may seem. In conclusion . Palestine is once again.

We Are Expressions Of Source. Now is the Moment To Realise and Express Our Divine Potential and Being. and understand the Nature of. It is therefore for myself. there are so many escalating and convergent events. and Opportunities presented by those choices. . Now I never suggest what you should "do" for two reasons. that it is very difficult for most to even keep up with this onslaught. The "forces" we have discussed in this Newsletter are all taking place at a "material" level. at least at some level. If you do not have the opportunity to know about and understand. these events will either be concealed or distorted. and most importantly that you may help others to do the same. but only if you are aware of. We Are Infinite Expressions Of Divine Love. or out of some emotion. Blessed Cycle of Human Consciousness. then events will overtake you very quickly.Now however. much less understand it. in other words at the physical Vibratory Frequency of the five senses. and others like me to at least help you through the maze and confusion that will enable you to achieve your Reason For Being here on Earth at this time. The forces of darkness know this very well. notably fear and anxiety. We Are Infinitely Powerful. Secondly we should "do" very little except for prepare Mentally and Spiritually. My concern is that due to the control and censorship of the global media. We Are And Have Infinite Potential. and the opportunity will be lost. for the most part. Firstly I cannot influence your Divine Freewill. We Are Infinitely Perfect. We Are Eternal. but it does not serve their agenda. which contribute to our overall Experience and ultimately Spiritual Evolution. Let me assure you Dear Reader that no such physical force or event can exert any influence whatsoever over any Human Being unless a person allows it either implicitly. as we approach the Singularity. all with the potential to influence the final outcome. We are All Blessed with Divine Freewill and Freedom of Choice. Source Energy and Love Flows Through Each Of Us. the pivotal Moment for this current Great.

With Joy and Love In Our Heart. BBC etc are all controlled by the same "global elite" who control money. All We Can Ever Need Can Be Found Within. but have become subsumed through Humanity allowing itself to be enslaved and controlled by Banks. All mainstream media. MSNBC. All we need ever do is to disconnect our Mind and physical senses from the physical world. while Expressing Source from Within. Abundance and Health Within. and that It Is Fine To Simply Be. Stop watching "news" or at least the "mainstream news". There Is No "Us" and "Them" . friends and society. and to Express Yourself. We Should Be In This Physical World But Never Of This Physical World. that it might be placed in a proper context and perspective. But before this must come realisation as to the True Nature of the outer. should be Self Evident. Our Ultimate Reality is to Live every Moment in this way. And I will conclude with my closing words of last week: People must realise that they do not have to conform to the expectations of family. CNN. as an Blessed Opportunity From Source to Evolve Through Experience. and dwell Within Us All. Consciousness and Spirit Is Our Ultimate Reality. relax. Dear Reader. With Source. permanently connected to Inner Self and to Source. quiet the Mind and Focus Within. independent research on the Internet and Trust Your Own Inner Guidance and Feelings . No matter what is "happening" in the "outer world". With Source. Soul and Spirit. and thereby Unconditionally Serving Others before self. debt and governments to enslave humanity .When We Focus Within. debt and protectionism. This is our True Power and Glory and where Humanity must Be to finally Evolve.the label matters not. Religions and Governments through money. These Truths. . No-Thing or event of the physical world can influence us. Then We Are Invincible. physical world.We Are All One. One of few TV news channels presenting a true picture is RT America and RT International. You may consider this to be "meditation" if you wish . We Are Here To Serve Others By Showing Others The Way and The Path.they will never let you down. Mind. People must realise that we are not here to serve ourselves. Everyone should do their own Open-Minded. Expressing Divine Love.all Mind Control. in a place of solitude. such as Fox. we can always find Infinite Joy.

But Everyone Must Participate. or commencing another 10. Light and Service. read by many thousands of people around the World. To Awaken Others.The Moment Of Awakening and Evolution Is Now. Until next Sunday. Adrian.Please Do Your Utmost. just One Soul on this planet can mean the difference between Humanity finally claiming its Collective Glory and next Glorious Phase of Evolution.ourultimatereality. is Unsustainable . We Are In The End Game . In Any Way You Can. There is no "leaving it to others" now. I have dedicated every Sunday since 2005 to publishing this Newsletter. Sincerely.Above All .000 year cycle to do it all over again. Abundant week. and encouraging them to Subscribe for themselves if they feel like so doing. And So It Is. Healthy. This "System". It is by Sharing The Joy with others that the Great Awakening progresses. there is no charge or obligation whatsoever. Contrived by Very Few Humans. you can help enormously by sending this Newsletter to everyone you know. http://www.000 to 11. I wish you a most Joyful.It Must Go. Humanity Has The Divine Potential To Collectively Evolve This Time Around.com/ As you know. . as my contribution towards achieving that Critical Mass of Awakening which has now become so crucial as we approach the Pivotal Singularity. Brought to You In Divine Love. but know this Dear Reader.

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