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Welcome the Hello Chocolates First Newsletter.

WORKSHOPS e Workshops are proving a real success. e Chocolate Cra Workshops involve lattice work, ice work, decorating and a whole host of other skills. e Making Chocolates and Trues teaches the basics of chocolate making, where you create a whole box of Artisan Chocolates to take home! Next workshop: August 31st, 7.30-10.00pm, e Vine Conference Centre, 131 Garvock Hill, Dunfermline, KY11 4JU CHOCOLATE PAIRING We have launched our Chocolate & Wine Tasting Experience, and Chocolate & Whisky Tasting Experience. Find out all there is to know about chocolate tasting, and experience wonderful pairings with wines or whiskys, leaving your pallette satiated with glorious avours. NEW FLAVOURS We have created 2 new avours of Chocolate Bar. Along with the ever popular White Chocolate and Raspberry, we now have Salted Caramel with Milk Chocolate and Chilli & Orange with Dark Chocolate. A trio of mouth watering Chocolate luxuries! JFK STRAWBERRY DAIUIRI It is no surprise that a Strawberry Daiquiri was the American Presidents favourite drink. With the white chocolate enrobing a rum punched fondant and an intensely strawberry packed syrup, this chocolate could melt the hearts of First Ladies everywhere. e daquairi is one of our most popular Artisan Chocolates. Whether its the rum punched fondant, or the creamy white chocolate, or the hint of dark chocolate decorating the top, or the syrup made with Scottish Strawberries, or a combination of all these immense avours, this Artisan Chocolate seems to hit the mark everytime. And with our Strawberry Syrup made entirely from berries grown at Cairnie Fruit Farm in Cupar, we are certain that the Strawberry in our Daquairi is Scottish avour at its best! ( NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON. . . . In Septembers issue ... a sneak peak at our Christmas range of Chocolate luxuries, and a close up on a Hello Chocolate! Workshop. Stockists: Balgove Larder, Gloagburn, The Kilns, Loch Levens Larder, Provender Brown & Reubens Wine Store.