DATE: August 7, 2013 I, Clinton Bertke, knowing that false statements on this form are punishable by law, state that the facts contained herein are true. 1. I have probable cause to believe that Quy V Vo, a Asian Or Pcfcis Male DOB: XX/XX/81 Age: 32, committed one or more criminal offense(s). Count 1: Murder In The First Degree (Class A FELONY) RSMo 565.020 ON 8/6/2013 Time: Place: 34XX JUNIATA ST (SCC 10021) Count 2: Armed Criminal Action (FELONY) RSMo 571.015 ON 8/6/2013 Time: Place: 34XX JUNIATA ST (SCC 31010)

Count 3: Endangering Welfare Of A Child In The First Degree (Class C FELONY) RSMo 568.045 ON 8/6/2013 Time: Place: 34XX JUNIATA ST (SCC 26045) 2. The facts supporting this belief are as follows: The defendant and victim are related by marriage. The defendant approached the victim while the victim was outside his home sitting on the front steps. The defendant stabbed the victim with a large knife in the abdomen. The defendant swung the knife several times. The victim was sitting while the defendant stabbed him. The victim attempted to run away after the stabbing and the defendant chased after him. The defendant was pulled away from the victim by eye-witnesses. The victim died of the injuries. As the defendant stabbed the victim he was holding his 18 month old child. During the stabbing he dropped the child onto the pavement. Clinton Bertke PRINT NAME (Original Signed) SIGNATURE