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ARCHITECTURE TODAY?196 am March 2009 All fired up: 6a Architects’ Raven Row gallery Tim Ronalds on Rick Mather at Stowe School Rural renaissance? Timothy Brittain-Catlin on planning policy plus houses by Manser, dRMM, LRH and Hawkes Architecture Berlin's identity crisis—Stella, Mackler, Kleihues and Kollhoff in the controversial competition to rebuild the City Palace Where materials The intemion is thatthe house thermal is treated o ached up by woughout /he ling insulation equisa- recycled car tye matting 26 square mewes of lent 10 500mm of pohstrene. A mbined thermaland PV panels. PCM thermal store board is used W/m'K, and This § linked to a heat stream in some Avove Corson ete veut Tee the southfacng, 45 dees tthe one sou insdation of 4a. phase-change material (PCM) rooms. Rainwater is harvested dows from Iniernortn achieve U ani96 647